How Blind People Text On Their Phones

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      For April fools you should not put the thumbnail the first video and make everyone think you’re click baiting them

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    I don't understand how that phone works for the blind people. Not explained at all.

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    Do face reveal

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    @2:42 "A Yellow Bird, With A Yellow Bill Was Sitting Upon My Window Sill. I Lured Him In With A Piece Of Bread. ............. AND THEN I SMASHED HIS FUCKING HEAD". ah military cadences are the best boys.

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    I got hacked Jeff

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    why would blind people text, they wouldnt even be able to see what the other person texts them

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    0:35 are they having seizures or something

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    When your blind and u literally could just use voice input

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    • Joke Explainer:

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