25 Minecraft Things that Feel Illegal to Watch

25 Minecraft Things that Feel Illegal to Watch! Minecraft is a game that lets you do just about anything, but that doesn't stop some things from feeling just bizarre, or even illegal to do. So, whether that's making a circle in vanilla minecraft without mods, illegal double slab variants, or anything in between, it's on this list. So, let's see the 25 minecraft things that feel illegal but aren't in this skip the tutorial list video on Minecraft 1.17!

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Edited by Jeenneette Wolfe
Footage collected by Frankie Mundo
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download in GeminiTay's survival let's play series, which you can watch from the beginning here: rofilm.info/much/video/lXLcnJtmm3ultpk
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/reso...
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Other Credits:
vertical slabs exist, you just didn't know it
This Circle is in Vanilla Minecraft
*New*AFK Nether Portal Block Farm 100% in Survival! Minecraft -Tutorial- MCPE,Xbox,Windows,Switch,PS


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    Just because something is slightly out of the ordinary and your small brain is unable to comprehend it doesn't mean you should call it 'illegal' ;))

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    0:24 i actually have that mod, round mobs lol

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    We can return the attacks of ghast,lama and even wither in bedrock



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    6:20 Nagasaki in minecraft

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    What happened to the OG skip? His name is literally Skip the tutorial since he used to play games in unintended ways, like shovel knight without the shovel. What happened to him?

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    one time i was playing with my friend on a server i was rowing on land and my boat broke into planks and sticks

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    4:19 It makes sense because TNT is crafted with sand and gunpowder and we are just adding more sand to make the explosion bigger 💣💥🧐

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    Bedrock users: what's the death message if you kill a player with deflected llama spit??

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    8:13 optifine: AM A JOKE TO YOU!

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    In bedrock u used to be able to punch somone with knockback and it would have same effect as a sword with knockback

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    mincraft: only suares can exist. random youtuber: *and i took that personally*

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    When I play on Xbox how to connect slabs involves a slab your two slabs you want You’ll break a block place a slab but before make sure the first slab is floating Place the second one under the first slab whilst crouching on the slab you placed at the start Then boom you have a connected slab.

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    4:18 the sand block has no hit box and therefore acts like a one block air bubble to the tnt.

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    Do I spy with my little eye a certain king of pixandria?

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    1:11 I though the Zipline glitch was removed wasn't it?

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    Java people: "i DoN't UnDeRsTaNd WhY fIrE aSpEcT lIgHtS uP sTuFf" well the enchantment can literally make your sword put fire on monsters so it should be able to create fire...

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    Once I staked 7 potions of healing. I forgot how but it's crazy

  39. Lorenzo Lorenzone

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    I summoned the red dog in 2019 in bedrock edition but with no command and i was hard in survival you need a wolf and you to tame him at the same time he gets angry with a sheep or a skeleton and you will get a dog but will behave like a wolf

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    thnx. time to make my Minecraft server illegal to join in

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    you can make 2 slabs combine with out the border make a tower of them upon eachother it only works with spruce and stone slabs gotta do it fast though

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    One Block Skyblock, But Every Drop Is Random #4 Are You Going To Give Us Part 5 or not?!

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    i think link for original circul in minecraft should be more more easy to find but i guess its here

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    this made me shiwer in the corner

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    Hi can someone do sodium in tnt and light it in water

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      Just craft it with sodium and tnt

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    You know what else feels illegal? That Skip's spyglass doesn't even match up to his eye



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    I'm sorry, you have committed a crime against society - Circles are forbidden shape in the game known as Minecraft.

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    how is crafting on the side illegal

  67. Meg Anderson

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    25 Minecraft Things that Feel Illegal to Watch! Minecraft is a game that lets you do just about anything, but that doesn't stop some things from feeling just bizarre, or even illegal to do. So, whether that's making a circle in vanilla minecraft without mods, illegal double slab variants.

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    I bet OWO won’t comment on this video

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    why can you breed chickens but they still lay eggs????????

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    Te fact that mobs can breed with a wall in between really breathes new life into the saying "Love knows no bounds"

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