E-GIRL vs. SOFT GIRL when GRANDMA is coming - Relatable family musical by La La Life

Are you also E-GIRL in real life but SOFT GIRL to your granny? =))
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00:00 E-Girl and E-Chris
01:14 E-Girl Song
01:47 Grandma is coming
02:30 The SOFT GIRL
02:57 The SOFT BOY
03:27 Grandmas visit
05:18 Grandmas hospitality
06:03 Grandma tries iPhone
06:30 The vacuum cleaner hair hack
07:15 Knitting with granny
08:08 E-girl and e-boy outfits
08:55 E-factory and E-girl cocktail
09:10 E-granny
#egirl #softgirl #granny
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  1. La La Life

    La La Life

    Acum lună

    What's your vote: E-GIRL or SOFT GIRL???

    • Give me Bobux

      Give me Bobux

      Acum 9 Zile

      I vote joe ma ma

    • Toco Tuesday with paigie Poo

      Toco Tuesday with paigie Poo

      Acum 10 Zile

      Soft girl

    • Diana Jayaraj

      Diana Jayaraj

      Acum 15 Zile

      soft girl

    • Kristoffe Carl Marfori

      Kristoffe Carl Marfori

      Acum lună

      Soft gitl

    • noor shahid

      noor shahid

      Acum lună

      E girl

  2. Addy the ugly fish0_0 UGLY FISH DuH

    Addy the ugly fish0_0 UGLY FISH DuH

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    Hey does she has a leash whatever the dog had?

  3. Arman Omor

    Arman Omor

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    E Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl

  4. Josephine Lesa

    Josephine Lesa

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    When she had a call she should have put on the speaker right

  5. Pink ramen

    Pink ramen

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    The only this this is Is CRINGE Oh only me....?

  6. angy segovia

    angy segovia

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  7. Sarah


    Acum 4 ore

    What I absolutely hate: Cockroaches People threatening me Rich people that brag Who/What I love: Crystal (imaginary friend) Mom Family Alifa (Favorite sister/sibling) What I like seeing: My pink room My aesthetic (soft girl) Peace What I like doing: Swimming Spamming in discord Which mode I like being on: Chill mode Peace mode Mean mode (sometimes)

  8. Hi blaze Ello

    Hi blaze Ello

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    Soft girl

  9. Adela Vidales Rueda

    Adela Vidales Rueda

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    My mom she likes to sew a lot sometimes she makes me a little bug scars so she has a club where she does sign with your friends so one time and she bring me there because I was interesting I was interested in selling and they have little packets for kids so I sold some but then the needle went through my finger and they have a nurse so they had to cut off my finger try to get that out so you and Kyle looks like a regular for the new book and people say it’s electric and it is

  10. reena mendes

    reena mendes

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    E girl

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    Jose bonilla

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    Hehe she dance like me im all rat

  16. Jose bonilla

    Jose bonilla

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    Dis looks soo bad

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    Iki the create

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    Cool i subcripe this channel ❤️

  18. Adolfo Valdez

    Adolfo Valdez

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    I am E-girl because I where black and a black hoodie

  19. Benet Robinson

    Benet Robinson

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    What happened to his eye 903

  20. Moyuri Das

    Moyuri Das

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    The grandma dance was epic😂😂

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    ريتال محمد عادل

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    paloma heuvelman

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    It looks like the grama have face heair

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    Varya 2010

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  29. Eman Abubakar

    Eman Abubakar

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    I love soft girl 👧

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    jessica peach

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    I vote soft girl

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    Oana Maria Olaru

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    Nu-mi place de bunica

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    Daianne Mondaca

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    The lamp didn't even touch the phone

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    Naresh Goel

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    my name is ornella Allwood

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    James House

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    Erika Cortez

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    Why is E Chris scared of the dark lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Rosa Salas

      Rosa Salas

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      Cuz he hates dark

    • Aleyna D

      Aleyna D

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      Cuz they all like that 👁👄👁

  44. Oreo Plays

    Oreo Plays

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    E-Girl means they love technology

    • Gaming With Lilly

      Gaming With Lilly

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      not it also means she like black and bad

  45. JustPoppy -

    JustPoppy -

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    Wow the grandomther i s so so funny

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    in french please

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    This is Zach's daughter and I vote e-girl

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    soft girl

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    I think there at her brother and sister or girl friend and boy friend or beasties :)

    • Rachel Hallett

      Rachel Hallett

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      No SUAT UP

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