If Everything Was Like Among Us 3

Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 3 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
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    • Fernando junior nieto bello

      Fernando junior nieto bello

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      Do impostor part 4

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      It is so cool that Elijah acts in the thunder mans so cool

    • Sapna Mangal

      Sapna Mangal

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      OMG me

  2. Kiara Espinal

    Kiara Espinal

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    5gvbg que

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    Quinn Dunny

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    I love you Gus you guys are so funny!

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    i do wanna do that

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    Vivian Knuckey

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    I like Roblox.

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    Sinzidi Ngwisi

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  7. Танкодром WoT Blitz

    Танкодром WoT Blitz

    Acum 27 minute

    When I heard-RED IS SUS, I see huge history

  8. Jaden-Noel- Frenzel

    Jaden-Noel- Frenzel

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    I want the new video of among us

  9. I I

    I I

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    lol red sus ?

  10. faizal faizal

    faizal faizal

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    Can you please make part 4? I love this and the rest!

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  13. Life PG3D

    Life PG3D

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    Could u guys do a impostor part 4?

  14. BTR FUN


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    It’s BTR fun

  15. Tran Devin

    Tran Devin

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    0:58 BRUHH I think He played to many rounds with 3

  16. VERNONBLVJSCSONAVUNE On the 7 train and 6 train

    VERNONBLVJSCSONAVUNE On the 7 train and 6 train

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    Who is black

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      O TENKS

    • Mecit Baysal

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  19. Ebbs Martey

    Ebbs Martey

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    Me I Want part 3 i

  20. Dr. B.Muthukumar

    Dr. B.Muthukumar

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    00:57 three imposter that was so funny 😂🤣

  21. nOob play

    nOob play

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    Where is the part 4 how wants part 4 like this comment

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  23. Foxyy Courtepatte

    Foxyy Courtepatte

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    The way green was, voted off

  24. Avani Jit

    Avani Jit

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    im ipmpor

  25. Storm


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    I cringed so hard

  26. z abbad

    z abbad

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    pls can you make part 4

  27. Johara Singh

    Johara Singh

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    The toylit paper part is the funnyygist part

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    NH gaming

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    I want 4 part

  29. OllyPlayz


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    1:02 voice crack?



    Acum 2 ore


  31. Alex 21

    Alex 21

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    The hypnotic roadway seasonally bat because deer initially rely below a shaggy certification. smiling, helpful sack

  32. Microwolf


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    4:13 don’t even try to hide that voice crack

  33. Random dude

    Random dude

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    Purple never loses She is a pro

  34. Shabab Hossain

    Shabab Hossain

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    Rip black



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    It's me you say in among us subscriber to shiloh and bros

  36. Stephen Austin

    Stephen Austin

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    What did the white girl say at the last meeting

  37. Rayan Bechara

    Rayan Bechara

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    What if black was the imposter LOL

  38. Jayden Smith

    Jayden Smith

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    you can't vote two people out

  39. Gabrielle Marshall

    Gabrielle Marshall

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    blue is kinda sus-

  40. Ruben Castro Hübner

    Ruben Castro Hübner

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    Part 2.please

  41. Wyatt R

    Wyatt R

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    It was not a tie green should have got kicked out

  42. Snufkin


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    Orange kinda sus tbh

  43. Thomas Garraud

    Thomas Garraud

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    Red is always sus

  44. TGBnathan TGB

    TGBnathan TGB

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    Do a firth

  45. steven castro

    steven castro

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  46. Among us Gameplay

    Among us Gameplay

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    Who else wants a part 4

  47. Surjeet Singh

    Surjeet Singh

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  48. Surjeet Singh

    Surjeet Singh

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  49. Surjeet Singh

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  50. Khôi Minh Nguyễn

    Khôi Minh Nguyễn

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    Who was black

  51. Kalpana Gupta

    Kalpana Gupta

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    It's always Shiloh left at the end of game using her BIG Brain to win the game💪🤞😂

  52. Arben Hyseni

    Arben Hyseni

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    It's gren

  53. Jewl Ashe

    Jewl Ashe

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    rarest game of amoung us requries ✿ all the same hats and colors ✿ no one saying sus ✿ 3 impostors ✿ same name ✿ admin card swipe at the same time ✿ ghosts can come back to life also know as........ 웃 COOCHIE MAN

  54. Hoi Chun Wai

    Hoi Chun Wai

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    Are you guys going to do part 4

  55. Kevin Tafaj

    Kevin Tafaj

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    Plsss do a part 4 plssss and shhilow to be an inposter, shes smart

  56. adlina faqihah

    adlina faqihah

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  57. Pragya


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    plz make more parts i love thid it is a request plz make more parts

  58. narjissoun xo

    narjissoun xo

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    This is so unfunny

  59. Sangeeta Das

    Sangeeta Das

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    red air haha😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😃😃😃😃😙😘😗😹👬

  60. Sangeeta Das

    Sangeeta Das

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    you did say every one should say red is due that's why red is the imposter

  61. Ikke Yogi

    Ikke Yogi

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  62. Ayaana Khadem

    Ayaana Khadem

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    I love among us

  63. Edhel Binay

    Edhel Binay

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    Purple is being voted in 1,2,3

  64. Sarah Prosser

    Sarah Prosser

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    I knew it was black cuz he didn't leave

  65. Jathin Satyaveer

    Jathin Satyaveer

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    I am not Subscribe to this channal

  66. Jathin Satyaveer

    Jathin Satyaveer

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    I want to kill that red now 😬😬😬

  67. damnh dan

    damnh dan

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    when i go to a frozen lake and i slip 7:34

  68. Rachael Rosamond

    Rachael Rosamond

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    It’s blue black and red

  69. Ayden Williams

    Ayden Williams

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    DO A 4

  70. Marchie TV

    Marchie TV

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    do 4

  71. Andrea Legaspi

    Andrea Legaspi

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    Hi! Can i know what is the name that Judah always say sus to? the red girl cus she's my favorite. :)

  72. Janaka Atapattu

    Janaka Atapattu

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    When orange started saying "OH SNAP OH SNAP" Blue just gasped😂

  73. Raunak Singh

    Raunak Singh

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    Tabhi to like karunga itna bol wala nahin dikha jaega Jism emergency meeting nahin Hoti

  74. Raunak Singh

    Raunak Singh

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    Sorry main aapke video ko like nahin kar sakta kyunki agar aap thoda achcha per abhi jo dikha

  75. Prachi jaiswal

    Prachi jaiswal

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    I think we all agree for a part four ☺️ (I really need it) This is just the best!

  76. Harini Ganesan

    Harini Ganesan

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    Part 4 pls

  77. Savithri M

    Savithri M

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    make An Part 4 Pls

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    Fatima Khan

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    Make a next part

  79. Rachel Baladhay

    Rachel Baladhay

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    I hope there is part four of this its so awesome and funny

  80. JonatasMonte


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    Somehow I felt that fart from here.

  81. JonatasMonte


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    2:58 That sound is so soothing!

  82. naaz fathima

    naaz fathima

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    Your vids are awsomeee

  83. Audris Lara

    Audris Lara

    Acum 11 ore

    Bruh judah this time is corresct judah: reds sus (truth) everyone: no no judah red is not sus judah you say that everytime (lie) Judah: oh snap!!! Oh snap!!! Hahaha!!! I was right red was sus red was sus!! Oh knew it!!! Oh snap i love ur vids🥰😍❤️😍🥰😍🥰

  84. Tram Tran

    Tram Tran

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    Wow nice :D

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    Xandrex Leiam Colis

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    I like the video

  86. Braydon Oxendine

    Braydon Oxendine

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    When blue got voted out he hit the porch a lil bit to hard it went like boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom becha he got hurt after he did that

  87. UnkNownn26


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    7:10 thats not an idiot thing to do actually I did that multiple times and it worked

  88. Ace Toy Boom

    Ace Toy Boom

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    Red blue and cyan imposter

  89. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

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    It would make me the happiest person on earth if you came out with a number four but made everyone act really sus! XOXO! Love you guys!

  90. Viandra Maheswara

    Viandra Maheswara

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  91. Viandra Maheswara

    Viandra Maheswara

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      love you

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    ismriti rai

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    Can you make part 4 pls pls plz pls pls

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    Ian Bean

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    Can i just say that these 3 videos are the exact same thing even though they are good

  95. Ishika Anand

    Ishika Anand

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    we want anothere part (4)

  96. Muath Mohammed

    Muath Mohammed

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    you can’t vote 2 people in a row inner sloth will dislike y’all

  97. Tsz Ching Lee

    Tsz Ching Lee

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    do 4 impostors

  98. Oliver Strobel

    Oliver Strobel

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    I just love the among us in real life videos. I really would love it if you would make another one. Part 4 please!

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    Voice crack4:13

  100. Karina Ysabelle Morada

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    can you make an pert 4 plzzz