I Built a Giant LEGO Train in a Snowy Forest!

- This video was made in paid partnership with The LEGO Group

I Built a Giant LEGO Train in a Snowy Forest! I built the ultimate winter adventure for my LEGO Cargo Train, including a REAL forest inside a giant snowglobe, a LEGO winter village, a storybook tunnel, an ice cave, a gingerbread village, and even the northern lights!

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  1. Tiago Catarino

    Tiago Catarino

    You have 7 LEGO Gingerbread houses?! That's amazing, I actually designed it while working for LEGO so that makes me really happy to know! Lovely video as well :)

  2. Depression me

    Depression me

    The amount of effort Chris does is incredible even though he’s always half asleep

  3. The Bourne Network

    The Bourne Network

    This man really went and built the Christmas I’ve always dreamed of living. Hats off to you sir.

  4. Eric Epperson

    Eric Epperson

    As stunning as the different LEGO scenes and the work involved in putting this together, I'm most amazed at ... the number of straight LEGO train track pieces you have lol

  5. Bentley Mullet

    Bentley Mullet

    Wow! I can't imagine how long this took to build. My favorite part was either the forest/village or the yeti cave!

  6. Shrky


    Okay so let me start off by saying, I love everything about this video. I just today found your channel and have been slowly working my way through your videos. You are doing an outstanding amount of work. I absolutely love the way you make every step of the construction process feel so effortless and enjoyable, even though you must spend countless hours/days struggling with the minor details and slip ups. Your creative direction and playful vibes are so fun to watch come to life with every train stop. I caught myself thinking “the forest looks so lush and beautiful” thinking that was the finale only to be left in awe by how realistic the ice caves looked and felt. Your creativity and dedication is so inspiring and although I have only seen a few videos of yours thus far, I can promise that I will be a long term subscriber. You seriously need to be considered for a position on the Lego team as they would be extremely lucky to have your playful perspective for the next generation of Lego kits and years to come. 10/10 video, please keep up the good work.

  7. Karen Hunter

    Karen Hunter

    Finally! Chris got the Lego sponsorship he deserves!!

  8. devo1afi


    The coolest thing I've seen in many years. Wow this is dedication. I smiled the whole time & even teared up at the end with how beautiful & awesome it is! Thanks dude!!

  9. Felix


    I really love all the work Chris puts into making us all this awesome videos, so he really deserves that sponsorship

  10. CC-5869


    I've had Lego since I was very young, and seeing this is remarkable, just the way you made the trees and the caves, using remote control wheels to power the cylinder, everything is like a dream and I can't believe Lego sponsored you!

  11. Mark Sands-Foy

    Mark Sands-Foy

    Hi Chris, great videos and loved your winter wonderland you built! Quick question if you don’t mind….what camera do you attach to the front of your train to video the journey ?

  12. Sarah


    This is incredible! I love how much work you put into it. The outside dome journey was magical. Makes me want to crack open some festive Lego.

  13. Joel Creates

    Joel Creates

    Very cool, projects on rails are the best!

  14. Ludorem Studios

    Ludorem Studios

    That giant snow globe is literally something you would see at Legoland! Great job!

  15. Gavin Johnson

    Gavin Johnson

    Chris! My man, this is amazing! I loved the snowy forest! And a suggestion, next can you build a summer forest?

  16. Pro Medic #2

    Pro Medic #2

    Wow this dude literally did everything by himself. What a determined man, we respect

  17. Veston Velcruze

    Veston Velcruze

    Holy crap, this is awesome. My mouth was gaping the whole time. I love Legos, and this makes me warm inside (despite the cold). Literally awesome. Amazing job!

  18. wut✨


    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the lengths Chris will go just to entertain us?

  19. Cody Ols

    Cody Ols

    The crazy amount of time and energy you must have put into this totally paid off! This is incredible. The village and forest were my favorite part of the build. But as always, your unique humor commentary is what brings me back to watch again and again.

  20. Wojtek Dobrowolski

    Wojtek Dobrowolski

    I was a little sceptical at the beginning of the video as to what will come out of it but it turned out absolutely stunning!