Huggy Wuggy : I'm not a monster - Poppy Playtime Animation #2 (Wanna Live)

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  1. AniToons


    Nice episode i like it

  2. Koto - Zilla•

    Koto - Zilla•

    I am 100% sure that the authors made this animation a long time ago, and only posted it when ROfilm removed the dislikes

  3. Bob Joebo

    Bob Joebo

    Thank you SamToons, I'll use this at my next university lecture about brain damage. This covers all symptoms

  4. Toni Godzilla Official

    Toni Godzilla Official

    no matter what Andrew Sherman says I love that movie and it's fun to watch.

  5. DreamToon Asia

    DreamToon Asia

    Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 😴😴😴



    hat’s a really good animation!💙

  7. Bobbi



  8. Twilight Poppy Playtime Stan

    Twilight Poppy Playtime Stan

    I'm gonna show my brother, he loves these types of videos plus it was really cool even tho the animation had me laughing the meaning was cool!

  9. Butt face

    Butt face

    Basically every famous character they could think of bunched into one video

  10. A name I can't think of

    A name I can't think of

    When you clicked on this thinking it wasn’t a kids video until you hear the noises

  11. Annieplays123


    Backround song name: i wanna die

  12. Have Fun With Yuan

    Have Fun With Yuan

    Acum 21 o Zi

    The girl when she is sleeping looks like the doll from squid game

  13. ok no

    ok no




    Awwww I love these type of animations

  15. Nina Perez

    Nina Perez

    Aww It’s so cute 🥰

  16. IlikedogsiguessXD 😇

    IlikedogsiguessXD 😇

    The beginning is very cute 😊

  17. Saturno


    Emocionante.👏👏👏clap clap

  18. ^_K İ Š S Ý M İ Š S Y_^

    ^_K İ Š S Ý M İ Š S Y_^

    :3 I love all of them all of them were really funny not gonna lie! :)

  19. •gacha Mønżę• trying to go to 1K

    •gacha Mønżę• trying to go to 1K

    When everyone is here because they thought it was a part two of I’m not a monster

  20. 🥑 avocado 🥑

    🥑 avocado 🥑

    This is so sad but happy😭❤️❤️