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  1. Andy Popescu

    Andy Popescu

    Acum lună

    Thanks for the international support. ENGLISH SUBTITLES ARE NOW AVAILABLE. Check the Little GIANT's own YT channel: If you are able to translate in some other languages, please IM me on Instagram at @andypopescuvlogs and I'll send you the subtitle file in english, to work on. Thanks

    • Vol Tip

      Vol Tip

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      ❤️full 2 people

    • ronaldo carparking

      ronaldo carparking

      Acum o Zi

      andy you are so nice this video its sad but idk

    • Pink Barbie

      Pink Barbie

      Acum 3 Zile

      You are a beautiful person I am not to cry I am more or less cold (it does not mean that I am a bad person) but this video broke me into a thousand pieces the truth I cried too much is a very nice gesture and that teacher was very cruel they should denounce the entire school I have a relative who is special too, and in my school there are many special children too and the truth is I don't understand why people are so cruel, people move away because they are special and they don't do anything on the contrary, I think they are a better person than the that we think we are "normal" we all have defects, some more than others, but in the end we are human beings we are all the same that is my point of view I do not know that of others 💔🥺❤️ blessings

    • Marisol Camacho

      Marisol Camacho

      Acum 5 Zile

      @Gilda Scanarotti el joven le cuenta su historia, que desde pequeño lo han menospreciado por su discapacidad, no su familia pero tods a su alrededor. Recuerda mucho cuando estaba en 2do año q estaban unos niños jugabdo jubro a un arbol, dice q eso siempre lo va a recordar, que el se acerco a los niños y les dijo que lo invitaran a jugar. Que el queria ser parte de ellos y le dijerpn que si pero que esos niños empezaron a escupirlo. Tambien que su maestra lo golpeaba con la regla y una vez lo hizo con un anillo muy grande y se le hizo una bola en la cabeza. Su sueño era subirse a este carro y este ROfilmr le cumplio su sueño y el dijo que era el dia mas feliz de su vida.

    • mp3lm


      Acum 11 Zile

      @Andy Popescu Nu sunt genul care sa comenteze pe ROfilm, dar pe asta tre' s-o spun, ca barbateste e frumos sa recunosti cand gresesti: acum ani de zile, am dat de ceva content de la tine, ca mi s-a parut superficial, te-am judecat pe loc, si te-am categorisit, ca realizator de content, rapid si superficial. Eh, astazi, imi retrag toate gandurile nasoale de atunci, si im cer deschis scuze pentru superficialitatea judecatii. Chapeau, monsieur! P.s. Nu stiu cum ai reusit sa lacrimezi atat de putin, a trebuit sa ma uit de 3 ori la clip sa si vad ceva, aveam ochii in lacrimi...

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    Aleyda Castillo

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    Seven13 Quy

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  4. Denis Ungur

    Denis Ungur

    Acum oră

    Andy , Respect pentru tot ce faci , un asemenea om ca și tine merită să ajungă foarte sus , tot respectul !

  5. Roma Savkin

    Roma Savkin

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  6. duy nguyenngo

    duy nguyenngo

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    Tôi là người Viet Nam tuy tôi không hiểu các bạn nói gì nhưng tôi tặng bạn 1 đăng ký dành cho clip này.! Thanks

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  8. Jesse Robertsvideos

    Jesse Robertsvideos

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    This had me crying. ❤️

  9. Josh Gosney

    Josh Gosney

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    Who’s here from TikTok

  10. Emre Demir

    Emre Demir

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    Hi, I cried while watching this video. Thanks to god there is Turkish Subtitle so I could understand what were you talking about. Hold strong my friend and never forget, bad people will always be in the world until last day. But, you have some good guys out there. Like me, like us. Like everyone who cried and get upset for you and because of what you lived in your childhood. Hold strong. Cause you have too many friends. Loves from Turkey.🇹🇷❤

  11. Horia Cristian

    Horia Cristian

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    Mare om Andi Popescu/

  12. rainer asp

    rainer asp

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    people ho give thumbs down on this video is so damn stupid how can you be so cruel?

  13. Batuhan Ölmez

    Batuhan Ölmez

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    RESPECT. All i can say

  14. der stecher

    der stecher

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    Respect from Germany how could it be that this man is getting judged he's a very very good person ❤️🇩🇪 in the end of this day we will all still be Humans so stop judging others with they're look or Something we need more People like you my Brother ❤️😔

  15. Emre Berber

    Emre Berber

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    Adamsın lan!!!!

  16. Jarler1987


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    Human faith restored❤

  17. Jmenarul on 1hz

    Jmenarul on 1hz

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    "It's enough to make a grown man cry"

  18. Özden Duykan

    Özden Duykan

    Acum 22 ore

    Loved the video ❤️ you both are such special souls with gorgeously beautiful hearts 🤍🍀may you both be happy for the rest of your lives 🧿 lots of love from Turkey❤️🙏🏻

  19. Stuart Andrews

    Stuart Andrews

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    Such a beautiful video if we had more of this in this world we wouldn’t have any issues in this world

  20. Seby_Motors


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    imi place ca tu Andy iti risti tot Banii Carnetul de sofat

  21. Seby_Motors


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    ma luat plansul mama tot respectul Andy te iubesc esti doamne nu am cuvinte

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    lots of Love from Germany. These damn Ninjas cutting onion again:x

  24. Gamer P.

    Gamer P.

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  25. Grim Never loses

    Grim Never loses

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    Love from New York City thank you for this video god bless you.

  26. Emanuel Ioan

    Emanuel Ioan

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    Frate te urmaresc de mult nam nimic de zis decat respect frate respect in tot ce faci !

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    Çılgın Oyuncu

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    Very serious love ❤️

  29. Samwise The myth

    Samwise The myth

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    Man I love this soo much an little giant I’ll be your friend, I didnt have it as bad but being fat an in school is also a Disaster, love the driver to you a great man to share this with him sir

  30. Alejandro Rivera

    Alejandro Rivera

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    Saludos desde México

  31. Andrea Pizzico

    Andrea Pizzico

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    Îl vreau ca prieten ACUMA. Frate nu am plâns 21 de min in viața mea cred, Micule ești cel mai tare 💪

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    İlker Saygın

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    Big heart man ❤️🇹🇷

  33. Mihnea Popa

    Mihnea Popa

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    Like la comment cine a mai plans🥺

  34. Xyle


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    Wow this made me cry... Like the fact there are people in this world that make fun of people with disabilities is unbelievable! It’s so sad but I had happy tears

  35. carlos A.XD

    carlos A.XD

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    You are My héroe brooo

  36. Влад Михадюк

    Влад Михадюк

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    i'm cry of this story🤕😥😢😭

  37. Florin Voica

    Florin Voica

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    Bravo Andy popescu foarte bine ai facut

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    Mr. Pink

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    Pure love in a car video.

  42. Doctor Duck

    Doctor Duck

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    I cried

  43. Jinx 13

    Jinx 13

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    I came from TIK TOK to find this video. It is very touching. This has made my night after a hard day of work. Keep it up you to guy best of wishes. This was awesome to experience with the both of you.

  44. Jason Feuillet

    Jason Feuillet

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    respect man we need more people like you in this world

  45. Zakary Zouioueche

    Zakary Zouioueche

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    Respect from algeria its sad but your a great personn 🇩🇿

  46. Angela Carullo Mandaglio

    Angela Carullo Mandaglio

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    Veramente emozionante 🌹🌹🌹❤

  47. La vache A boby pompe

    La vache A boby pompe

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    You so. Good

  48. Renaldy Gonzalez

    Renaldy Gonzalez

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    That young boy is a KING. The owner of the lambo: god bless you !

  49. Jamari Jones

    Jamari Jones

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    Much respect, great vid 🤞🏾🖤

  50. Grecu Stefan

    Grecu Stefan

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    Omule chiar nu stiu cum sa te descriu in totalitate , dar pot sa te numesc un om de suces te urmaresc pe yt de cand cu poveste vieti tale cu ferma de vipere sau cv de genul de atunci pana acum pot sa te numesc un om de suces

  51. 100 abonné sans vidéo ?

    100 abonné sans vidéo ?

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    Bravo à toi Andy, you’re the best, he’s moving courage🇫🇷

    • mangas83 ha

      mangas83 ha

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      Il la quoi comme maladie

  52. Alexandru Ciobotaru

    Alexandru Ciobotaru

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    Respect Andy. Ai facut un om fericit. Succes incontinuare în ceea ce faci 👏👏👏

  53. Anthony's


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    I originally seen this on tik tok and wanted to see the full story myself as a car loving individual, but also as a person with a compassionate heart I seen the emotion from Andy and how he was happy to have made the little giants day brought tears to my eyes to see there are still good people in the world much love to you two from the United States

    • Andy Popescu

      Andy Popescu

      Acum o Zi

      Thank you

  54. Bass Kid

    Bass Kid

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    Vedeti ba, unii vor bani si alte chestii, el vrea doar niste prieteni, multumiti-va cu ce aveti

  55. Legend 426

    Legend 426

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    What color was the Aventador

  56. Ashton Sharpe

    Ashton Sharpe

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    Much love from Canada 🥺❤️

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    To tok sent me here much ❤️

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    god bless you man. this video made me cry like a bitch. much love.

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    Fernando Jovanovic

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    Kommt ihr von TikTok?

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    Viral in germany ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Im from to Indonesian mister

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    Viral in Indonesia

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    Saw your video on tik tok had to follow your a great inspiration for others you have my love and thanks for all you do. This is probably the best video I've ever seen

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    dobrze mordeczko dasz rade nie poddawaj sie

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    Came here from Tik tok so glad to see this whole video

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    Saya menangis

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  69. zouzou Laf

    zouzou Laf

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    This video is amazing, I'm French so I don't understand what they say but its made me cry how happy the boy is and when the driver has to cry, I followed him 😢

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    Acum 3 Zile


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    Rafa M

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    Respect Brother god give you everything 🙏🏽🥰

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    Il est hyper sensible

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    Siapa sini Dari Tiktok😌😌😌

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    Số người đến đây vì tiktok 👉🏽

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    This is the best video i watched...❤❤❤

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    Tot respectul omule 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Laura Raff

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    Gigantule tu ești o lecție de viata, nu ești tu vinovat și nici bolnav, cei ce îți fac rău sau te supăra sunt bolnavi de o boala incurabila.. Capul sus, accepta viata asa și vei fi fericit, nu îți încarcă sufletu cu răutățile lor.. Sunt multe lucruri frumoase care își merita locul în viata ta. Ești un om minunat spor în tot ce faci și mult succes! Bravo! ✌️👏👏👏

  81. Ronaldo Andrei Ababi

    Ronaldo Andrei Ababi

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    Deci senzațional am inceput sa plâng felicitări pentru acest videoclip om cu suflet, nici nu găsesc cuvinte pentru acest videoclip superb

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    Elena Nicoleta

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    Amândoi meritați apreciați. Ai făcut o faptă bună pentru el, îmi bucură sufletul astfel de videoclipuri și mă învață să văd partea frumoasă a vieții, care, viață, nu e mereu tocmai roz. Mă bucur că există astfel de oameni ca și voi pe acest pământ. Aveți respectul meu!🥺❤

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    raka raka

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    Hi andy, i'm from indonesia

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    Bro! I start fkn crying!❤️❤️😭

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    Aldo Garcia

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    Hola amigo andy, te saludo desde Colombia muy buen video y excelente apoyo a este grande joven en verdad es muy noble lo que hicistes... Te felicito!!!!

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  87. rusu florin

    rusu florin

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    Io am avut un coleg exact că el dar la ajutat ne-am jucat cu el nu l-am dat la o parte dar alții se dădea de el dar Io îl apaream

  88. rusu florin

    rusu florin

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    Frumos din păcate asta-i sistemul școlar in Romania trebe sa sufere multi copii cu probleme

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    Vietnamee i love you 🇻🇳

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    Nu am mult de comentat pe pe aceste imagini doar RESPECT ! 😥😥

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    Mil bendiciones para ti. Mereces que dios te bese y te vuelva eterno. Las lágrimas se me salieron. 😢.

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    noroc andi si respect finca lai facut fericit si mult succes iti doresc gest ce nu are cuvinte cine e deacord cu mine dati like

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    Bravo Andy! Ai adus acestui baiat un strop de fericire!

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