420kg Giant Firework Shell Story | The YONSHAKUDAMA ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Japan's Fireworks Town is Katakai, Niigata Prefecture, and they host an annual festival dedicated to launching them high into the sky over scenic rice paddies. How big are they? The bigger, the better!
That's the spirit!
Japan's biggest fireworks shell weighs about 420kg (925 pounds)
It was created by Masanori Honda in 1986. The world had never seen anything like this!
It was the largest ever artillery firework shell in 2014 when it entered the Guinness Book of World Records. Since then, more ridiculous sizes have been launched but it all started with Honda-san. He's been launching up the insane 420 kg (925 lb) "Yonshakudama" Firework Artillery Shell for decades.
The Katakai Matsuri is held annually on September 9th and 10th for over 400 years.
Where is Katakai?

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