3 Day Audition! How I Got to Netflix -- Madison Reyes | Julie and the Phantoms | Netflix

Madison Reyes tells us all about her 3 day audition for the lead role in Julie and the Phantoms. This is all about how she went from musical theatre in Allentown, Pennsylvania to starring in Julie and the Phantoms.
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3 Day Audition! How I Got to Netflix -- Madison Reyes | Julie and the Phantoms | Netflix
Julie lost her passion for music when she lost her mom. But when three ghostly guys appear and lift her spirits, they decide to start a band together!


  1. Daniel Waweru

    Daniel Waweru

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    Cant wait to see her next project

  2. Kiara


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    Please give us a season 2 !😌

  3. Renata Rodrigues De Oliveira Barbosa

    Renata Rodrigues De Oliveira Barbosa

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    We need a season 2

  4. Covers e tal

    Covers e tal

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    Where she is living now?

  5. midnightmadness


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    What i wanna know if how she has time to do all this and do school too? Like im in college doing online school cause im in another state, and it takes me like 2 weeks to do a couple of assignment then rinse and repeat. Like how come all these movie stars don't struggle with school like us normal people?

  6. Ducky


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    So now Imma be an actor

  7. ElleJ Lota

    ElleJ Lota

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    We need to see the auditions!

  8. Not the Real rozise

    Not the Real rozise

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    Me at math starting to sing perfect harmony

  9. Araceli Barron

    Araceli Barron

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    okay but like imagine a tour with the band OMG!!!

  10. daisy a.

    daisy a.

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    I want you all to experience God's Grace and not the enemy dragging you to eternal suffering. We are all born into sin and deserve hell, but Yeshua died for our sins so we could make it to the Divine Kingdom. pls repent and believe that Yeshua is King so you can be saved. God bless you all🥰✨

  11. Ella Miller

    Ella Miller

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    Call me jkjk

  12. Flo Chaibduval

    Flo Chaibduval

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    I’m waiting for season 2

  13. Elijah Ricketts

    Elijah Ricketts

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    Season two please

  14. Kat M

    Kat M

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    Honestly love her , she seems like an amazing person.

  15. Helena L.

    Helena L.

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    She is so incredible omg

  16. its sam

    its sam

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    People are gonna know my name

  17. Maddie Gomez

    Maddie Gomez

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    Imagine being that mature at 16-

  18. Arden Green

    Arden Green

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    She is such an inspiration. She's the reason I'm gonna get back into acting. Thank You Madi!!

  19. Aloexaa


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    I look up to you ur beautiful

  20. jada reyes

    jada reyes

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    Ive always wanted to be an actor, and watching Madison play Julie inspired me so much more. I really want to start getting more into everything but I really don’t know if my mom would support me! But to everyone else who wants to I believe in every single one of y’all!

  21. SiimplyAutumn


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    I- she lives so close to me I wanna meet her so much

  22. OokieCokieUnicorn


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    Aw i love madison

  23. Kitzumi


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    Now I wanna audition for Netflix...........

  24. Ruby Butt

    Ruby Butt

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    We need a season 2 nowwww

  25. Ana Reyes

    Ana Reyes

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    Hi, I'm Adriana Batista Reyes, I'm 11 years old and I have an idea for the second season, I don't know if you are going to choose it, but if you check this please write me back to tell you, I'm from the Dominican Republic and if I can, let me do the pup academy, well, yes. read this I say thank you.

  26. Shriyanshi Ohri 9C roll no 24

    Shriyanshi Ohri 9C roll no 24

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    We need a season 2 😭😭😭😭

  27. Lia


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    I wish I could see her audition clips 🥺

  28. Nina


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    she reminds me so much of Alessia Cara! But of course, she is absolutely her own person and a superstar at that! I can't wait for Season 2! Netflix, please renew them!!!!

  29. An i Oop

    An i Oop

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    I just completed the series minutes ago! I’m pretty sure there gunna be a part 2 My favourite song is wake up, earliest and greatest!

  30. Melissa Nieves

    Melissa Nieves

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    he would be stupid not to cast her. I am so glad she got the part. I have watched this show like 8 times i honestly lost count

  31. Harmony Lim

    Harmony Lim

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    i'm excited if julie and luke were together in season 2, but then u realize madison (julie) is 16 and charlie (luke) is 21... there better be nothing romantic @netflix

  32. Josefina Torres

    Josefina Torres

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    Love madison 😚😚

  33. Nandi Makeda

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  34. Bernadette Rocha

    Bernadette Rocha

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    Texas Grand Jury INDICTED Netflix over Breaking CHILD Sexual Exploitation laws regarding Cuties.

  35. Mily Alvarez

    Mily Alvarez

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    Can you do the interviews in Spanish? please

  36. Lethycia Carvalho

    Lethycia Carvalho

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    Eu simplesmente adorei a série 😍😍😍 vem temporada 2 por favor , chorei horrores

  37. Dobson Family

    Dobson Family

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    who else thinks that by 2022 , Maddison is going to be HUGE!!!!

  38. bryant hunt

    bryant hunt

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    Netflix promotes pedophilia

  39. mahnoor Rattoo

    mahnoor Rattoo

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    Madison is absolutely stunning and such a role model. I’ve always wanted to be an actor but being muslim changes things, basically what i eat and wear. And imagine, i wish i could go to performing arts school but if i said that to my parents they wouldn’t take me seriously. I sing and write songs. You know when someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up, madison is what i say and wish i could’ve been, and the fact that she’s 16 too is just mind blowing. Ahhhh keep it up Madison!!!

  40. Christine Simmons

    Christine Simmons

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    Imma get there just like she DID!

  41. Ariana Noble

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  42. Alma Brandol

    Alma Brandol

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    my dream is to be in season 2 of Julie and the phantoms please I just wish for a chance to show you that I am good actor 😅

  43. Rachael Beltran

    Rachael Beltran

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    If you need a second season of julie and the phantoms GET MAD AT THE CORONAVIRUS they made it stop cuse they need to stay home but all be safe

  44. Natalie Ojeda

    Natalie Ojeda

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    That girl is on fire!!!

  45. Alisa


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    I really loved this serie.. please make more! Both new season and more of this kind of series/movies. We need more music, dance.. art expression. The girl is amazing and so are the guys, pure talents😊💖

  46. CaliforniaGirl49


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    Like how do you even hear about Netflix casting tho

  47. Anthony Reyes 2028

    Anthony Reyes 2028

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    She has my last name

  48. 3 EqualsFun

    3 EqualsFun

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    Wow all of the actors are so good! It would be cool to see all of their auditions!

  49. twilight leblanc

    twilight leblanc

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    so her teacher just said "so there's a new netflix film yall should audition" why can't my pa teacher do that hahah

  50. Vgh0 Hhhj

    Vgh0 Hhhj

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    She went to my middle school I watched her peform for the lion kingjr and aladdin jr

  51. Princess Movies

    Princess Movies

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    They need a put an Netflix icon of her on Netflix NOW PLZZZ !!!

  52. vishakha jagtap

    vishakha jagtap

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    Netflix we need season 2 of julie and phantom.... Make it happen.

  53. MULLINS KiDz


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    Do you have to be able to sing to get in ?🤔🤔

  54. Yeraldin Espana

    Yeraldin Espana

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    When is season two coming out

  55. Lucy Lane

    Lucy Lane

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    I love this show!

  56. Nashty Jiri

    Nashty Jiri

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    My inspiration, thank you do much Madison!!

  57. Noah Hardway Vlogs

    Noah Hardway Vlogs

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    Who has actually heard of Julie and the phantoms

    • Lucy Lane

      Lucy Lane

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  58. Mila Mcdonald

    Mila Mcdonald

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    I love acting and i want be netflix how do I do that if i dont go to a performing arts school

  59. ruth noemi

    ruth noemi

    Acum 18 Zile

    Acting is one of my dreams, I kind of sing and dance, but my parents don’t think acting is a good career. :(

    • Arianna Bassett

      Arianna Bassett

      Acum o Zi

      omg same i could literally high 5 you... :)

  60. Sammie Wells

    Sammie Wells

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    I do want to be an actor and I hope someday someone will say "Yes" to me!

  61. Andrea Lozano Bautista

    Andrea Lozano Bautista

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    We all need a season 2! I watched this show in 2 days and I need more please. I love it!!! I have been watching all the interviews while waiting for the announcement of season 2. Like if you want a season 2.

  62. Sarah Ice cream

    Sarah Ice cream

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  63. Lumos Maxima

    Lumos Maxima

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    I used to live in New York to i have curly hair and a Hispanic Latino background and *can sing and pretty well at least that’s what my friends say*

  64. Lumos Maxima

    Lumos Maxima

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    Cant see anyone else as julie

  65. Halloween Monica

    Halloween Monica

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    So pretty

  66. Olivia


    Acum 18 Zile

    DO i need a casting agent? if so which do you reccomend.

    • Kitzumi


      Acum 5 Zile

      (Well you may not take my advice because I’m just a small ROfilmr) but you don’t have to in the beginning but later on in ur career for ur choice you can hire a casting agent I’m mean u don’t have to (this may not be the best advice from a small ROfilmr but I’m just like u with so many questions for a want-to-be-actor)

  67. Adar Mironi

    Adar Mironi

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  68. Name Name

    Name Name

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    Madison is so pretty 😂😟

  69. Cloxdy•Sky


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    *Me listening to now or never and almost puts IPad in the microwave-*

  70. Sarah Ice cream

    Sarah Ice cream

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    Netflix please we ALL NEED a season 2 of JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS!!! I literally cannot stop thinking about how FIRE this series is! so WE ALL BEG U TO BRING ON A SEASON 2 & 3!!!

  71. Hollywood nitra

    Hollywood nitra

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    She 😊 great

  72. ADT


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    this is the amount of times Mads said "you know" (no hate) ⬇⬇

  73. Arielle C

    Arielle C

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    Why does she remind me of Alicia Keys? 😆

  74. Malén Lucía Gomez Agnone

    Malén Lucía Gomez Agnone

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    Amo la musica y la serie tambie quiero que salga 2 temporada

  75. Melinda Lee

    Melinda Lee

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    I need her curly hair routine like yesterday!

  76. Deborah Nicole Nicole

    Deborah Nicole Nicole

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    She is sensational, so poised, so authentic and so so so talented. I'm in awe.

  77. Luisa Ugarte

    Luisa Ugarte

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    She really inspires me and I love to act but I really hope somebody I can act even though I never wanted to act when I’m as young but when I was in 5th grade I’ve Been wanting to act and now I’m in 7th grade still hoping my dream can come true 🥺❤️ I can sing but i am still learning on how to sing better and better. This show just really inspired me in stupidly,cute,hilarious,amazing ways ❤️❤️❤️❤️!! It makes me wanna start a band like them it’s just..I don’t know it’s just something about this show! Just really inspires me 🥰🥰🥰

    • Luisa Ugarte

      Luisa Ugarte

      Acum 3 Zile

      @MillionsMasterpiece same

    • MillionsMasterpiece


      Acum 5 Zile

      Woah! I'm in 7th grade too! I love acting and I can sing, but I'm still working on it. I really hope to be in a musical show like this one day 😊

    • noor mitry

      noor mitry

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      Mee tooo Same sis same But i'm in 11 grade

  78. joana silva

    joana silva

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  79. E Queen

    E Queen

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    She is like my role model. I want to be just like her when im her age!

    • E Queen

      E Queen

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      She is also super talented!

  80. Maria Guerra

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    ✋ Hey! Please support my small business! 🤍 etsy shop: @t insta: @t Thank you have an awesome day!! ✌⭐

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    How do people find these auditions....?

  82. Holly


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    We'll be seeing a lot of her hopefully ❤️

  83. Jesus Adrian Valerio Carmona

    Jesus Adrian Valerio Carmona

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    We NEED the reel of auditions! I wanna see Madison singing she used to be mine, and Charlie doing Backstreet boys

    • ur mom

      ur mom

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      wait she sang she used to be mine?!?! 😍

    • Habeebh


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      Yesss please

  84. Sophia Casimir

    Sophia Casimir

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    Hi I so badly want be an actor also I was wondering if there will be a new role on Julie and the phantoms for season 2 like a kid.

    • kenkenstar


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      i was wondering the same thing cause i wanna act on here so bad

  85. stevie-rose


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  86. stevie-rose


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  87. LAÍS G.B

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    N cancela essa perfeição e renova agr

  88. Grace Wooler

    Grace Wooler

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    Me watching with not being able to sing but with a desire to be in a Netflix show smh jatp just cast me already 🙄

  89. potatoes are cool

    potatoes are cool

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    Ana Beatriz Machado

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    I love this series so much I want the second season

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    I want to be an actress so bad but like u know life is hard 🤣🤣😂

  92. Olivier Kalala Lape

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  93. anastasia brown

    anastasia brown

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    everyone making the same bland joke about cuties at least have the facts straight netflix did not produce Cuties they brought the film after the film was already made and won a festival Netflix has Netflix produced content like OITNB or Julie and the phantoms brought content like love is blind and cuties that was made and then shopped to netflix and licensed content aka shows from other networks that are streamed for limited time and/or renewed yearly for access

  94. Tony Allman

    Tony Allman

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    yess i love you guys so much love your guyses voises

  95. Jean Hamm

    Jean Hamm

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    They should do this with other actors from Netflix shows/movies

  96. Keanna Pena

    Keanna Pena

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    I have a stutter so I don’t think my chances of getting a role like this would be possible for me but I love her advice

  97. Allaroundartistandnerd101 Here

    Allaroundartistandnerd101 Here

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    She loves musical theater as well! Based on her character, I kind of assumed Madison only was into singing and playing instruments.

  98. holi cabros

    holi cabros

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    Me encanta la serie ojala haya 2 temporada

  99. holi cabros

    holi cabros

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    Bellaaaa madiiiii

  100. Bennette Ngoma

    Bennette Ngoma

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    Bless herrrrr!🥺