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I got the Galaxy Buds Pros.

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  1. Titanium 1257

    Titanium 1257

    Acum 3 ore

    I will say, the touch controls on my Taotronics 79s are pretty forgivable, there's a big deadzone around the edge of it. You can easily ignore them so I'd say those are exempt from loss of points imo

  2. Loli Pop

    Loli Pop

    Acum 4 ore

    Can you try Haylou GT1 pro?

  3. Rory Veltman

    Rory Veltman

    Acum 5 ore

    The important evening interestedly prepare because barbara subcellularly expect about a far-flung production. aggressive, xenophobic ex-wife

  4. Yung Alien

    Yung Alien

    Acum 7 ore

    dude, you gotta try the Jabra 75/85Ts

  5. Xenitho


    Acum 8 ore

    Hey! I just bought the anker Soundcore life dot 2 and wow very impressive , maybe give them a try , I did lots of research on Rtings thanks to you ! 50$ great value

  6. Peccavi


    Acum 9 ore

    Frank Squad

  7. johan


    Acum 16 ore

    The airpods are unusable With Android (my opinion

  8. Blasian62


    Acum 23 ore

    The Samsung Level On Wireless and Pro headphones had really good touch controls.

  9. Matthew Tan

    Matthew Tan

    Acum 23 ore

    Hey - Can't you turn off touch control through the app?

  10. anonymous anonymous

    anonymous anonymous

    Acum o Zi

    Frank is a she

  11. ItsRowan 365

    ItsRowan 365

    Acum o Zi

    You should make an AirPods Pro review

  12. Mathiaboy 07

    Mathiaboy 07

    Acum o Zi

    Review your iPad with green cas.

  13. TriggaHappyYT


    Acum o Zi

    I can't wear anything with the rubber tips and I've tried everything to miss matching sizes from diffrent manufacturers to cutting them..... then I tried the Bean's lol, they are the only things that stay in my ear and I'm happy I don't have carry around over the ears anymore. Everyone hates on the beans but the sound is rather good for the design and fit, everyone's diffrent and might actually hear things differently that's why I'm interested in the Nura headphones now.

  14. Glen Goldsbury

    Glen Goldsbury

    Acum o Zi

    I wonder if the lack of physical buttons is to help the water proofing?

    • Qibcentric's Playground

      Qibcentric's Playground

      Acum 21 oră

      Not really. My jaybird vista has buttons (tho u need more force to press) and they're IPX7 certified too And they can also handle a shit ton of torture, drops and steps

  15. Stealth Pro

    Stealth Pro

    Acum o Zi

    Why does he hate all products? 🤔

  16. Stas Omelyanchuk

    Stas Omelyanchuk

    Acum o Zi

    Can you do a follow-up video with the Jabra 85t? I really want to see how they hold up against more expensive anc earbuds.

  17. Lutonakis


    Acum o Zi

    0:39 wow that autofocus is super fast

  18. Maximilian Moryakhin

    Maximilian Moryakhin

    Acum o Zi

    Activating siri with galaxy buds?

  19. Bongoer Cat

    Bongoer Cat

    Acum o Zi

    You can actually turn off the touch controls though

  20. butwhy


    Acum o Zi

    What are your thoughts on KPH30I with earpads?

  21. Emmanuel Porte

    Emmanuel Porte

    Acum o Zi

    The one thing he didn't talk about was battery life. I got a pair of soundcore earbuds. They are 8 hours playing time with a 100 hour battery with case and the case are as big as the Sony's. I just toss the case in my work bag and I'm good. Barely charge the thing. Maybe the big case is to keep a bigger battery?

  22. mxdiggitydom


    Acum o Zi

    samsung is the best tech company

  23. Kenny Stumpmier

    Kenny Stumpmier

    Acum o Zi

    should of been called galaxy bud ultras to be with the samsung galaxy ultra series

  24. James Coyne

    James Coyne

    Acum o Zi


  25. JonDoe Dlooney

    JonDoe Dlooney

    Acum 2 Zile

    I kinda have to disagree on the active noise cancelling, they don't fully block out the sound and mute the world sure... But kinda like an open end set you were saying about, they reduce the ambient noise. (I used em in a ships engine room... So they work 😬)

  26. Yousef Ali

    Yousef Ali

    Acum 2 Zile

    I swear I watch your vids just to laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂BRUHHHHH

  27. 8834


    Acum 2 Zile

    Do an iPad reveal

  28. Ayo


    Acum 2 Zile

    You can disable touch controls idk if u can do it if u don't have a Samsung

  29. David


    Acum 2 Zile

    Please do pixel buds!

  30. strayffe


    Acum 2 Zile

    What’s the name of your band or what you used to play in? I cannot remember if you played or if you still play with them



    Acum 2 Zile

    These actually sound quite awesome. They get more listening time compared to my dunu dk3001 pro and hd 599

  32. KyeGKY


    Acum 2 Zile

    4:32 the way you open the box is like those incompetent living beings trying to cut vegies but fumbles around and killed their cat in infomercials.

  33. 17-UEC-351 JATIN CHUGANI


    Acum 2 Zile

    I have been watching ur channel for a long time it is entertaining too I just subcribed it would nice if I could get a iPod touch 6/7th gen so I can start shooting ROfilm videos so I could start a channel for filming you can see my Instagram @Lazerjatin hope u like it and help me out

  34. SeanJ_ 976

    SeanJ_ 976

    Acum 3 Zile

    AYO, Mr. Dank, you need to review the Jabras, they are easily as good as the air pods in my opinion

  35. Al Beklik

    Al Beklik

    Acum 3 Zile

    Hey diarrhea slow down your guts are coming out

  36. Ragnarøkkr


    Acum 3 Zile

    'it's thickness that counts" -DankPods 2021 6:49

  37. Chamieiniibet


    Acum 3 Zile

    Come on! Airpods Pro have the shittiest sound for everything but phonecalls. How is it even possible for someone with ears to use them for listening to music? That's why they're "Pro" - you won't use them for fun or pleasure. Only for some professional activities.

    • Matthew Ockey

      Matthew Ockey

      Acum 13 ore

      @Chamieiniibet Your mouth, bullshit spills from it

    • Chamieiniibet


      Acum 14 ore

      @Matthew Ockey the ears?

    • Matthew Ockey

      Matthew Ockey

      Acum 19 ore


  38. Aleks Rinta-Suksi

    Aleks Rinta-Suksi

    Acum 3 Zile

    2:08 .....runner beans Don't hurt me

  39. 乐手英伦


    Acum 3 Zile

    Everyone gangsta till the beans fall out your ear and falls down the drain.

  40. Schwa Town

    Schwa Town

    Acum 3 Zile

    "It's guud"

  41. Captain Autismo

    Captain Autismo

    Acum 3 Zile

    Can you get the senheisser momentum true wireless 2? I’d love a review

  42. Onur3468


    Acum 3 Zile

    How about the JBL Club Pro+?

  43. Th3OfficeBoy’sOfficial


    Acum 3 Zile

    We can all say we were here before 1M subs

  44. Josh Adams

    Josh Adams

    Acum 3 Zile

    The dollar tree in the US sells headsets for a dollar. You should buy some from the Australian equivalent and review those.

  45. SyerC


    Acum 3 Zile

    The only thing i gathered from this video ... *They make sharpies that big ??????*

  46. RavenDaSergal


    Acum 3 Zile

    i guess i must be old fashion because i like to sit down at my desktop computer with a good amp and thats how i listen to my digital music i dont like having music on my iphone however i do own a sony walkman

  47. Mini Disx

    Mini Disx

    Acum 3 Zile

    I saw your Patreon *Dankpods* name on Internet Historian's latest video by the way.

  48. Inept x Python

    Inept x Python

    Acum 3 Zile

    4:25 you must be an apple spastic because this just isn't an issue for anyone, the only issue I have seen is that they are expensive and the ear pieces are less circular and more rectangular

  49. Miner god aj

    Miner god aj

    Acum 3 Zile

    Did u know that c418 is subbed to him?

  50. James_welch 79

    James_welch 79

    Acum 3 Zile

    You've gotta get some Skullcandy Crusher Evo

  51. The Shaggy Rifleman

    The Shaggy Rifleman

    Acum 3 Zile

    I dont care, I'm still waiting for poo nano. #BRINGONPOONANO

  52. mdem


    Acum 3 Zile

    I have the Buds Pro and the main reason (95%) is to sleep with it. Soon as I bought them I turned off touch, turned off ANC, and they are amazing to sleep with. I used Jaybirds X1/2/3/4 in the past, and they all sucked, and for each pair I had to do a warranty claim on them because they SUCK. Buds Pro also sounds far better than the Jaybirds, so I'm all around happy with my purchase. =)

  53. falconfx


    Acum 3 Zile

    Dear Mr. Pods, may I suggest you take a gander at the KZ SA08 (catchiest name ever) true wireless earbuds, the reviews seem good n all but I think we'd love to hear what you think of it! Absolutely loving the audiophile stuff, keep up the D A N K

  54. Napster2002 . aspx

    Napster2002 . aspx

    Acum 3 Zile

    Could you please review SOL REPUBLIC brand headphones, the over ear model? They cost about 265 freedom pidgeons.

  55. E O

    E O

    Acum 3 Zile

    you should do a video on uproar headphones

  56. Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith

    Acum 3 Zile

    I think I've accidentally triggered touch controls like... 5 times maybe? I only have the regular galaxy buds but the point stands it's not that big a deal. I find them pretty easy

  57. the inferior one

    the inferior one

    Acum 3 Zile

    The beans are in the bose music glasses case

  58. LucidHiTV 1

    LucidHiTV 1

    Acum 3 Zile

    if you are a real Audiophile then i dare you review the Sennheiser HD 820

  59. izzy momo831

    izzy momo831

    Acum 3 Zile

    anyyy chance on a review on the microsoft headphones 😂?

  60. Lucario


    Acum 3 Zile

    Google pixel buds 2 when?

  61. God Loves You

    God Loves You

    Acum 3 Zile

    Why would anyone buy normal earbuds when IEMs are a thing.....

  62. Anonymous Annoying Mouse

    Anonymous Annoying Mouse

    Acum 3 Zile

    He is like everyones mom, one child makes a mistake and every other sibling gets a whopping

  63. Deer God

    Deer God

    Acum 3 Zile

    DankPods: Our dollery doos are worthless. Me a New Zealander: sad NZD noises

    • noodle


      Acum 2 Zile

      Atleast your guys handling of covid is good. :)

  64. Jennifer Lieberman

    Jennifer Lieberman

    Acum 3 Zile

    I have the b&o e8 sport and that comment on the touch controls is spot on.

  65. Ronnie Jr

    Ronnie Jr

    Acum 3 Zile

    I don't use an iPhone, but I must say the airpod pros are deffinitly my favorite wireless earbuds

  66. Maulen. IDC Florez

    Maulen. IDC Florez

    Acum 3 Zile

    3:56 Honestly the touch control is worth it for me I like the slick feel. Does need to be improved a bit though.

  67. Joshua Chavez

    Joshua Chavez

    Acum 3 Zile

    Anyone know where to buy and download high quality music?

    • Tai Bannister

      Tai Bannister

      Acum 11 ore

      tidal is a lossles file streaming service

  68. jrocker798


    Acum 3 Zile

    I know it’s been a little while since you’ve modded an iPod but is increasing the capacity of a 3G nano something you’d try?

  69. Brilee Schuetz

    Brilee Schuetz

    Acum 3 Zile

    Can you please do skull candy’s I really love them and I think the pretty reliable one pair lasted 4+ years for me

  70. Twig


    Acum 3 Zile

    Try the Neno, yes, Neno. Nenorelax wireless earbuds. They advertise being 19 freedom bucks and still having ALL the expensive stuff.

  71. Zach Huygen

    Zach Huygen

    Acum 3 Zile

    Why don’t you try the boltune earbuds from on Amazon Danky? They are very good. They fit in your ears very well, have different ear fitters, and have some great bass boosting plus sound cancelling. They work a lot like hesh 2 wireless skull candy headphines

  72. o


    Acum 4 Zile

    danky could you review the anker soundcore q30's at some point? would love your opinion on those 🥺

  73. Fuzed Cable

    Fuzed Cable

    Acum 4 Zile

    U shud do the arctis pro + gamedac wired. They say it has high res audio which would make for an interesting video. On top of that they improved the headset since ur last encounter with steel series. The cups are better it’s made of metal it feels better- with the exception of the volume weirdness which stayed the same. The hIGhReS AuDIo would be fun to see

  74. R B

    R B

    Acum 4 Zile

    I literally just got an ad for this product before this video started-

  75. xXgavatron_ gameingXx

    xXgavatron_ gameingXx

    Acum 4 Zile

    You got new beans. Lol those beans looked hideous tho.

  76. Baguette


    Acum 4 Zile

    11:40 There's a mode for wind, which leaves noise cancelling enabled plus reduces the wind noise (even more than having the noise cancelling deactivated). Bad thing is you have to turn it on in the app :/

  77. JellyBeanJoey


    Acum 4 Zile

    How do they compare to JBL FreeX's?

  78. Zain Satti

    Zain Satti

    Acum 4 Zile

    Day 2 of asking dankpod to review the encacfire f1s

  79. Clickbait


    Acum 4 Zile

    could you do a similar comparison with the new Oppo Enco X?

  80. Ben Barnette

    Ben Barnette

    Acum 4 Zile

    Are you one of the wiggles I mean u mix music sooooooo just saying

  81. Patrick Gründler

    Patrick Gründler

    Acum 4 Zile

    You should try the Jabra earbuds I’ve had a great experience with them but they do have a wind noise problem

  82. Trentan Eoff_

    Trentan Eoff_

    Acum 4 Zile

    I feel like he just doesn't like samsung

  83. do__ren


    Acum 4 Zile

    Over Ear is always best!

  84. Lewis Kelly

    Lewis Kelly

    Acum 4 Zile

    RIP beans

  85. Florian 1337

    Florian 1337

    Acum 4 Zile

    trey them bose m8

  86. Matias Mamani

    Matias Mamani

    Acum 4 Zile

    Apple fanboy

  87. Caleb Fossett

    Caleb Fossett

    Acum 4 Zile

    You've done a lot of reviews on cheap vs expensive headphones and earbuds but what is the effect of cheap vs. expensive DACs and cheap vs. expensive AMPs have on the listening experience on cheap vs. expensive headphones, earbud, and speakers?

  88. Calan Parker

    Calan Parker

    Acum 4 Zile

    I wanna see you try Sennheiser momentum true wireless 2

  89. ourfreakingshow2


    Acum 4 Zile

    Could we get some more big company headphone reviews? I’ve been looking at headphones from JBL, skull candy, and some other big names and Id love your input on them.

  90. Adam Mada

    Adam Mada

    Acum 4 Zile

    Have ya ever consider reviewing speaker? Cheap or expensive. Just a suggestion.

  91. D Metal Dragon

    D Metal Dragon

    Acum 4 Zile

    @DankPods should review the razer hammerhead true wireless pro to these too

  92. Gary Stinten

    Gary Stinten

    Acum 4 Zile

    so pretty, she's made in italy

  93. Gary Stinten

    Gary Stinten

    Acum 4 Zile

    could you do a review of the sennheiser wireless buds? thanks.

  94. FileNotFound__


    Acum 4 Zile

    Importhant question, Apple DirtyBuds or KZ ES4s sound wise?

  95. Спас Стоянов

    Спас Стоянов

    Acum 4 Zile

    Hey, dude! Just popping in to tell you that I bought a pair of grado SR60e on your recommendation. This is the first pair of "quality" headphones I've bought and they are currently in the process of melting my face off with sweet, crisp goodness. Thank you for this! You've made my life better!

  96. jack


    Acum 4 Zile

    thought it might be important to mention, you can indeed turn off the touch controls on all the Galaxy buds in settings, or if you don't want to turn them off completely, but just reassign the buttons to do something more useful, then you can do that too. honestly, I'm a huge fan of the touch controls on my Galaxy Buds. I never 'miss' them and poke myself in the eye or something (that was a bad attempt at a joke), but yeah, for me holding down on either the left earbud or right earbud increments the volume down and up respectively, tapping either side once will just pause whatever is playing, double-tapping on either side means that it will skip the current song and go to the next one, while a quick triple tap will mean I can go back to relisten to the song or just go to the previous song. all and all, it's not for everyone, but for the people who use it, they really like it, and for the people who don't, well they can just turn it off if they desire. anyway, great review, love your stuff!

  97. Hynek Hošek

    Hynek Hošek

    Acum 4 Zile

    Could you review soundcore liberty air 2s ?

  98. Andrea Garrett

    Andrea Garrett

    Acum 4 Zile

    The low gemini ignificantly rock because lung univariately consider until a spiteful greek. motionless, encouraging hydrant

  99. Tamago Yaki

    Tamago Yaki

    Acum 4 Zile

    Ever think of trying KZ's wireless earbuds?

  100. Little Polar Bear

    Little Polar Bear

    Acum 4 Zile

    Hey Wade, are you ever going to review the Marshall phone?