How to Beat a Tesla Plaid for Cheap

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The Tesla Plaid is one of the fastest production EVs ever made and if you wanna beat it in an EV only race, you got two options: You could cheat on a technicality, or you could spend $2.4M dollars on a Rimac Nevera, the only production EV that’s faster. But what if there’s another way? A third option. Instead of buying a car to beat the Plaid, what if you built your own EV - and you did it on the cheap? Homemade EVs have been running faster 1/4-mile times than the Plaid for years, and many of those cost far less to build. So, there you go: the answer is “built not bought!” What’s the catch? Let’s find out!

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  1. Stavya Bangalore

    Stavya Bangalore

    Drag racing is completely ludicrous. Sammy miller completed the quarter mile in an astonishing 3.22 seconds going 400+ miles per hour. The car accelerated so fast that it was going 100 mph by the time the rear wheels reached the place where the front wheels were

  2. Twitchy


    Jeremiah is one of the best things to happen to Donut. Love you, Jeremiah.

  3. Critical


    This is like an educational show from Nickelodeon but for "grown ups"! I love it

  4. Andrew ST

    Andrew ST

    In 45 years Jeremiah is going to be dropping "Your Mom" jokes on his nurses and they just aren't going to know what to do with that.

  5. Austin


    I've always loved how modest you guys are. "I'm such a dummy! Dumbest person on planet earth" yet we're always here listening to you explain super technical engineering. You guys really are a bunch of smart cookies.

  6. unbeknownst


    Here's a long story short:

  7. Bagel Bandit

    Bagel Bandit

    “Just thirty grand” $30,0000 (adjusted for inflation)

  8. Jonathan Porter

    Jonathan Porter

    My first car was a Pontiac 6000. I'd imagine going 0-60 in 1.5 sec. in that thing would cause the doors to fly off. Still, if the exterior remained stock, that would be a bad-ass sleeper conversion build.

  9. Jeremy Mahaffey

    Jeremy Mahaffey

    John Metric is a friend of mine and the man is an Engineering genius, he literally designed the car from ground as well as designed his own batteries specifications and all and had a company build them for him. He also built an EV Fiero that was stupid fast as well. You guys should definitely interview him and do a story on his adventures in EV development.

  10. Ryan Byrne

    Ryan Byrne

    I'd love to see a video on the physics behind two engine cars(like the twin-engine gti, not hybrids). It would be interesting to know if it is actually as effective as a single engine with double the power.

  11. MotoRider250


    The actual cheapest way is a mid 2000s or 2010s superbike. Although it’s drastically more dangerous, it is a lot cheaper. When you’re going that fast, everything is dangerous anyways

  12. Still Rendering

    Still Rendering


  13. Wolf


    Everytime I think of combustion to EV conversion, I think of the Type R (2017 I think) that had it's rear wheels converted to electric wheel hubs making it

  14. chrispy747


    Jeremiah, please do an episode explaining different gear ratios on differentials, transfer cases and transmissions; how different parts affect the ratios; and how it affects speed and acceleration.

  15. Josh Mathews

    Josh Mathews

    Man, whoever was in charge of typing "0"s in this episode done messed up lol

  16. Quinton Lawman

    Quinton Lawman

    Donut definitely needs to do an EV conversion. Seems like a great Money Pit idea to me! I REALLY want to convert my Fiero into a two-seater beast of an EV . . . but I have to take the thing apart and restore it first. Ford's new EV crate motor is damn tempting though.

  17. Andrey Moiseyev

    Andrey Moiseyev

    Curious what is the most “Florida man” thing Jerry has done

  18. Canal da Poeira - Felipe Miranda

    Canal da Poeira - Felipe Miranda

    I smell a Money Pit Electric motor swap... PLEASE make it happen!

  19. Kanga Rutan

    Kanga Rutan

    I want Jerry to know the second he said "Your mom!" I hit the like button. Classic bro!

  20. Don John

    Don John

    Jeremiah's so well-behaved, sometimes I forget he's from Florida.