Can’t Believe She Did This To My Tesla 💥🔥😳


  1. Lonely Rock

    Lonely Rock

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  2. P johnson

    P johnson

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  3. K1ddo


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    me: •-•

  4. Lam Corp

    Lam Corp

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  5. ChinHobbyToys


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    Calm down people! She's just pouring it into the wiper washer tank.

  6. Nebolous Goddess Jasmine

    Nebolous Goddess Jasmine

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    How to lose brain cells

  7. Fybos


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    Some people are just retarter then the retartest

  8. Darvin Carter

    Darvin Carter

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    The good book says we witness the end of the world from where we stand.after watching that it has started.

  9. Darvin Carter

    Darvin Carter

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    So she walks up and does that. He says no way and she walks off. He got one thing a big repair bill.

  10. Lakum Dev

    Lakum Dev

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    Beautiful ❤️ baby



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  12. Aeemon art with you

    Aeemon art with you

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    Nos so boommmm

  13. Rafael Garcia

    Rafael Garcia

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    Un monumento a la mujer. 😘

  14. Ty Ty

    Ty Ty

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    Now I know why when I was younger I didn't had a girlfriend....... I didn't have a 70000£+ car in which bitches could pour their cheap energy drinks where the washing liquid tank is......

  15. Orlando Perera

    Orlando Perera

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    Quien es esa rubia que esta lindisima

  16. YoutubeChannel #69

    YoutubeChannel #69

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    Dude i dont even know what i should write to say how dumb this is

  17. Navid Shah

    Navid Shah

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    Maybe 36 d

  18. هيثم جنيد

    هيثم جنيد

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    هل هذه حقيقيه انها فوتوشوب او جمال خارق بالمستحضرات

  19. David Salinas

    David Salinas

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  20. bechir khorbi

    bechir khorbi

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    U and the tesla and auto driving mode !!! We can make babies in the road

  21. D M

    D M

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  22. Rafael Velazquez

    Rafael Velazquez

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    Es hermosa

  23. Dee Blue

    Dee Blue

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    PUNCH !!

  24. Mateusz Kurjanski

    Mateusz Kurjanski

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    Flexing broken tesla?

  25. Hashir Muhammad

    Hashir Muhammad

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  26. Diabetic tea

    Diabetic tea

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  27. MrPredX


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    It's videos like this that makes me think Thanos was a good guy afterall!

  28. Noman Rashid

    Noman Rashid

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    She needs good pressing !

  29. Bobby


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    So theres a mental institution right down the street.. you can see it over there. Tell the person at the front desk you would like to book a room for 2 people for the next 60 years.

  30. gregory J

    gregory J

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    Every other tictok video shows a woman who is shapely

  31. alan lublinski

    alan lublinski

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    SMH 🤦‍♂️

  32. Cool Baby

    Cool Baby

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    Well she has a nice personality

  33. Arman Khan

    Arman Khan

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  34. Miguel Marrero

    Miguel Marrero

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    I didn’t know they made dog water for electric cars

  35. Lewis Clark

    Lewis Clark

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    No, you put nos in a balloon and inhale it

  36. LA


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    She is cute anyway

  37. Рахман Төлеу

    Рахман Төлеу

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    Девка ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👍👍👍👍👍👍

  38. Curtis May

    Curtis May

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    He's prolly a simp who'd let a girl do whatever she wants because he's desperate.

  39. Sofain Bahlouli

    Sofain Bahlouli

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    Красиво делай что хочешь

  40. Mr. UFK

    Mr. UFK

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    Pullers channel?

  41. D3SSH


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    Stop stop stooop bro punch her hand out of the way like bruh

  42. Epic Memes Collection ꪜ

    Epic Memes Collection ꪜ

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    God where are you.?? Please delete this junk people from world

  43. Amaan K

    Amaan K

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    Hmm good

  44. Gustavo Frias

    Gustavo Frias

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    Tu rostro es bellisimo pero quiero que tengas el cuerpo de love randalin

  45. Bigoi1


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    Imagine being this rich and stupid to ruin a Tesla you could have given to one of the millions of homeless people in the world

  46. Manoj Rawat

    Manoj Rawat

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    Bcoz she feels jalious with texa

  47. Nqbzie -

    Nqbzie -

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    God i hate telsa owners stupid people with stupid money

  48. Fernão Shiotsuki

    Fernão Shiotsuki

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    Cringe af



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    Honey YOU may be blond DOESN'T mean YOU SHOULD stick with stereotypes HA.!! Plus sumn like THIS in reality is VERY likely to GET a DUMB broad smacked BEFORE she even attempted to pour it into the car I'm just saying LMFAO.!!🤬🤬💪😎👍✌😁👌🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Masterpiece lord

    Masterpiece lord

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    Gold digger 👀

  51. CallMeRacc


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    Nos like fast and furious? Stoooooooop stoooooooop babeeeeeeee stoooooooop

  52. Smaine Belhadi

    Smaine Belhadi

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    And I was thinking why the Roman were feeding peoples with no value to the lions and tigers !?!?.

  53. Brad


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  54. Id Rc

    Id Rc

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    Elon musk isn’t happy

  55. Sanchit Bansal

    Sanchit Bansal

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    What’s her insta id ??

  56. Jesse Barnes

    Jesse Barnes

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    I believe it but who gives a shit if you do

  57. Tyler Shield

    Tyler Shield

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    It’s nitrous stupid

  58. hassan morad

    hassan morad

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  59. TangoTheSlayer_YT


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    Tesla is aalready fast xd

  60. E4Mafia_TN


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    Me: welp time to use my insurance to buy another tesla. *insurance says NO so I have to buy another Her: it's just a prank 🤭😉

  61. Puneet Tripathi

    Puneet Tripathi

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    Give darkseid anti life equation as soon as possible, can't see this anymore...

  62. Spenser


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    Oh no!... anyway..

  63. 50 Characters

    50 Characters

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    No way no way~~ stop stop~~

  64. Jeremiah Stuckey

    Jeremiah Stuckey

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    “No wayy” but let me also record you and not do anything. Lol

  65. Imfire245 Lol

    Imfire245 Lol

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    she is the type of person who puts gasoline in there tesla

  66. Jimmy A the Greek

    Jimmy A the Greek

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    Fake af

  67. BlitzLikesNuggies


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    What about gfuel?

  68. Francisco Aguiar

    Francisco Aguiar

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    Que gata é esta

  69. Qam Yeshurun

    Qam Yeshurun

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    Why does she exist?

  70. Jasson Aguilar-Cano

    Jasson Aguilar-Cano

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    Where is she buried??

  71. butt forreal

    butt forreal

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    Oh man 🤦‍♂️ I’m going to invest in a long range sniper rifle and just peck off ppl like this.. jk 😉

  72. Alfred Jodl

    Alfred Jodl

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    AH YES, let me say stop it while recording, I think my 50k car is worth a good tiktok 🤪

  73. Adilson Oliveira

    Adilson Oliveira

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  74. Edward Adamson

    Edward Adamson

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  75. ^ω^


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    Why did you still want to be whit her" If she did that to your precious tesla? "

  76. Joey sane

    Joey sane

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  77. 1970 Dodge Charger

    1970 Dodge Charger

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    Maybe Thanos wasn’t the bad guy

  78. Grass Fedd

    Grass Fedd

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  79. Lil Culture

    Lil Culture

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    Everyone is using tiktok hate comments for likes share the word

  80. fat gamer

    fat gamer

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  81. alex042687


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    Very classy.

  82. Shaolin matador de Porco

    Shaolin matador de Porco

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  83. Jeet Singh

    Jeet Singh

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    Nice you just poured a energy drink in a 40k+ car

  84. Cat Lover 15

    Cat Lover 15

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    To much cringe today 😀

  85. Anrhony the slurpee Rivera's new book

    Anrhony the slurpee Rivera's new book

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  86. ibrahim mohamed

    ibrahim mohamed

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    Am still thinking what's the point of this video !!????🤔

  87. Amin M

    Amin M

    Acum 11 Zile

    “ If idiots could fly , TIK TOK would be a airport “ I don’t know who the fuck told this but this guy surely got my respect

  88. John Cunningham

    John Cunningham

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    She thinks the washer fluid is the gas tank in the Tesla. LoL & it's gonna run faster on that. ? Plot twist It's only got BATTERIES.

  89. Hussein Amine

    Hussein Amine

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  90. OviOmul


    Acum 11 Zile

    If she did that to my Tesla she would be fucking dead

  91. Chaudhary Anas

    Chaudhary Anas

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    And you ruined it stupid

  92. dark ness420x

    dark ness420x

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    This is when I lose faith in the human race..

  93. haissai g

    haissai g

    Acum 11 Zile

    seriously they should have a iq test before giving driving license

  94. Brew Danny

    Brew Danny

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    He got nothing out of this but his car got junk

  95. Woody Savage

    Woody Savage

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    Aaah~ the future is bright for this generation.

  96. mathys gobeil

    mathys gobeil

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    lmao some girls little knows nothing about cars

  97. lorenzo kk

    lorenzo kk

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    I would actually commit murder if this was real

  98. Hi Bye

    Hi Bye

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    Eye filter