Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  1. IvanGoldBit


    Acum 19 minute

    A modern caveman 🦧

  2. jarto törnroos

    jarto törnroos

    Acum 21 minut

    Awesome 👏 Is that some kind of sandstone? It looks very soft? Here in Finland, that wouldn't be possible. So fast anyway...

  3. Sangita Saleibam

    Sangita Saleibam

    Acum 21 minut

    Hope the mountain doesn't fall on his head 🙏

  4. azuuu plaaa

    azuuu plaaa

    Acum 22 minute

    Che, pero ya no vale, porque no lo hizo escarbando con palos. Ahree JAJA

  5. Surendra Das

    Surendra Das

    Acum 26 minute

    You can see they are using modern tools but then also unable to give it good finish, now you can just imagine how many centuries ago how our ancestors build Ajanta and Ellora cave with only using hammer and chisel with an excellent finish. Hat's off to them.

  6. Jo Simpson

    Jo Simpson

    Acum 27 minute

    Bloody hell! This is amazing. What an incredibly talented guy. Well done sir 👏🏻🇬🇧

  7. Shubham Pathak

    Shubham Pathak

    Acum 29 minute

    Had he sold it afterwards? Or lives there himself?



    Acum 30 minute

    He still need to pay tax JK idk

  9. Godfrey Makgatho

    Godfrey Makgatho

    Acum 33 minute




    Acum 34 minute

    Really satisfying

  11. Izrael and Izzraeil

    Izrael and Izzraeil

    Acum 36 minute

    Did he have to buy the land from govt?

  12. Rosie One

    Rosie One

    Acum 37 minute

    Am I the only person who thinks this home could get water leaking anywhere in the mountain? I've visited a lot of caves in different states and there is one constant, water leaks.

  13. Kek Abrek

    Kek Abrek

    Acum 37 minute

    Что будет с этой пещерой после сезона дождей, мороза и после того как все растает? Видно что он сначала даёт камню промокнуть. Интересно что это за порода.

  14. RonnieRenee Blue

    RonnieRenee Blue

    Acum 38 minute

    The first man to be truly ready for the apocalypse....

  15. Keshav Chandan

    Keshav Chandan

    Acum 39 minute

    Awesome,mind blowing,brilliant and no other words to say

  16. lei zhu

    lei zhu

    Acum 39 minute


  17. FiveStar23


    Acum 39 minute

    Cutting holes like that into granite was how Egyptians did it for their coffins

  18. Tierry Cardoso

    Tierry Cardoso

    Acum 40 minute

    Parece que o algoritmo do ROfilm nos reuniu novamente.

  19. Тамара Растворова

    Тамара Растворова

    Acum 45 minute

    Золотые руки!! И острый ум!!!! Слов нет!! Класс!!!

  20. joe hanley

    joe hanley

    Acum 45 minute

    What an am job total respect 👏

  21. maxim mall

    maxim mall

    Acum 45 minute

    where did he get the electricity

  22. Joe Lyle

    Joe Lyle

    Acum 47 minute

    this is the house you wake up in after getting your cheeks clapped by a OP demon on the mountainside

  23. Trong Nguyen

    Trong Nguyen

    Acum 47 minute

    Nice one

  24. filmy gta

    filmy gta

    Acum 47 minute


  25. Trong Nguyen

    Trong Nguyen

    Acum 47 minute

    Nice video

  26. MB Class

    MB Class

    Acum 48 minute

    “I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ..♡♡♡., .....

  27. Upsidedown SS

    Upsidedown SS

    Acum 49 minute

    10,000 years from now, aliens will wonder how we did it.

  28. QuadP 2222

    QuadP 2222

    Acum 50 minute


  29. DragonMagi


    Acum 52 minute

    I thought this was gonna be one of those fake PRIMITIVE MAN BUILDS SECRET UNDERWATER HOUSE videos. This is much better.

  30. 𝗡𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁𝗯𝗼𝘁


    Acum 52 minute

    Если вы хотите узнать, как умереть в игре, посмотрите это видео.

  31. humano


    Acum 53 minute

    Pudo hacerlo mejor

  32. Justin Baker

    Justin Baker

    Acum 53 minute

    don't want to be an arsehole but I really hope there's structural support in that mountain just to avoid any cave-ins

  33. ELECTRO- LAB. bf

    ELECTRO- LAB. bf

    Acum 53 minute


  34. Stewart D

    Stewart D

    Acum 55 minute

    Harder with stone, but still cool

  35. Mehul Sharma

    Mehul Sharma

    Acum 58 minute

    Everyone gangsta till he finds heart of the mountain

  36. Jim Park

    Jim Park

    Acum 58 minute

    When your wife kicks you out to the doghouse, you build a better doghouse.

  37. Mx Mg

    Mx Mg

    Acum oră

    Go watch his channel, he is updating daily and working on the second floor these days

  38. Alex A.

    Alex A.

    Acum oră

    I’m super impressed. He did all of this with no Eye protection 🥽

  39. Kibu Valorant

    Kibu Valorant

    Acum oră

    Me after watching those Indian guys make a swimming pool with sticks

  40. Korounganba Taorem

    Korounganba Taorem

    Acum oră

    Lol Tarzan be like wtf

  41. Rudy Moody

    Rudy Moody

    Acum oră

    luckily its sand stone, Try doing that with granite

  42. Ryan Mosey

    Ryan Mosey

    Acum oră

    The ability to plan this out and accomplish something like this is amazing

  43. Karthick Krishnan

    Karthick Krishnan

    Acum oră

    Just like ROfilm recommendations algorithm, he exactly knew what he was doing! Great job

  44. Tarequl Islam

    Tarequl Islam

    Acum oră

    Chinese people are very intelligent

  45. 风吹彩云追


    Acum oră


  46. Nat S.

    Nat S.

    Acum oră

    Thanks very much for sharing nice art and work. The true meaning of Man Cave...LOL Hope you reinforce the ceiling with some steel rebar and cement since it appears the cave house is made out of sandstone. 希望你用一些钢筋和水泥加固天花板,因为看起来洞穴房屋是用砂岩制成的 谢谢

  47. geoh7777


    Acum oră

    Now I know how troglodytes got their residences. Must have been the women's work while the men went hunting which is much harder.

  48. Vaggelis Lesies

    Vaggelis Lesies

    Acum oră

    Τελικά πότες δεν θα σταματήσουν να υπάρχουν στόκοι όπως τα άτομα στο συγκεκριμένο βίντεο!

  49. Diamond Butterfly

    Diamond Butterfly

    Acum oră

    destroy all mountain, jungles, cave, underground places by your amazing skills

  50. joel


    Acum oră

    Then the mountain caves in and you die .fuck that

  51. ItsjuniorBoy


    Acum oră

    Pastel de flango gosta de inventar

  52. Александр Миллер

    Александр Миллер

    Acum oră

    Сопромат - не, не слышал)

  53. Charles Xu

    Charles Xu

    Acum oră

    This takes man-caves to another level



    Acum oră

    Во первых не выкопал а выдолбил где вы видели чтоб сколу лопатой копали вы в своём уме что вы пишете вообще совсем русский язык забыли и значение слов. Пойду картошку по выдалбливаю на сколе лопатой смешно то тоже самое.

  55. Wisco9er


    Acum oră

    This is something that you wont ever see a 13 to 17 year old do. Maybe attempt, but never have it mastered like him. We're so used to seeing children be prodigies at sports or arts, but when it comes to work like this, you can only go so far.

  56. 공감했으면좋아요눌러라휴먼알겠나?


    Acum oră

    제목은 왜 한글로 한거임

  57. Miche B

    Miche B

    Acum oră

    He did an excellent job but he needs a woman to decorate that apartment

  58. Ricky Rickster

    Ricky Rickster

    Acum oră

    minecraft: day 1

  59. Achmad Suseno

    Achmad Suseno

    Acum oră

    apartemen apaan ? masih brantakan kayak gitu sama aja seperti saung dikebonku... hemmm... dan guanya masih dangkal... dalam man guha guha yg ada di kampungku... mampu menampung sekecamatan mah...

  60. R B

    R B

    Acum oră

    We humans are exceptional - if there is a will we will definitely find a way. He has broken through a mountain because of his dedication. If you have a dream never give up on it. If the maths add up, go for it.

  61. deilyn H.M

    deilyn H.M

    Acum oră

    Escandaloso be like

  62. Bo Eunna

    Bo Eunna

    Acum oră


  63. Lalruatsangaa • 15 years ago

    Lalruatsangaa • 15 years ago

    Acum oră

    Welcome to another episode of : what am doing instead of my homework.

  64. Jovani Velazquez

    Jovani Velazquez

    Acum oră

    Y de dónde toma la energía eléctrica.



    Acum oră

    Исключительно ради хайпа снято, никто в этой норе сами понимаете что не живет!

  66. Chorizo AllPan

    Chorizo AllPan

    Acum oră

    Ok....mucho lord of the ring

  67. Jorge


    Acum oră

    O vey cd os BR

  68. Js Kim

    Js Kim

    Acum oră

    이왕 고생할거 이쁘게좀 하지 이게 뭐냐 그냥 토굴 거지집을 만들어놨네 자연이 아깝다 ㅅㅂ



    Acum oră


  70. Инна Кудрявцева

    Инна Кудрявцева

    Acum oră

    Интересно... А как он оформил БТИ на это жилье? А у него есть разрешение на строительство в горе? А что с коммуникациями и газом, отопление??

  71. CHECK UP


    Acum oră


  72. Карина Гель

    Карина Гель

    Acum oră

    А наши кроме как набраться и футбол нихрена не умеют

  73. Fabian Ooi

    Fabian Ooi

    Acum oră

    Great job and much respect! Please wear ear protection when using power tools inside your cave. Likely you lose 5% hearing since you started this project. Regardless, Great Job! 👍🏻

  74. Bro__ _Ccoli

    Bro__ _Ccoli

    Acum oră

    No safety glasses bro !?

  75. Mj C. Bughao

    Mj C. Bughao

    Acum oră

    Y'all I don't even know how to properly describe this persons talent, artistry and patience like how??? . . . Although I was kinda expecting a mansion esque interior, but never the less and I'm still impressed with their work. Good job to you 👏🏽😌😂💕 Also I'm not trying to make this negative, but is hollowing out the inside of a mountain actually legal??? like??? 😌😭😂💕

  76. CdLocalz


    Acum oră

    all fun an dandy till you get a cave in use some supports dude

  77. Fredinred


    Acum oră

    Man is playing minecraft irl

  78. ceej art

    ceej art

    Acum oră

    What I wake up to when I fall asleep while watching a ROfilm video

  79. Joël X

    Joël X

    Acum oră


  80. Витя Профффесор

    Витя Профффесор

    Acum oră

    Такую гору испохабил ...

  81. johnathan tally

    johnathan tally

    Acum oră

    Soy el señor de la montaña y apruebo este jacalito

  82. WADZ UP


    Acum oră

    I need to go to the chiropractor just from watching this

  83. Van Ha

    Van Ha

    Acum oră

    Quá tuyệt vời Để thêm sự tuyệt vời và độc đáo hơn anh bạn lên thay thế toàn bộ đồ gỗ đó trong nhà bằng toàn bộ đá hết thì tuyệt trên cả tuyệt vời 👍❤💯

  84. aboba 133

    aboba 133

    Acum oră


  85. Eli


    Acum oră

    This the house you build your first night in minecraft:

  86. Judge Dredd

    Judge Dredd

    Acum oră

    This is illegal

    • Judge Dredd

      Judge Dredd

      Acum oră

      @kawaii _plays your lucky I’m in a good mood otherwise you’d be heading to the cubes citizen

    • kawaii _plays

      kawaii _plays

      Acum oră

      @Judge Dredd a stupid law

    • Judge Dredd

      Judge Dredd

      Acum oră

      @kawaii _plays I AM THE LAW

    • kawaii _plays

      kawaii _plays

      Acum oră

      Nope not at all

  87. anonymous


    Acum 2 ore

    Minecraft players be like this my new look modern house 😁🥰

  88. Melvin O. Mercado

    Melvin O. Mercado

    Acum 2 ore


  89. 200L


    Acum 2 ore

    盗取哔哩哔哩的视频,要不要脸?你删一次,我发一次! Steal Bili Bili's video. Do you want a face? You delete it once, I send it once!

  90. Veronica Valdelamar

    Veronica Valdelamar

    Acum 2 ore

    I dont want to spend my money. So I'm gonna f*ck up nature! So selfish, this guy apparently refuses to be part of a society and imposes his presence on vital animals habitats while pushing deforestation tactics. Horrible

    • Bigfoots burner account

      Bigfoots burner account

      Acum oră

      I hope this is a satire.

    • kawaii _plays

      kawaii _plays

      Acum oră

      You live in a house where nature used to be how selfish of you living in a house when thers animals living there

  91. Polly L. PU

    Polly L. PU

    Acum 2 ore


  92. Ethan Hamlin

    Ethan Hamlin

    Acum 2 ore

    The funny thing is that in the U.S. you could prolly rent this for like 6k a month if not more

  93. Gregorious Gotti

    Gregorious Gotti

    Acum 2 ore

    This is a really hard work..Congrat💯👍💪

  94. princess girl

    princess girl

    Acum 2 ore


  95. jim watts

    jim watts

    Acum 2 ore

    Then he lost it in the divorce

  96. Raymond Belmont

    Raymond Belmont

    Acum 2 ore

    Looks great I hope it lasts



    Acum 2 ore

    Excelente maravilloso ,simplemente hermoso Bendiciones para todos 😘🇪🇸🇨🇱🌹❤🍷👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  98. Geane Melo

    Geane Melo

    Acum 2 ore

    Que povo inteligente 👍