Minecraft but there are Custom Hearts

Playing Minecraft while there's custom Hearts brings a whole new challenge to the game!

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Welcome to Craftee where we take on different challenges and play Minecraft but strange things always happen. Today we're playing Minecraft but you can craft Hearts! Let us know which part was your favorites and remember to drop your ideas in the comments for future videos that we can make!

Minecraft but you can craft Hearts


🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.


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      //craftee store

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      I love the book

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      Hol up you posted this 4 days ago and you have nearly 600k sub ALREADY?!?!??

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    Pls post more vids I love it 🥰

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  6. Moonlight


    Acum 22 minute

    i dont get it, at 7:38 he had 5 diamonds and at 7:57 there were 3 diamonds, 5+3 its 8, the fuck?

  7. Saj - Rex

    Saj - Rex

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    Whats the mod?

  8. cards for life

    cards for life

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    Is this parker play? Lmao



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    When I started to be his fan

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    I sub to you

  11. Dino oder Sino

    Dino oder Sino

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    12:50 you just showed us that u were in creative bcs ich ihave the same mod and when i tested some hearts they turned normal after i was in creative

  12. Isaac Scallan Cotter

    Isaac Scallan Cotter

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    He had so many amethyst shards he could’ve had so many hearts

  13. Gioele Cirimbelli

    Gioele Cirimbelli

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    What is the mod name?

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    1Million Subscriber Special September Day 17 2021

  15. I hAvE a PoOpY iNsIdE mY dIaPeR 🤑

    I hAvE a PoOpY iNsIdE mY dIaPeR 🤑

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    Happy 250 guys

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    What the fuck content for kid

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    So your telling me that he got 750 k subs in 2 weeks

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    Amazing youtube channel , how to get 1.1m subs in just 3 months? Just wow!

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    Ur the best tuber

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  24. F _G4mer

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    10:05 I will lay this lava to make a nether portal Lava buckets : Sike!

  25. Jorgena Diaries

    Jorgena Diaries

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    My. Brother is named that

  26. ¶^Aphmau Fan^¶

    ¶^Aphmau Fan^¶

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    "Craftee as the normal player" Ooo dirt heart "Crafty as at the end" I AM NOW THE OPPISITE OF THE ENDER DRAGON

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    Craftee: Sorry I made so much “dorky” jokes Villager: *Hits him* Me: HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??

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    This guy is Jolly all the time! You made my day🥺✨

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    omg so crazy

  30. ShadowMLBB


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    I wish you can do hardcore minecraft with these👀

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    I watched this twice lol

  32. Izuku Midoriya

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    4:41 say g to make viliger better

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    give mode link

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  35. the ultimate snail king the slimy one

    the ultimate snail king the slimy one

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  36. PYRO


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    What is this mod called? I’ve been trying to find it for ages but I can’t find it…

  37. Zilo 90♡☆

    Zilo 90♡☆

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  38. Elerick


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    Man, could you make this an actual mod or datapack? This seems like a really fun concept.

  39. felix navarro

    felix navarro

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    oop i meant 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Zillion subs :D

  40. felix navarro

    felix navarro

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    OMG ITS SO FUNNY THAT HE SAID "OoOo PotOtOeeSs" XD. this ytber is soo funny i wish he could reach in 9m subs! :)

  41. Girl Angel

    Girl Angel

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    he said he cam make 90 custom hearts o_O edit:wheres the mushroom heart wheres the wood heart wheres the mob heart i still love your videos tho

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  43. MaxAwsomeTitan


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    Why don’t you just farm iron golems?

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    akaku akaku

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    why the hell am i here- i was jsut lisening to earth stuff

  45. Rotei Rotei

    Rotei Rotei

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    Dis Hearts is i like dad 👍👍👍 i like 😄😄😄

  46. A Human

    A Human

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    Pls put the mod pack in the description

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    KK ODonnell

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    lol dis funny :3

  48. Charle the Funky Trash

    Charle the Funky Trash

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    dang, this channel gives me childhood vibes

  49. Ysobelle Moira E. Galero

    Ysobelle Moira E. Galero

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    Did u do a face reveal?

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    20 million views with only 1 million subs, and 14k comments

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    Ok video, *But how in the world did you get 20M views in 2 weeks?*

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    Terraria be like

  54. 🌶 chilly pepper tips 🌶

    🌶 chilly pepper tips 🌶

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    In only 2 weeks u went from 250k subs to over 1mil subs which makes sense since ur vids r amazing 🤩

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    Adam Says

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    6:07: hits 1/4 of 1 mil subs Me looking back: has 1.09 mil subs Me: wut the hec

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    If only these were downloadable 😭



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    Wow he got there quickle

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  61. Deathbeast


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    Quarter million? 2 weeks ago?? You already hit 1 mil!

  62. ThatManKing


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    You are cringe af idk how 1M people find this entertaining to watch

  63. Хамид


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    Сабака благиатер

  64. james davis

    james davis

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    why didnt u take damage then kill the iron golem for iron then u got free iron farm

  65. Cristiano Small

    Cristiano Small

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    You are nether video ☝️♥️

  66. Cristiano Small

    Cristiano Small

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    How do you even get the mod

  68. 飼い犬P


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    #askcraftee how do you get this mod? also congrats on hitting 1M Subscribers!!

  69. Mel Trinder

    Mel Trinder

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  70. virtous woods

    virtous woods

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    Hi I’m need to move from nyc with my 3 kids because of the mandates so that I can work may someone anyone help please

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    Griffin Suos

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    Would you have the guts to get iron from gruggle

  72. Sally Laurente

    Sally Laurente

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  73. WaPi


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    Thanks you made me hate Minecraft

  74. Ne0_


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    the link for mcpe please

  75. entity


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    He doesnt have a bodyguard, he IS the bodyguard.

  76. Brook Swire

    Brook Swire

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    Iron mans don't mind if I just 😏🔪

  77. obsidian.


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    this is cringe

  78. asher press

    asher press

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    Rip golle

  79. bendoreo


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    Name of the mod

  80. Andrew PoJoM

    Andrew PoJoM

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    When the ROfilmr doesn’t credit the mod :troll:

  81. Carolina Caballero

    Carolina Caballero

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    I put that nether portal above the water.

  82. Idkijust wanttosleep

    Idkijust wanttosleep

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    Me:I like your funny words magic man "subscribes"

  83. M M

    M M

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    hi craftee i luv ur vids

  84. unearthxatreyu


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    I think craftee deserves respect from everyone and needs someone to serve him and make him videos without him doing anything but voicing over it I ❤️ craftee

  85. nawafq89


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    When u run out of ideas: CUSTOM HEARTS

  86. canal do lycanroc crepúsculo

    canal do lycanroc crepúsculo

    Acum 17 ore


  87. yogoyolo_898


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    Bro you started a trend congrats

  88. Spodrmen


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    he really said " *obsidian apple* "

  89. Simple Sandbox 2 zarch Gaming YT

    Simple Sandbox 2 zarch Gaming YT

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    I subscribe pls heartme

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    This man got 750k subs in 2 weeks WHAT

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    Herobrine's son

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    This man got 1 mil subs in almost a few months. He is the man, the myth, the legend.

  92. Direct


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    whats the mod?

  93. CateredTomato81


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    parker i didnt even know rhis was your channel but i reconized ur voice instantly

  94. Amanda Nash

    Amanda Nash

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    I was just eating chips and one of them looks like a heart Minecraft hearts

  95. Aj Gonzales

    Aj Gonzales

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    U sound like sundee

  96. Sophie` Percle

    Sophie` Percle

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    Craftee:hehehehe iron golem:why....

  97. hipan


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    what is this mod called

  98. Bombshell Nails

    Bombshell Nails

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    How did you make the glass when I was playing Minecraft I wanted glass but I could not make it

  99. Gian matthew Tanedo

    Gian matthew Tanedo

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    10:04 i lost it xDd

  100. Jay Baca

    Jay Baca

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    Ender men: THIS IS MY HOME