Among Us But the Impostor is a Vampire


  1. Glitcher Gamer

    Glitcher Gamer

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    Impister is spider man



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    How did he just control purple? :/

  3. Yong An

    Yong An

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    Theres a scene where the bat is carrying a crewmate that is heavier than him and the bat is above lava doesnt lava have light the bat could've been dropped with the crewmate cause he was heavier than the bat form

  4. Mystery Bungle Gaming

    Mystery Bungle Gaming

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    Is no one else gonna mention that this specific video has 666k views?

  5. Gu


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  6. Nina ifallintofantasy Elliget

    Nina ifallintofantasy Elliget

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    what about werewolves amoung us



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    0:33 Weirdotic Subs: He should be the Impostor Right?

  8. Ismael Ramos

    Ismael Ramos

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    Please say yes to ankit arsh his idea is so genius please do it

  9. XKostyaPRO_X


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    The vampire has abilities. Bite. The vampire drinks the blood of the Crewmate. Bat. The vampire transforms into a bat and increases speed. Control stone. The vampire takes the dark stone and controls the Crewmate

  10. Chronos


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    It's not halloween but I approve.

  11. Haseeb Ahmed

    Haseeb Ahmed

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    Among us new color 15 player

  12. AGENSI .₱¥.☣

    AGENSI .₱¥.☣

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    Part 2

  13. Y Z K N G

    Y Z K N G

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  14. Sarah Ferreras

    Sarah Ferreras

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    Meron bang impastor nabampira kalokohan

  15. Jessica Carranza

    Jessica Carranza

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    I love vampires 🧛🏻‍♀️



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    New video idea Among us if the imposter is Frankenstein 👀

  17. GoddessDeeDeeBubbles ofImagination

    GoddessDeeDeeBubbles ofImagination

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    could there be a sequel to this where the crew or a crewmate is a vampire hunter?

  18. Pump's yt vids day everyday

    Pump's yt vids day everyday

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    0:31 can we just appreciate this guy's limbs rest in peace 😔🙏 pray for orange

  19. toftiaxa gr

    toftiaxa gr

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  20. toxicgameplayz✔


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    When the bat is sus

  21. Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Nhung

    Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Nhung

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    Bad ideal , where's crewmate

  22. Julián Yamil Orihuela Gutiérrez

    Julián Yamil Orihuela Gutiérrez

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    I like the part that the vampire control the mind of the purple

  23. Ks Patrudu

    Ks Patrudu

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    Request to do-if the imposter is a wizard or witch, u haven't used a lady.

  24. Chetna Chandak

    Chetna Chandak

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    Among us is dead

  25. Sousa Moura

    Sousa Moura

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    O que !!!🤐

  26. Bruno Kerec

    Bruno Kerec

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    0:54 lmao that's brutal

  27. Mario y Luigi 2 jugadores

    Mario y Luigi 2 jugadores

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    Is dracula

  28. Treinxxe


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    Great among us animations!!!

  29. Amar Kumar

    Amar Kumar

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    Request: I wanna see imposter falling in love with pink crewmate please sir I'm you big fan

  30. Alpdeniz the absolute oyun

    Alpdeniz the absolute oyun

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    Make among us but impostor is a werewolf

  31. Hasan Eryilmaz

    Hasan Eryilmaz

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  32. Fire Spongebob

    Fire Spongebob

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    Soda cans after we drink them: 0:28

  33. ants blocks

    ants blocks

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    Dio vamp be like

  34. ꧁LazyTurtle꧂


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    cool idea. can be a werewolf?

  35. {•Tom•}


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    says the man who never runs out of ideas

  36. xiaoying he

    xiaoying he

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  37. Sun me Lubz

    Sun me Lubz

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    I thought he was going to suck yellows blood

  38. HiberGuy


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    The only video in which the impostor wins 😁

  39. Mini Blue

    Mini Blue

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    Flash in Rahul is da best

  40. Atticus Arken Timola

    Atticus Arken Timola

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    Among us*

  41. Atticus Arken Timola

    Atticus Arken Timola

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    vid Idea: Among but the imposter can turn to any stuff or objects or disguise

  42. marissa tredez

    marissa tredez

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    Now that's what I call... *Bloodthirsty*

  43. Minecraft


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    0:02 Smile for the camera

  44. Ashutosh Gautam

    Ashutosh Gautam

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    Man !how do you get sooo many ideas for video.

  45. shirina Sudhakar

    shirina Sudhakar

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    This is the best video but can you do a Werewolf imposter pls:) 🐺🐺🐺🐺

  46. Cloaker


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    Among us but the impostor its a werewolf

  47. Bharat Sonawane

    Bharat Sonawane

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    Video idea imposter is a god



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    Imposter but it's a zombie make a video of these!

  49. cartoon cat the sketcher

    cartoon cat the sketcher

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    The imposter bites

  50. Alessio Sabella

    Alessio Sabella

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    Cool video

  51. Sofia Enciso Hernández

    Sofia Enciso Hernández

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    you can place the electric imposter

  52. aeiou ➊

    aeiou ➊

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    What’s one strong bat not gonna lie 😂

  53. Dado Hammoud

    Dado Hammoud

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    I love black

  54. no channel

    no channel

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    some anti imposter videos please

  55. Yee Kit Wong

    Yee Kit Wong

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    Tbh i thought the vampire imposter would die because a crewmate would give him garlic

  56. Kaiserreich Mapping

    Kaiserreich Mapping

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    Do Avatar World Among US Azula and Ozai shuld be impostor and Aang,Sokka,Katara,Zuko, Suki and Toph should be crew

  57. Luka Bajelidze

    Luka Bajelidze

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    nope im not sub and like

  58. Genos


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    Purple's death was...ow

  59. Qwer Tyu

    Qwer Tyu

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  60. Keyla Sanchez

    Keyla Sanchez

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    Que chilo si así fuera en Among Us

  61. Dominic Craig

    Dominic Craig

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    Do a siren head one

  62. RoastierUP


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    We waited for a short film

  63. Ledan Playz

    Ledan Playz

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    Imagine when he bites a Crew who got covid

  64. Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

    Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch

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    This guy is a literal genius for so many ideas

  65. Đình Tuấn Hoàng

    Đình Tuấn Hoàng

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    If impostor with fire power meet impostor with ice power

  66. Ink games

    Ink games

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    The impostor is Pikachu

  67. Zakaria Sadfi

    Zakaria Sadfi

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    Among us but impostor could he have water power pls

  68. Iraides Saldanha

    Iraides Saldanha

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    Fas o azul com poder de água pfv plsssss 😊😊😊

  69. Pina Della Volpe

    Pina Della Volpe

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  70. Boran Ali Yılmaz

    Boran Ali Yılmaz

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    From 8m views to 333k views... you should do something different man

  71. The guy who goes WHY?

    The guy who goes WHY?

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    I think the vampire is from Romania 🇷🇴

  72. Masterentity YT

    Masterentity YT

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    The imposter looks bad

  73. RichieTheGamer 86

    RichieTheGamer 86

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    Next among us but the imposter is a god or among us but the imposter is the joker

  74. Moickrack VR

    Moickrack VR

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    You are the best among us animator😊😊😊

  75. ASP gaming

    ASP gaming

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    pls do imposter have covid



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  77. ScorpionOskar99


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    Among us but the inpostor is a Scorpion

  78. Lamia Akter

    Lamia Akter

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  79. g.g


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    Fun fact:DraculaPostor

  80. Anime Fan Club

    Anime Fan Club

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    Among us but the imposter is a werewolf Not mine idea someone named “Unbridled gamer”

  81. Naufal Adhyastha

    Naufal Adhyastha

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    Pls the crewmate water es pls

  82. Dennis Nwasokwa

    Dennis Nwasokwa

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    Plase finish the among us horror movie. I wana see all of it.

  83. phatvinh125zz


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  84. Renad Alsammany

    Renad Alsammany

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    next one if the imposter was a werewolf

  85. Renad Alsammany

    Renad Alsammany

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  86. Kumbakonam Jeeva's kitchen

    Kumbakonam Jeeva's kitchen

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    Pls thanos impostor and Avengers crewmate

  87. മാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർ

    മാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർ

    Acum 12 Zile

    Vampire be like:Kono dio da!

  88. മാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർ

    മാധവ് സായ് -വി- നായർ

    Acum 12 Zile

    Phantom blood JoJo's bizzare adventure

  89. Aragón Martínez Josías

    Aragón Martínez Josías

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    Why don't you create an "impostor but with banana power" XD

  90. achmad dzacky shabiir makasau

    achmad dzacky shabiir makasau

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    Can u make the impostor is a stickman

  91. Bilinmeyen ._.

    Bilinmeyen ._.

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  92. Deepa Singh

    Deepa Singh

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    Well 1st vampire whose Mouth displaced Stomach (BTW I'm reading about Displacement reaction IN BACKGROUND)

  93. Holgmier


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    Good video

  94. Jerame Mahusay

    Jerame Mahusay

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    Next wolf

  95. World of Arpith

    World of Arpith

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  96. World of Arpith

    World of Arpith

    Acum 12 Zile


  97. Hammood Alhammadi

    Hammood Alhammadi

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    If among us had super imposter and super medic

  98. 蘇爾摩斯 SoWY

    蘇爾摩斯 SoWY

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    I thought the ending would like this: the crewmates illuminates the vampire with a flashlight

  99. Lya Alya

    Lya Alya

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  100. Eva Pradhan

    Eva Pradhan

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    The fact when black killed yellow in the lava pool he did not die from radoation