48 Hours on a CARGO SHIP to Ukraine

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Two days on a cargo ferry across one of the most infamous seas in the world: would you do it? In this episode, I pack Odyssey onto a cargo ship in Batumi, Georgia, and we sail towards Odessa in Ukraine. Marriage proposals, vodka shots, and a storm later... Well, you just have to watch it to see what happens 😉

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    om nom nom ! il bun up with you sweetypie

  2. Jalal Al-haddad

    Jalal Al-haddad

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    Very painfull jurney but mostly with that gear-box😞

  3. K Burke

    K Burke

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    Love your videos, Eva. You have such a great attitude, and an awesome outlook on life. Thanks so much for sharing 😊. Take care, looking forward to seeing you soon 😊.

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  5. Don't Cheat

    Don't Cheat

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    If she was fat and unattractive no one would take any notice....lol

  6. John B

    John B

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    I just found you’re channel. I can’t wait to catch up on your videos. I’m from Sanok and my plan is to be back in Poland in 2023 and travel allover Europe.

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    Сергей Кравченко

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    Красивая !

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    mark hayes

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    just got recommended your channel really enjoy the video you have gained another subscriber. I look forward to watching many more of your videos.

  9. Time Travel Walk

    Time Travel Walk

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    Fantastic trip! Enjoyed this immensely. Looking forward to your next work of art! : )

  10. Vadym Romaniuk

    Vadym Romaniuk

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    wow so you are in Ukraine?

  11. Alouis Schäfer

    Alouis Schäfer

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    Spain to Mongolia? In a single trip with a single truck? 8000 kilometers that is. Must have been some really important and expensive cargo.

  12. Andy Peake

    Andy Peake

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    Forza et Corragio. Great Video.

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  14. mw cinci

    mw cinci

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    I learned years ago, for me at least, having two or three alcoholic drinks at the start of the trip is A LIFE SAVER for sea sickness.

  15. Gustavo


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    jaja dos dias

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    Thank you for sharing your travels with us who can't 🙂

  17. Stefan


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    I would throw up if I met this woman on a trip. 24/7 with the camera in hand ... Can't you just be quiet and enjoy your trip without focusing on yourself every second?

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    Devon Viedeo

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    Where is 1:43 looks sooooo good.

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    Thanks Eva, you are absolutely astonishing....

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    Love watching your journeys Eva & you. Take Care 🤗 from Down Under 🙃😉

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    I must do this experience once in my life

  22. Jamshed Rajper

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    Aman Gill

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    Amazing 🤩 vlog love ❤️ your videos

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    I think you looked confusing in this vlog

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    Let l

  26. William Cooper

    William Cooper

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    I rode in a huge ferry to Queen Victoria island there and back and saw orca type whales. I've worked on intercoastal tugs, crew boats and diving ships. That's how I learned how to avoid sea sickness.

  27. William Cooper

    William Cooper

    Acum o Zi

    Eva zu Beck, what the heck? Best thing of this video is when your hair is down, around you cute face. Now you know why it's called the black SEA! Seas are rough and the best way to avoid sea sickness is to not follow the motion of the ship or interior walls, but look at the floor; otherwise, you'll get vertigo and will probably throw up.

  28. ghulam qadir

    ghulam qadir

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    Just want to sit besides you and to keep listening and believing your fairy tails Would also love to believe that you are from another planet 🥰

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    Your awesome,strong women ,come visit Cape Breton..You will luv it!!

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    paul taylor

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    x navy cargo island up down ship sea sick food ok fish boar on much dig ship work a team po cook hot women sail with xo

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    Mobin beiran

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    16:20 the guy is working with his imaginary laptop!! :)

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    robert robert

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    Oj Ewa,pierwszy twoj wlog obejrzalem i masakra super.Pozytywna burza umyslow,pozdrawiam

  34. King Zaxus Prime

    King Zaxus Prime

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    Love your adventure it is inspiring,i kinda Miss you wearing your iconic white and other scarf

  35. Rusdhi Mohamad

    Rusdhi Mohamad

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    Everybody get sick on a ship/boat. As an ex officer speeding around in boats and ships, when the condition is bad, I stand up and look at the horizon. It helps a lot especially on an army rover boat. They really do hammer that thing with all the passengers inside going all sort of ways. Some even rolling on deck. On a big ship, I spend sometime standing up just to familiar my body with the roll and swing. So just stand up and hang on to something even when you are in hot pursuit. Yes its really boring on a big ship. Nothing to do with long travel time.

  36. Ian Omictin

    Ian Omictin

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    Wonderful trip, wonderful storytelling, you are beautiful. :)



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    Love u Eva ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  38. Garry Enriquez

    Garry Enriquez

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    last 2019 we sail from chile to singapore across pacific ocean,2 storms and 2 weeks without proper sleep, our body will adjust after few days of bad weather ,you will used to it.

  39. Dr Andreia Santo

    Dr Andreia Santo

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    Beautiful. Congrats Eva! :)

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  41. Casey Wiggin

    Casey Wiggin

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    What a amazing adventure!

  42. Steve McNair

    Steve McNair

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    I would marry this lady today... wow. officially in love

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    Sławomir Wróbel

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    podziw i szacunek

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    Nil Nil

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    You are so natural and so inspiring to me.. it can be alone at times but love what you do ! 😍

  45. Org Tua 4X4

    Org Tua 4X4

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    Amazing movie....good narration and background voice...looks like i'm in cinema on vip seat...

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    A-Train Travels

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    Welcome to Ukraine!!

  47. Kogie Kobayashi

    Kogie Kobayashi

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    Best trip experience are unplanned, I learned to go with the flow if we can’t control them. Best part is to arrive safe. Best regards!

  48. Jay B

    Jay B

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    Awesome! Just found your channel. Would love to explore like you are.

  49. Tamar Sharikadze

    Tamar Sharikadze

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    Eva, dont you share us your expedition experience about Georgia?

  50. Troy James Monger

    Troy James Monger

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    I like that the homepage recommends the last video of your adventure, probably because it was recently uploaded. Looked like a lot of sincere fun, thanks for sharing :]

  51. L. Dennard

    L. Dennard

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    Like a train in Switzerland? No! Like Amtrak!

  52. redwine65


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    I went on a fishing boat in the ocean...and I figured out if I went as high as possible on the ship and kept my eyes on the horizon, I felt a lot less seasick then I was on the lower part and looking at the the floor......something about looking at the fixed horizon helped.

  53. Carlos Gravina

    Carlos Gravina

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    How much was the ferry ticket? This Luxury window cost much?

    • free agent

      free agent

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      I too ask simple questions but never get a reply.

  54. Melissa J

    Melissa J

    Acum 2 Zile

    Oh yeah I was on a ferry on conditions like this, not so comfortable!



    Acum 2 Zile

    We live in Istanbul and we were in Capadocia just before you and Batumi a week after you left. These cargo ferries also come to Istanbul from Odessa and I often see them, so it's interesting to see what they are like inside. I think they give Turkey and Georgia an important link to Europe.

  56. Olga Smith

    Olga Smith

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    girl, you make your life full of amazing experiences

  57. Namık Umur Eronat

    Namık Umur Eronat

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    Eva, Sana Amiral Karl Donitz'in, Almanca adı " Wroclav ", Türkçe adı " Midilli " olan Savaş Gemisinde bir yüzbaşı olarak görevliyken, Karadeniz'i anlattığı hatıralarını okumanı tavsiye ederim.. Müthiş hatıralar, müthiş olaylar.. Eva, I recommend you to read Admiral Karl Donitz's memoirs in which he told the Black Sea when he was a captain on the Battleship, German name " Wroclaw ", Turkish name " Midilli ". Great memories, amazing events..

  58. Matador


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    Крим - це Україна. Вивчай географію!

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    Calum Brough

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    To be extraordinary is a lonely ticket sometimes. Well done; you are an inspiration

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    Boring Ship is Boring... lol

  62. Gary Duxbury

    Gary Duxbury

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    Loved your vlog ,,you and “Itchy Boots “ could definitely be sisters,,,,!!! Regards from South Africa

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    Hello Eva. Congratulations brave girl.



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    One☝🥇 of the🙏 great video

  65. escapetogeorgia


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    I did this two years ago, from Odessa to Batumi. It was more like 72 hours because they sat half a day on the ocean to refuel. It was very relaxing.

  66. Isaac Keybet

    Isaac Keybet

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    you probably have to make another African tour, loving the European tour though,, despite the visible cold its freakin beautiful

  67. Dr Anne-Marie Marynycz

    Dr Anne-Marie Marynycz

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    A fabulous adventure Eva! Thoroughly enjoyed your 4 months of travelling in Europe . Looking forward to seeing you again in your new travels abroad . Hugs and Blessings with a huge thank you for the entertainment and your real life adventures 🙏❤️🙏

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    inter*island TV

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    Safe voyage Eva zu Beck, on your adventure.

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    Siema Eva. Jak to w życiu bywa wiele zdarzeń jest kwestią przypadku. Tak też było z moim trafieniem na Twój kanał. Pierwsze co mi wpadło w oko (oprócz oczywistej sympatycznej aparycji) to była polska rejestracja samochodu. Czy koleżanka jest Polką? :)

  70. Ninomoniz Carvalho

    Ninomoniz Carvalho

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    So beautiful vlok🇹🇱❤️💯

  71. Junctionfilms


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    This seems one of the most indulgent channels ever - whoever can afford to be constantly on 'adventure' buying stuff non stop ! :-) Having done ferries with truckers etc, that would be a last resort, not sure it is so much fun and in the end, you cannot wait to get off. Tree's and desert are the thing.

  72. Dallas G

    Dallas G

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    Dam you are gorgeous

  73. Robert sawyer

    Robert sawyer

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    In the frame 17:39 of your film,on the deck when show the moon,I see a meteor to your right and a U.F.O. To your left I think,check it out.

  74. Actionman


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    Hi Eva,you should come to Scotland and drive the North Coast 500 and North East 250, you'll love it here too.

  75. Jeff Collins

    Jeff Collins

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    They make a motion sickness device. It works really well.

  76. willy


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    gerat vidio... true life much better then scripped life

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    i love you

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    Ameur Mezaache

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    very brave

  79. Tony Egan

    Tony Egan

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    I would get out of Ukraine. Russian troops are poised to invade

  80. Patrik Samju

    Patrik Samju

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    love your adventures

  81. John Freeland

    John Freeland

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    Happy Thanksgiving from the USA. A day of being thankful for our blessings and salvation. God bless you and may He watch over you in your travels. May the Lord be gracious to you and give you peace.

  82. StormOnTheSea


    Acum 3 Zile

    I appreciate your channel so much - I agree with your stance on tourism, once I started traveling on my own when I was 18, I sought out ways to experience the places I visited through the eyes of a local, with people who lived there, and my desire was to spend my time living like I had always lived there and experiencing the culture of each place in ways I don't think many people think about. My favorite moments have been shared with strangers from many walks of life, and while I haven't gotten to travel in a long time, your videos give me that same feeling and I'm grateful for that. I hope I get to go back to this someday. Safe travels, Eva!

  83. J S

    J S

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    A world traveler with motion sickness? Ironic

  84. Der ohne Namen

    Der ohne Namen

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    this ship was produced in east germany, a country which no longer exist lol

  85. Tomáš Cigánek

    Tomáš Cigánek

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    No problems or issues with Covid on your journey(s)? I haven't seen any mask on last two videos and had to check the year twice ;-)

  86. Ayaan Khan

    Ayaan Khan

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    Hi Eva Pakistan pepole ask 4 u come back his vallys ask r u come back culture ask 4 u come back grenrey ask 4 u come back Pakistani spicy cosin ask 4u come back eat me karachi beach waiting 4u come back look my beauti polo ground ask 4 u come back K2 mountant ask come back and look me and I ask 4 u

    • free agent

      free agent

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      Eva never mentions Pakistan, all forgotten now.

  87. ProtoMarcus


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    9:58 - I think that is my favourite shot from this video Also, excellent storytelling, as always!

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    Michael Pavlov

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    what about a company

  89. Jake&B&R&O&O&K&L&Y&N


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    I really very much like you Eva and I have been watch you 5 or 6 months on ROfilm and Instagram and I'm so happy for that at the same time I crossed of registration to your lessons on your Instagram profile. Bye see you next episode

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    Farrukh Ismail

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    Sweet video

  91. cryolabs


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    At age 10 I fell seasick on a Mediterranean cruise liner crossing over from Italy to Tunisia and ended up becoming the elevator operator since that was the only place I did not feel seasick.

  92. Nazar


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    Hey, you made a mistake on the map, cause Crimea is Ukraine, so please use the correct maps

  93. New Hope Channel

    New Hope Channel

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    the trip on the ship certainly feels long but it's fun, have a happy day, greetings from Indonesia

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    just who gives a blue about an English girl showing her vacation pictures.

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    Wow super video! I have 3 children. They have now the age of 18j, 21j and 23j, all born in Gostynin, Poland. I'm from Belgium.

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    Good job

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    Eva za Best! 🥰