MY FAIR LADY DIMITRESCU | Resident Evil: Village - Part 2

We finally set eyes on the POWERFUL and RESPECTABLE visage of the true protagonist of Resident Evil Village!
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  1. Denika Burroughs

    Denika Burroughs

    Acum 2 ore

    ONLY IF YOU WERE 9 FEET TALL. you'd be all right

  2. Revenant : )

    Revenant : )

    Acum 2 ore

    Why Luiza died 😭😭😭

  3. Mr. Springtrap

    Mr. Springtrap

    Acum 4 ore

    I love markiplier

  4. Bernadette Scheiber

    Bernadette Scheiber

    Acum 5 ore

    Mark: Where's Luiza...why's Luiza? Me: And WHERE'S THE BLACKSMITH???

  5. u33nb •

    u33nb •

    Acum 9 ore

    "Well, maybe you shouldn't put all your faith in Mother Miranda. Maybe you should put your faith in.. someone taller"

  6. bumheadboss


    Acum 12 ore

    PLS LMAO mark said mommy instead of money 💀

  7. Matthew Reeves

    Matthew Reeves

    Acum 16 ore

    Markiplier break statue Mother Miranda and everyone else How Dare you

  8. musicalgeek


    Acum 16 ore


  9. CuteGothiccGF


    Acum o Zi

    I was questioning my bisexuality and though I might be straight and then Lady Dimitrescu popped up

  10. SpongeboyMeBob


    Acum o Zi

    40:10 Freudian slip of the decade

  11. Tr1ckSh0tSn1per


    Acum o Zi

    Mark: “I’m Ethan btw” *Quit your whining, we’re almost there*

  12. Jay Pyramid Lota

    Jay Pyramid Lota

    Acum o Zi

    he really wants to see the all mighty tall one

  13. kasey bodenmann

    kasey bodenmann

    Acum o Zi

    I've never heard of crystal skulls vodka is that a brand?

  14. Peyton Laracuente

    Peyton Laracuente

    Acum o Zi

    Doesn’t this game takes back to Resident evil 4?

  15. Isaac Wille

    Isaac Wille

    Acum o Zi

    me: is scared of horror games markiplier: is playing them me: is no longer scared of horror games

  16. Michelle Burlew

    Michelle Burlew

    Acum o Zi

    2 X-Men references

  17. Kyle Bartz

    Kyle Bartz

    Acum o Zi

    Lady D: exists Mark’s brain: “can my pelvis take that kind of abuse?’

  18. Kyle Bartz

    Kyle Bartz

    Acum o Zi

    I know that a narrow fov is intended to create feelings of isolation and claustrophobia but all it does to me is make me feel nauseous. Is this customizable in the settings?

  19. Shy Mc

    Shy Mc

    Acum o Zi

    I feel like some of these people would be great Mortal Kombat characters

  20. Alison Maddox

    Alison Maddox

    Acum o Zi

    "Oh, he's got a weapon." *pulls out gun* "I do too."

  21. narco bob

    narco bob

    Acum o Zi

    Dam akroyds crystal skull vodka repelling werewolves since the sixteen hundreds

  22. t b h ッ

    t b h ッ

    Acum 2 Zile

    Honestly, blood comes back. That’s how people make donations, duh. So… Just be with Lady Dimitrescu forever, and give her some blood every day. You’re both happy! Win-Win.

  23. SindyCreations


    Acum 2 Zile

    Everyone simps for vamp lady- Im over here like "ooooo yellow eyed metal daddy-"

  24. attack dog rex

    attack dog rex

    Acum 2 Zile

    Mark knows he has to kill vampire lady not smash her right?

  25. ass


    Acum 2 Zile


  26. Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis

    Acum 2 Zile

    Markpiler is in love wit Lady vampire

  27. Joseph'sRegiment


    Acum 2 Zile


  28. Michelle T.

    Michelle T.

    Acum 2 Zile

    i just love how you can see the love in Mark's eyes as soon as Lady Dimitrescu speaks 😂

  29. saraangela gustilo

    saraangela gustilo

    Acum 2 Zile

    i love your vids

  30. 8Y.30.Zidane Alghifary

    8Y.30.Zidane Alghifary

    Acum 2 Zile

    this is a simp-el way for mark to try to get dimitrescu's attention (yeah i'll just leave)

  31. Abby C

    Abby C

    Acum 2 Zile

    Am I trippin or did he play this in the first episode 👀

    • Abby C

      Abby C

      Acum 2 Zile

      I’m beginning to think I’m trippin

  32. Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant

    Acum 2 Zile

    Those back to back headshots were so satisfying

  33. Calvary


    Acum 2 Zile

    13:18 play of the game

  34. Luccio Zacconi

    Luccio Zacconi

    Acum 2 Zile

    Markiplier said that Ethan might be infected …… um well

  35. i z0m813 sears

    i z0m813 sears

    Acum 2 Zile

    Pretty sure they STAPLED his hand back to his wrist and he used that healing shit. My boy Ethans Frankenstein 😂😂

  36. Ethan Mendez

    Ethan Mendez

    Acum 3 Zile

    At 46:50 who else heard Ethan moan after asking what they were doing?!? 🤣🤣 I was playing a game, heard that, and FLUNG my head towards the screen to see what just happened. 🤣🤣❤️

  37. FurUFur2


    Acum 3 Zile

    Damn lady

  38. FizzToast


    Acum 3 Zile

    say what you will about the gluttonous fat man, but he was one of what few good points there were in this game.

  39. Star_ Games

    Star_ Games

    Acum 3 Zile

    Ethan: literally gets bitten by a zombie like 4 billion times Also Ethan: ‘tis but a scratch

  40. gentlechaos


    Acum 3 Zile

    27:00 how did elena know about ethan's family? He never mentioned them? Or am I stupid

  41. Muddawgg


    Acum 3 Zile

    That’s dope as hell is there vodka in it

  42. Henry Knoepke

    Henry Knoepke

    Acum 3 Zile


  43. [Dizzy Girl]

    [Dizzy Girl]

    Acum 3 Zile

    Dudes hand is like a ninja turtle now

  44. gianqui


    Acum 3 Zile


  45. memiller0617


    Acum 3 Zile

    Chem fluid in the outhouse helps with constipation.

  46. 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo

    1994 Toyota Supra Turbo

    Acum 3 Zile

    so i looked up how tall she is.... 9'6

  47. Mika -_-

    Mika -_-

    Acum 4 Zile

    This is basically just Markiplier simping for dimitrescu and me simping for heisenberg 😔

  48. Leon mcgreene

    Leon mcgreene

    Acum 4 Zile

    It sounded like mia winters

  49. Mr.Cizzly


    Acum 4 Zile

    Is heisenburg luiza’s husband?

  50. Rach beech

    Rach beech

    Acum 4 Zile

    I’m so confused how Mark had free stuff and Jack didn’t? Unless Mark didn’t pick some up? I have no idea though.

  51. Nathaniel Claycamp

    Nathaniel Claycamp

    Acum 4 Zile

    Mark: Resident evil has easy puzzles Four words: *Sun puzzle resident evil 5*

  52. ____


    Acum 4 Zile

    Is it only me or when Elena dies does the screen turn a hint of white like when someone dies in gta 5

  53. Dr.Plague


    Acum 4 Zile

    Nooo he sold the pistol

  54. 14blackwolves


    Acum 4 Zile

    He really be out here simping for Lady Dimitrescu although you can’t blame him

  55. professional Rhydian

    professional Rhydian

    Acum 4 Zile

    mark: she sounds familiar me: jill .. right..? mark: clair me: 0_0

  56. Nate LS

    Nate LS

    Acum 4 Zile

    Mark really left us "hanging"

  57. Swag


    Acum 4 Zile

    40:11 “mommy- mmh-momney moneyyy”

  58. kvmochi


    Acum 4 Zile

    Alternative title: Mark has a mommy kink

  59. Alpha


    Acum 4 Zile

    I’m tryin to figure out what laptop marks playing on cause this game would take a lot to run.

  60. sandychan


    Acum 4 Zile

    where did the tissue go at 46:16 that she used!? When Ethen got picked up it wasn't there, then one of the sisters had it, what the hay!? (edit) game physics

  61. Solaris The Butter Hoarder

    Solaris The Butter Hoarder

    Acum 4 Zile

    I love how he thinks there’s just two but in fact there’s more xddd 11:11

  62. RebelUnicorn 920

    RebelUnicorn 920

    Acum 4 Zile

    Mark do be simpin dough

  63. XxGRIM_HEARTxx


    Acum 5 Zile

    Mark: Cant drink alcohol Also Mark: Oh cool a crystal skull- Thats so metal! Is there Vodka in it??

  64. Emily Meier56

    Emily Meier56

    Acum 5 Zile

    ethan nestor: no mark im ethan remember?

  65. Blu Stick

    Blu Stick

    Acum 5 Zile

    she has some good looking decorations.. i so wanna feel them chairs.. and i would like to touch that chandelier

  66. Tasha


    Acum 5 Zile

    I started watching this channel a couple days ago...subscribed because this guy is so funny.

  67. Slewpo


    Acum 5 Zile


  68. Slewpo


    Acum 5 Zile


  69. My neck my back My crippling anxiety Attack

    My neck my back My crippling anxiety Attack

    Acum 5 Zile


  70. demontrent10653


    Acum 5 Zile

    😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

  71. Josh Guffey

    Josh Guffey

    Acum 5 Zile

    Elena was voiced by the same woman who voiced Jill in the RE 3 remake, Nicole Tompkins.

  72. pubby Chan

    pubby Chan

    Acum 5 Zile

    I love how In Some parts of the video like in 22:53 the dad is in the fire moaning and his moans just sound so funny

  73. Paighton Bybee

    Paighton Bybee

    Acum 5 Zile

    Haha not me screaming at Mark to use the screwdriver to unlock the door instead going to kill Elena

  74. wrenic _

    wrenic _

    Acum 5 Zile

    was elena's dad's voice autotuned??

  75. Optical.mp3


    Acum 5 Zile

    When marks laptop can run this game at 60 frames no problem but my desktop pc cant

  76. Emmy Gentille

    Emmy Gentille

    Acum 5 Zile

    Hearing Mark saying “bestie” made my day

  77. Itwasjustified


    Acum 5 Zile

    " You like mushrooms? I'm pretty much mostly fungus" ..... I see what you did there.

  78. Bread


    Acum 5 Zile

    M’lady Dimitrescu

  79. Draginja Miletic

    Draginja Miletic

    Acum 5 Zile

    Markyou ametoise u didnt even take my gun Me:yea u ametoise

  80. Gaara


    Acum 5 Zile

    Ahhhh a crystal skull!.....that's dope as hell is there vodka in it?! -Markiplier 2021

  81. Rapter 413

    Rapter 413

    Acum 6 Zile

    The ending tho 😂

  82. Arttu Pöllänen

    Arttu Pöllänen

    Acum 6 Zile

    "Well this is just cruel!" Really? Shocker

  83. Gash


    Acum 6 Zile


  84. Miakoda318


    Acum 6 Zile

    I love how Mark predicts the right theories so early in the game

  85. Nolan Peterson

    Nolan Peterson

    Acum 6 Zile

    whenever mark says "wait no" all i hear is "WADE, NO" lmao

  86. Rebekah Childers

    Rebekah Childers

    Acum 6 Zile

    Can we get som "forset" up in here please

  87. Peeplsiswerd


    Acum 6 Zile

    I love how Mark just laughs with the old lady

  88. -Just Me_

    -Just Me_

    Acum 6 Zile

    28:05 *Elena in a death situation* Ethan: Cmon give me your hand Me:No.... Shes gonna fuckin say it.. She's gonna say that stupid shit isn't she . . . Elena: Ethan go! Me:OH! What a fucking surprise!!!!

  89. liz mendes

    liz mendes

    Acum 6 Zile

    Is no one going to talk about how he said “ I can provide “ the way darkiplier says it in a date with markiplier.

  90. Foxolpes


    Acum 6 Zile


  91. Synthwave_775


    Acum 6 Zile

    I’m gonna flour you up boy

  92. joseph pardue

    joseph pardue

    Acum 6 Zile

    never understood how pouring shit on your arm heals you

  93. joseph pardue

    joseph pardue

    Acum 6 Zile

    so stupid you gave guns for reason use em hell you buy ammo from fat ass vendor \

  94. Luiza Andrade

    Luiza Andrade

    Acum 6 Zile

    As someone named Luiza I never expected to hear my name so much

  95. Gregg Smith

    Gregg Smith

    Acum 7 Zile

    6:50 here we see mark perform the ritual of a thousand cuts so the soul can never truly rest. Haha

  96. Stephanie lomeli

    Stephanie lomeli

    Acum 7 Zile


  97. Mary Ezell

    Mary Ezell

    Acum 7 Zile

    31:40 did this man say what I think he said?? *cries*

  98. J Harris

    J Harris

    Acum 7 Zile

    45:28 Mark : Sees Lady D. * Gentleman mark has entered the chat *

  99. Dimas Cool

    Dimas Cool

    Acum 7 Zile

    Careful what you wish for, Markiplier

  100. Samuel Royce

    Samuel Royce

    Acum 7 Zile

    13:20 - 13:26 Is that luck or skill?