Iggy Azalea, Tyga - Sip It (Official Video)

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Sip It Lyrics
2X pussy, pussy, pussy, Pussy
Fuck him on top.
big boob no training bra
Big boss bitch.
I could get you a new car
Fuck him in the Saint Laurent heels
he said I’m too tall
Wanna wife me up?
I go silent and say ha ha haaaa...
Uber on the wayyyy....
he said can he stay?
Don’t pull in my garageee...
Rolls Royce in driveway
I don’t got no time though
to beef on no vinyl.
I’m counting my baggies
you hoes wannabe viral
Blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde richard on my arm.
Rappers in my phone
in my DM’s won’t leave me alone.
Blonde blonde blonde blonde
hair 30 inches long
Boys on my dick
sip this pussy like its styrofoam
Sip, sip, sip, sip it
Sip, sip, sip, sip it
Rappers in my phone
in my DM’s won’t leave me alone
Boys on my dick
sip this pussy like its styrofoam, yeah
Sip, sip, sip, sip it
Sip, sip, sip, sip it
Rappers in my phone
in my DM’s won’t leave me alone
Boys on my dick
sip this pussy like its styrofoam
(Post hook)
2X pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
Hold up, aye
Fuck her from the back
I’m a dog, Bitch I’m too raw
Tom Ford draws on my balls
bitches kiss the paws
I don’t dive in wet pussy
bitch I cannon ball
I serve these hoes
no bitch I don’t play volleyball
Let’s play a gameee...
cash or the fame.
She fuck me gooood...
She might get a chain.
I don’t got no time hoe.
let’s fuck now, I leave tomorrow
Gotta Birkin bag, hundred on the tags.
strippers popping ass
throwin’ car notes
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Drop the fuckin’ top
Let me do my thang,
make it rain on this fuckin’ thot
This is why I’m hot
in Miami make that temper drop
Lick a lollipop
suck me dry til it’s not a drop, bitch!
#IggyAzalea #Tyga #SipIt
Official Video by Iggy Azalea & Tyga - Sip It (Official Video) © 2021 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE


  1. Bobi Catso

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    Sippp ittttt

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    Only 1080p? Is this 2007?

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    Keep them coming chicken heads

  4. Nicolae Adrian Popovici

    Nicolae Adrian Popovici

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    I've allways susspected it , but now i have it confirmed , It's all a tucking rigged shut , this ducking video is all pushy licking

  5. D A

    D A

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    The soundtrack to this porno is terrible

  6. diix Hernandez

    diix Hernandez

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    Iggy ft cardi b 💓🔥

  7. Michaela Fisher

    Michaela Fisher

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    The. Visuals in this video are dope asf 🔥🔥🔥💚💚 I love it iggy always sets it off 🧿💫✨

  8. CK Taylor

    CK Taylor

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    uber on the way he said can he stay

  9. иαу мαяу

    иαу мαяу

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  11. A Cool Girl

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    Share a video. Tell a friend. Send this song to a friend. Include in your own Spotify playlists no matter how much subscribers it has. Iggy is an independent artists So we really need to work hard as she does.

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    Sandemane Hurricane

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    wait is that ppcocaine- sorry if i spelled it wrong lol

  15. TheDustMeister 88

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  21. Sarah


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    SIP IT

  35. FrFrFr


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    Sip It

  36. Awesome Dude

    Awesome Dude

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    Oooh shit!..what kind of songs has my favorite star queen fallen in😭🤪...IGGY!!

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    We have been BLESSED! Y'all gotta listen to Brazil, too. Two absolute bangers.

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  73. Cosmic Poet

    Cosmic Poet

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    I feel this had way more potential than was executed, the hook kinda... is not it for me. 'sip this pussy like it's styrofoam' sounds like it'd be rough and not very good.. (yes i get she means like the cup but still)

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    • // poshsp1ce

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