love children❤🙏


  1. kelley perkins

    kelley perkins

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  2. kelley perkins

    kelley perkins

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  3. Kim Wrigley

    Kim Wrigley

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    Yes bring the chef in to help the child

  4. Julieta Aguilar

    Julieta Aguilar

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  5. DOMINI sonic mario

    DOMINI sonic mario

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  6. Stefania Agostino

    Stefania Agostino

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  7. Pico


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    She should be concerned not just about the child but the fact the woman didn’t even give money for the pizza lol

  8. Cinthya Mendoza

    Cinthya Mendoza

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  9. Kenshin


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  10. 1% ducky

    1% ducky

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  11. karina medina

    karina medina

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    Ya no te vayas los diablitos yy no te preocupes que te lo digo de nuevo la información que te dije que te llamara de esto de pende el pago 02 te lo digo de nuevo por que no me llego nada y que te lo mande a vos porque no te veía en la tarde de hoy se realizar la formación a todo el mundo de la vida y 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Папная Мемка

    Папная Мемка

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    Чё за трек ?

  13. Ana Marina

    Ana Marina

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  14. claudia gomes

    claudia gomes

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  15. Six♥︎


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    Well im child

  16. Frank Tsimidis

    Frank Tsimidis

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    The plastic medkit😆

  17. Gelson Mila

    Gelson Mila

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    *dies from cringe

  18. Clarisse Mussard

    Clarisse Mussard

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  19. Karima Hegazy

    Karima Hegazy

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  20. Ananda Kethely

    Ananda Kethely

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    Não pode bater em criança 😡

  21. Donna Wade

    Donna Wade

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    This mom is rude

  22. Felisha Nieto

    Felisha Nieto

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    U need a warrant lol

  23. Neev Stanley

    Neev Stanley

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    I thought the nurse was a chef 😂

  24. wolfless Willow

    wolfless Willow

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    Doctor:walks in Child:wtf- Doctor:look at child Doctor:CANCER

  25. Lorena Flores

    Lorena Flores

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    How fake do you want this to be Her:yes

  26. vanina fonseca

    vanina fonseca

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  27. globy masky

    globy masky

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    This ain't abuse the mom was mad at her because she didn't do the thing she asked or did a bad thing

  28. If you reply you are a nerd

    If you reply you are a nerd

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    Only dad’s can use the belt!

  29. Temerrika Smallie

    Temerrika Smallie

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    White kids getting whooping:😢 vs black kids:😭😢 I swear I will move out this place and have my own place😡

  30. angelica maria gonzalez contreras

    angelica maria gonzalez contreras

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  31. sonia emilia ascona

    sonia emilia ascona

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    Quiero más de 2 eso es lo que tú haces

  32. Jailma Oliveira

    Jailma Oliveira

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  33. Гайс Альхадж

    Гайс Альхадж

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    Вона сміялась коли закривала очі руками

  34. Speedfire


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    And there is the Pilot xd

  35. ★enxara★


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    Ughhh im happy to have parents that don't wap me with belts. Belts are unnecessary please stop using belts to punish kids and just use toned down yelling. Belts and flip flops are unnecessary. It gives me Top 150 tier anxiety when y'all do it Stahp it I mean it its abuse to your children which with my knowledge child abuse is well...basically a crime :) wa-la belts and chankla beatings are unnecessary. 😎😀

  36. samed humic

    samed humic

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  37. Cesar Fajardo

    Cesar Fajardo

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    The girl is nice

  38. king-xavier


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    So I just wasn't aware that paramedics and police officers were chefs now

  39. Haneen Sindi

    Haneen Sindi

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  40. Carter Kadavy

    Carter Kadavy

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    She be looking like a chef

  41. KK ELITE


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    Bro i know abuse is bad and all but get the hell out of my t.y.s recomended

  42. Nex_PlaysYT


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    Bro God is testing me with these ROfilm shorts

  43. Acelinosouza Souza

    Acelinosouza Souza

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  44. Acelinosouza Souza

    Acelinosouza Souza

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  45. Felicia Starr

    Felicia Starr

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    The at is men

  46. Marioxd


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  47. [GT] Free Nob

    [GT] Free Nob

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  48. Marioxd


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    jajajajajajajjaaj xdxd

  49. Maria Castrejon

    Maria Castrejon

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    Bro you can literally tell she's acting

  50. Zfmikhael


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    No no no no no bad mother!!

  51. Pavle Perisic

    Pavle Perisic

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    Before:you put a hand on table them hits child Now:you tried to kill our neighour slaps child and get's arrested

  52. Dimitri Matrenin

    Dimitri Matrenin

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  53. Mahboob Asghar

    Mahboob Asghar

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  54. Romeo Garcia

    Romeo Garcia

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  55. Hoops Prod.

    Hoops Prod.

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    Once again video makes no sense.i will agree it was pretty sad and no children should have to go through that it still has nothing to do with title “love children” like what does loving children have to do with physical abuse

  56. Eli Felippe Original

    Eli Felippe Original

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    This is same when I was a kid but less abusive (my mom only says her voice is just loud witch is kinda true)

  57. Maria Eduarda Bugas

    Maria Eduarda Bugas

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  58. Hein Le Hanie

    Hein Le Hanie

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    Them spending 200$ on the costumes in my dumpster

  59. Magdalena Grebe

    Magdalena Grebe

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  60. jackie galeana

    jackie galeana

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    I was about to cry and please love children

  61. Adrei Soto

    Adrei Soto

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  62. Tatiana Pinto

    Tatiana Pinto

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    Coitada da criança e alguém ajuda essa pobre criança

  63. SirCash Alot

    SirCash Alot

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    RING AT THE DOOR. Mom: Enters the Matrix

  64. Fernando CM.

    Fernando CM.

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    If it was a good reason then she is problably a Karen and im mexican

  65. Frosty


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    This poor girl 😔

  66. Maria Helena Basto Moreira

    Maria Helena Basto Moreira

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  67. ashely kayode

    ashely kayode

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    Did the delivery person ever think the mother was disciplining her child

  68. Miriam Mendoza Ramirez

    Miriam Mendoza Ramirez

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    the girl saved

  69. ue luiza Ledesma

    ue luiza Ledesma

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    Qué le pegas a la niña sí o no

  70. Halimah Muhamad

    Halimah Muhamad

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    Gghhrhahnhgggpagg Yraft😭🍗👑👑👑

  71. Sendo


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    Why are videos like this always on my recommended

  72. Daniela Elisabeta Cojocaru

    Daniela Elisabeta Cojocaru

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  73. goldenfreddy and friends 3

    goldenfreddy and friends 3

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  74. coelhinha gamer blox

    coelhinha gamer blox

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  75. Wendy Tagaro

    Wendy Tagaro

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    Tama na mangkukulam motor tong yang muttontown mananatili girl

  76. Karla Krammer

    Karla Krammer

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    Não melão padruga and tudo

  77. Stories time

    Stories time

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    Why she beat her

  78. Бин Бен

    Бин Бен

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    Ааа нифигаааа ни разу не постанова ни*уяяя

  79. sakura


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    Desde que salió ese estupido audio me estoy frustrandoooooo

  80. gibson villanueva

    gibson villanueva

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    Stupid asf

  81. Lucy Manakuan

    Lucy Manakuan

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  82. Ghevin Navaro

    Ghevin Navaro

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  83. Sofia Maggi

    Sofia Maggi

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  84. Lila Dugas

    Lila Dugas

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    Lol why are the doctors always a girl on a bad wig

  85. Marie L. Bameni

    Marie L. Bameni

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    Whats the song name



    Acum 7 ore

    pls tell i like this song



    Acum 7 ore

    what song it is

  88. Luisana Villaparedes

    Luisana Villaparedes

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  89. Local loli scammer

    Local loli scammer

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    Why do these same actors keep making these videos. There CRINGE

  90. Franca Caruso

    Franca Caruso

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    Brave. così. sifa

  91. zoya Berwari

    zoya Berwari

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  92. Farina Falisha

    Farina Falisha

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