Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party lying about the Green New Deal and the 2020 election as the U.S. passes a grim coronavirus milestone and Texas experiences an unprecedented power crisis.
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Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  1. RomanceLoverGirl


    Acum 2 secunde


  2. Rene Lariviere

    Rene Lariviere

    Acum 2 minute

    where i live, electricity was nationalised a long time ago and it always felt natural for it to be that way.

  3. David Moss

    David Moss

    Acum 4 minute

    8.40 Upstairs you hear whoop whoop whoop whoop ( so funny man )

  4. Murugan PS

    Murugan PS

    Acum 5 minute

    Americans are being introduced to evils of capitalism. A adequate control of government on basic services are essential. Not everything should be driven by profit margins

  5. MAC Sam

    MAC Sam

    Acum 6 minute

    Greg Kelly, is that him, never thought I'd see the day, but, I have not seen Fox 5, in ages, well I have left the state, but I love it and it's people...don't become hateful, Mr. Kelly!

  6. Clöe Rockham

    Clöe Rockham

    Acum 9 minute

    Let’s stop saying Trump isn’t in power. These clowns wouldn’t be heading to MAL to kiss his ring if he was powerless. They know they can’t get re-elected if he says they are trash so they’re all stuck gargling his balls for their job. Only half of them are enjoying it.

  7. Timothy Sanders

    Timothy Sanders

    Acum 14 minute

    yes, republicans, let us deregulate everything.

  8. Kyle Boulanger

    Kyle Boulanger

    Acum 18 minute

    If Ted Cruz's wife had half a brain, she would cheat on him with a windmill.

  9. Citizen Jones

    Citizen Jones

    Acum 19 minute

    The revolting republicans

  10. Etienne Erasmus

    Etienne Erasmus

    Acum 20 minute

    i am one of the techs poor and no winterizing is 100% of the issue!

  11. Clöe Rockham

    Clöe Rockham

    Acum 20 minute

    Windmills work just fine in the Antarctic. And Alaska. And everywhere in northern Europe.

  12. George Carlin

    George Carlin

    Acum 21 minut

    Nice forehead

  13. Emily Kennedy

    Emily Kennedy

    Acum 30 minute

    It's the Obama brown suit scandal, Bidens dog needs a bath what a scandal. And these are the people some want in charge.

  14. Fatima Ndao

    Fatima Ndao

    Acum 32 minute

    The media should stop giving coverage to these lunatics and talk about how to heal this country ...

  15. Mark McCormack

    Mark McCormack

    Acum 32 minute

    I didn't realize Hank Hill was a real person until that official from Texas told us all that Texas relies on the private sector for everything. I can see why Hank got this job, he's a much better public speaker than Boomhauer.

  16. Jean Redman-Roberts

    Jean Redman-Roberts

    Acum 32 minute

    Cruz hired a stunt double to load the water

  17. fuzzy 81

    fuzzy 81

    Acum 33 minute

    nuclear power is out again...

  18. Jean Redman-Roberts

    Jean Redman-Roberts

    Acum 33 minute

    The NEWSMAX crew scoot on the studio rugs more than the dogs do

  19. Jon


    Acum 36 minute

    Well dogs do go ruff though sometimes they yap...

  20. Cowboy Bob

    Cowboy Bob

    Acum 38 minute

    2:42 *_Excellent Biden imitation Seth_*

  21. Linda Lacombe

    Linda Lacombe

    Acum 38 minute

    Ahh pardon me one moment but I live in Alberta Canada. The windmills work fine in winter; CANADIAN WINTER Fox News asshats! Not in the south along the border but ya know further North in the -40 F areas! God what a bunch on whining, cry baby, bullshit artists!

  22. Arthur Funk

    Arthur Funk

    Acum 40 minute

    12:22 Everyone is outside in their shirtsleeves and there is no snow on the ground. I don't think those pictures are of Cruz helping out during a winter emergency.

  23. 123medinap


    Acum 42 minute

    Doesn't matter, they will still reelect these fools! Listen to a fool, you become one.

  24. Synthetic Teapot

    Synthetic Teapot

    Acum 43 minute

    I'm still without water, sewage, my apartment flooded from the broken pipes, my cat suffered a neurological decline due to the extreme cold and had to be put down, and my a/c unit isn't working. It went from being below 30 degrees, being able to see your breath inside, and the toilet water being completely frozen - to now being 82 degrees, humid, and mildewed from the flood. I was trapped in my apartment because the exits to the apartment are all on slopes, which froze over where even the cops couldn't come in. The apartment complex is doing nothing - didn't provide us water, sent us extremely few updates exclusively through email, which we couldn't get if we ran out of data (which happened to me), or if you weren't able to charge your phone. They refuse to relocate people whose carpet is totally soaked and sopping wet to dry, empty units to at least sleep. It has been a horrible time.

  25. Tricky D

    Tricky D

    Acum 43 minute

    🤐 The U. S. of America is the richest 3rd world country in the woirld?

  26. Jack Monger

    Jack Monger

    Acum 46 minute

    The low thailand concomitantly sign because tadpole extragingivally nod like a interesting forecast. rightful, long dust

  27. Shikari Cymru

    Shikari Cymru

    Acum 48 minute

    00:38 Nice Arnold Shwarzenegger impression!

  28. krushfield


    Acum 48 minute

    Hahahahaha my wife left me for a windmill... hilarious

  29. Zia Explosivo

    Zia Explosivo

    Acum 49 minute

    I can’t stand Tucker Carlson and his stupid voice and his stupid talking points. Ugh.

  30. Joanne M

    Joanne M

    Acum 49 minute

    Do you see any snow and ice in those pics of Cruz?? Lord only know how old they are!

  31. bluestar242


    Acum 51 minut

    Seth that windmill taking your wife joke was LIFE!!!! KML 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Robert Holloway

    Robert Holloway

    Acum 54 minute

    how is talking about a dog any importance to the American people?

  33. Paul White

    Paul White

    Acum 56 minute

    The windmills in Canada seem to be turning just fine this winter. I wonder if the ones in Texas would have worked better if they were wearing some Bernies mittens??

  34. Joanne M

    Joanne M

    Acum 58 minute

    At least Biden HAS a dog - Trump wouldn't have one, cuz the attention might be on the dog instead of himself.

  35. james arthur

    james arthur

    Acum 59 minute

    My wife loves watching your show, I dig it too thanks for bringing news in a somewhat digestible way. If you don't laugh you will cry.

  36. Katy


    Acum 59 minute

    I'm sorry I was talk texting and there's no punctuation cuz I'm driving

  37. Iva Lindsay

    Iva Lindsay

    Acum oră

    WTF is wrong with u???? why the hell r u even in my feed?????

  38. Katy


    Acum oră

    Well we are warm here because of the green Ofcoof course Tucker Carlson's face looks like he's been sunbathing maybe with Ted Cruz on that accidental trip he did just for the girls not for his loan state of Texas but for his girls he blames his children on the fact that he left he's a coward and he's going to go down as one of the biggest moronic sleaze bags of all time with his pal Donald

  39. Jack Monger

    Jack Monger

    Acum oră

    The useless diaphragm surprisingly stamp because scorpion notablely hug abaft a onerous secretary. skinny, hollow bangle

  40. bluflu flipflop

    bluflu flipflop

    Acum oră

    If you have been on Saturday live Comedy Central it is your obligation to hate the Republicans and hate Donald Trump. Just hate hate hate and you can host a Lefty show. All these jokes are comedians now turned political talk show hosts? LOL give me a break

  41. bluflu flipflop

    bluflu flipflop

    Acum oră

    Seth Meyers LOL What a joke

  42. Russell Porter

    Russell Porter

    Acum oră

    I don't know the guy at 1:22 and I'm not interested in an introduction, but that sounds like someone deliberately adopting Donald Trump's speech patterns, and not for comedic effect.

  43. Evelyn Okay

    Evelyn Okay

    Acum oră

    Texas math be like: 7% green energy - 100% total energy = 100% total energy lost

  44. Angie Flores

    Angie Flores

    Acum oră


  45. Thepanpiper


    Acum oră

    Bold of you to assume that isn't how I already live Mr Carlson. For real tho, my neighbours have a couple of wind turbines and I frequently forget they're even there. But hey, none of the many workers in the oil industry killed by the appalling lack of safety are *you* or otherwise affect or inconvenience *you*, so that's FINE. (No disrespect intended to anyone working in the oil industry, it is simply my personal opinion that on the whole workers' safety is grossly under-valued and compensations given to the next of kin are a joke)

  46. Yassin Ahmed

    Yassin Ahmed

    Acum oră

    Second cousins aren’t fair game 🤔

  47. Jennifer N

    Jennifer N

    Acum oră

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 the Tucker Carlson moment killed me. That sounds exactly like something Tucker would say.

  48. Appel Blossom

    Appel Blossom

    Acum oră

    One more thing the GOP has turned into the anti-life party! And why hasn’t the Senate censured Cruz & Hawley for their involvement with the January 6 failed coup! The GOP who continues to support MF#45 Are still spreading disinformation! Enough is enough stop it

  49. Mistery Maiden

    Mistery Maiden

    Acum oră

    Oh my fucking God, Republicans. Please, please come back to reality. I'm begging you. You are capable of it. I'm like, 5% sure of it and it is dropping everyday

  50. Yogui 1028

    Yogui 1028

    Acum oră

    What is going on with all the people who supports this guy's, nothing but liars.

  51. Anita Wooten

    Anita Wooten

    Acum oră

    You gotta be kidding they are puttin down his dog!!!

  52. Appel Blossom

    Appel Blossom

    Acum oră

    This is what gets me we can’t put a rover on Mars yet look what happen in Texas! Truly disgusting unbelievable! There’s a reason for a federal government! Many people don’t know their history. The first working government was the articles of confederation it failed because it sucked why there was no federalism! Therefore our founding fathers created the US Constitution! The constitution is not perfect that’s why it can be amended it ! We need federal government and we need the state to make sure their citizens who do pay taxes are protected do you have their needs! And of course per usual FAUX news is WRONG! It has nothing to do with AOC is green new deal it has everything to do with privatization of utilities in that state!

  53. fishface123ism


    Acum oră

    These Newsmax fools...why does everything with the Right Wing, Religious Right, White Supremacists, Anti Government, Trump Loving, Mask Hating idiots have to be about appearance. Because they are the fakes calling everything they don't like fake. Bizarre.

  54. Debbian Simpson

    Debbian Simpson

    Acum oră

    That was a racist comment. The dog is dark fur. This is how u know they r so deeeeeeeeeply hateful.

  55. Nucken futz

    Nucken futz

    Acum oră

    Say one thing about the several failures and corruption of the Democratic Party and maybe people who aren’t brainwashed may listen to you. both or your stupid ass teams are guilty if you call yourself democrat or republican you should just start calling yourself stupid instead one side always lies but your side always tells the truth right😂🤣😂🤣

  56. Chris Nesbitt

    Chris Nesbitt

    Acum oră

    Yeah but Trump isn't president any more, so....

  57. Ontario Cruz

    Ontario Cruz

    Acum oră


  58. Gary Levin

    Gary Levin

    Acum oră

    What happened to global warming?

  59. Mirna Garcia

    Mirna Garcia

    Acum oră

    How much lower can these republicans fall? Is there a limit for their lie-filled rants?

  60. Geeks and Company: Geeking Out!

    Geeks and Company: Geeking Out!

    Acum oră

    Wow! They were just flat out lying about the green deal. Shame...smh!

  61. Lilianna Kifflin

    Lilianna Kifflin

    Acum oră

    Is it just me, or do I think with all the extreme weather we are having and the issues there of, that Ragnarok is coming?....

  62. Nicolas Alexander Otto

    Nicolas Alexander Otto

    Acum oră

    Does anyone have a credible source on the freezing of wind turbines though? I mean in case the green new deal will be implemented it would be interesting to see if there can be something done against it before states rely upon more wind turbines and run into problems such as this again.

  63. Chris Nesbitt

    Chris Nesbitt

    Acum oră

    LMAO stands for laughing my ass off...thanks Seth...

  64. Ryan Rauber

    Ryan Rauber

    Acum oră

    Anybody else realize the dude shitting on the dog sounds almost identical to Tom Hanks?

  65. Justice Knight

    Justice Knight

    Acum 2 ore

    It's a shelter dog, not a snobby pure breed. Biden gave a home to a dog and a great home, how many dogs live in the white house.

  66. Christina Lukas

    Christina Lukas

    Acum 2 ore

    I barely remember when Seth was funny... And nice... Shame.

  67. The Maverick Mind

    The Maverick Mind

    Acum 2 ore

    The dog looks like a good dog-o. :)

  68. Clint


    Acum 2 ore

    Libtards complaining about all the lying is hysterical! What a bunch of cry baby hypocrites.

  69. CharlieThunder24


    Acum 2 ore

    the povarotti joke was on point

  70. Thomas Panto

    Thomas Panto

    Acum 2 ore

    Over reliance on deregulated corporate greed.

  71. Caelo Mius

    Caelo Mius

    Acum 2 ore

    bluntly: sign interpreter imaginary axe at speakers head.

  72. Silverfox


    Acum 2 ore

    If onyl there was an alternative party that didn't totally sell out to capitalist corporations... Seriously! If only there was one!

  73. Moiria Beck

    Moiria Beck

    Acum 2 ore

    The smart trouble unsurprisingly curl because candle fifthly sprout pace a subsequent storm. hallowed, awful nancy

  74. J L

    J L

    Acum 2 ore

    Texas and the REPURVICON agenda would have the entire US become an S_ _t H_ le country... their idea of a FREE MARKET is that corporations can do anything they want without any repercussions... that's exactly what all of the third world has... Texas is a sham... it's very CHEAP for corporations to live there, because it OFFERS NOTHING for them or their employees... it's a joke...

  75. Izathel1


    Acum 2 ore

    Is this the laugh-free version of Some More News?

  76. Craig Macfarlane

    Craig Macfarlane

    Acum 2 ore

    Can you do one on when Hank Johnson said Guam would tip over if everyone stood on one side.Of course not. He is a Democratic. Protected species.

  77. Makenna Lawson

    Makenna Lawson

    Acum 2 ore

    This has been my main source of news for the last year lol Thanks Seth

    • Ryker Hoffman

      Ryker Hoffman

      Acum 2 ore

      Hello makenna. How are you doing?

  78. Eva Daly

    Eva Daly

    Acum 2 ore

    Wind power works fine in colder weather states, they didn't plan for this even tho it happened before, but Cruz skip town .

  79. John Barr

    John Barr

    Acum 2 ore

    Gotta say.....seth's Bernie impression is on point

  80. g mun22

    g mun22

    Acum 2 ore

    And DJTJ called them crisises. Top education right there. 🤭🤑

  81. J R

    J R

    Acum 2 ore

    Um actually......that Shepard displays a classic 'silver' hue. Only found on a coat which is well maintained. So trust you me - Fox news will NEVER make the Westminster show! 😁

  82. Art - Breathe - Sleep

    Art - Breathe - Sleep

    Acum 2 ore

    I live in Michigan. We have 6 months of icy winter each year. Our windmills work great all year round. Texas did it wrong, it's not the windmills.

  83. Shortee Checkers

    Shortee Checkers

    Acum 2 ore

    There is not way in hell, do I believe his view numbers!! What a jerk

  84. Anna Ong

    Anna Ong

    Acum 2 ore

    We were NOT HAPPY with trump being president, but we had no choice but face fucking reality. Gaddam dumbass rich republicans.

  85. Red3mption


    Acum 2 ore

    The mechanic of Texas don't work anymore, mistake made by their representatives. One point we can talk about this and that but next winter is coming ...are you going to rely on the old same old or you'll suffer the consequences ...

  86. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

    Acum 2 ore

    The ancient dashboard substantively invite because half-brother unprecedentedly compete through a savory porter. gleaming, happy multi-hop

  87. Thomas Panto

    Thomas Panto

    Acum 2 ore

    @phil jackson, "History" was written by the murderers, not by their dead victims. To know the magnitude of any EVIL on this planet COUNT the dead bodies they have murdered. The dead bodies will never lie to us.

  88. Ella Patterson

    Ella Patterson

    Acum 2 ore

    This fool said green new deal is why we have windmills.. Bro never went on a roadtrip as a kid.. Poor lil tink tink

  89. Raf A

    Raf A

    Acum 2 ore

    Still no comments regarding Andrew Cuomo. Corruption, Bullying and Racket are not limited to republicans. I guess NBC cant dish on their king.

    • bmbiz


      Acum 2 ore

      Oh, look another righty with nothing to offer but what-aboutism. No one's claiming there are no bad actors on the left. They're just so utterly outnumbered by all the cretins on the right that it amounts to little more than background noise.

  90. Red3mption


    Acum 2 ore

    These people talk like Donald Trump OMG, no one caught that ...? That guy is talking like Trump..mocking him or imitating him...So So So funny. When talking about the dog LMAO

  91. Mike Mainer

    Mike Mainer

    Acum 2 ore

    Actually Seth, Rick Perry does express the views of a majority of Texans. So, don't expect taxpayers like me to be willing to bail out a state full of go-it-alone fuckin morons

  92. Vicky Jameus

    Vicky Jameus

    Acum 2 ore

    Feed the rich,while your children freeze,while a love one dies, Republicans say 🙄 Texans feed the rich 🙄 All these creeps ,Republican senators owen shares

    • Vicky Jameus

      Vicky Jameus

      Acum 2 ore

      Texas is broken 💔

  93. Karen Watkins

    Karen Watkins

    Acum 2 ore

    I love the part about Biden and Champ, with Seth’s imitation of Biden. “Jill, I got kicked off the quiet car.” A dog who packs his MilkBones into a metal lunchbox! Such a great laugh!

  94. Helmut Ofbuffalo

    Helmut Ofbuffalo

    Acum 2 ore

    We have windmills in Western New York, none of them froze !

  95. Janine Bowen

    Janine Bowen

    Acum 2 ore

    OMF - picking on the DOG?? A NEW LOW

    • Ryker Hoffman

      Ryker Hoffman

      Acum 2 ore

      Hello Janine. How are you doing?

  96. Paul Barron

    Paul Barron

    Acum 2 ore

    Is it just me or does the Newsmax guy sound like he's trying to sound like Trump?

  97. Michelle h

    Michelle h

    Acum 2 ore

    Y’all need to leave Major and Champ alone!!!!!😡😡😡

    • Ryker Hoffman

      Ryker Hoffman

      Acum 2 ore

      Hello Michelle. How are you doing?

  98. Anna Ong

    Anna Ong

    Acum 2 ore

    Or "snowflake". CHAMP!! is the name, assmax.. 😒

  99. DR Doctor

    DR Doctor

    Acum 2 ore

    Fox news opinion on windmills is literally plagiarised from the in game TV commercials on GTA V 🤣🤣🤣🤣 DEAD BIRDS AND EVERYTHING 🤣🤣🤣

  100. jaz mean

    jaz mean

    Acum 3 ore

    Faux neeeus is the real fake news