I Bought a $150,000 Passport that can Travel the World

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In other great news, Seek Discomfort is now carbon positive.. Meaning we offset more carbon than we produce. Just one of the many steps we hope to continue taking to lessen our impact. We know there are many additional ways we can continue being better and we are doing our best to make them happen as quickly as we can.

We understand that monetarily this is not a decision every can take. But if anyone else is in fact interested we highly recommend working with Brookes & Partners, the same company we used. They were efficient and knew the process front and back. Check them out here:

And shout out to our travel hacker Guillaume Schaer @milesaddict for bringing this idea to me in the first place.

Check out our Second channel video about surprising Ammar when he arrived in Paris here: rofilm.info/much/video/noe2hIZ-nYCuyIs

Thanks to the city of Dubai & Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk for their generous hospitality during my stay in the city.

Thanks to my friend Margjelë Shala for helping with the process of writing this story.

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