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22 AMAZINGLY USEFUL Beauty Gadgets You NEED To Try

Don't know which beauty gadget to try? We tested out 22 CRAZY beauty gadgets for you!😃
You probably didn't know most of these gadgets or never dared to try them until now. This video will surprise you. So many beauty GADGETS you see on your feeds actually WORK, for the most part. Obviously, gadgets like the fake dentures to get perfect teeth were a little dodgy from the start, but it was fun to try them out for you! On the other hand, have you ever seen a magnetic mask? Wow, we never thought it would work! The mini beauty blender washing machine and the mascara applicator are my next purchases for sure! LOVE them, so useful.
Hbu, which of these beauty gadgets are going on your shopping list? Tell us down below so we can compare.😚
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    Just so you know eyebrow stickers work- their just for people who don’t have brows-

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    Lash seperator,teeth whightening pen,makeup brush cleaner,eyeliner stickeramd magnetic face mask these are all osm ,amazing and fantastic

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    Wave former is also osm because ot curls is fantastic, but the gitls straight hair is also good

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    You know, I really hate it when you all use a product on video and don’t provide links to it. There should be a rule against that. I will never click on your videos again!

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