My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!


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    Kids like this are our nexy generation? I can only imagine

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    That 0.5 second clip of ed edd and eddy brought a tear to my eye

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    So odd is becoming a new scientist 👨🏻‍🔬artevisicioal ?

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    You alright James?

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    James is so inspirational at the end

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    Are you making new videos because I love your videos! ✌🏻

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    Me: wait who made the dimensions who made god who made the devil

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    billbillbillbillbillbillbillbill BILL CIPHER LETS GOOOOOOOO i miss gravity falls

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    Glad that he made fun of weebs lol

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    Reality shifting : A fancy way of saying Imagination

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    i clicked on this video and commented, and i purposefully uncapped all the letter "i" except for this one - > I. How many alternate timelines does that make.

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      It's 9

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    PICKLE JAMES (if you watch Rick and Morty you get the reference)

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    7:45 is that Buster from Arthur?

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    Thought I'd weigh in on this, I suffer with chronic nightmares and insomnia. At this point I'm willing to try anything just to get a decent nights sleep, so when I heard about shifting, I was relieved. No, I don't believe that you can actually shift realities. However, shifting is about putting ideas in your subconscious mind to then explore in your dreams later. Shifting is essentially lucid dreaming, but with another element of control. I'm so used to always waking up restless yet fatigued through nights of nightmare after nightmare, it's easy to understand why someone might want to 'shift' in order to sleep better. Before anyone asks, yes I've looked into other methods other than shifting to account for the sleeping issue, I'm currently in therapy and working on solutions to fix up my mental health, but for the time being shifting provides a unique experience to give myself a break from the nightmares, irritability and loss of sleep of a normal night. To expand on this even more, it doesn't all have to be 'im marrying draco uwu', you can just shift with the intention of having a 'good dream' whatever that may be for you. to summarize, shifting is just detailed lucid dreaming. No reality shifting, just an elaborated idea in an individual's mind.

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    0:05 0:10 1:39 And the thumbnail

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    I'm writing a fan fiction (for Milo Murphey's Law, the universe of Phineas and Ferb), where in the end the main character (me) realizes that the way to "shift" to another reality is by making choices now that turn your universe into a better one. Also, I am totally already not a muggle! No shifting needed! Thanks for the bloopers! Tells me a bit of how I could make my own videos...

  26. smack jack

    smack jack

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    As a believer in the infinite reality but not shifting i have an idea for you about the magic thing. Ahem, ..... it a parallel of a parallel so its even more changed. So think of our universe as universe (1 or u1 for this example) and when you copy it changes for the change and make a new world so when you copy that it changes more eventually the changes stack up and from how I see it since space and time exist and the future and past do to what happens is predetermined by a future you its happened for them so changing what happend will be breaking the predetermined path thus changing time so eventually after so many copys and reality being warped so much magic would exist

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    Cuz there dreaming

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    I believe in reincarnation, but I don’t believe in reality shifting

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    Philza is PISSED 0:35

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    It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

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    Is James gay?

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    5:58 She got bakugou virus

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    me watching this as I attempt to shift-

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    Shift to a reality where there is no Starr test

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    There may be an alternate reality where James believed in reality shifting, let’s go shift and knock some sense into him, boys.

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      no, thats stupid

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    I can hop into a different reality. It’s called dreaming.



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    7:58 WTF



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      No -7:58

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    If there’s infinite realities there’s a reality with no infinite realities

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    I swear that this video is getting more and more cursed my the day. The video now has 666K likes. Lol

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    I actually finally found someone who believes in it. They are three girls from my class and I practically forced them to watch this to prove them wrong

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      You can actually try to test it to prove them wrong.

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    Pls make more videos

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    We make about 35000 decisions a day and live about 95 years and there are about 8 billion of us would end up about 9.709e17

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      Also what about the decisions made by ants

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    4:30 reminds me of terry from soul

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    Can you do a video on lucid dreaming

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    This has 666k likes which I find hilarious since he is talking about tic tok

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    Ironically I think it would be really cool to go to the hunger games. I’m a fanboy.

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    Reality Shifting: Rebranded Lucid Dreaming (lol)

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    Bruh really 2:51

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    What if when we dream your soul goes to a dimension

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    And there is also a reality where zombie virus is real Fk now I m scared It should not happen in our reality

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    My friend anime shifts. I triedddd 👁👄👁 it made no sense SASEGEYO

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    I enjoy seeing James rant and rant. I prefer these kinds of videos more than the story ones.

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    I first watched this on my birthday and I turned 11 when James A messagener owl just dropped off your exeption letter I got so excited

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    Well I do agree flies things you say and I'm not going to say that reality shifting is real what I am saying is that parallel universes existed beforeWell I do agree flies things you say and I'm not going to say that reality shifting is real what I am saying is that parallel universes existed before you make a different decision they're just always in sync so it's not like every time you make a new universe it's more of that Universe already existed and there is proof that parallel universes do exist but there isn't proof that we know how to get to them yet so I don't believe you already shifting is real but I do believe in parallel universes

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    I’m a kid, yeah so what and I’m forced to not get vaccines :(

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    Wait its is it wrong to want to be froto bagins

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    Who wouldn’t wanna drop out of a muggle public school See, I said first try

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    hey guess what? I’m shifting to hogwarts! you sound dumbasf people can have beliefs and shifting realities has been scientifically proven go do your research 😃🤚 CIA DOCUMENTS!

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      Those documents were declassified because they were proven to be false

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      Man, I ligitamatly hope this is a joke.

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      It hasn't tho

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    When are you gonna upload again? I bet I'm one of many who are wondering this. You changed my life with your videos and I want to see your vids again! Pleeeeeease upload again?

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    *me wishing I could live inside of yarichin bitch club but knowing it could never happen because I have a brain*

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    I've done it and what happens is when you write a script and everything you write in that script happens in your dr, once you leave your dr-- or wake up, you leave a clone in your dr. You can go to your dr whenever you want and once again, when you leave, your clone will leave until you come back.

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      kid did you major in quantum physics

    • Cassie Stuart

      Cassie Stuart

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      I meant when you leave your clone will come in again until you come back

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    They definitely are on drugs or some sh*t like that. Your not becoming some miraculous character Emily, your looking like a crack head.

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    bro this shit is real, it worked to me, is just like a dream that you can control

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      So.... Dreaming?

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      So lucid dreaming

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    The science behind paralel universes works but reality shifting is impossible

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    Reality shifters keep saying this video is stupid but like he said my thoughts like what the actual fuck its his video reality shifting is so dumb anyway like if you believe that you have a problem in your head science my ass

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    The only people who dislike this video, are people who believe in reality shifting. That proves how many people don’t make sense in this world. Maybe in another universe

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    You gonna make a episode abt the 400+ people who got shot/killed in the last 73 hours-