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Hey loves💋 If you’ve been following for a while now, you know that I love the great outdoors ☀️ 🌊 ! I feel most alive with nature. Our tropical weather 🌴 has us craving the outside world now, more than ever!
I know we’ve all been wanting to go out and spend quality time with loved ones. Here are some ideas for a perfect activity to do with the fam- in your backyard, gardens, city parks, or a private resort you could rent out, just to have a taste of that fresh air! Who doesn’t love a good PICNIC?! 🧺 Seems these days that al fresco dining is the best option! 😊
Make sure you gather in small groups and try a bit of physical distancing! 🥰
This is how I like my picnics... how do you like yours? Let me know in the comments section if you have any more tips for the perfect picnic!

xoxo, Kace.

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  1. judy go

    judy go

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    Ms. KC, i like your 👗dress in you bagay, how do you call that kind of dress keep it up more power to you ❤

  2. ushio Tora

    ushio Tora

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    Hi I love seeing you wear strawhat❤️

  3. Editha Casao

    Editha Casao

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    Nice video

  4. Rafael Liam

    Rafael Liam

    Acum 10 Zile

    Bonjour KC, It seemed that u are here in Paris. French people,always bring baguette, tomate cerise, fromage whenever they go to picnic.. Bon Appétit!!

  5. Hyacinth Alcaraz Villanueva

    Hyacinth Alcaraz Villanueva

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  6. Hyacinth Alcaraz Villanueva

    Hyacinth Alcaraz Villanueva

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  7. France Malincart

    France Malincart

    Acum 16 Zile

    Maam KC yung outfit mo po parang galeng sa Resident Evil po si Alcina

  8. Dastinle RN

    Dastinle RN

    Acum 16 Zile

    Sana magka movie ka ulit or release an Album. I truly love your voice tsaka fav ko yung for the first time na movie. Im a fan

  9. Jennifer Buenviaje

    Jennifer Buenviaje

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    Ang ganda mo.kc

  10. Editha Casao

    Editha Casao

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    Nice vedio

  11. ab fire

    ab fire

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    best pinay women vloggers Kc and heart 🥰🥰🥰

  12. Lyn Lim

    Lyn Lim

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    love this content Parisian picnic and ilove u too Ms. KC 😍🥰 sa sunod tea party please? tnx

  13. Nej Galindez

    Nej Galindez

    Acum lună

    Nice parang kang si Ms. Julia Roberts our philippine version...

  14. Katrin Ortega

    Katrin Ortega

    Acum lună

    Love the content! It's so classy!

  15. alyssa salonga

    alyssa salonga

    Acum lună

    only sosyal can relate...try mo kaya next time picnic ng mahirap ng maka relate naman kami, try to experience something that you are not used to. i will assure you mas dadami pa hahanga, matutuwa at manonood sayo.

  16. Anie David

    Anie David

    Acum lună

    Wow! Love French cuisine as well. I've been with a French guy for 8yrs ..different cultures but learnt to adopt each cultures. Kumakain sya ng Tinola, pancit at adobo...even Sisig...hehehe And I love cheese coz I used to be a supervisor at David Jones FoodHall ( Sydney) for 18yrs..cheese and Anti pasto counter. I love brie, blue ( Gorgonzola is one of my fave pero yong creamy kasi meron din yong parang dry sya..Danish blue.. etc .. And of course Dijon mustard and French Baguettes. Thank you for the tips Miss KC, simple yet very're absolutely gorgeous and very smart and very humble...Forever Sharon and KC followers! 😘

  17. Charlotte Kando

    Charlotte Kando

    Acum lună

    Miss kc is soo classy and smart I love watching ur vlogs ❤️soo independent lady I like most mis Kc

  18. Kalpana


    Acum lună

    Learn how to make a proper apology, wow. You're shameful.

  19. Dante Perez

    Dante Perez

    Acum lună

    Sad and quite disappointed with the Baguio party :-(.

  20. Buena Vida

    Buena Vida

    Acum lună

    so fabulous KC, always nice and enjoy to watch your channel, you are Princess.

  21. Joy Mijares

    Joy Mijares

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    Bridgerton vibes 👑

  22. Jonathan Paul Calledo

    Jonathan Paul Calledo

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  23. popo peach

    popo peach

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    Just here to drop my hatred on you, lumabag sa health protocol tapos ganun ganun lang. Kapal mo

  24. Tinker Bell

    Tinker Bell

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    Hi Ms. Kc idol kita bata pa ko as in. Ginagaya ko lagi mga hairstyle mo nun. Feeling ko nga dati kamukha kita.✌️😂 hahaha. Feeling ko lang yun. Wala lanh, gusto ko lang sabihin. Happy na ko napapanuod ka kahit once a day, nakaka happy lang na marinig ko boses mo. 😍❤️

  25. Glenda Mangubat

    Glenda Mangubat

    Acum lună

    Ganda ng twin ko love yah ate kc

  26. Glenda Mangubat

    Glenda Mangubat

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  27. Aiza Alam

    Aiza Alam

    Acum lună

    Ak0 lng ba nakakapansin medjo blur ang video☺️

  28. gemma matsuda

    gemma matsuda

    Acum lună

    Wow nice set up picnic your so beautiful talaga KC ❤️😍

  29. Zenaida De Leon

    Zenaida De Leon

    Acum lună

    I just wish u will find the right special someone to be your lifetime better half. It’s only God who’ll decide for u. You are beautiful as always.

  30. Daisy Hess

    Daisy Hess

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    Ang ganda 😘😘😘

  31. Team Dreamers Australia

    Team Dreamers Australia

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    Pretty kc

  32. Gracious Mom

    Gracious Mom

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    Lovet ms. KC, you're so beautiful inside and out! Be blessed! 😘🙏

  33. Happy Mom's Studio

    Happy Mom's Studio

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    Lovely KC. A Princess like😃

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    Mai Tugade

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    Idol ko to maganda at mabait😘

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    Lea’s Diary

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    Beautiful Vlogger

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    Jillian D

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    I love you ate kc simula noon hanggang ngayon ikaw pa din po Idol ko🥰❤️

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    Roland Filoteo

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    Do u like music of edith piaf? Have a nice day!

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    Elmer's Glue

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    Sana all penge po ang dami pagkain 😅

  40. Akachan Girl

    Akachan Girl

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    Kc I guess mo nman c piolo s IYong ROfilm chanel.

  41. Tess Calalang

    Tess Calalang

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    Love Italian n French style... 🥰

  42. Alma Gianan

    Alma Gianan

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    sana matapos na ang pandemic looking forward for picnic activity like this nice vlog kc very informative.....

  43. Anjee Abad Maitra

    Anjee Abad Maitra

    Acum lună

    great tips about outdoor picnics you got KC... my daugther was watching with me and she said this is a very good channel... sending love Filipina from India.

  44. Ilongga Maria Juana

    Ilongga Maria Juana

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    Beautiful talaga

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    Yet yet

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    magandang idea to lalo na with kids na puro babad sa screen nila thanks kc

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    Livak Show

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    I wanna create dress for you and style your hair one day.. From Livak Design & Style.. Sana po mapansin.

  51. Agnes Armstrong

    Agnes Armstrong

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    Fun vlog .. and picnic 😎 maybe bring a low back beach chair too😎

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    Super love this vlog! ❤️

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    Nino Mendoza

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    Super useful

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    Niña Rosales

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    Sally Jorge

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    Leah ventoza

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    Jackie M Lee

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    Love you kace❤️thank you for always inspiring us .

  59. Mysterious Jewel

    Mysterious Jewel

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    pillows on Picnics, for stargazing😍

  60. IT CKDM


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    She should dress up modestly..distracting naman yong attire nia. but the content is informative and useful.

  61. Kiel Andres

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    Princess Braun

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    Showbiz Chikka

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    Shamma Al Balushi

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    Joy Albao De Guzman

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    Dpositive Virgin101

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    LMS K

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    Teresita Long

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    Perlita Ramos

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    Wheng Sismundo

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    heart crochet

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    Katie Palo

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    positive dreame

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  82. Nurse Liz Offduty

    Nurse Liz Offduty

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    Park De Leon

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    Cza Trinidad

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