Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, + Sam Claflin Guess Victorian Slang | Enola Holmes | Netflix

Watch ENOLA HOLMES stars Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Sam Claflin take on their biggest mystery yet: Obscure Victorian slang.
Enola Holmes follows Sherlock’s teen sister as she discovers her mother missing, and sets off to find her, becoming a super-sleuth in her own right as she outwits her famous brother and unravels a dangerous conspiracy around a mysterious young Lord.
Also starring: Helena Bonham Carter, Frances De La Tour, Fiona Shaw, Adeel Ahktar, Susan Wokoma and Louis Partridge. Directed by Harry Bradbeer.
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Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, + Sam Claflin Guess Victorian Slang | Enola Holmes | Netflix


  1. Kenny Albert

    Kenny Albert

    Acum 10 minute

    So much slang in London itself, sheesh

  2. Ivan Chua

    Ivan Chua

    Acum 3 ore

    Are those Bayonetta glasses in vogue again? I don't know exactly what they are called, I just play Bayonetta and the character wears em.

  3. Tasya Jacob

    Tasya Jacob

    Acum o Zi

    “That still makes sense. They’re still bags of mystery.” - Henry Cavill 2020 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Doga121


    Acum o Zi

    Why do they laugh like that to Turkish delight answer? Does it have a different meaning? 😂

  5. anon


    Acum o Zi

    “bright but icky” HAHA that was good

  6. Jonathan S

    Jonathan S

    Acum o Zi

    This is the most British video I've ever seen

  7. golthi rithvik

    golthi rithvik

    Acum 2 Zile

    Phrase appears* MBB-CHoColaTE

  8. Francisco Hoyos

    Francisco Hoyos

    Acum 2 Zile

    Been studying English for 7 years since I went to Oxford for half a year. I was pretty sure i became (almost) fluent. Then they went full british

  9. Claire Dé Lune

    Claire Dé Lune

    Acum 2 Zile

    I love all three of them, too bad the movie they're promoting sucks so bad. They deserve better than trash fanfiction.

    • Claire Dé Lune

      Claire Dé Lune

      Acum o Zi

      @ꜱᴀᴘᴘʜɪʀᴇ ꜱᴜʙꜱ Because the movie totally makes Sherlock Holmes look like an idiot. I've always loved his character, to him neutered in a fanfiction story is really heartbreaking. I mean, I loved Sherlock the TV show (until series 4) Henry deserves to be in a film that portrays Sherlock as the badass he was written to be.

    • ꜱᴀᴘᴘʜɪʀᴇ ꜱᴜʙꜱ

      ꜱᴀᴘᴘʜɪʀᴇ ꜱᴜʙꜱ

      Acum o Zi

      @Claire Dé Lune what do u mean y?

    • Claire Dé Lune

      Claire Dé Lune

      Acum o Zi

      @ꜱᴀᴘᴘʜɪʀᴇ ꜱᴜʙꜱ Ugh, damn it. WHY

    • ꜱᴀᴘᴘʜɪʀᴇ ꜱᴜʙꜱ

      ꜱᴀᴘᴘʜɪʀᴇ ꜱᴜʙꜱ

      Acum o Zi

      it's sorta funny ur saying that bcuz i think millie produced the movie

  10. ravian ravladi

    ravian ravladi

    Acum 2 Zile

    Their personality here literally just like in the movies, except for Sam Claflin.

  11. Aesgardian


    Acum 2 Zile

    Enola MArieSue Holmes!!! not bad a movie but ... seriously isn't it too much for all series in Netflix to be the same SJW format! And what's with her armpits!!! :o

  12. Kane John

    Kane John

    Acum 3 Zile

    It was very excruciating to watch this feminist shit movie

  13. Haley Reeves

    Haley Reeves

    Acum 3 Zile

    Gosh they are three very beautiful humans.

  14. Etigress


    Acum 3 Zile

    "Bright but icky." Oh Sam lol 😂😂😂

  15. Linda Dillon

    Linda Dillon

    Acum 3 Zile

    This is sooooooo funny, I burst out laughing at least once in 5seconds, they need more tho. I WANT MORE! like if you agree!

  16. [Important Read Channel Descrip] Paige

    [Important Read Channel Descrip] Paige

    Acum 3 Zile

    Hi I'm enola and witcher and mycroft/king Arthur lol XD phone off now ---> I think I need some vitamin d or just sleep and food, maybe cake, tea, and coffee haha XD

  17. Mohamad Solehin Ab Talib

    Mohamad Solehin Ab Talib

    Acum 4 Zile

    At first glance I thought it was Microsoft Holmes🙈

  18. Emma


    Acum 4 Zile

    When she imitated an American girl...I didn’t kno what to say bc I’m American and I don’t talk like that but some girls do lol

  19. Click bait

    Click bait

    Acum 5 Zile

    Millie wears airpods Samsung is typing....

  20. memberWinny


    Acum 5 Zile

    henry is....i dont have words....ufff...

  21. Dua Fans

    Dua Fans

    Acum 5 Zile

    Enola Holmes is one of my best movies , Love you guys , Love you Bobby Brown💖 Greetings from Albania 🇦🇱🥰

  22. Drake Maurer

    Drake Maurer

    Acum 5 Zile

    Best movie ever like the history and the actors to so good movie well done Netflix

  23. Peace


    Acum 5 Zile

    These three are siblings in real life. They just don’t know it yet

  24. Peace


    Acum 5 Zile

    Because meat comes from cows that’s why neater means coward!! What??!!!! I died

  25. Bip Nop

    Bip Nop

    Acum 5 Zile

    Why are you making yourself look like an old lady?

  26. Let’s be friends La

    Let’s be friends La

    Acum 5 Zile

    Cute movie

  27. Rim


    Acum 5 Zile

    Am I the only one that thinks that Sam and Henry looks like one person, they look alike

  28. saja sharaf

    saja sharaf

    Acum 5 Zile

    Milly's American accent is too good😂😭

  29. Palupi Papupi

    Palupi Papupi

    Acum 6 Zile

    skill maling



    Acum 6 Zile

    0:53 Turkish delight omg ı am from Turkeyyy



    Acum 6 Zile

    Сосиски - мешок с секретом, это точно)))

  32. Lulala Xxxx

    Lulala Xxxx

    Acum 6 Zile

    I know that all of them are british but yeah I wanna say that this is very british lol

  33. Faryal Shams

    Faryal Shams

    Acum 6 Zile

    sam claflin is so funny

  34. Anne Yien

    Anne Yien

    Acum 6 Zile

    her name is so British

  35. Uma Nandan

    Uma Nandan

    Acum 7 Zile

    Please give stranger things 4 spoilers

  36. Amanda Zaniboni

    Amanda Zaniboni

    Acum 7 Zile

    They’re just like siblings

  37. Daisy Official

    Daisy Official

    Acum 7 Zile

    Im gonna use this for my slang now

  38. Janna Leih Estipona

    Janna Leih Estipona

    Acum 7 Zile


  39. fatima damon

    fatima damon

    Acum 7 Zile

    Why does skilimilnck reminds me of the song I love you in the evening I love you in the moon I love you

  40. Lois Korpershoek

    Lois Korpershoek

    Acum 7 Zile

    The fact that Sam’s role in the film is such an asshole and he’s so fun in real life 😂💖

  41. badem


    Acum 7 Zile

    YOU ARE MY TURKISH DELIGHT HENRY! come and call me ı'll buy the best for you... I'm waitin' at İstanbul.

  42. iZeR


    Acum 7 Zile

    is this an ad for airpods?

  43. Christina Ghio

    Christina Ghio

    Acum 7 Zile

    Ha nick in poop 💩

  44. lydia cherian

    lydia cherian

    Acum 7 Zile

    Millie for every question : Is it cHoCoLATe?



    Acum 8 Zile

    That "HA" gives me life

  46. Sara Waseem

    Sara Waseem

    Acum 8 Zile

    No one: Sam: BrIgHt BuT iCkY...

  47. Krystal Riha

    Krystal Riha

    Acum 8 Zile

    "Bang up to the Elephant". I've heard people say a "bang up" job. I assume it's a shortened version of this slang.

  48. Jade Solich

    Jade Solich

    Acum 8 Zile

    She did an outstanding job. Keep it up Milly!!!! Netflix, is there going to be a second one?

  49. Mohammed Yusuf MGM.

    Mohammed Yusuf MGM.

    Acum 8 Zile

    Millie does not look like a 16 year old with these glasses on, she looks much older

  50. Inci Hemmam

    Inci Hemmam

    Acum 8 Zile


  51. E Meme

    E Meme

    Acum 8 Zile

    millie and sam’s are so good at doing american english accents !

  52. Merry Yolda

    Merry Yolda

    Acum 9 Zile

    Senin o Turkish delight diyen dilini yerim Henry

  53. a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    Acum 9 Zile

    We need a another film with this trio 😂

  54. Sally Chocolate

    Sally Chocolate

    Acum 9 Zile

    Love you all!

  55. Deanna Bauld

    Deanna Bauld

    Acum 9 Zile

    Bright but icky 😂😂😂

  56. Rhaya Franklin

    Rhaya Franklin

    Acum 10 Zile

    Not even a good film....

  57. kimberly williams

    kimberly williams

    Acum 10 Zile

    I've watched these vids so many times I have a problem... Lol...so funny

  58. Stefan de Groot

    Stefan de Groot

    Acum 10 Zile

    Millie and Enola are exactly 1 and the same. They both like to look smarter than they are. Haha

  59. Sofia Santos

    Sofia Santos

    Acum 10 Zile

    Is that chocolate?

  60. Luckygsm P

    Luckygsm P

    Acum 10 Zile

    Love the cast, and the film.. cant wait to see a secuel

  61. Recep Köse

    Recep Köse

    Acum 10 Zile

    0:53 turkish delight xD

  62. Male Castro Martinez

    Male Castro Martinez

    Acum 10 Zile

    Henry can butter upon MY bacon all he wants

  63. Naima M

    Naima M

    Acum 10 Zile

    Sam is effortlessly handsome!

  64. Hannahbell16


    Acum 10 Zile

    I love the little clips from the movie that match sssooo perfectly!

  65. ugagradrn


    Acum 11 Zile

    This movie wasn’t very good. I had high hopes for it, but there was barely any character development, and the storyline was all over the place.

  66. danravv


    Acum 11 Zile

    Dang, Millie could pass up for a 30 year old.

    • Feathered Canine

      Feathered Canine

      Acum 8 Zile

      not really its just the glasses

  67. Oliveee Maeee

    Oliveee Maeee

    Acum 11 Zile

    Love MBB. Love Sam. BUT HENRY??? YALL IM SIMPING OMG he should make an asmr audio just talking to us like a before bed type of thing omg i’d PAY

  68. Tu Cao

    Tu Cao

    Acum 11 Zile

    Wait isn't plucky the correct answer? 1:50 Where is justice for Sam?

  69. Olivia Raney

    Olivia Raney

    Acum 11 Zile

    Bright but icky

  70. Nisha Janagal

    Nisha Janagal

    Acum 11 Zile

    just 3 charming funny people enjoying themselves

  71. Rijul Jangra

    Rijul Jangra

    Acum 11 Zile

    Title : Enola Holmes' cast takes Victorian Slang test Real Title : 6minutes and 28seconds of complete laughter

  72. ElleGacha


    Acum 11 Zile

    helena gave birth to some good looking kids like-

  73. Funky Films

    Funky Films

    Acum 11 Zile

    Watch Millie's eye twitch at 3:44 BAJSHAH

  74. abb x

    abb x

    Acum 11 Zile

    i would love to see Henry and Millie together, is it a bit disgusting?

    • allie calliope.

      allie calliope.

      Acum 9 Zile

      millie is SIXTEEN 💀

  75. Abelle Amie

    Abelle Amie

    Acum 11 Zile

    DAAAANG!! Mycroft looks different 👀

  76. Tuğçe ÇINAR

    Tuğçe ÇINAR

    Acum 11 Zile

    törkiş dlayt kısmındaki ewwlamaları anlamlandıramadım.

    • Go Ahead

      Go Ahead

      Acum 9 Zile

      @Tuğçe ÇINAR eyw

    • Tuğçe ÇINAR

      Tuğçe ÇINAR

      Acum 9 Zile

      @Go Ahead 0.52

    • Go Ahead

      Go Ahead

      Acum 9 Zile

      Kaçıncı saniye

  77. Val R

    Val R

    Acum 11 Zile

    they shuold do dominican slang

  78. Aysha Khan

    Aysha Khan

    Acum 12 Zile

    Henry: a bag of roasted nuts I laughed more than I should have

  79. androssteague


    Acum 12 Zile

    I saw the movie and I was like there's no way Sam is older than Henry.

  80. Mariale Echeverría

    Mariale Echeverría

    Acum 12 Zile

    I'm a huge fan

  81. Komodo M

    Komodo M

    Acum 12 Zile

    Just watched Adrift. I hated it. Not because it isn’t good. I just hated it.

  82. Tialiq


    Acum 12 Zile

    Millie just wants chocolate haha Same though, same..

  83. Nikita Sachdeva

    Nikita Sachdeva

    Acum 12 Zile

    Hint: Characteristics of Enola Henry: Super annoying!🤣 Lololol

  84. ray malfoy

    ray malfoy

    Acum 12 Zile

    aNd Im SuPerMAn

  85. Anshara Fatma

    Anshara Fatma

    Acum 12 Zile

    Oh this trio!!!

  86. cavin limbu

    cavin limbu

    Acum 12 Zile

    When millie laughed after Henry said "humble" was so cute

  87. Nalan Cv

    Nalan Cv

    Acum 12 Zile

    MBB makes herself aged 40, with her dressing style.

  88. elizabeth noelle

    elizabeth noelle

    Acum 12 Zile

    sam is bae. henry is also bae.

  89. Błażej Cieślik

    Błażej Cieślik

    Acum 12 Zile

    Ebola Holmes?

  90. Bebelo Joice

    Bebelo Joice

    Acum 12 Zile

    I keep thinking how Enola doesn't eat in the whole movie, she must be hungry

  91. Gamze Duran

    Gamze Duran

    Acum 12 Zile

    Millie saying “ew” to Turkish delight is one of the reasons I don’t like her

  92. MegaSweetPumpkin


    Acum 12 Zile

    does no one gonna talk about how henry laughs at every guesses they thrown i mean it's killing me like

  93. Nawal Kamal

    Nawal Kamal

    Acum 12 Zile

    wait why is mycroft hot?

  94. l a u r a

    l a u r a

    Acum 13 Zile


  95. Achsah Oommen

    Achsah Oommen

    Acum 13 Zile

    Henry ! 😍

  96. Jazzie Cake

    Jazzie Cake

    Acum 13 Zile

    Sam is really cool. I hated his character but I looove him irl

  97. Josh N

    Josh N

    Acum 13 Zile

    Lol I could have watched that all day. They're just great

  98. maya johnston

    maya johnston

    Acum 13 Zile

    3:49 those american accents tho

  99. Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

    Acum 13 Zile

    Wait! So is “doing a bang up job” like a shortened form of Bang Up to the Elephant?!

  100. ChezRae Best

    ChezRae Best

    Acum 13 Zile

    the casting for this movieee!! They actually look alike! and special mention to Henry Cavill too sexy, that voice