Minecraft: How To Build an Underground Base Tutorial (#16) | 마인크래프트 건축, 지하 생존 기지, 인테리어

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In this video, I'm gonna show you how to build an Underground Base,
and also how to decorate the interior.
This base has a smelting area, an enchanting room, a storage room, a bedroom, and a nether portal room.
Hope you enjoy this video!

Instagram - @iriegenie( iriegenie )

⌛ Timestamp
00:00 Intro
00:26 Layout
05:12 Stairway
05:58 Bedroom
09:40 Resting Room
12:45 Nether Portal Room
14:47 Storage \u0026 Brewing Room
17:07 Enchanting Room
18:06 Outro

🎮 Game
• Minecraft

🔍 Version
• Java Edition 1.16.2

🌳 Resource Pack
• Faithful 1.16.2 (x32)
• Download Link - faithful.team/faithful-1-16-2

☀️ Shader Pack
• BSL 7.2
• Installation tutorial - rofilm.info/much/video/c4u9gGqinWato3s
• Download Link - bitslablab.com/bslshaders

🎵 Music
• Artist - Keys of Moon Music
• Link - soundcloud.com/keysofmoon
• Track
- Spring Flowers
- Take a Walk
- Life Blossom
- Everyday Song
- Sunset Landscape

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  1. SC


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    How do you do that with your inventory when u switch all the stuff, is it editing, help is appreciated👍

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    Hey Pandas ༼༽

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    I'm Brazilian, it takes a long time to understand the construction tutorial, because of you I managed to understand the tutorial

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    Hola bro muy buena casa la verdad me puedes decir q versión es? Es q no juego mucho Minecraft jeje🤓👍😊

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      @IrieGenie Gracias 😜

    • IrieGenie


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      Lo puedes encontrar en la descripción😊😊

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    그리고 인테리어 진짜 잘하신다

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    Bro your shadder name please give

    • IrieGenie


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      It's BSL Shader😊😊

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    this is build in creative mode. down voting.

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    I finnished building this on my survival Minecraft server, and at the beginning I git very confused by the layout, and did some mistakes, but then I fixed it! I made some changes on the work room, so now i looks even better and bcs I don't have end bars yet, I used lanterns! And I did on the outsideI modified it from the entry, bcsobs keeped spawning and going in the house, but still I love THIS HOUSE so much!! And I am glad I finnished it :,)! If u want I will upload a video, to show you how I changed it. Without shaders, the house looks meh... but with shaders, the House looks WONDERFULL! Thanks for the video :)❤🔥

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    Harry Dark

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    • IrieGenie


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      It's BSL Shader😊

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