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Building a USB-C touchscreen monitor (new for 2021)

In this video we'll be building a USB-C monitor! Also the first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/diyperks02211

Mini speaker units (great for all sorts of projects):

Selection of interesting LCD panel sets:

Touchscreen + USB-C: ebay.us/yuT4pa
Mini ultrawide: ebay.us/G8cK7R
4k (HDMI + Type C): ebay.us/ZACQUG
144Hz + freesync: ebay.us/uAelm7

Battery protection board: amzn.to/3pkMs1y

How to make a DIY monitor (simple version): rofilm.info/much/video/dZfPooJ0amqxsZU




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  2. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    Acum 41 minut

    I love his work so much, I don't even skip his sponsor ad

  3. Jon Dinga

    Jon Dinga

    Acum oră

    I was hoping that there would be DIY touchscreen without buying the IR frames from PRC ... hint hint ;)

  4. Gaurav K

    Gaurav K

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    Would be nicer if you can keep mention of the tools used in this work and if not what other alternate basic tools can be used.. 👍

  5. Keltec Respec

    Keltec Respec

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    @12:00 he says "Earlier I provisionally added some wires to the control board's speaker output, so that these sockets could be easily hooked up to the boards internal amplifier allowing the drivers to just be clipped in place when required." Diagram please or video showing and explaining, I'm kind of new to this. But my father in law has a machine shop that I can use whenever I'd like to use. So was that just something you wanted to keep how to do to yourself sir? Now I have a touch screen monitor I attached to my PS5 and I don't know where to wire and attach the speakers to. This is supposed to be a D.I.Y project, I can't D.I.M.S if I don't know how to connect the speakers as you did, I hope you left a wiring diagram in the description for us. Other than that brilliant, beautiful, and very useful. I keep 2, 10,000 mAh battery banks ready which actually allowed me to get 12 hours of continuous use once the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery life 🔋 was depleted. Including the internal Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery and the 2 battery banks I got from Wal-Mart for $9.99 each, I would say with the screen turned on without speakers (because someone didn't tell us how to connect the wires to the board's internal amplifier) I get about 13 1/2 hours of continuous use because I use my Pulse 3D Wireless Headset with my PS5. Would be great if you could have added a BT (Bluetooth) feature so we could connect to Bluetooth speakers and have surround sound. I watch movies on my PS5 also in true 4K!

    • mikea hiooi

      mikea hiooi

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      Your craftsmen ship always amazing! Just wow

  6. Joey Roy

    Joey Roy

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    id buy this if it was sold in stores

  7. Ethan Tin

    Ethan Tin

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    Does anyone know how thick the brass are? I want to buy some

    • Ethan Tin

      Ethan Tin

      Acum 15 minute

      And does anyone know what the screws and nuts they are in 5:10? Please help me, I want to buy them too

  8. Beingmehull


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    • Beingmehull


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      check out related tech content on my channel 💕 please do subscribe

  9. LemgoCreations


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    I really like your videos - especially ones like this with some novelty functionality. BUT it's very bad advice to use something highly conductive like brass as a DIY housing as it's just way to easy to short some connections and destroy all your electronics with that. So, please - people at home - use MDF or whatever plastics you like to recreate this, just don't use brass/aluminium or some other metal and destroy your weekend dreams with it!

    • LemgoCreations


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      Especially soldering a whole brass strip right next to a working screen (as mentioned at 7:55 ) is a REALLY bad idea

  10. Kevin Ryan

    Kevin Ryan

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    Lovely build, mate!

  11. Utshav Gamer

    Utshav Gamer

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    Can u help me. I have a laptop and the screen is broken, what do I do

  12. Malik Malika

    Malik Malika

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    I need vidéo dit big touch screen to android tablet plzzzzz

  13. Δημήτρης Ηλιάδης Dimitrios Iliadis

    Δημήτρης Ηλιάδης Dimitrios Iliadis

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    How can I buy it, 😜

  14. Blagi


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    Umm honestly, DIY Perks, good job, but i was wonder if there was perhaps a way to find a 5Volt trace on the "screen controller" and use that to charge the battery? I have a feeling like you tried it, but it maybe impacted the screen performance? If not, then im happy to hear your feedback! Great video.

  15. Tomi


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    i swear your whole channel is a brass advertisement

  16. Müd Monéi

    Müd Monéi

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    It shoukd be YDI not DIY... because You Do It!!! I never can do these stuff!

  17. Brian Little

    Brian Little

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    ill going to try to make this, thanks!

  18. S Fisher

    S Fisher

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    Can you advise brass sheet thickness you use

  19. hadher ramadhan Mohammed

    hadher ramadhan Mohammed

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    😲😲😲😲😲😳😳what an extraordinary skilled man you are ? very very smart job 👏 thank for sharing

  20. Even Mosbæk

    Even Mosbæk

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    Your craftsmen ship always amazing! Just wow

  21. Shivan Singh

    Shivan Singh

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    Amazing job. Have you done any projects with USB speakers that small?

  22. Barış Oktay

    Barış Oktay

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    Is it just me or he looks like UpIsNotJump's sane cousin?

  23. Hemant Mamgai

    Hemant Mamgai

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    Yeah everything is fine but u got away and didn't showed us how to solder the bottom frame to the back with the LCD inside the housing. Heating the back panel or the bottom frame would damage the LCD. I don't need sleep I need ANSWERS!😂

  24. IP Electro Tech

    IP Electro Tech

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    I want a broken laptop please 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏I am from sri lanka

  25. lucas rem

    lucas rem

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    i need a cheap Wacom monitor for MAYA on Windows, is here anybody using this on MAYA/ Autodesk or any other drawing skills? GUI? Heat issues, these HDR XDR new backlight tech is getting hot. i use a Picture frame company to frame them, 3d printer.

  26. Calvin Hobbes

    Calvin Hobbes

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    Question: what can I build from an old iPad 2?

  27. TheSzaboZE


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    It's not clear to me, your display was originally with an integrated touchscreen?

  28. mishra85 prity

    mishra85 prity

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    Hi, I have lost the usb receiver of my mouse and therefore unable to use it. I do not want to throw away the mouse just yet. Can you please tell me a way to make it workable again.

  29. Emir Kahvecioglu

    Emir Kahvecioglu

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    can you make external speaker for pc monitor? 🤔

  30. Alyanna


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    Just stumbled upon this channel and I am in awe. Excited to see the next project you do!

  31. Anand Sondhiya

    Anand Sondhiya

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    I'm getting feelings for brass

  32. Wild Ventures

    Wild Ventures

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    Another useful and awesome idea you have shared.

  33. Febin Sunil Thomas

    Febin Sunil Thomas

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    It would be great idea to build a videowall from old laptop displays :)

  34. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

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    Next project: Fit your PS5 into your invisible table PC.

  35. Rick Samuels

    Rick Samuels

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    Great job, expensive looking too with the brass!

  36. Razam


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    It is very shiny, so what about fingerprints? Doesn't it look very messy after some usage-touching?

  37. YEE TM22

    YEE TM22

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    • Shauka Hodan

      Shauka Hodan

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  38. Jeffrey Bryan

    Jeffrey Bryan

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    You just had to drop a PS5 in there 😂. I’m jealous.

  39. Tom Watzek

    Tom Watzek

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    I really enjoy your self made displays, thank you for that great content. Can you imagine building a LCD panel with stylus support? I am searching for that for quite a while, but it seems not available for an hobbyist.

  40. ChaoSenpai


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    I like yah beard man

  41. Another Number

    Another Number

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    Zas cool and all but how about u stick a raspberry pi keyboard and touchpad in identically sized bottom compartment. Make a laptop.

  42. Fabio Fernandes

    Fabio Fernandes

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    I love it ❣️😍

  43. Tango Topics Videos

    Tango Topics Videos

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    Really nice. Thanks for doing this video. I was thinking of something similar and now I have an idea of how to make this. It doesn't seem that hard.

  44. Saadu Abdullahi

    Saadu Abdullahi

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  45. Spipas


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    Is it possible to make a video about your leds powered by small solar panels ?

  46. Kartal Can Karakoyun

    Kartal Can Karakoyun

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    Someone should mass produce this thing i loved it would definitely buy it

  47. mr smiler

    mr smiler

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    Na like ko na po

  48. Andreas Häberle

    Andreas Häberle

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    Super cool project and great vide

  49. Krishna Krrish

    Krishna Krrish

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    Hi, just an idea if you can make a smartwatch which shows time and has bluetooth and storage which can play songs on a tws?

  50. Pandabrain


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    "Let's diy a touchscreen monitor!" **Buys a monitor with touchscreen functionality** WOT? Seriously though: Nice build.

  51. Nadir Tanoli

    Nadir Tanoli

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    Hey DIY Perks...... U r doing good work, can you please do a video on "old laptop screen be used with a desktop computer".

  52. Nadiya Novalina

    Nadiya Novalina

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    If only he has lottts of money, maybe he can built the best unique always innovative top quality tech brand.

  53. Edward Georgadze

    Edward Georgadze

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    amazing screen for phone! no drivers for display touch for phone needed?

  54. Вадим Ковтун

    Вадим Ковтун

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    just great as always!

  55. stephan devriesere

    stephan devriesere

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    So, actually what you did is make a new housing for a tablet. Something i did years ago. Nicely done though, i got to admit.



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    Can I use a Toshiba LCD tv screen for this project... please reply



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    Can you make so many too sale it :)



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  59. BobRooney


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    love the project. i bet this was not easy with all the intricacies. watching this video on my 85 inch QLED tv. there's no way in the world i will ever go back to a tiny screen when i have this beast hooked up to my pc sitting on the couch with a Microsoft sculpt mobile keyboard and logitech mx master 3 mouse. but i'm sure it looks nice in brass.

  60. Electro nics

    Electro nics

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    Hey perk can you please make a voice commanded Jarvis for essential of room please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please 🙏🙏🙏

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    You were next level years ago. You just keep outdoing yourself! Great job!

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    miko foin

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    fix laptops and speakers today. Keep it up!!!



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    VERY NICE 😎👍💯✨✨✨

  64. Stephen Eilert

    Stephen Eilert

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    Would look great as a magic mirror.

  65. Rodolfo Peralta

    Rodolfo Peralta

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    Thats a very nice design. The speaker design was quite genius.

  66. Radhiya Irgi

    Radhiya Irgi

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    Isn't that just.. a tablet?

    • miko foin

      miko foin

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      it's pronounced brarse

  67. Jey Rohm Greg

    Jey Rohm Greg

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    Nearly a piece of design ... as it is Clean shiny sharp ... Well done. Regards

  68. TampseyLp


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    u shall make giveaways!!!!

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    Avli Avliav

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    Absolutely amazing!!!!!

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    Alfonso Juncosa

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    Your videos are absolutely mesmerizing. Congrats! Keep it up

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    Aman Basanti

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    He looks like he was rejected from Game of Thrones Auditions.

  72. Gran Patriarca

    Gran Patriarca

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    First step buy a touchscreen monitor. Ebay sellers: let's step-up the price.

  73. Sharukh Anklesaria

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  74. Michael McCord

    Michael McCord

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    Excellent! 7 ******* out of 5 Stars!

  75. Robert Rijkers

    Robert Rijkers

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    only thing missing is pieces of felt on the backside of the speakers....you don't want to scratch the brass framecorners of the screen every time you plug in the pin connectors

  76. Alexander Chavarria

    Alexander Chavarria

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    He's so sexy with that facial hair. He's got to stop

  77. Emik Zotic

    Emik Zotic

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    My phone doesnt have dex so can i still use this?

  78. Riaz


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    So tacky... What a waste of resources

  79. Acrylix Paint

    Acrylix Paint

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    Love to see your take on a DIY Cintiq.

  80. Ron Hitler-Barassi

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    it's pronounced brarse

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    Next project: Fit your PS5 into your invisible table PC.

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    This channel needs to be more popular! Keep up the great work!

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    Hi i like It

  85. chickbit


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    Nice video! I think it would've been nice to secure the bottom edge of the panel with screws instead of soldering so you could replace or service the panel without de-soldering the brass

  86. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones

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    You could do a rivet and brass build for a steampunk feel. That would also mean you wouldn't need to solder anything else.

  87. Jamirobruno


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    u´re amazing Matt, thanks for this videos!

  88. Pat Cruz

    Pat Cruz

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    You are a creative genius. Beautiful work, many thanks for sharing.

  89. e4 d5

    e4 d5

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    Wow!!!!!!!! Those speakers sound better than what is on my computer now!!! C'mon man...how could we tell how great they sound when we're listening through our own speakers? About as useful as TV commercials for TVs.

  90. Just Klev

    Just Klev

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    Man your video quality is so cool



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    Hi, Matt. Please make DIY Android Car Head Unit.

  92. Ariel Rosver

    Ariel Rosver

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    Great video very nice build Can you sayme what color its your wall

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  95. ok let's go man

    ok let's go man

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    Brass boiiiiii .

  96. Leland Clayton

    Leland Clayton

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    With the price of the LCD panel/Controller and the Brass you could of bought a touch USB-C/HDMI Monitor.

    • il biggo

      il biggo

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      A similar external monitor costs around $350. Even if you had to buy the screen, which is not the assumption here, you'd pay $30-50 for a 15" touch panel. The control board is around $30, and another $50 or so for the brass channels and plate. You won't total $350 unless you *_gold plate_* it :D And you cant' buy a *brass* touch USB-C/HDMI monitor anyway. This isn't about making the cheapest monitor, it's about having the _coolest_ monitor and making it yourself.

  97. Shahriar Morshad

    Shahriar Morshad

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    OMG amazing.

  98. Ethan Tin

    Ethan Tin

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    Matt, at first I already love these stuff. And then I found your youtube channel and watched almost every video in the channel. You inspired me and now I'm deciding to make this with wood and aluminium for a medium thickness and intermediate level. I'm only 14 though, so I can't cut things by myself. I'll have to take it outside to let them cut the wood and the aluminium. But can you answer my question please? Can I know what thickness the brass board and U channels are? And what size of the U channel did you use? Does it need to be 2 or 3mm thick? And can you add some purchasing links for the pin connectors? I also want to know what screws you used for this project because I'm not familiar with screws. Thanks for your time, and I hope to watch more cool videos like this. :))

  99. Sachin Bahadoorsingh

    Sachin Bahadoorsingh

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    I swear in a month this guy gonna be like "diy tesla with full self driving"

  100. Adz S

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    Matt, any reason why aluminium wouldn't work?