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How To Fix a Printer

Today I show you how to repair a faulty printer. This troubleshooting method works on ALL models of printers and ALL types of issues. Printer won't print? Low ink problems? Printer showing an error? Unable to connect to your printer? Printer not connecting to WiFi? You name it - this video will show you how to resolve any issue you have - 100% guaranteed! Follow the step by step instructions and you'll be able to set up your new printer, diagnose any issues and fix them with ease all in a matter of minutes.
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    Acum 4 minute

    1:26 need for speed

  2. Trapezoid


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    0:56 HowToBasic: *Chokes* 3 minutes later HowToBasic: Noice

  3. brad0640 brad0640

    brad0640 brad0640

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    he really ate ink

  4. Armando Salazar Rocha

    Armando Salazar Rocha

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    Que pinches jaladas sube este wey!

  5. DiamondzAnime


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    Dam it! Should of showed this video to my parents when the printer broke a few days ago! :(

  6. FBI


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    Ok but now how do I fix my eggs

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    dalton jumilla

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    Pls Don't destroy it

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  9. Rayver Official

    Rayver Official

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    Can You Make A Video That You Burn Your House 🙃

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    How does this guy have so many eggs?

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    🤣it's fun bro

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    Miles Beilby

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    Bro thank you 🙏 my printer works 1000 times better

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    Blue Enderman

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    For April fools make an actual tutorial video

  16. Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary

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    In fact, I wonder how much money HowToBasic had to spend in the years they've been shooting these videos. Well, most of the money probably came back to him thanks to YT.

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    i found his face press here rofilm.info/much/video/loLdZKhqiJiRxIM

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    Me: opens youtube Also me: saw that HowToBasic uploaded HowToBasic: How To Fix A Printer Me: **vietnam flashbacks**

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    • Aziz Bakhshi

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  23. BF Evan, Jack, Keith.

    BF Evan, Jack, Keith.

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    what about, how to drive?

  24. luis cortes

    luis cortes

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    I wonder if someone actually searched how to fix a printer to FIX his printer and found this

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    I guess !!? 🤨

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    Cristian J FUNES

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    2:20-the classic

  34. Dois Clods

    Dois Clods

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    Imagine if theres a how to hard that is the opposite of how to basic

  35. SlenderLuchito


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    Plot twist: it was because of a laptop error

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    Angelos Angelos

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    1:39 flash smash wow!

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    Teacher: why didnt you type your paper? Me:

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    Another EdgyBoy

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    I love this videos uwu

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  40. MSF Vinci

    MSF Vinci

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    my question is how does he have so much eggs like does he like spend all of his money on eggs or what and also how long does it take u to clean up all the mess u make?

  41. XanBelOr


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    Remember that this guy is walking around in society, nobody knowing who he is or what he does for a living.

  42. Katarina Jankovic

    Katarina Jankovic

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    I have same printer dude 😎👌

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    salih süzen

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    it didn't work for me

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    zombie x

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  45. Nahscar


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    How do you clean everything and get all these things replaced lmfao

  46. CAVESPIDER 2009


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    Son: dad why is a naked man running over a printer? Me: *is it that time of year again*

  47. MinecraftakCZ30


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    you destroy useful things that can still be used 🤮🤮

    • Pedro Mafra

      Pedro Mafra

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      Ikr, imagine all the kids in africa that could eat that printer

  48. Hoshigakure No Sato

    Hoshigakure No Sato

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    Hey buddy, you could have millions if you didn't open a canal like this, and I wonder how the cleaning works while doing these kinds of things: D

  49. Fangzhou Omanid

    Fangzhou Omanid

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    I ahve fixed my prinfer, it wirks!

  50. Sour Ghost

    Sour Ghost

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    This video is sponsored by canon

  51. Morteza Tajik

    Morteza Tajik

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    Yo what the ????

  52. -eto ash

    -eto ash

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    Very nervous office worker be like:

  53. Piterr


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  54. gryfy chusty

    gryfy chusty

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    I wonder how you destroy everything, how much you pay for everything and how you defend the money

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    nice logo

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    franyer 2890

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    ꧁ 猫 Meow꧂

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    well it worked.

  58. Aarya JADHAV

    Aarya JADHAV

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    This is when your budget is too high😂😂

  59. Jaciane Souza Da Silva Lopes

    Jaciane Souza Da Silva Lopes

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    Thx me printer have The same error and this fixed:D

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    Headcrab __

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    this helped

  61. kido plays evrthing XD 2

    kido plays evrthing XD 2

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  62. am ahmad Alkurdi

    am ahmad Alkurdi

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    am ahmad Alkurdi

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    am ahmad Alkurdi

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    Avi :D

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    Who is not watching in 2021!

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    I have the same printer but 2550 AND I FUCKING HATE THE PIECE OF SHIT. One day it just decided to do exactly what his did in this video.

  73. Wheeljack 878

    Wheeljack 878

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    Thanks its working. :)

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    Now I know how to fix a printer

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  79. I think menacingly

    I think menacingly

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  80. Fahed Bendaif

    Fahed Bendaif

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  81. Space Kawaii

    Space Kawaii

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    Me at 3am who doesn't own a printer: "WeLl LeT's FiNd OuT!"

  82. Мая Стружкова

    Мая Стружкова

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    1:21 Ha-ha-ha!

  83. Cameron Bishop

    Cameron Bishop

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    I have the same printer

  84. Frosty Fragz

    Frosty Fragz

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    Where do you get a full auto printer from?

  85. Soham Biswas X D 33

    Soham Biswas X D 33

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    You should never make a video on "How to make a person sleep"😂

  86. KING XD


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    Backstage: let me take out the ink before before turning the camera on

  87. H a l f - T i m e

    H a l f - T i m e

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    Oh no... A fuctional Laptop and HowToBasic...

  88. Lazeish


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    I was here to see the crushing of the printer

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    Can you pls do real tutorial

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    Zero Six

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    I have a printer that looks like a different color, only I've been like that

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    Micha Tejada

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  92. x̶N̶i̶k̶o̶


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    I wonder how much money he wasted doing all of his videos?

  93. x̶N̶i̶k̶o̶


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    When he drank the ink I was thinking about something Is he Ink Sans....?

  94. Maricar Olivar

    Maricar Olivar

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  95. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

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    When mechanical engineers become doctor :

  96. Peter Svensson

    Peter Svensson

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    I thought this was Gonna be a good tutorial... I spoke to soon

  97. Selim Oyunda HD

    Selim Oyunda HD

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    Printer: Hahahahah HowToBasic: Oh come on! Printer: Cry haahhaha HowToBasic: EgG pOwEr Printer dies

  98. Mr Rockstar Bonnie

    Mr Rockstar Bonnie

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    Stop wasting resources on these videos that you make. How can people like him?! He wasted a printer instead of giving it away! #StopHowToBasic

    • Mr Rockstar Bonnie

      Mr Rockstar Bonnie

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      @Aditya Pandey oh so he can destroy it as long as he bought it? THEN WHY DON'T HE BUY A PLANET AND DESTROY IT THEN HUH?!

    • Aditya Pandey

      Aditya Pandey

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      Bruh,it's his printer,bought with his darn money...It's his eggs(not exactly his) bought with his darn money...There are bigger problems boi...

    • Mr Rockstar Bonnie

      Mr Rockstar Bonnie

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      @seeni gzty I love eggs, and HowToBasic is wasting them and he needs to be stopped

    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

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