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How to PROPERLY Replace a Rear Windshield Yourself (No Special Tools DIY)

Learn how to replace a front or rear windshield safely and properly. If you get a chipped or cracked windshield, save money replace the windshield yourself at home with common hand tools. I cover the entire process from where to buy the glass, how to remove the old glass, how to remove the urethane from the pinch weld, how to prepare the glass and how to put the new urethane on and install the new glass.

Where to Buy Windshield: 3:44
How to Test Window Defroster: 4:55
Tools and Products: 6:08
Broken Windshield Removal: 8:38
Prepare the Car Pinch Weld Surface for Glass: 12:03
Prepare the Windshield for Install: 17:17
Test fit Rear Windshield: 20:16
Apply Primer to Windshield: 21:44
Apply Primer to Car Pinch Weld: 23:21
How to Cut Urethane Tip: 24:40
How to Apply Windshield Urethane 27:29
How to Install Rear Windshield: 29:28
Check Rear Defroster and Check for Leaks: 33:35

How to Repair a Chipped Windshield:

24hr Urethane and Primer kit:
Caulk Gun (this one is really nice):
Plastic Chisel Set:
Metal Scraper:

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