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Japan vs Romania - intense battle

Japan vs Romania. Well to be more specifically Transylvania.
In this countryball animation episode Japan is chilling with his ramen
When suddenly Romania attacks Japan. But who knew that garlic can protect you from Romania.
I based on comic I found on internet.


Twitter: noidea_anim
Instagram: noidea_anim


  1. No Idea Animation

    No Idea Animation

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    Like the video if you like Ramen

    • Imperius Gaming

      Imperius Gaming

      Acum 14 ore

      idea: soviet unio: don't fuck with me i have the power of comunisum and stailin *fighting with germany* *10 seconds later Soviet unio snez and fals down into parts* rusia:fu- *video ends*

    • The Dimonblock

      The Dimonblock

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      What song is this

    • a peaceful Turk

      a peaceful Turk

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    • niraj kumar

      niraj kumar

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      Yes sure

    • The Dimonblock

      The Dimonblock

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      Do sweden ball

  2. Cattail is Corny

    Cattail is Corny

    Acum 49 minute

    Ai ya is Chinese

  3. Veloxar


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    Hey, no idea...where can I send you my idea for animation?

  4. Leflex TTİ

    Leflex TTİ

    Acum 2 ore

    Are you hungry ? All u have is beans ? U want make it more tasty and good ? Make some rice ! throw beans to rice and eat it IT DELICIOUS

  5. Lesyk Konecky

    Lesyk Konecky

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    Um, he should have bit into a slav

  6. Dexter Vaden

    Dexter Vaden

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    No idea suggestion: france: hey uh Germany you just took Poland so I'm just gonna... (Germany shoots France) LATER (France raises French resistance flag) French resistance: VIVA LA FRANCE!!!

  7. Imperius Gaming

    Imperius Gaming

    Acum 14 ore

    idea: soviet unio: don't fuck with me i have the power of comunisum and stailin *fighting with germany* *10 seconds later Soviet unio snez and fals down into parts* rusia:fu- *video ends*

  8. Soviet Union

    Soviet Union

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    For lucky was an intense battle

  9. Tabz Hussain

    Tabz Hussain

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    Romania: hiding Romania again: bites japan Romania again again: dies japan: AyAAAAAA tHIs DiS nEEdS mOrE gARLiC

  10. Warthunder Canblunder

    Warthunder Canblunder

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    0:23 japan: if I stay still it can’t see me

  11. Csx Railfan 8888

    Csx Railfan 8888

    Acum 16 ore

    Japan 🇯🇵: gets bite and winks twice Romania 🇷🇴: sucks blood 🩸 and fuking dies

  12. Adam Darman

    Adam Darman

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    Can you make countryball episode 14

  13. Brandon Gerkens

    Brandon Gerkens

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    Treaty of Varsailles

  14. Bheshraj Chaudhary

    Bheshraj Chaudhary

    Acum 21 oră

    Idea Bangladesh:hey myanmar Myanmar:yes Bangladesh:can i into asean Myanmar:no Bangladesh:can i into asean Myanmar:no Bangladesh:can i into asean Myanmar:nop shut up you fuck Bangladesh: hmm what should i do Bangladesh:I hate thailand Myanmar: so you are new member of asean Myanmar:wait is that a idea

  15. GamerPlus Cheat

    GamerPlus Cheat

    Acum 21 oră

    Pleasə make Aze vs armenia war

  16. Dimitrie Turturea

    Dimitrie Turturea

    Acum 23 ore

    Make a video countryballs but in amoung us :).

  17. RSez_cool


    Acum o Zi

    I have to admit I am romanian

  18. Joanne Santiago

    Joanne Santiago

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    Idea: (america,poland,nazi,Soviet Russia in a house) America:I have so much money,I could swin in it! Nazi:(in a deep voice) I have so much land I could make a country out of it! Poland: and I hav- Soviet Russia:no Poland:I have a- Soviet Russia:no Poland I have a- Soviet Russia:no no no Poland:(says it fast) I HAVE A FU**ING RELATIONSHIP WITH RUSSIA! Soviet Russia: I'm Russia Poland: you're Soviet Russia Soviet Russia: What The Fu-

  19. Mason Bush

    Mason Bush

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    *I N D E E D , J A P A N .*

  20. Preston Parker

    Preston Parker

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    Idea *late 1800s* France: well, there goes my empire. At least I'm still alive! Germany: hello France France: you know what? I'm going to get my empire back! Say goodbye Germany! Germany, now ten times taller: *smashes France with a hammer* *Few decades later* France, covered in bruises and stitches: hey Germany sorry for when I tried to invade you earlie- Germany: *jumps on top of France, crushing them completely* *A few years later* France, covered in bandages and a cast: *eats baguette* Germany: *runs them over with tank* *A few years later* Germany: *eating pretzel* France: Hey Germany, we'll be nice to you if you promise not to invade us again. Germany: yeah... Suuure... The end

  21. Lisa Ward

    Lisa Ward

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    Idea: USSR and the USA at a tennis court about to have a game USSR: Ok, USA pass the ball comrade. USA: Yes, ok! *picks up Germany ball* USSR: Ok , lets play comrade *USSR and the USA proceed to play tennis , using Germany as a ball whilst Italy and Japan nervously watch*

  22. Emma Gebhart

    Emma Gebhart

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    Tip: 1.25 Speed

  23. Genesis Slade

    Genesis Slade

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    Mexico sing the raining taco song plz :)

  24. Kaan Hazar

    Kaan Hazar

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    my idea: Christmas time Turkey: Earthquake very tiring for me, I deteriorating economy, election time is coming, I'm very sorry political pressures offf (Turkey very tired) all countries: time to eat turkey !! (everybody is happy) Turkey: Hey, is not turkey animals (All countries Turkey: Turkey Yeah, right) All countries: hahahaha Turkic states: TIME TO ESTABLISH THE TURAN UNION (Unite) (become very big) All countries: o o okey Google translate so bad

  25. Pdf jdb

    Pdf jdb

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  26. Hansheng Zhou

    Hansheng Zhou

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  27. Randy Jackson

    Randy Jackson

    Acum o Zi

    Can I make a suggestion? Texas vs California. Both used to be part of Mexico and have a rivalry over who is the better state. Eventually they both ride off into the sunset.

  28. Sagarmoy Chakma

    Sagarmoy Chakma

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    hey you some india coutry ball anime

    • Sagarmoy Chakma

      Sagarmoy Chakma

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  29. The Dimonblock

    The Dimonblock

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    What song is that



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    The Voice is So Cute Lmao

  31. P.J 211

    P.J 211

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    Las malvinas

  32. Saintjacktar


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    (Tropical Island) China ball building sand castle Phillipine ball arrives on boat Phillipine ball: Hey this our... China ball hands bag of money to Phillipine ball China ball: China, this China. Continues building sand castle Missile on sand castle Malaysia ball arrives on boat Malaysia ball: Hey this is our .... China ball hand bag of money China ball builds more sand castle USA Ball Sails past China ball yells: this this China USA Ball sails away Camera pans out China ball sits on a heavily fortified island realizing he has no friends

  33. prussia polands

    prussia polands

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    brazil:hmmm a duck USA: what? brazil: you don't, i want the duck... the ducket trump

  34. ★TheFørestMøøn★


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    Sneak attack Animal jam: *stack attack*

  35. tsunami of the tsunami

    tsunami of the tsunami

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    me: some random spider: 0:17

  36. Average Animations

    Average Animations

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    That dang Asian blood

  37. silvervisix


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    **Japan is peaceful** Camera pans around, showing an American country ball yelling at another American ball in riot gear, and showing Britain yelling at Ireland ball wearing a ski mask and holding a pistol, and of course Russia is hammering a bottle of vodka with bags under his eyes in the background American riot cop: what the fuck you want from me? American protestor: we want justice to police brutality! Britain: what the fuck you want from me? Irish IRA: we want freedom! we want freedom! The camera then pans over to Japan, standing by an empty bowl of noodles, the camera then cuts closer to his face Japan: where has this world gone wrong..?

  38. Amy Davies

    Amy Davies

    Acum 2 Zile

    IDEA: Italy: mah pizza da best noboddy can beat it! UK: ya having a giggle mate? my tea is outstanding! RUSSIA: shut up my vodka can beat that all! * ireland walks in * Ireland: heheh.......potato da best...... * full on army of potato's with tanks come in *

  39. RexLoren-exe-lol


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  40. Nguyet Bui

    Nguyet Bui

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    I need more videos Bitch



    Acum 2 Zile

    Youre not the only country that loves noodles and garlic🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  42. André Almeida

    André Almeida

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  43. NJI 58

    NJI 58

    Acum 2 Zile

    My idea about countryball animation ! This about Indonesia, philippines,and singapore. I hope you make this animation NO IDEA because you are the best animator to animate this. It's rare for great countryball animators to make animations about Indonesia. So please make this, you are the best. History = do you know about krakatau mountain ! In the past, Mount Krakatau had erupted and its smoke made part of the world dark Title = The Horror under the hat Character : Philippine, Indonesia (with a triangle peasant hat), Singapore (triangle character) *Indonesia just standing* *Philippine come to indonesia* Philippine : Hi Indonesia, why you just standing there. Indonesia : *Look to philipine* oh, um, hi philippine, i just want to get some fresh air. Philippine : oh, umm, indonesia why do you always wear a hat ? Indonesia : (look to philippine again and scaring philippine) you know what ! Under my hat , i hide something terrible and dangerous. Philippine : (with scare) w...w...wh...what is it. Indonesia : (take off his hat) of course its singapore. *someone pointed pliers at singapore and pinched her and pulled her up* *When Singapore was pulled upwards suddenly there was a Krakatau mountain above Indonesia's head* Indonesia : yeah that is not really singapore, that just kraka...... BOOOOMMMM (nuke explosion) That is my Idea, please make this animation, please, you are the best, and i has Subscribed you. ENJOY IT Sorry i cant open reddit because my phone is potato phone

    • JustZurama


      Acum o Zi

      @NJI 58 oh ok good

    • NJI 58

      NJI 58

      Acum o Zi

      @JustZurama yeah im indonesian

    • JustZurama


      Acum o Zi

      Great, i like ur idea Btw are you Indonesian?

  44. Liam McRorie

    Liam McRorie

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    What is the music called?

  45. Purple Electricity

    Purple Electricity

    Acum 3 Zile

    Ramen + romania = ramenia

  46. Ciğerci Arnavut [PolandBall]

    Ciğerci Arnavut [PolandBall]

    Acum 3 Zile

    Poor Vampire.

  47. Angela Merkel who will lower tax for every sub

    Angela Merkel who will lower tax for every sub

    Acum 3 Zile

    South Korea is more accurate. They LOVE garlic. (Based on what I saw on polandball subreddit)

  48. Gökhan Onur

    Gökhan Onur

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    Where are you???

  49. André Almeida

    André Almeida

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  50. fanda _144

    fanda _144

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    My Idea: Name: can Belarus go to Russia? Belarus: can i go to Russia? Russia: no Belarus: can I go to Russia? Russia: no Belarus: can I go to Russia? Russia: shut up! Just shut up! Belarus: OK I move to plan B Belarus: *drinks vodka* Belarus: Krymia Is Russia Russia: Well Now friend, you Are officialy a Russian!



    Acum 3 Zile

    Post another reddit video pls

  52. Anomaly 010

    Anomaly 010

    Acum 3 Zile

    Idea: Turkey: Hello Greece: Helloi Turkey: WHAT THE FUCK? Greece: WHAT THE FUCKI? Turkey: ok bye Greece ok bye to you tooi Turkey: fuck off Greece: oki Turkey: *suicides*

  53. Ali Özdemir

    Ali Özdemir

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    yee new. video turkey

  54. diamond ashly new channel

    diamond ashly new channel

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    please make Germany fight usa and Saudi Arabia came in the war and make saudi Arabia in your animation videos PLZ

  55. Crystal Curtiss2020-21

    Crystal Curtiss2020-21

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    Romania gose x_x.japan like ი〰️ი

  56. Herr Kaiser

    Herr Kaiser

    Acum 4 Zile

    I honestly thought Japan would say, but you are already dead

  57. Deniz Öncel

    Deniz Öncel

    Acum 4 Zile

    america: who can save you russia russia: he he winter

  58. Małopolan


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    222 222 views

  59. Marco Vizzari

    Marco Vizzari

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    can somebody explain me?

  60. Untitled channel name

    Untitled channel name

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    I Ate Ramen Today yum yum Miso Ramen Anyone?

  61. karan leonardo

    karan leonardo

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    The like is 20 thousand so can you upload more

  62. Henry King

    Henry King

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    0:28 I'm pretty sure Vampires don't project shadows nor have reflections

  63. Tobix 320

    Tobix 320

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    This music is awesome no idea!!

  64. Calvin Lui Kurniawan

    Calvin Lui Kurniawan

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    Rome is here already before the Zgareh song= 0:02

  65. Ashton’s Roblox gaming YT

    Ashton’s Roblox gaming YT

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    Malaysia: Singapore get out Singapore: why Malaysia: security! * Singapore gets dragged away * *2020* Malaysia : CaN yOu CoME BaCk Singapore: no Malaysia: WhY? Singapore: I,m rich now you just want my money Malaysia: bye * as he cries running away *

  66. mustafa kilon

    mustafa kilon

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    Pleas make vidio about my story USA:hey Gerrman Gerrman:what now USA USA:I want some your cars Gerrman:why USA:for car racing Gerrman:what the @#&$ USA:what 's wrong with you Gerrman:I want my cars USA: I want some some your cars Gerrman:do you not understan USA:I dont understan yah yah you are fool I declar war on you!! Gerrman: ok! *After Garmany occupied* USA:yas i win agin USA:yah cars!! *The End* and you are soooo sooooo Amizeng man 🤩🤩

  67. Victor Liu

    Victor Liu

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    Subscribe to this channel if you like spicy ramen



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    We Turks eat garlic directly

  69. Muqsith Ramadhan

    Muqsith Ramadhan

    Acum 5 Zile

    Japanese not say haiya, and that was a chinese dialexct, not japanese

  70. 하는 사람청소

    하는 사람청소

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  71. Zahraa alkfajey

    Zahraa alkfajey

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    Hi I'm frome Iraq whay you don't make for Iraq we have any think please 🙁

  72. Jacob Vsn Buijtene

    Jacob Vsn Buijtene

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    Japan is sooo cute

  73. Djordje Kaljevic

    Djordje Kaljevic

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    Idea Serbia:i need my teritorry and i need it now Montenegro:i want to join serbia and i want it now Greece:I want my territory and i need it now Ottomans:I WANT JANNISARY NOW

  74. Tvrdi Mimer

    Tvrdi Mimer

    Acum 5 Zile

    Bulgaria:*kills romania* Romania:*Turns into vampire* Romania:*Bites Bulgaria* Bulgaria:*Turns into vampire* Bulgaria:*gets transilvania*

  75. Monette ibo Ibo

    Monette ibo Ibo

    Acum 6 Zile

    Oh a bat hahahahahahah

  76. red lilly

    red lilly

    Acum 6 Zile

    paniki si romania kay china at japan hahahahahaahahahahaha@war 2 japan vs romania japan eat romania eat to japan the end

  77. 백수연


    Acum 6 Zile

    'Northeast Project of Chinese' please. (;;;)

  78. Brandon Munter

    Brandon Munter

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  79. prince marquez

    prince marquez

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    Plz dont make the countryball ugly

  80. Mighty Gamer

    Mighty Gamer

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    Do Canada VS Groenland pls

  81. Janet Fabellon

    Janet Fabellon

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    Philippines :hey america America: oh hello Philippines : i hate russia America :Thats a coincedence that i hate russia too. Philippines :Lets get him Russia: What is this is this a war America and Philippines :Yes Russia :Okay then. Philippines :Wait why are we attacking him again america? America:Because we hate him. Russia :Lets end this. Ill give you Japan. Japan: What? America and Philippines :Yaay!

  82. WUUDS


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    everyone gangsta till Japanese speak "haiyyaa"

  83. *Marlon Brand III

    *Marlon Brand III

    Acum 6 Zile

    anyone seen the czech ripoff of no idea animation?

  84. Ammar Dhamiri

    Ammar Dhamiri

    Acum 6 Zile

    So the Romanians just sent a bat to Japan and the Japanese didn’t give a fucc so the Romanians lost the war suddenly?

  85. Sσηg Ɩσνєя 999

    Sσηg Ɩσνєя 999

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    Finally No idea imagination came back 😀

  86. Jason Schmidt

    Jason Schmidt

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    Do Spain they never expected the Spanish Inquisition



    Acum 7 Zile

    Please turkish subtitle

    • Cpt. Çelebi

      Cpt. Çelebi

      Acum 6 Zile

      This dish needs more garlic = Bu yemeğin daha fazla sarımsağa ihtiyacı var

  88. Fan Ako Ni Snipe

    Fan Ako Ni Snipe

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  89. kk TV

    kk TV

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    What happens to your second channel

  90. ignacio vera

    ignacio vera

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    bruh, which is that song when everythng around is relaxing and at the end?

  91. Harun Kobic18

    Harun Kobic18

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  92. ken ove Tangen

    ken ove Tangen

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    Well boys, we did it. Corona virus is no more XD

  93. Țara Românească

    Țara Românească

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  94. Veyselistan


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  95. Emperor Hirohito

    Emperor Hirohito

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  96. DMPD Gaming

    DMPD Gaming

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    idea make like a series of border conflict. Scene 1 hungary and romania romania: hi hungry wanna hear a joke? Hungary: yes go ahead romania romania: transalvania hungary: idiotic joker i dont get it romania: yes u will never get it (leaves with laughter) Scene 2 India pakistan and china India: hey china and pakistan china and pakistan: hi India india: wanna hear a joke? Both: yes India: kashmir both: i dont get it india: yes u will never get it (leaves with laughter) Scene 3 Nazi and soviet union soviet union: hey germany wanna hear a joke? Germany: yes russia? Soviet union: world germany: i dont get it? Soviet union: yes u will never get it (leaves with laughter)

    • Cpt. Çelebi

      Cpt. Çelebi

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      Bruh he already did the first one

  97. Khiêm Trần

    Khiêm Trần

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    what the countryball mongolia

  98. Daniel Contreras Cruz

    Daniel Contreras Cruz

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    are u polish no idea is no ok

  99. RPM Mapper

    RPM Mapper

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    Fun fact: In romania we eat a lot of garlic.

  100. I’m a Stupid bot

    I’m a Stupid bot

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    At first I was confused on why Romania died until I heard this needs more garlic