If You Build a House, I'll Pay For It!

If you build the best house, I'll buy you a house! This is definitely the biggest prize we've given away yet and the builds players created in this challenge were insane!
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      @Baller 4Life ❶ lhhjjjjjhhhhh

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      queenie legaspi

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      fkfhjf Fgjkk

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    The Scotts

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  3. SavageSibs :3

    SavageSibs :3

    Acum 46 minute

    Karl: Chandler what happened to your voice? Chris: What do you mean? Jimmy: You just got dumber. Chris: *why we still here? Just a suffering-*

  4. SN - 02MS 886285 Edenrose PS

    SN - 02MS 886285 Edenrose PS

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    I like more Challagers, Because I love wacthing them

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    I subscribe both channels can I please be in in Minecraft game with you???😇🤩

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    Roses are red Voilets are blue Mr beast is sweet and you should be too ❤️

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    Good channel

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    Kate Holland

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    Hey, liked the vid! So, question. This is the first time I've watched Mr. Beast. Does he actually give people these insane things? If so, that's really cool!

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    zip op gaming

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    6:10 why is there a face on Karl's jacket

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    Juan Hernandez

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  11. Natasha KIRKHAM

    Natasha KIRKHAM

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    The title is if yo7 build a house I’ll pay for it and they all built a house

  12. The Mimi Squad

    The Mimi Squad

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    Can you put the link to your discord below



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    mr beast misses loads of build every time

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    beata blanda

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    “Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills." Copy to make it happen 👍🏻

  18. Nicola Graves

    Nicola Graves

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    A real house

  19. What Happened

    What Happened

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    The snow globe house is from a geico commercial

  20. Jacob Pham

    Jacob Pham

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    Iove your vid

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    Izaiahs Trains

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    I don’t have anything on

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    “Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills." Copy to make it happen👍🏻

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    b g

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    Pick me ??

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    Ms.Random Willow

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    mr. beast is so epic lol

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    sadie Mcewen

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    whats next Bruh meme park?

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    Stephanie Blavet

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    ma lucas

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    Emmons Leroy

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    Wagner Jonathan

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  30. The Emarald puppy 2012

    The Emarald puppy 2012

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    Neko Osceola

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  32. Pack Crackers

    Pack Crackers

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    I’ll sell you a completed kino der toten black ops map built on Minecraft



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    10:57 Squishy's mom: Cus i don't have anything on Me: Wdym😂😂😂 Can someone explain is she talking about the makeup or??😂😂😂

    • Burrito


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      i think she means not having money on her right now

  34. Wan Daniel Eusoff Bin Wan Adam Shah

    Wan Daniel Eusoff Bin Wan Adam Shah

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    tubbo house looks so cool

  35. Claire T Mitchell43

    Claire T Mitchell43

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    roweil acas

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    podcast_ Gamer

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    bababoey yeet

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    Bruh meme

  39. Lobelia haleth

    Lobelia haleth

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    Mrbeast next year: let's but earth Me : BUY EARTH WITH NO VIRUS JIMMY AND BUY US A ROCKET THANK YOU

  40. How2BeBasic


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    That one guy who builds a diamond house 'bring me the money'

  41. bqv6


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    6:26 bruh this house is literally a youtube video...

  42. Elaine Mckenna

    Elaine Mckenna

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    Who disliked the video

  43. pilar Peñafiel

    pilar Peñafiel

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    Poor doof :(

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    I subscribed to you 😉

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    the amount of tutorials people made is sad



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    My name is not Johnny stop calling me that mrbeast and btw I got disconnected because the power was gone

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    Jr Labao

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    you heard her, subscribe to MrBeasss Gaming

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    Im allways woondering if MrBeast content is fake, Because a house is really crazy, but if he gives a house i´m just O:

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    9:24 Tommei laugh

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    does anyone realise that karl is wearing dream mearch

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    She said I don’t got anything on

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    i know both of dem

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    Am I the only one who heard that woman say she don’t got nothin on?

  69. brooke taylor

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    guys, its his money, his choice how he spends it. he does do stuff for charity so stop asking for him to pay for what ever you want him to pay for why would you go pay someones bills jesus christ

  70. Swag Car

    Swag Car

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    I sub to you And google gears to the person who won the house

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    I hope you make another video like that

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    I just wanted to comment & say that you are an awesome dude, with a great personality. You're kind, and aren't afraid to show that! Dope.

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    Karl be like: SPONGEBOB PINAPPLE!? Wowwww

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    and i hit👍

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    i subscribe everyday

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    imagine, a millionaire offer you the chance to win a house if you build the best house in Minecraft, yet you decide to build a among us house

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    I watch Tubbo hes a great youtuber

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    Do you play Fortnite

  82. Gyron King

    Gyron King

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    Do you play Fortnite

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    Galactic Doom 1 day ago “Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills." Copy to make it happen 👍🏻

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    i built the thumbnail houce in my custom village

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    I love the skycraper

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    I don’t understand how there not existed when mr beast talks to them there like how you doing HOW

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    hi you are my favrot

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    “Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills." Copy to make it happen 👍🏻

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    Do you want to be the challenges in Wynsum would make me happy because right now I’m really sad If I want something Mimi I could but can you please let me play Yeah but if I could play with you guys in win something now that would be awesome but I don’t know how I would play with you guys so that’s one reason and I am a good builder I’m actually building some of the stuff in the really cool no house I would be able to make a cool house probably I don’t things too but that would take a little longer

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    Dude you are riiiiicccchhhhh

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    Hear me out... I have a conspiracy... mr beast and his boys did the bruh meme thing. Is this true mr beast?😂