GlitchTrap Without His Suit For 24 Hours / FNAF


  1. Alessandro Salinas

    Alessandro Salinas

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    Hol up, i probably missed something but in her dare video, didnt in the "swap gender and reaveal crush" in her dare vid, glitchboi said he got rejected by william? But hes his brother... *t h e f r i c k ?* And like i said, i may of missed something, but either way. *H O M E S W E E T A L A B A M A*

  2. uffe norin

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  3. BABY_ ennard

    BABY_ ennard

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    Ennard:im a pretty princesse UwU

  4. A L E X

    A L E X

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    LOL I’m the pretty’s princes AHHHHHHH

  5. Zanaiyah Dre Agulto

    Zanaiyah Dre Agulto

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    ?ýóú óķ

  6. Cream Shake

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  7. Firetootz Gacha

    Firetootz Gacha

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    Its weird how all this fnaf stuff is only funny in gacha

  8. Hayden Y

    Hayden Y

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    GlitchTrap having an argument with mike be like: Glitch: oh ya? We’ll at least I didn’t kill my own brother- Waitttttttttt I was the one who got will spring locked.... Mike: well sucks to be you

  9. Elis Muzam

    Elis Muzam

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    Where is Vanny Btw?

  10. Sorenne Devlin

    Sorenne Devlin

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    The last part tho- **dies of laugher**

  11. ゆかわまりこ


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  12. Julia's Gaming Playz roblox

    Julia's Gaming Playz roblox

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    I think the ending of this video is connected with the singing battle-

  13. Narwhal Cookie

    Narwhal Cookie

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    liz is so my type i love having a sacrifice to play a totally not murderous game... :)

  14. redetzke redetzke

    redetzke redetzke

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    I love your videos

  15. No. nO.

    No. nO.

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  16. novi riyani

    novi riyani

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    I like how mike said : No Ennard is the garbage dump 😂

  17. Venus Vibrations

    Venus Vibrations

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    for the ppl who ship william x glitchtrap not to be rude but i think this vid made u kinda sad that they look da same and cant date PLEASE UNDERSTAND fnaf is ment to eb sacry not lovey dovey

  18. wolf squad

    wolf squad

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    Yes Michael x Ennard shall win le war UwU

  19. purple hoodie :3

    purple hoodie :3

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    Vincent: Feel tbe flow of energy in your body and imagine your glitching Me: ViCeNt Is A yOgA pErSoN So i did the same way to do it but i just became more stressful qwq

  20. Elaine cabrera

    Elaine cabrera

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    Waiitt Vincent is And WhAt thE

  21. Cody Gothing

    Cody Gothing

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    William was better

  22. Clarence Lastname

    Clarence Lastname

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    It's like Me: hey buddy Fake friend: hey *real friend walks in* Fake friend: how's he Me: hello my friend Fake friend: ummmmmm. He's the fake one Me: what's the password than? Both: pass123 Me: hey real friend you can shot the fake one Real friend: ok I will call William in Fake friend: how's William Me and my friend: HA William: 😍😍😍😍😍😍 okie *shots fake friend* All of us: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. colton adams

    colton adams

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    I want you to make another video yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  24. Cassandra Askew

    Cassandra Askew

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    I like the original william better

  25. skylar hardin

    skylar hardin

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    In the dare video they gender bended then said who's their crush,glitchtrap said he had a crush on William but he's his brother

  26. CrazyGasy Channel

    CrazyGasy Channel

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    u make thses vids relly intresting and its true

  27. Jasmine Machin

    Jasmine Machin

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    Hi shadow glitch i'm a big fan of your Afton vids!!!!

  28. Internal Chickens

    Internal Chickens

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    7:30 - Wearing head phones. Only thing I can say is *My EeEAaaaRRs!* You blaming me for earrape? Sue me :3

  29. Stars


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    If glitch is williams brother then the soft william universe is sad

  30. -That Insane Girl-

    -That Insane Girl-

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    I just realise from the dare video before it was hmm....oh! That glitch told that he confess to willy and then william refuse him i think- but i already know they brother so what's the point i already know everything

  31. Nurin Athirah

    Nurin Athirah

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    i love t hi s vidio

  32. Twisted Nikki

    Twisted Nikki

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    No one expected there to be an earrape🤯 “You are at war?” “Yes, bye bye” **glitchtr@p leaves** “DUH DUH DUH dUhHhH”

  33. XxKwolves xX

    XxKwolves xX

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    5:03 BEST MOMENT EVERRRRR, (considering that they are brother lmao)

  34. Anderson Almonte

    Anderson Almonte

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    Plus Elizabeth doesn’t just control circus baby but also ennard itself ... now that is some big secrets from fnaf ...

  35. Anderson Almonte

    Anderson Almonte

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    Wait a minute yes that’s Vincent also... his real name is fritz smith phone guy or the real purple guy that’s interesting to hear...

  36. ••PërryWïñklëFNAF ••

    ••PërryWïñklëFNAF ••

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    No! Vincent is not Glitchtrap. glîtçhträp is just a virus but it's your idea so you can be happy with it!.

  37. Lotus Lin

    Lotus Lin

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    Wait... They Both Married Clara? (Sorry I'm Dumb)

  38. Betty Hancock

    Betty Hancock

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    When glitchtale realized his suit was missing missed opportunity to pit a "incredibles" reference:"the wears my super suit" just saying. (Not sure if you seen the movie or not")

    • Dyna Gamer

      Dyna Gamer

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      Ya mean glitchtrap aka glitchbish

  39. Joely Gonzalez

    Joely Gonzalez

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  40. xXGacha ๏ BeanXx

    xXGacha ๏ BeanXx

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    I can’t count how many times I replayed the scene where mike said “ceiling”



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    Hahaha Nightmare and Goldie just knoked out whit just one pipe >,< hahaha

  42. Aa'Miyah Peek

    Aa'Miyah Peek

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    Ha thank god now they are brothers I hate the ship of glitch x William I HATE IT it’s just that what about Clara •_•

  43. kiet nguyen

    kiet nguyen

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    Ennard 24h Noah?

  44. •ItzGåçhāJíllíåñ• [•GåçhāLífē•]

    •ItzGåçhāJíllíåñ• [•GåçhāLífē•]

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    What I know is that GlitchTrap is like in a chip(micro chip?) And William created that chip before he died so when Fnaf Help Wanted was out the room was glitching like so that was because of GlitchTrap cuz after the fire that occurs the "fake restaurant" that Henry used to lure the animatronics and burn them all... So at fnaf hw William was the one controlling The (chip) GlitchTrap... Just my AU Actually I have two AUs

  45. 【weird_ charli 】

    【weird_ charli 】

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    WilliamXglitch trap shippers be like : 👁👄👁

  46. Angel_stars


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    Micheal: no he’s at a garage dump Me:*goes to garage dump* HELLO ENNARD!

  47. Angel_stars


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    Am I missing something-?

  48. Rosa Garrrcia C:

    Rosa Garrrcia C:

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    And now we have Two GlitchTrap's

  49. magicisawesome 327

    magicisawesome 327

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    *With Goldie and Nightmare* Paper~ next time you come to us for war it will be worse the getting knocked out with a pipe and getting locked in the scooping room Karma always gets you, watch your back. -Make & Ennard Me: eh so what YES I LIKED MY OWN COMMENT SO SHUT UP

  50. Cadence McG

    Cadence McG

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  51. Victoria Zilizi

    Victoria Zilizi

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    It's so freaking wholesome

  52. Ms Caring

    Ms Caring

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    I dont like williams new hair ;-;

  53. ɢʟᴏᴏᴍʏ ᴀʀɪɪ

    ɢʟᴏᴏᴍʏ ᴀʀɪɪ

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    lol i love that ending

  54. Robloxian Life

    Robloxian Life

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    When 100k views is a lot-

  55. Gacha Gamez

    Gacha Gamez

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    7:37 Ear rape xD

  56. baby blue UwU

    baby blue UwU

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    Anyone remember the 4th child?

  57. _Peachy skiis_

    _Peachy skiis_

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    who is vincent

  58. Shannon Morgan

    Shannon Morgan

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    All the active alien to babies

  59. Itz_muffinplayz _itz_gacha time!

    Itz_muffinplayz _itz_gacha time!

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    I thought hunter was William brother

  60. unicornOwOgirl


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    Lol 7:37

  61. Twerking Bird

    Twerking Bird

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    Cookies uwu

  62. Karen Renee

    Karen Renee

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    Make william afton and glich trap babys for 24 hours

  63. Francis Saballos

    Francis Saballos

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    R.I.P Lizzy and Chris❤️🥺

  64. Clueless4Life


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    The heavy is not impressed

  65. lali chàn

    lali chàn

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    me and my best friendd loves your vids

  66. alexander random stuff .-.

    alexander random stuff .-.

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  67. Jakub Vavřík

    Jakub Vavřík

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    Dude you dont even know the story so stop making it if you dont know it

  68. { Gasha Luna } fr

    { Gasha Luna } fr

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    In the end of the letter The letter : karma always gets you watch your back Me : XD , karma's gonna comme collect your debts nightmare and goldie , watch out .

  69. Warisha Aziz

    Warisha Aziz

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    My brain- WhO iS ThE oLdEr BroThEr? (Will or vincy) Poor look booooooootiful U^U

  70. jasiah gleeñ

    jasiah gleeñ

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    You used some of the Imnotreal chaters

  71. Aria B

    Aria B

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    7:39 rip my ears lol

  72. Saki Chan

    Saki Chan

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    my brain : purple brothers go BRRRRR what it actually : brothers reuniting Also did william`s family forgot about Vincent ?

  73. Nenneth Tarawally

    Nenneth Tarawally

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    All this wile (I knew tho) people have been shipping will and glitch but they brothers

  74. Bryten Wyles

    Bryten Wyles

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    When Michael said “ceiling” and just randomly did weird stuff, I lost it

  75. Egg- Person

    Egg- Person

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    This is the 8th time I’ve watched this and I still can’t stop

  76. ꧁ Ajna ꧂

    ꧁ Ajna ꧂

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    ✨ 𝒄𝒆𝒊𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈✨

  77. xXPeachyPandaXx


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    Waitttttt- didn't glichtrap ask William out but he rejected him for Clara???

  78. Hashツ


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    Can we just appreciate the fact william has such an amazing wife?

  79. Itz_ Mei#Kitty12

    Itz_ Mei#Kitty12

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    William and Vincent were acting like the line twins from gravity falls🤣

  80. Erynn Smith

    Erynn Smith

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    Who is vicent first of all oh and btw your my favourite gacha fnaf person I watch

  81. Kat Gaming

    Kat Gaming

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    AHA The people shipping glitch and William watching like 👁👄👁

  82. Silly_Salmon Squad

    Silly_Salmon Squad

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    PART 2222!!!!! This is on of those glmm's where when it finishes you get really emotional because it's over

  83. Wo̸lfieXmas


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  84. Impastar •

    Impastar •

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    PERFECT Yes u made vincent william bro its so good i wanted him to be his bro

  85. NZ - 04BA 873765 McBride PS

    NZ - 04BA 873765 McBride PS

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    Shadow glitch -0- Shadow glitch -0- Shadow glitch -0- Shadow glitch -0- Shadow glitch -0- Shadow glitch -0- Hope it works I am a big fan

  86. LampGuy


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    Your vids always start with the same song.

  87. elizabeth fitzwater

    elizabeth fitzwater

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    • elizabeth fitzwater

      elizabeth fitzwater

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      Hey shadow glitch I really like your videos can I have shout out also next you should do William and the fnaf 1 dead children in a room for 24hours

    • elizabeth fitzwater

      elizabeth fitzwater

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    • elizabeth fitzwater

      elizabeth fitzwater

      Acum o Zi

      Bruh idk

  88. Gwen_ ThePotato

    Gwen_ ThePotato

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    I have been waiting for someone to do a video like this for like 3 months. THANK YOU shadow 💞💞💞

  89. Pochodnius 205

    Pochodnius 205

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  90. kyionni chaney

    kyionni chaney

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    can u do nightmare and goldie in there human formsss

  91. gacha life_ Leona the lioness

    gacha life_ Leona the lioness

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    watch other people that william meets soft william and then the comments says that soft will is dating glitchtrap/himself

  92. whattheheckPOPPY


    Acum 6 Zile’s......imaginary.......friend......from......when......William......was........a.... ........kid

  93. 符厚


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    why is ennard so adorable looking when he was like: '' im a pretty PrInCeSs!!"

  94. Brody Galindo

    Brody Galindo

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  95. Lukas Zach

    Lukas Zach

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    Vincent's hair look similar to williams

  96. Theamarie Lucot

    Theamarie Lucot

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    Glitch trap (vincent) reminds me of my friends middle name UwU

  97. Malak Lol

    Malak Lol

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    7:31 when you realize your uncle vinny dont wanna play dress up with shadow freddy so his pc dont crash

  98. Tanisha Douglas

    Tanisha Douglas

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    U look bootiful I Vincent 👁 👄 👁 Veryyy veryyy bootiful.

  99. My lil Cookies

    My lil Cookies

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    Me in my mind: Is veincent hot from the suit? Not a soul: Glitchbitch is only a glitch

  100. Foxy official FNAF

    Foxy official FNAF

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    U should do a cup for ur merchandise