Nba YoungBoy - safe then sorry (Interlude)

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  1. GodlyMadeBullyz Kennel

    GodlyMadeBullyz Kennel

    Acum 26 minute

    Michael Jackson of this generation

  2. Dlezi


    Acum 54 minute

    Yb back

  3. YOung Kid

    YOung Kid

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  4. Realedyasain


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  5. Mr. Unpredictable

    Mr. Unpredictable

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    If you fw YB I fw you 💯👏🏾

  6. Kevin Maurice

    Kevin Maurice

    Acum oră

    this man saved my life

  7. 17Savage


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    Why did he remove all of his music videos!??

  8. loc 300

    loc 300

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    Safe then sorry frfr that way 💪💪💪



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    They done change my baby

  10. Rolando Graham

    Rolando Graham

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    Different 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. ILuCaS -

    ILuCaS -

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    Run this back top 5

  12. Ryan Mudie

    Ryan Mudie

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    This sound is the way forward 🙌

  13. Mark Lauren

    Mark Lauren

    Acum 3 ore 🔥Bahamian up and coming artist 🇧🇸

  14. CozmicBust


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    Why he delete all his music videos??

  15. koenig


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    is it on spotify?

  16. rique


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    nigga came out da closet. talks bout the same shi. shits funny asf

  17. Daina Jones

    Daina Jones

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  18. Dante Finch

    Dante Finch

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    Why does he look white here

  19. Lkf-loup


    Acum 5 ore🔥🔥

  20. Laishram Yoihenba

    Laishram Yoihenba

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    Durk better be hiding

  21. Hyder Ali

    Hyder Ali

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    i like this song

  22. Jaheem Baugh

    Jaheem Baugh

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    We need more songs like this bro

  23. WattBoy Gang

    WattBoy Gang

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    Nba boy crazy

  24. ALONE -_-

    ALONE -_-

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    Finally the true yb fans will understand this comment

  25. Sommer Washington

    Sommer Washington

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    Wen he got done

  26. hasi markwell

    hasi markwell

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    Next level ❤️

  27. BazaarYT


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    Tf is this pic

  28. Mariah Mestiza

    Mariah Mestiza

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  29. bryan


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  30. doliio volay

    doliio volay

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    gave me goosebumps almost instantly this really hits home

  31. S shunt

    S shunt

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    Not on spotify. Why?

  32. DYoon


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    Need it on apple music no cap

  33. Kira's World

    Kira's World

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  34. First Name

    First Name

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  35. 108 Jay

    108 Jay

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  36. AJ’ C

    AJ’ C

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    the amount of love i have for this man everything he does makes me happy even tho i’ve never met him i love him more then anything 💚💚💚

  37. Monalov3


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    He’s taking responsibility and seeing the real now knowing healing is important…. I love this . Keep growing and healing King 👑 💚

  38. Sm0k3WihhDuhhSc0p3


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    last song real yb made its the one he chose when his time come

  39. Whoislondon


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    Shit on repeat top🔥💚

  40. IdenOfficial


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  41. Nikki B

    Nikki B

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    Praying for u top

  42. Nikki B

    Nikki B

    Acum 15 ore

    Sold his soul now he gotta pay it bk

    • Zae


      Acum 6 ore

      Dk that

  43. BestlastminuteIDEAS


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    Ready for the call!? Save youngboy at all cost 🙏

  44. Derik Flame

    Derik Flame

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    bro idc what the haters say but ur so GOATed

  45. Brad Davis

    Brad Davis

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  46. Acum 16 ore

    Done with the meeting today was the meeting is like drugs classes for kids stella kids stella kids are so mad with wayne c Ford not a no for kids stella and Christmas stella can't get kids back no go stella destroy ceser house

  47. Delano Turnbull

    Delano Turnbull

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    On repeat for 12 days in a row 😌

  48. Kenya Bonita

    Kenya Bonita

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    He so different and it’s a good different, I’m definitely feeling this 😩🔥

  49. NevaTV


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  50. raynal1980


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    Staying focus protecting your mind body and soul is what will keep Trell here. It's a long road but we can find peace all alone. #gootaknowdat Slime 4 lyfe 💚💚 We all got feeling now it's time for you to drag your thoughts don't let your thoughts drag you!!!!

  51. Kenya Bee

    Kenya Bee

    Acum 17 ore

    This man’s music has saved my life man fr… forever rocking with him even when this world continuously tries to give us reasons not to… It’s deeper than just music. It’s deeper than fame… this shit speaks straight to my soul. Real pain, nothing less. This man is a blessing to the few of us that actually understands him because we’re jyst like him… I see so much of myself in him. And that’s rare. to feel like there’s somebody else out there that’s just like me & feel this same deep seeded, deep rooted pain that I feel every single day💔💔💔💔Thank you Top💚 THANK YOU SO MUCH , you are a Great🐐 Woulda gave up a long time ago if it wasn’t for what you bring to this world. Thank you forever

  52. Daisy Carpenter

    Daisy Carpenter

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    i really love this shittt 💕💕

  53. Lee Lord

    Lee Lord

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    Damn another bagger

  54. Andrea Thompson

    Andrea Thompson

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    Bro you help me through everything you are dope as hell want to be just like I hope to meet you someday I want to make a difference in the world through my music like you goat you forever be my forever rapper 💯 bro I can feel you pain I'm going through so much pain right now tysm for your music you are a true blessing I wouldn't be here without your music bro I love you I hope as is well for you be praying for you Happy holidays big goat your big fan Asher 💯💯💯💯💯

  55. Nick Cook-Roy

    Nick Cook-Roy

    Acum 18 ore

    I be feeling like I’m going thru the same shit & SAME time YB drops. From dealing with the police & feds coming after you & locking you up & not feeling like you gna get out. To using drugs to get thru the pain of losing somebody close to you. To dealing with heartbreak from a relationship. At the same time period I’m going thru the same shit. I just be feeling like I’m going thru the same shit at the same time. Stay up YB. Real recognize real. If you read this I hope you get thru whatever you’re going thru. Much love to ALL.

  56. SticksToShifty


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    y dis shii aint on apple music yet bra

  57. Destiny Noah

    Destiny Noah

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    Everything TOP 💯💚

  58. Destiny Noah

    Destiny Noah

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  59. him fareal

    him fareal

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    New era lil wayne

  60. istayindaclouds


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    Top 2% nba young boy Spotify listener here, it’s good to see back home again💯 keep on stepping & doin yo thing you my biggest hero man

  61. wylee


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    best in the game keep ur head up youngboy you inspire more people than u know

  62. 12dyllon


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    Dude can this man make a bad song god bless you got your head on you did it their not worth it anymore you blessed go far NBA

  63. briar putnam

    briar putnam

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    this go hard i fw the new stufff you own

  64. JD Jackson

    JD Jackson

    Acum 19 ore

    Explains why he deleted his older videos.

  65. BabyFacee


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  66. Hannya EFFECT

    Hannya EFFECT

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    Bruh he looking the joker from darknight



    Acum 20 ore

    New style it’s Ight

  68. Yared Asmelash

    Yared Asmelash

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    Watch all you rappers he is here move on thank you...

  69. mikevouge


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    YoungBoy versatile

  70. Armad4trey 6

    Armad4trey 6

    Acum 21 oră

    ‘’no need to be scared we all gotta go’’. 4kt💚🤑🔫

  71. Vice


    Acum 21 oră

    His vocals and voice is everything .. it relaxes me like a sleep aid 😪

  72. Terrell


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  73. T-Tyme


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    1k too100k challenge📉📈🚀🌙



    Acum 22 ore

    You are a real 1 if u can gimme a real opinion about this

  75. TYE GUY 920

    TYE GUY 920

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    Is this on Apple Music

  76. SecretHicks


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    He depressed

  77. alvine Kaba

    alvine Kaba

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  78. takunda musengi

    takunda musengi

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  79. Marco Ruiz

    Marco Ruiz

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    That shit fire🔥

  80. Jaquezz puezz

    Jaquezz puezz

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  81. Joel Mercado

    Joel Mercado

    Acum o Zi

    Him and yungeen ace really puttin there side out there and I’m here for it this is so amazing 💯

  82. ChasingTheMillions


    Acum o Zi

    r.i.p the real youngboy ❤️👁

    • ssshhh be quiet

      ssshhh be quiet

      Acum 14 ore

      Everybody tryna act like we all dont notice this not him

  83. PradaMovin


    Acum o Zi

    used to be ready to die buh na i wanna live my niqqa “woah”

  84. Cesar ke99

    Cesar ke99

    Acum o Zi

    Sorry to disturb your scroll, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life and may all things work out in your favour❤️

  85. David_opy


    Acum o Zi

    y is it not on spotify.

  86. Grimmm Reaper4kt74bdk

    Grimmm Reaper4kt74bdk

    Acum o Zi

    Fuxc em all thug .... WE LOVE YOU THUG... I AINT LIEN... ATLEAST I KNOW I DO!



    Acum o Zi

    This song is me rn ngl I relate to so much he speaks about ❤️

  88. LilByg


    Acum o Zi

    He da only rapper wit no dislikes 🧏🏽‍♂️🐍

  89. Dayonna Coleman

    Dayonna Coleman

    Acum o Zi

    I’m sorry youngboy😭😭🥺

  90. xX_Gacha_xoGangzzX


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    I love this song

  91. Dayonna Coleman

    Dayonna Coleman

    Acum o Zi


  92. evan labonte

    evan labonte

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    I love this yb fr fr

  93. Sam Fields

    Sam Fields

    Acum o Zi

    I LOVE U



    Acum o Zi

    The Michael Jackson of his era; young 🐐.

  95. SGmilliy


    Acum o Zi

    the rawest !

  96. Preston Moyer

    Preston Moyer

    Acum o Zi

    Put it on Apple Music😩