Minecraft End Portal Frame FACTS

30 seconds of FACTS all about Minecraft's END PORTAL FRAME!
Did you know any of these facts? Here's the history of the Minecraft End Portal Frame and EVEN Minecraft Enderman Facts. Did you know about the early End Portal Frame Beta texture in Minecraft Java Edition or about the blast resistance of End Portal Frames? Bet you didn't know how to make an End Portal in Minecraft!
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  1. lilskurt 1

    lilskurt 1

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    Just wait until caves and cliffs fully gets out this guy's is gonna make a living

  2. Montashier Dalandas

    Montashier Dalandas

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    i didnt even hear a single word in this clip

  3. Landon Barney

    Landon Barney

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    Actually it's a one in a trillion chance

  4. RHM


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  5. Domen Žigart

    Domen Žigart

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    So with comparators you could make a tnt trap...

  6. Cuauhtemoc


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    Old frames better

  7. Aubrey Anthony Latorre

    Aubrey Anthony Latorre

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    wow the old one is unbreakable but cool desigien

  8. Hamed Aloufi

    Hamed Aloufi

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  9. sa gaming

    sa gaming

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    0:01 what is the name of this block

  10. JdHud


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    Actually its 1 in a trillion not a billion but im subbed and like all vids so ily

  11. Jescilyn Abian

    Jescilyn Abian

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    I wanna hear about competitors

  12. Martina


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    Me : "sees the video" Also me : ranboo

  13. Air Snipper

    Air Snipper

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    No it’s 1 in a trillion

  14. MochaGoneCray


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    Cursed thing is that there were glass towers where the structure was ;_;

  15. Olivia Cullen

    Olivia Cullen

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    Ranboo my beloved

  16. -AlphaMemelord 69-

    -AlphaMemelord 69-

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    I see no difference

  17. Cata


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    1 in a billion no no no no, it’s 1 in 1 trillion ...

  18. Monke Monke

    Monke Monke

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    It's a 1 in a trillion chance of all frames filled not a billion but good vid

  19. فهد المزيني

    فهد المزيني

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    هديها شوي هديها

  20. Wyatt Kerr

    Wyatt Kerr

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    That’s incorrect, it’s a one in a trillion and you remove a 0 for every eye that is already filled in

  21. Munzir Hamdan

    Munzir Hamdan

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    It is so amazing

  22. Eman Kareem

    Eman Kareem

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    ??? ...



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  24. Fun Times With Alpha

    Fun Times With Alpha

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    There was two people that made a table

  25. landon juhas

    landon juhas

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    I was having a bad day but when I saw Karl my day got better

  26. landon juhas

    landon juhas

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  27. Paul Leo Matinong

    Paul Leo Matinong

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    Fun Fact:If u put one endportal frame in each corner it sounds..

  28. Lightning Gaming

    Lightning Gaming

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    0:18 1 in a trillion not a billion

  29. UziTube


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    Calm tf down

  30. UziTube


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    Perfect cringe Minecraft youtuber voice right here

    • e e

      e e

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      His video have to be 27 second long so his voice is fast

  31. UltraDoesStuff


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  32. Lucy Rymer

    Lucy Rymer

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    Wait what OMG wow

  33. Pizza Gamer

    Pizza Gamer

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    Voice speed=100X

  34. денис лол Коротков

    денис лол Коротков

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    Смешно но вчом суть😂🤔

  35. Rqlk


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    Wot why did it used to look so weird

  36. aWESomeness123456789


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    I remember when I was pretty new to Minecraft and I was so surprised that End Portals couldn't be blown up and I made a lot of stuff out of them in creative, completely unaware of the fact that bedrock existed.

  37. VixxMC


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  38. Stafey


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    That subscribe sounded so desperate

  39. Sonny Garcia

    Sonny Garcia

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  40. Просто Katrit.

    Просто Katrit.

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    *Ни**** *не понял, но очень интересно*

  41. Garcia West

    Garcia West

    Acum lună

    H hahahja

  42. Atomali


    Acum lună

    Can i get a portal_frame with silktouch PLS LIKE

  43. ALEX YT Minecraft

    ALEX YT Minecraft

    Acum lună

    Я тут один русский?

  44. Liam Krumnow-Mcguire

    Liam Krumnow-Mcguire

    Acum lună

    End portal giving a redstone signal, now there is a potential prank you could do.

  45. саша привет сосед

    саша привет сосед

    Acum lună

    То чувство когда не знаешь английский

  46. Paulo henrique neves

    Paulo henrique neves

    Acum lună

    Am helo

  47. Dumbass Diana

    Dumbass Diana

    Acum lună

    What’ll happen when he runs out of blocks?

  48. Usecode Topia

    Usecode Topia

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    Fun fact: its 1 in 1 trillion

  49. Erik Subrt

    Erik Subrt

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  50. Pandapost


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    Best of fact 😎

  51. cika chantika

    cika chantika

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    Waw aku sukaaaaaa banget...

  52. The smily

    The smily

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    Can you do "allow block" fact pls

  53. Juaren Curtiz

    Juaren Curtiz

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    I didint fcking understand a single word....

  54. χgαlαχу σи мσвιlє

    χgαlαχу σи мσвιlє

    Acum lună

    "there is a 1 in a billion chance" me: No, it is 1 in a trillion, do the math

    • Arya Guna

      Arya Guna

      Acum 25 Zile

      The joke is not even funny

  55. Walker 32102

    Walker 32102

    Acum lună

    I understood one thing. I have understood nothing, Because You Talk SO FAST

  56. Light Spammer

    Light Spammer

    Acum lună

    Why is he always screaming like Jesus dude calm down no one asked you to yell

  57. Benji Wayen

    Benji Wayen

    Acum lună

    What mumbo jumbo doesn't know about redstone 0:04

  58. ¡¿Grape Trash!?

    ¡¿Grape Trash!?

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    I- I don't understand._.

  59. Omar Almolla

    Omar Almolla

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  60. Samuel Ciucaș

    Samuel Ciucaș

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  61. Bry10022


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    One in 10^12, not 10^9!

  62. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez

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  63. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez

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  64. AlexThomas125


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  65. Raufsya gaming

    Raufsya gaming

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  66. Xshadow HatKidX

    Xshadow HatKidX

    Acum lună

    I've played Minecraft for a long time but never once have I seen that end frame



    Acum lună


  68. Date


    Acum lună

    No entendí nada, no hablo inglés, pero está chido 👍

  69. Axsthsic


    Acum lună

    Eyes used to have to be put in a certain way facing or the portal wouldn’t work :)

  70. DreamSmpIsLife 1231

    DreamSmpIsLife 1231

    Acum lună

    Is that tubbo lmanberg war skin- or Tommys or someone elses

  71. Gold Piggy Gaming

    Gold Piggy Gaming

    Acum lună

    I saw Dream Ranboo and Herobrine

    • Gold Piggy Gaming

      Gold Piggy Gaming

      Acum lună

      Also Alex and steve

  72. wubbz


    Acum lună

    dream is just gonna say he got the one in a billion chance for this end portal shit

  73. Wert Zuiop

    Wert Zuiop

    Acum lună

    U can destroy em with Red muschrooms

  74. Sean's FunLand!!!

    Sean's FunLand!!!

    Acum lună

    Stop your going to fast bro

  75. JOJO Kujo

    JOJO Kujo

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    This dude talk to fast

    • JOJO Kujo

      JOJO Kujo

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      It’s like he speedruning

  76. •лiн4ок •

    •лiн4ок •

    Acum lună

    То чувство когда ты русский а видео английский

  77. I have no subs pls help I'm lonely

    I have no subs pls help I'm lonely

    Acum lună

    Shouting louder doesn't equal faster

  78. End_Portal YT

    End_Portal YT

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  79. pooper


    Acum lună

    Minecraft is a game based on like real life creative mode is where you can do anything on the server survivak mode is where you have to try and beat the game The game typically cost like 20$ 12$.or 13$ But it is really fun for beginners!

  80. Lost In The Woods

    Lost In The Woods

    Acum lună

    Fun fact end portals break permanently on xbox 360 console versions if you build one in creative once. 50% chance they'll work if you find one but you'll never build a working one again in creative

  81. Karina Pereira Contreras

    Karina Pereira Contreras

    Acum lună

    Ha ha ha ha

  82. Shartink ii

    Shartink ii

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    Bro those old frames kinda slap wtf

  83. Aiden Ayala

    Aiden Ayala

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    This one gave me a seizure

  84. Taylor Dickerson

    Taylor Dickerson

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    Why does he sound like he is yelling?

  85. LOL LOL


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    is there an karl jacobs skin????

  86. Jayden Forte

    Jayden Forte

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    This guys doesn’t breathe

  87. Evan


    Acum lună

    Hey! It’s 1 in a trillion chance to get a fully lit end portal!



    Acum lună

    Do lava FACS

  89. SpacePotato08


    Acum lună

    the short glitched and stayed paused while the audio of the next short was playing (a ruler of everything meme, it had note block music) and i thought it was some kind of joke i wasn't getting

  90. amresh kumar

    amresh kumar

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  91. Priti Aklujkar

    Priti Aklujkar

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    What r u saying I can't understand 🤔so fast

  92. Squormf


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    I only approve herobrine

  93. Adrian Manik

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  94. Dmitriy Shneyder

    Dmitriy Shneyder

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    I didint know any of these

  95. Shadow_Boy 06

    Shadow_Boy 06

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    BeeCON BeeMS

  96. light izlyZ

    light izlyZ

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    u copy @poke facts

  97. Rajeev saraswat

    Rajeev saraswat

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    It's all the videos are fake

  98. Austin Glander

    Austin Glander

    Acum lună

    The chance for all frames to be filled is 1x10^12 or a trillion, not a billion.

  99. Alex Iva

    Alex Iva

    Acum lună

    Ну за долбаные рекламы

  100. Lutfan Febriyan

    Lutfan Febriyan

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    8 skkjjj