Brutally Murdering My Family In Minecraft

mmmmm yes interesting description

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  1. xsannin


    Acum 25 minute

    Now we just wait for his sharingan to activate yes

  2. GachaGamer 26

    GachaGamer 26

    Acum 42 minute

    Can this allowed to be in a android?? And I wanna know what version is this it's so beautiful I wanna do it too or is it a mod?

  3. Miso soup

    Miso soup

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    first video i watched of you and all i need to say is 👌🏻

  4. Lightdark


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    These words I will remember for my entire life “the baby is on fire”

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    puppet Master

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  6. puppet Master

    puppet Master

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    Ohhhh I'm laughing my head off but feel not bad XD

  7. Trinity Austin

    Trinity Austin

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    This is the first time watching you but- I already love you😂

  8. Dee-Dee :3

    Dee-Dee :3

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    Pfft- I had this mod I made so much drama

  9. Just a Friend

    Just a Friend

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    hey some of his to do list is my dad's to do list 😃

  10. Jo's life at home

    Jo's life at home

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  11. Learn Cat

    Learn Cat

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    So basically, CK II in minecraft?

  12. Jessica Collins

    Jessica Collins

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    I hate you You keep swearing and that’s not good for kids because I was not swearing so yeah next video stop Swearing

  13. Damari Mitchell

    Damari Mitchell

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  14. Sameera _Cookiez15

    Sameera _Cookiez15

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    Hello! I just started watching your channel and your HALARIOUS! :D I was having a bad day because of some family issues but this made my day SO much better :) Thank you!!

  15. Estella


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    "accidents happen, how do you think this guy was born?"

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    defult boi 101

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    Siobhan Collins

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    im new to this channel and 1:32 seconds in i subbed like who wouldn't thats a way to start a video lmfao

  19. It’s tori Unicorn

    It’s tori Unicorn

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    If you want to get kids and getting you have to get a ring and I’m not throwing then you get married and have children then you can find them

  20. Deitrick playz

    Deitrick playz

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    You sack

    • JaredTSM


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      @Deitrick playz no he's good

    • Deitrick playz

      Deitrick playz

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      He is a butt

    • Deitrick playz

      Deitrick playz

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      Why why did you why

    • JaredTSM


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      @Deitrick playz then what is he

    • JaredTSM


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      @Deitrick playz wait what

  21. Diamond Girlz

    Diamond Girlz

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    Love the plan

  22. Emily Simmons

    Emily Simmons

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    Stop cussing

  23. Gacha_blu


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    “This is a durable baby” Boffy-2021

  24. Draco Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy

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    me:*takes it way out of context*

    • JaredTSM


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      Me when Twitter

  25. galaxygamesforlife


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    i has your sweater i bought it for my birthday and this vid is awesome

  26. Amie Boyer

    Amie Boyer

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    Omg that is soo RUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE how rude



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  28. Why Why

    Why Why

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    part 2!

  29. Jacqui Fernkorn

    Jacqui Fernkorn

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    Have a child with a man JUST ADOPT LOL

  30. The Mustache Dude

    The Mustache Dude

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    6:19 You mean you'd kill *with* a flint and steel?

  31. Chocolate Bar HB

    Chocolate Bar HB

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    Boffy: Sssh! This is what friends do to each other. No no he's got a point.

  32. david espitia

    david espitia

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    FBI open up

  33. XxGachaLifexX


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    boffy: abuses his kids me: think im going to h*ll bc i laughed at it like im literally dying rn also tell meh how to get the mod its satisfying and stupidly hilarious watching any mob in mc dying by poison, so why not do it to kids it will be amazing nothing could go wrong totally

  34. Im Bored

    Im Bored

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    "I just want to marry someone so I can murder our children" Boffy-2021

  35. SZ.X


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    That definitely going to be me

  36. ApeZ


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    Don’t click read more.... I warned you I’m sorry. You’ve reached the end! SIKE! No but fr Im sorry its over now.

  37. jenjensnow7


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    The goals r just stuff u dont do irl

  38. Jack Jaballah

    Jack Jaballah

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    OK I like this video

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    My name is ava

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    Jessica Whitsell

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    Yes please do you know what time you need me your phone I love it thank goodness thank you so much thank goodness thank you so much thank goodness for you I hope you’re doing ok I hope you’re having fun today I hope 🤞 got to help out today and I’m glad that I have some more love to see how it goes today

  43. Amala sayavong

    Amala sayavong

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  44. Rickari Simpson

    Rickari Simpson

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    shut the f*ck up

  45. Ren P

    Ren P

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    i think his list is just boffy’s coming out video

  46. Cassandra Collins

    Cassandra Collins

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    I just wanna Mary someone so I can Mary my children is that so much to ask for? Yes and no because for other people I’m pretty sure they said yeah but me I love killing in “games” you know 😈😇

  47. dylan pridmore

    dylan pridmore

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    I love your content you are my new # 1 youtuber

  48. Voidunavailable


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    You’re like the GreyStillPlays of Minecraft and I couldn’t be happier about it 😭❤️

  49. Katherina de Ponte

    Katherina de Ponte

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    That list is susususususuususususususus

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    R&B Train

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    Wow this is a durable baby

  51. R&B Train

    R&B Train

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    Hi artubald how are you

  52. IDEK Shorts

    IDEK Shorts

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    Boffy just lives to torture animals, don’t he?

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    Lucy Anstine

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    Oh my goodness I just found this and it is awesome

  54. Pink Tree

    Pink Tree

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    Minecraft comes alive more like Minecraft comes dead

  55. CatNotHere


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    15:52 "AH WHAT THE F" in screaming voice

  56. abella123


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    What mod is that

  57. Summer King

    Summer King

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    What mod is this

  58. Jeanne Moore

    Jeanne Moore

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    what is the mod?

  59. Laila Hesham

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    Rip Artubald Edit: this literally just showed up in my recommendations and I love it im subbing to this guy now!

  61. Fezc


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    0:26 no, 30 seconds in

  62. Zoe Davis

    Zoe Davis

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    *im now the worlds worst father and I'm proud* dam again endeavor is #2 at something XD

  63. XxSweat_ NightmoonxX

    XxSweat_ NightmoonxX

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    Techno belike...: Orphans....

  64. narvonow


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    Very I n t e r e s t i n g

  65. Caroline Leary

    Caroline Leary

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    this video should be '' becoming endevor ''

  66. Itz_BusyBee Ö

    Itz_BusyBee Ö

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  67. Aaliyah Bertrand

    Aaliyah Bertrand

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    I don't give two- (Bad word almost comes up but my headphones say battery low) Me: Perfect timing 😃

  68. Alien


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    😂 number 1 kill my wife and kids

  69. erika viera

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  70. Vincent Huynh

    Vincent Huynh

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    are you mr afton he brutally killed his fam or got them killed

  71. XDSLASHER.360 Kam

    XDSLASHER.360 Kam

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    the hecc

  72. Abbey Goold

    Abbey Goold

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    What version of Minecraft are you playing? Is it 1.12.2?

  73. Maisey Dragon

    Maisey Dragon

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    Oof, guess they added baby joby dialogue from ihascupqake 14:00 or a bit before that

  74. Ruandhel Sacdalan

    Ruandhel Sacdalan

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    wtfriction is too much

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    The_robloxgamer 123

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    The thumbnail looks tasty

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    R.I.P 3.14159265 Even with all the pie isn’t the world the void consumed her anyways

  78. Venomus_ wolfie45

    Venomus_ wolfie45

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    i need this pack

  79. Katelynn Badger

    Katelynn Badger

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    Can I get it on Ps4?

  80. Polymer Sapphire

    Polymer Sapphire

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    I hate u

  81. Rando Person

    Rando Person

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    30 seconds into the video and getting demonetized

  82. Begüm Lal Ertan

    Begüm Lal Ertan

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    boffy is now William aft()n

  83. Yara Jazi

    Yara Jazi

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    Wat the hell

  84. Mimi_Games_Epic


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    U just earned 1 sub congrats this is my first time watching and I already know its not gonna be my last

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    Gacha Cooking

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    I cant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  86. Slouly Blue man

    Slouly Blue man

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    You al lot like let’s game it out look him up 👦

  87. King Brick Development

    King Brick Development

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    I love that I got an ad about hitler

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    Marlizelle Prinsloo

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    Samantha Erosa

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    I think the mod is furnicraft

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    Lily Berry

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    I hate killing rabbits (THEY ARE SO CUTE!)



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    Shadow Era

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    I love this this is the first time I've seen him and I already love it

  93. 盧嘉藍


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    Can someone end my pain?

  94. The Kids

    The Kids

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    Why im watching this, I dont know



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    Da bby:👉🏿🧔🏾👈🏿

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    Im a kid

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    What the heck man you murder baby girl why? 😢

  99. ItzSeahawksLOL


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    It's not brutal if it's good parenting

  100. Moonlight shadow wolf games and gacha

    Moonlight shadow wolf games and gacha

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    Omg that poor baby and he really just kills random people and says "I didn't mean toooooo👍" yeah man that's totally going to work