HIGHLIGHTS | SPURS 2-0 MAN CITY | Son and Lo Celso goals beat City!

Watch highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 2-0 Premier League win against Manchester City.




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    Hope Mikel Arteta watched this game , if it were to be Arsenal vs Man city Arteta will deploy rubbish tactics & loose . Average coach

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    Love spurs everything💙🤍 I got to know Tottenham as Son, but I'll love this team forever👍

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  13. Gordon Ferrar

    Gordon Ferrar

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    City defenders selling themself when somebody drops off. See city lose their shape so often without the ball and at goals.

  14. detloid 2013

    detloid 2013

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    This is one of the best defensive play from really mourinho u turn these nice players into beasts on fields 💪💪And for Harry Kane.. i think they should make another award called Assist Of the Month or even Year..such a team player ❤

  15. Mostafa Faysal

    Mostafa Faysal

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    José Cláudio

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    Sonaldo 7 ❤

  17. Alex


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    Come on Mr. Mourinho 🖤💙

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    Akriti Yadav

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    Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were. .☺️🥰

  19. Yewon Choi

    Yewon Choi

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    Son and Kane r the best duo in the premier league

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    Son is to fast and good

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    It was Manchester City's romantic tag to keep Liverpool from winning this week, but he didn't expect the score to be 2: 0.

  23. Christiaan Carstens

    Christiaan Carstens

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    What song is that when Son scored?

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    Hojbjerg verry good

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    natha nugroho

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  52. Liu Liu MD

    Liu Liu MD

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    The great son...

  53. Hemant Hulkory

    Hemant Hulkory

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  54. Ziv Hagag Fort

    Ziv Hagag Fort

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    From a United fan win the league the players as well as Jose deserve it



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  56. Calugarul Vlad

    Calugarul Vlad

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    Son are deserved to play in bigger Club

  57. hero nugroho

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  60. Aldo Adhitya

    Aldo Adhitya

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    Darude sandstorm

  61. senni bgon

    senni bgon

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    Tottenham is so lucky to have Son. He is criminally underrated.

  62. Jatia Channel

    Jatia Channel

    Acum 13 ore Mampir yuuk yg mau tau tempat liburan murah :)

  63. Irfan Maulana

    Irfan Maulana

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  64. Jazz Traveller

    Jazz Traveller

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    Messy full match video 👇👇👇

    • senni bgon

      senni bgon

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      Same as last fixture against City : Ndombele assisting Son First PL goal for somebody

  65. Rory Oktavianus

    Rory Oktavianus

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    Extended highlights pleasee

  66. Aaron Duncan

    Aaron Duncan

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    I love Korea 🇰🇷. I should learn Korean.

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    Mohamed Mazyad

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    erotaki wotasobinono

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    yang ngina Dita karang sama Denise pasal body sheming orang nya udah di tangkep ..kesiaan banget biar tau rasa dia mpus!!

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    satrya pashati

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    너무 좋아해요

  70. Indra Fadillah

    Indra Fadillah

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    mourinho boring tactic

  71. 구독안하면뿌링클 평생 못먹음

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    Sergio Reguilon Rodriguez👍👍👍

  73. Zia Ullah Khan

    Zia Ullah Khan

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    Money can't buy greatness.... City what?

  74. Mupenda Chama

    Mupenda Chama

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    I'm a liverpool fan but thank you Tottenham Hotspur❤

  75. hyadyae


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  76. ERIC CHOI-독학비트

    ERIC CHOI-독학비트

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    Season for Tottenham!!

  77. Ezike Darlington

    Ezike Darlington

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    I came back to remind fans that fink hiring JM and sacking Poch.was a grave mistake. So many thinks his style of play is out-dated and have no relevance in modern football. Others maintained that he lost his winning ways. They even called him Dinosaur of a coach. Listen all you repented haters, JM is the Boss. You are forgiven, but swear to give him 100% support. Forget Man Utd, they made their worst mistake letting him , for chelsea fans, he will always hunt you.

  78. Роман Гусев

    Роман Гусев

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    Liverpool champion!

  79. Tunggal Michael

    Tunggal Michael

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    Same as last fixture against City : Ndombele assisting Son First PL goal for somebody

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      Archbishop Jikijela

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  80. FFiladeys


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    You forgot Toby's tackle to stop Jesus from scoring

  81. Kilo Madu

    Kilo Madu

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    Bantu subscribe ya teman teman 🙏🙏

  82. 이시철


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    로썰소 대박날듯

  83. Jamie pretty

    Jamie pretty

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    UNOFFICIAL Manila/Philippines Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Club fb shared

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  85. Surya Zaputra

    Surya Zaputra

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    Don’t mess with jose

  86. Yusril Ikmal Shafiq

    Yusril Ikmal Shafiq

    Acum 16 ore

    Son go madrid

  87. Abed Barbar

    Abed Barbar

    Acum 16 ore

    Morinho ❤️

  88. Andre Rumengan

    Andre Rumengan

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    Son is the best asian players that play in europe ever

  89. sifak udiiin

    sifak udiiin

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    🏆 jose mourinho 🤲🤲🤲

  90. Peter Danison

    Peter Danison

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    rooting for teteham to win the league coming from a real madrid fan

  91. ianrose


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    spurs fronts are hyper world class

  92. NEMOZZ sport

    NEMOZZ sport

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    재끼TV ジャッキ

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    Ayub Rahmandani

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    son from Korea

  95. Faried Afas

    Faried Afas

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    Perwakilan orang ASIA yg skarang lagi trending banget

  96. Senjaku ofc

    Senjaku ofc

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  97. Pojok Istiqomah

    Pojok Istiqomah

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    Good job sonnnn

  98. Kacoeng Official

    Kacoeng Official

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    Cerita 18+

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    Ali Al_kinani

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    🇮🇶😍❤️ tot

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    raisha madrin

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