Chelsea ● Road to Champions League Victory - 2021

After a very thrilling game against Manchester City Chelsea did the unthinkable. They won the Champions League for the second time in History. Thomas Tüchel was for the second time in a row in the final, but this time he won. Ngolo Kante was my GOAT for the Chelsea team.
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  1. Ahmed Elmasry

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    First name music

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    Yu from balkan

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    The animated chickin god

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    Kepa didn’t do anything

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    Eropa is blue💙💙💙💙💙💙

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    Rahman Yusuf

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    I hope Ziyech Not for sale. Ziyech finishing is better than Werner

  6. Johnhus Kipgen

    Johnhus Kipgen

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    Che should give respect to Lampard not only Tuchel.

  7. Kelvin Arthur

    Kelvin Arthur

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    Blue oa the colour

  8. Maria Julia Lemos Goularte

    Maria Julia Lemos Goularte

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    Thiago podia jogar mais uns 10 anos pra nossa alegria

  9. Maria Julia Lemos Goularte

    Maria Julia Lemos Goularte

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    Thiago e tuchel mostrado que os humilhados serão exaltados

  10. Максат Нурым

    Максат Нурым

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    Where the comment from Abramowitz?



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    tp kuramg greget kaya turnamen hore2

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    Thomas Tuchel

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    Great video

  13. Arman Valentic

    Arman Valentic

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    Thing: Porto always reach qf

  14. Sejun An

    Sejun An

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    Amazing Work Chelsea 🔥

  15. George Mereu

    George Mereu

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    Can someone explain to me how giroud was onside on that bike he scored in the round of 16?

    • Ater Fortis

      Ater Fortis

      Acum 3 Zile

      Because the ball reflected from Atletico player

  16. Garry from the streets

    Garry from the streets

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    Kept has more champions leagues than man city

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  20. Beefache


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    Win if you can....lose if you must....just always be Chelsea...NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  21. Nay Myo

    Nay Myo

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  22. Mart kenyon

    Mart kenyon

    Acum 5 Zile

    I must say, out of all the teams we faced, beating Atletico was the most enjoyable win. Disgusting team playing disgusting football.

  23. רוני אלברט

    רוני אלברט

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    2021 👍

  24. רוני אלברט

    רוני אלברט

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  25. John Jensen

    John Jensen

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    The biggest plastic clubs city and chelsea in the cl finale and next years world cup in Qatar. Football RIP

  26. don't mess with me

    don't mess with me

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    As a real fan that hits hard

  27. CTAA A

    CTAA A

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    We only conceded 4 goals the whole tournament wow, up the chels 💙

  28. Pierre Louis DUONG

    Pierre Louis DUONG

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    excellente vidéo!

  29. Raul Aguirre

    Raul Aguirre

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    Heroes: every single one of them.

  30. John lalramzauva

    John lalramzauva

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    I dont like the coach because how can an underated player like ziyech n pulisic sit on sub sometimes

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  32. Kamal Kadode

    Kamal Kadode

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    Every single goal that our boys scored we wanted Mr commentators thank you.

  33. cabdinaasir 7900

    cabdinaasir 7900

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    Chelsea Amazing Moment To Won Champions league 👏

  34. 슬겅슬겅


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    Only one defeat, but never lost against La Liga 1 2 4th team and EPL 1st team. Chelsea is more stronger than we think.

  35. Tito Kimaro

    Tito Kimaro

    Acum 7 Zile

    What a team! Back then in CL 2012 final, we defeated Bayern Munich, against all odds, at their own home Olympic Stadium. We repeated again in 2021, against all odds (that we can not defeat Guardiola 3 times back-to-back). We have completely changed the rules of the game!

  36. Kairat Iles

    Kairat Iles

    Acum 7 Zile

    Тимо, мог забивать и больше. Нужен игрок типа Шевы в Милане 1999-2006гг

  37. Jonas Loges

    Jonas Loges

    Acum 7 Zile

    Impressive. Huge congratulations to Chelsea. Even with VAR though, it's impressive how much luck in the small decisions every team needs/ get when lifting that trophy in the end. Real Madrids famous triple CL win (without VAR) is most obvious - as for Chelsea, there's 2 or even 3 possible penalties (with yellow cards that could have mattered etc.) that isn't called - Sterling could have gone down and gotten an obvious penalty etc. However, great for Chelsea, great for Tuschel!

  38. PeervyShaas


    Acum 7 Zile

    Mendy, Havertz, Giroud, James, Werner, Kanté, Azpilicueta, Mount, Ziyech & More is HEROES! Chelsea FC is Champions!

  39. Brendan Sousa

    Brendan Sousa

    Acum 8 Zile

    Looking back, this campaign was pretty good. Everyone contributed, from the group stages all the way to the final.

  40. Lil Dayo

    Lil Dayo

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    17:34 , Mahrez 😓

  41. Albert Ansah Monny

    Albert Ansah Monny

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    Chelsea!!! My Chelseeaaaaa! Goosebumps all over my nose

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    Ellie-Rose Stein

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  43. J Ajegba

    J Ajegba

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    Watch the highlights, Chelsea got to the FA cup and cl final by playing defense especially the young midfielders and forwards. Solid defense.

  44. Redfifa #4

    Redfifa #4

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    Hahaha Suck it City 🤣😂🤣😂

  45. Squad 11

    Squad 11

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    I swear kante has an engine inside him so he can run forever 💨 🤩 😯

  46. Squad 11

    Squad 11

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    Mendy defo saved the whole team can’t thank him more as a Chelsea fan 🥰 💙totally underrated goalkeeper. ONLY LET IN 4 GOALS AND THEY WERE ALL SCREAMERS!

  47. rahul dhanwaria

    rahul dhanwaria

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    ❤️❤️❤️ great work❤️❤️❤️

  48. Hani Muhumed

    Hani Muhumed

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    Mount, pulisic, havertz, kante, Rudiger, James, mendy , Silva, giroud. What a team

  49. Arch man

    Arch man

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    Watching thus has made me miss Lampard 😢

  50. Simon Wang

    Simon Wang

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  51. mashed potato

    mashed potato

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    Chelsea scored total 10 goals against 3 top spanish clubs: Sevilla, Athletico madrid and Real madrid. Chelsea conceded only 1 goal in this process.

  52. MSW Zolweyn

    MSW Zolweyn

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    Kante best player

  53. Christopher Philips

    Christopher Philips

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    9:15....check the score board

  54. jae min

    jae min

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  55. slowclimber Tothetop

    slowclimber Tothetop

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    Oh it started with Lampard!

  56. lugi karna

    lugi karna

    Acum 11 Zile

    Liverpool dan Manchester united susah banget ngalahin Sevilla tapi kenapa Manchester city dan Chelsea gampang banget ya mengalahkan Sevilla? Bahkan tahun 2021 tiga team spanyol dihajar habis sama Chelsea..di fase grup Sevilla dihajar , di 16besar Atletico madrid dihajar, dan di semifinal real Madrid dihajar juga

  57. Zeus Stormbolt

    Zeus Stormbolt

    Acum 11 Zile

    Giroud.. what a man. What a professional. Proud to have him at Chelsea

    • ty Ss Rs 50 aiko

      ty Ss Rs 50 aiko

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      Arsenal crying lol.

  58. Olim


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    Желаю вам ощущать счастье ежедневно, ежечасно, ежеминутно! Пусть состояние абсолютной радости никогда вас не покидает! Пусть будут полностью удовлетворены все ваши желания и мечты! Пусть вас радуют ваши близкие и родные люди! Пусть начальство ценит, а друзья - уважают и не забывают ни в беде, ни в радости!

  59. ChelseaLads


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    Is it me or is giroud underrated

  60. agustinus channel

    agustinus channel

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    Edit pake apk apa ini

  61. Wong Jia Hao

    Wong Jia Hao

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    Giroud vs Sevilla man.. 4 goals header left foot and right foot all in one match

  62. M TAPHE


    Acum 12 Zile

    I feel very bad about Kevin de brin

  63. Leo


    Acum 12 Zile

    No cap as much as I am happy for Chelsea atletico got robbed of 2 pens 😂😂

  64. Simon Wang

    Simon Wang

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    Acum 12 Zile

    De gea + Oblak = 0 UCL Kepa = 1UCL

  66. 김승규


    Acum 12 Zile

    No Peb, No Frank. It's just King Kante!

  67. x c

    x c

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    Immensely proud of my team

  68. go21


    Acum 12 Zile

    Don't forget Giroud.

  69. Funstuff ಠ_ಠ Every fun content

    Funstuff ಠ_ಠ Every fun content

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    I love the way they say Benzema😅

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    Mohsin Crowther

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    You big dong

  71. Mohsin Crowther

    Mohsin Crowther

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    Hate hate your videos



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    Can you make road to champions league victory with AC Milan in 2007?

  73. FNW


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    Kante Ballon D‘or

  74. A J

    A J

    Acum 13 Zile

    Regardless of Chelsea winning the UCL I’m still disgusted by Werner with all the chances he missed during the group stages against Rennes, I’m the finals he missed about two chances. We were lucky Havertz scored. If something isn’t done immediately about Werners situation he’s gonna cost us a big game, I would like him not to start or play at all in the super cup. Man’s just trash!

  75. Blare Mathey

    Blare Mathey

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    Love cfc

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    Saman Salar

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    I swear I was waiting for you to release this video 🥺 Thanks 👍🏻😊

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    The amount of penalties they got

  79. Zebędee HD

    Zebędee HD

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    I could honestly watch this every day what a fantastic road to glory that was love it! KTBFFH 💙

    • Zebędee HD

      Zebędee HD

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      @Vanemas my pleasure 🤜🏽🤛🏽

    • Vanemas


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      Wow, thank you!

  80. Godfred Obeng

    Godfred Obeng

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    What a great video this is. Still Blue is the colour, Football is the game. We're on the right path getting the silverwares ahead all.

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    Nienow Dorn

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    Noemi Catalan

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    ¿Chelsea vs bayern whon wins?

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    pin this commet

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    Sirius Ubah

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    Chelsea is my club

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    Preston Kenya Official

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    Wow it was a journey

  86. balaraju c

    balaraju c

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    Lampard should get credit of taking Chelsea upto last 16

  87. Петър Велики

    Петър Велики

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    Phenomenal performance from the blues!! Second ucl is here 🏆🏆🥇🥇🔵🔥🤩

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  90. Dhruv Thota

    Dhruv Thota

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    at 9:24 why did it say 2-1

  91. A K

    A K

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    Where was Giroud,,, In the final

  92. Anouar BK

    Anouar BK

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    Mfkrs said we didn't deserve it

  93. Sudip Paudel

    Sudip Paudel

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    Vanemas thanks a lot Įam coming again to give you a thanks 💜

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    Joe P

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    How can you release this without copyright

  95. Zikirov Bobur

    Zikirov Bobur

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    Cante is the best player I have ever seen. Congratulations Chelsea and Cante

  96. Pine Cone

    Pine Cone

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    THANK GOD FOR TOMMY TACTICS 🔥🔥 Europe is Blue, just like London.

  97. brian lawrence

    brian lawrence

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    Was Lampard given the medal too?

  98. Jaleel Shikwambi

    Jaleel Shikwambi

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    Ederson was supposed to get a red card

  99. Himizazious's second Wip

    Himizazious's second Wip

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    Mendy for toty

  100. Erdogan Y

    Erdogan Y

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    Thank you for paying tribute to kante at the end of the video!