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How To Make AMONG US Game From Cardboard

Hello guys in this video i will show you how to make Among Us Game From Cardboard.


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    Unkown Names

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    Among us but we will dodge da imposters



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    Alguien en español Quien leea este comentario dios lo bendiga ❤👍😘

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    90% people only watched the result

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    Que lindo!

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    I know I can do it After shoot wat da heck dat thing

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    What are to material's you mad this from likr the names of them???

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    Two things. 1: Why did you get rid of the coke's color? 2: Can sOmEonE ExPlaIn tO Me wHy thE hoT gLuE iS YellOw?!

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    Do not use the same thing

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    me let me make it my mom Dont make that its even more expensive then the real game

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    Me affter i watch it: ya im going to make this Me affter finishing the vid: WHAT ARE ALL THE THINGS HE USED HE DID NOT TELL US ALL THE THINGS OR EVEN SHOW US

  14. anything!


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    When i first saw this i was like 75% sure i could make it, then i saw him cutting out the paper My Mind: PaPpEr CUtS

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    lets face it we new we couldnt make it but we wanted to watch it anyway

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    That sooooo cool I made it to

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    Кто русский и смотрит это потомучто делать нечего? если вы из этих ставьте лайк под коммент (для особо тупых под мой коммент)

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    top "among us"

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      @Ewa Sowa Hello

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    Oye Pro Inc.

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    The good thing is i lost this channel on 2017-2018 and i found it again!

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    Thanks 👍 I made it! That is my result! rofilm.info/much/video/apXMpqmVqp99tqk

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    whomever is only watching this and not making it give a like

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    You You want to go get some free food or something haha was a way of going back and going back in a bit and then you want me However the only way you can get However it was You know I know that I know you don’t want to know

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    Wow this is exactly why I'm still waiting to get my money

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    جميله جدا

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    Seru sekali Abang .....

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    muito coisa que eu adorei

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    Ты русский!

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    Тот самый русский комментарий. Ничего не понятно,но зачётно

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      У него на рулоне написано "фрекен бок" А значит что он из России или из Украины

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    Cool video I love these tracks. I'm also a bit addicted there are a few similar videos..

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    Suscríbase a nuestro canal

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    Ko pada pake bahasa Inggris ya... Sedangkan aku Bahasa Indonesia 🤣🤣🤣.. Ajarin dong Bahasa Inggris ya kalian pliss 😊😊

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    👏👏👏👏👏👏 creative very creative and talented very cool

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    Woah i tried this and it was super fun!

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    If I tried to make this I would probably fail.



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    Como se ASE e so

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    44m what

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    you dont make this detailed like i cant understand it

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    Hola este video me encanta

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    me encanta

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    I won't be able to do this at all

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    Sir I can't make this I don't know why but I have all meterial that you have use but I am making but the roater is not working I have use the gear motor pls help me I want to make this sir pls reply me 😰😰😰

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    You are the best architect you should be in charge of making the Empire State Building

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    Ho-How did you do this

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    Yeah so in Minecraft!

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    Seriorly..Mr.Creative. Thant is an arrogent and anoying name

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    Wow... That so cool

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    13:20 looks like a three layer cake

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    Beaucoup de patience

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    Sa demande de la patience

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    Faut être fou pour faire ça

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    Sa sert à quoi le point sur la barre de fer

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    Vous aimez vraiment among us pour faire ça

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    i like love it

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    No İNGİLİZ yes Türkçe

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    Wow amazing! But the materials it’s so difficult to buy it

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    HEY! You? Yes you! If your gonna make this.. Don't do this: 'Hey! I don't have a glue gun but I have Elmer's glue! (Or anything related to Elmer's glue)' Well DON'T You see, he did put alot of glue, but anything related to Elmer's glue can wet it. So don't do that. Edit: Also, he did put alot of wires so if your a kid, try letting you're parents help you. If you are scared of being burned by fire by doing this, let your parents help you. The glue gun? Don't touch the glue. Its hot, so it can burn you. Try making these steps with your guardian, or your parents, or whoever helps you whatsoever.

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    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I wish I could make this

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    Бро не ври что ты из СНГ.Лайк сколько нас тут

  73. Eliana Kalena Tamayo

    Eliana Kalena Tamayo

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    wow this is better than all of my projects I made before we even made an Among us ship with characters made out of clay

  74. Aews Fgrergs

    Aews Fgrergs

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    How are you so smart

  75. Aews Fgrergs

    Aews Fgrergs

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    How are you so amart

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    Swapna Das

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    Nice job to do good job

  77. Shashwat Aneja

    Shashwat Aneja

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    From where did you ge that posters of Amoung us give me the link

  78. Shashwat Aneja

    Shashwat Aneja

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    From where did you get that

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    Haven Marie Molina

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    Wow Mr. creative your so cool I love it! my eyes: coooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll My Hands: Nope *runs away* Me: what the... REAL LIFE LOGICCCCCC

    • Haven Marie Molina

      Haven Marie Molina

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      Lets be honest here....... Who Loves Mr. Creative? Comment down below! :)

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    Que creativos son,me encanta este canal de ROfilm sigan a si

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    Nice one mate



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    song? pls

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    The name sure suits this vid, very creative in deed

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      Pin copied text snippets to stop them expiring after 1 hour



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    So do uh

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    No carga tu vídeo



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    Why was u puting SO and DO?

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    this is so fun to play with

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    Hey where to get those pictures?

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    i was making this me after 2 hours aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so boring to make

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    So cool .

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    I heard that if you say something random, you get many likes so... I have hairy arms for a girl :’)

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    ¡Es un genio! ¡De los genios!

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    Bruh if you sell that you get a lot of money

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    wow impostr game

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    im only 7 mins in but its already really coplicaded