If You Build a House, I'll Pay For It!

If you build the best house, I'll buy you a house! This is definitely the biggest prize we've given away yet and the builds players created in this challenge were insane!
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      @Baller 4Life ❶ lhhjjjjjhhhhh

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      queenie legaspi

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      fkfhjf Fgjkk

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      @Elite h

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    Demon Dom

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    where my 10k lmaoooo im kidding i love youu beast

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    Me and You

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    She said subscribe to Mr🙂BEAST👹..... gaming🥰

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    I made one pay me

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    Can I please be in one on these videos? I’m already subbed.

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  7. Sanja Petrovska

    Sanja Petrovska

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    Will this became liked

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    wow good job this video has 1.4M likes i subed:)

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    Fox Boy

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    Chandler suck at rating people.

  11. Announcer from BFDI

    Announcer from BFDI

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    I want to join Game: Java Edition Me: *sad me noises*

  12. Gab Balanga

    Gab Balanga

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    I see a house had a chicken legs

  13. Steel Bro

    Steel Bro

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    Good thing its not bideo because i dont have anything on 😂

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    I wish I could be in one of these but I don't know how to get java :(

  16. José Irais Santiago Navarrete

    José Irais Santiago Navarrete

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    7:46 he’s mean victory in that game not in minecrafty

  17. Brooke Shepard

    Brooke Shepard

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    I 9 years old and my life was made in Minecraft and I moved and live in a milk aisle in walmart

  18. /-FOX SHINE-\ taking a break

    /-FOX SHINE-\ taking a break

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    Mr:beast is the best because he freaking give millions of $ away for a win and fun also subscribe to mr:beast!!! Smash that subscribe button know!!!

  19. Bendy. The dancing demon

    Bendy. The dancing demon

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    I’m just going to show you A. Diamond house in that

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    Cynthia Gamil

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    Nikki tran Cuộc sống ở mỹ

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    I want house too 😭😭😭😭

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    I subed

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    Amanda Isobelle Staalstrøm Johansen

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    SpongeBob squarepants SpongeBob squarepants SpongeBob squarepaaaaaants *plays nose flute*

  25. Top hat Person who likes top hats

    Top hat Person who likes top hats

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    Note to self: if competing in a mr.beast video in Minecraft, build the treehouse from adventure time. Karl will instantly give it an 11.

  26. BetoProfortnite 64

    BetoProfortnite 64

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    Can I compete in a mr beast challenge in Minecraft

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    hi mr beast huge fan

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    Maddie Buskirk

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    “oh thank god because i don’t have anything on” *wait a minute*

  30. CrunchyFilms


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    Honestly I don’t like the first place house

  31. STD_Kudrat Saberwal

    STD_Kudrat Saberwal

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    Son-I won a house Mom-Phew no video CUZ I DONT HAVE ANYTHING ON -----------------------------------error in brain----------------------------

  32. figet♡toys


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    Im only looking at the front cover to Build a hous XD

  33. Data mode

    Data mode

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    D Bnm

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    When do u do your videos

  35. Penny the big pickle JK JK

    Penny the big pickle JK JK

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    Mister Bacon sounds like such a nice guy omg

  37. Black panda

    Black panda

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    I wish Mr beast was my brother

  38. Frogies Daydreamin

    Frogies Daydreamin

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    6:26 is from a tutorial, I have built the same house in my world :)

  39. Diana 228

    Diana 228

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    Hi my name is Diana I am from Russia

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    Akaij E Hargrove

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    Sussy imposter

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    Tubbo :0

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  44. Meredith Richardson

    Meredith Richardson

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    I love you Doofishimrtz

  45. Andreas Kuisle

    Andreas Kuisle

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    Can you do a giveaway in a small town like media pools???

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    Doji Bongc lorenzo

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    I want all

  47. Summer O

    Summer O

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    What is your Minecraft server Calls tell in your next video.

  48. Sophia Loaf

    Sophia Loaf

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    *wins a house while playing minecraft in class*

  49. Nadine Piontek

    Nadine Piontek

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    First. Commons

  50. Five Nights At Freddy's Ar Short

    Five Nights At Freddy's Ar Short

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    Hi Mr Beast

  51. Dincoox 17

    Dincoox 17

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    Tommorow is 1 year anniversary of first upload on MrBeast Gaming channel

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    I saw your ad mrBeast

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    Pasha Pasha

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    5:45 killed me 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

  54. Fraoula Terpo

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  55. H M

    H M

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    The Video you made when you filled your brothers house when elephant toothpaste was hilarious

  56. joyland centre

    joyland centre

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    MrBeast Am Gonno Buy The mars Next Year

    • joyland centre

      joyland centre

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      MrBeast am Ganno bye the mars Next Year

  57. depar phyokyaw

    depar phyokyaw

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    Mann , your videos sucks

  58. k-pop


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    Chicken leg house is creative

  59. Use code spaiidzyt Shanmugam

    Use code spaiidzyt Shanmugam

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    Karl have dream shirt

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    Riley Walsh

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    2025 Mrbeast become President 😂

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    Can you give 2000 dollar for me fan from inda.

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    Do you X ceps mobile players because I have an iPad?

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    I can't join discord I'm only 8

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    Make me cheese house

  67. Tawi Nxumza

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    Dude breme is a hacker how does he/she build fast and leave

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    and i am her brother/and i am a big fan i subscribed to you

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    i wrood love to get 10000 dollers

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    Marsha Miles

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    I built a modern house on Minecraft it is so nice you need to see it

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    I would feel so bad

  73. Xx_SapphireWolf_xX


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    I wouldn't tnt anybody

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    Tubbo sounds like Harry Potter

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    Did anyone realize she said that she has nothing on and she was around her son

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    If I were a judge I would give a 10 for everything

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    I wish I had an opportunity like this... I am homeless..

  78. أفكار رائعة Fantastic Thoughts

    أفكار رائعة Fantastic Thoughts

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    Mr beast videos :50 millions views 1.4 M likes.. Aboflah Videos :7 Million views 2.5 M likes Lol 😂

  79. ItzDrake


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    3:07 uH mIsTEr bAcOn

  80. JP Goldstein

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    Get Grian to join one of the building contests

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    Colby Grayson

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    I love all your videos man I set and watch on fb for hrs!!!

  82. Øreo The ARTIST Sainz

    Øreo The ARTIST Sainz

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    i never seen a house with CHICKENLEGS

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    100000$ house!????

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    Breme rimes with dream



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    She said she got nothing on bruh 😂

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    Every video Blows up



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    Bruhhh all this man channels be blowing up

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    Bruh + meme = breme

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    i like the editing of Mr beast videos

  93. Neeraj.R Gaming Arena

    Neeraj.R Gaming Arena

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    i like the SpongeBob's house

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    Justin and Jazper

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    POV: your a builder and you understand the title

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    The discord is full. Constantly.

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    is this supposed to be entertaining

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    mr best is stupid.

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    I wish I was a part of this. I’ve now been homeless for a week. My mom and I would have cried if I got this .

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    “ Chandler what happened to your voice” Jimmy: it got dumber Me: 🤣🤣🤣

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    I subscribed