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Never Spill a Drink again. 🤯

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

    Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

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    Send this to someone who always spills their drink 😂 Full gadgets video HERE: rofilm.info/much/video/eXTTmXySfZ-dmH8

    • Jack Zhu

      Jack Zhu

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      WOW 🤩!!

    • Nikhil The Versatile

      Nikhil The Versatile

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      I am sending it to myself

    • Asphalt Boomer

      Asphalt Boomer

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      @Grimmsnarl Gaming b

    • Grimmsnarl Gaming

      Grimmsnarl Gaming

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      @Asphalt Boomer a

    • DukGood


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      *sends to my other email*

  2. ✨Champagne🥂🍾


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    Tall glasses: This is a joke.



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    The waiters are using this all time while tea serving in a Turkish cafe in Turkey

  4. Funny Coolaid

    Funny Coolaid

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    Perfect now I'm going to build that then I'll step on it if he's correct I'll beat gravity and fly to Japan for free

  5. Car Tech Gaming

    Car Tech Gaming

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    Fun fact: This was my 3rd grade science fair project and my friends came over to work on it the day I made this ROfilm account! 🤣

  6. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment

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    A plastic bag works too.

  7. Ertuğrul Özgönül

    Ertuğrul Özgönül

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  8. Logic Sticks

    Logic Sticks

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    Omg we have the same hoodie

  9. Souvik Roy #Hoody

    Souvik Roy #Hoody

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    I used to do this in childhood by using water in open bottles and move my hands in circular motion to create centre of rotation

  10. Alfie:)


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    My anxiety when he spinns it📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📉📉📉📈📈📉📉📉📉

  11. youmin kim

    youmin kim

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    If you trip down it will spill

  12. This Is Totally Me

    This Is Totally Me

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    You can do this by holding a glass at the top and circling your arm over your head, try it!

  13. Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

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    Love how the water & cups stood still as you were rocking it

  14. Mathew Gabriel

    Mathew Gabriel

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    Physics class be like

  15. Mahoxz Ch. マホックス

    Mahoxz Ch. マホックス

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  16. Kiedou


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  17. Devinique Taylor

    Devinique Taylor

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    • Ptao Tom

      Ptao Tom

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      That was sooo cooolllll

  18. Nee Reh

    Nee Reh

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    I wonder if it’d still work if I started sprinting with it

  19. I am a aries ♈

    I am a aries ♈

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    If there would be a award for who can spill I'd win it

  20. Jona Hauff

    Jona Hauff

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    Waiters need this

  21. Mira Shahbaz

    Mira Shahbaz

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    Did you feel the cup Andy glue the water and they're not better than yellow

  22. Cramper TV

    Cramper TV

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    My grandfather always does this with a mug full of coffee

  23. Harry Humphries

    Harry Humphries

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    Bruh just tip it

  24. FoobWeeb


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    I need thus so my mom gets less mad

  25. Kobold Gamer 08

    Kobold Gamer 08

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    Hold it upside down

  26. Sahil Bawa

    Sahil Bawa

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    Impossible to spill them? What happens if you drop it?

  27. pieter king

    pieter king

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    Where does one get this

  28. MichelZelf


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    Perfect dropshipping product for people who wanna be rich

  29. coldstone


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    It's jelly

  30. sanvi pawar

    sanvi pawar

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    That was sooo cooolllll

  31. WoolySheepGaming


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    Love the vid I need to know where you got that hoodie from

  32. JustRobertCZE


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    i found this centre of gravity thing like 8 years ago when i was spinning the bag with donuts 😂

  33. Choo Yong Sheng

    Choo Yong Sheng

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    Wow ignores gravity

  34. Choo Yong Sheng

    Choo Yong Sheng

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    Wow ignores gravity

  35. Ham-Ham


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    I used to do this all the time with a bucket of water as a kid! It was so fun to do!

  36. Orlando Legutan Jr.

    Orlando Legutan Jr.

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    Omg how did it not spill when the glass go upside down😳😳🤯🤯😱😱

  37. MIX


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    Of course it work try do it with glass fill with a water without using that thing It normal stuff

  38. Shiba Inu Doge

    Shiba Inu Doge

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    h o w

  39. zodiack


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    I remember my school had an essembley when I was in third grade and there was somebody who talked to literally the whole school about science and he had that thing. I also recall him pulling a table cloth off a set table with nothing falling off.

  40. Acting Grand Master Jean ✨

    Acting Grand Master Jean ✨

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    The AHH IT WORKS IT WORKS was so funny for no reason-

  41. 30 stamina

    30 stamina

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    Me: throws it

  42. Dabruh


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  43. Jakob’s ASMR

    Jakob’s ASMR

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    You should trip while holding it like what would happen irl and see what happens

  44. M1gran


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    We have the EXACT same hoodie my man. Lil' half naked Homer Simpson

  45. Kayleigh and Christopher Williamson

    Kayleigh and Christopher Williamson

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    Why dont they use those in restaurants

  46. Bryan Moselle

    Bryan Moselle

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    Flipping it over you could do with any cup the force of speed against gravity would keep the water in the bucket until the force stopped this will release the water on his shoes nice video tho😀😀😀

  47. nothing


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    All I know mate is you are not the boss. And you pronounce centripetal oddly

  48. RadioT3ch


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    He’s acting like those shoes are worth anything? Put some Jordan 1 Dior or something around that line of price then do the video I’m sure you will get more views since they are hyped shoes but some Lebron shoes ain’t it

  49. David Tischer

    David Tischer

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    Its not that hard to make the water not fall when you move it like that you can try with a bucket with water and have the same effect



    Acum 2 Zile

    U are frome which country

  51. mohmmad sofi abbas

    mohmmad sofi abbas

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    Indian chai wale chotus have been using this for centuries 😂😂😂😂

  52. Pawel Borkar

    Pawel Borkar

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    I have done this without the tray in my childhood 😂😂😂😂

  53. Emily An

    Emily An

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    God: “oh heavens, what in the world is that magical item?”

  54. GshotS


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    like a gimbal

  55. KL ALPHA


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    Hello bro

  56. unknown0843


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    Throw it

  57. Francis Johann Erero

    Francis Johann Erero

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    Take the cup and spill it easy as that

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      Acum 2 Zile

      I love❤️

  58. Rana Ismail

    Rana Ismail

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    im still curious if you held it upwards for a minute, would it still ignore gravity?

    • Nico Eenilä

      Nico Eenilä

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      No lol. You need to move it around quite quickly

  59. Zentry6


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  60. Bernardinus Laurent

    Bernardinus Laurent

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    I did tht with something called gayung in indonesia and nothing spilled

    • Bernardinus Laurent

      Bernardinus Laurent

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  61. Vyyvvyvy Vyvgvggv

    Vyyvvyvy Vyvgvggv

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    Everyone ignoring that he has a sweatshirt that has naked homer

  62. WeirdToaster


    Acum 2 Zile

    so like if I hold it like upside down like an umbrella will I still be fry

  63. Quai Shan

    Quai Shan

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    Water will still spill in most actual scenarios

  64. Makenna Dekoster

    Makenna Dekoster

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  65. Gamerhood MB

    Gamerhood MB

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    It doesn't ignore gravity. Spilling is not impossible

  66. Coding Master

    Coding Master

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    😂I will still drop it somehow

  67. Abdus Sattar Shabuj

    Abdus Sattar Shabuj

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    15 million views???!!! Congratulations Arun

  68. Villas Dam-Karlsen

    Villas Dam-Karlsen

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  69. Eoin Kinsella

    Eoin Kinsella

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  70. Leena Kaushik

    Leena Kaushik

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    I love❤️

  71. Gregory Blauhut

    Gregory Blauhut

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    Why do you wear basketball shoes out side

  72. عبدالله محمد فهيد الشمراني

    عبدالله محمد فهيد الشمراني

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    Throw it

  73. Kelly Rose

    Kelly Rose

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    The secret of waiters

  74. mikka may

    mikka may

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    if ur spinning something at a constant speed nothing with spill spite the container or holder

  75. Mariya Haidri

    Mariya Haidri

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  76. ¶°galaxy_unucorns°¶


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  77. Virajthecalrgod Bawa

    Virajthecalrgod Bawa

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    This is good for Indians like me for cha

  78. 💜𝕋𝔸ℕ𝕐𝔸💜


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    You had me at "they can ignore the effects of gravity" 😌

  79. Team Vallalha

    Team Vallalha

    Acum 3 Zile

    Yea i can do that with groceries

  80. Kelvin Nyo

    Kelvin Nyo

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    Wowww I like you're new shoes 👞

  81. Nugget Playz

    Nugget Playz

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    God: “oh heavens, what in the world is that magical item?”

  82. Coltdoggg


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    It is an interesting concept but there is no way that those are not fastened at the bottom somehow. I understand the consent of centripetal force but the jarring and sudden movements he makes would surely move the glasses on the tray.

  83. Mr poopypants

    Mr poopypants

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    Yall didnt know this americans🤨

  84. Charlie Lunde

    Charlie Lunde

    Acum 3 Zile

    Turn it over

  85. Charlie Lunde

    Charlie Lunde

    Acum 3 Zile

    Turn it over

  86. Leo V

    Leo V

    Acum 3 Zile

    Hmmmmm..... idk about this......i gotta see that the glasses werent just glued on that tray first.

  87. Joey Tribbiani

    Joey Tribbiani

    Acum 4 Zile

    That's the same with when I was younger and my grandpa swung a bucket of water round over his head in one swift motion and not a drop was spilled. I was stunned as a 6 year old would be.

  88. Kaymo C'Raine

    Kaymo C'Raine

    Acum 4 Zile

    How does no one see that the water does not even move in the glasses. They are obviously glued on the tray and filled with.... NOT WATER!!! It's mthrfckn jello!

  89. Tamzid Rayhan

    Tamzid Rayhan

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    Indian Chai-Wala : HAHA A KID

  90. My Nguyen

    My Nguyen

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    At the end, the centrifugal force keeps the water from spilling out of the cup so no way your shoes will get ruined by that

  91. ItzKyyツ


    Acum 4 Zile

    Every waiter right now: :o

  92. Green Apple

    Green Apple

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    You can't spill the water cuz gravity didn't matter Gravity: i took this personally

  93. What's This?

    What's This?

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    Isn't that hoodie from H&M? I saw that in real life recently at my local one lol

  94. shristi


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    Are u indian because I m

  95. •SimplyLemon•


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    "send this to someone who always spills their drink" Me: ....oh ok Also me: *Sends to my big cousin*



    Acum 4 Zile

    Me who has given physics exam today : Its quite disturbing 😂

  97. Oriya


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    Saw it at the action lab

  98. Gifted


    Acum 4 Zile

    I kinda figured this out when I was a kid about center of gravity and stuff. I would take a coin and put it on the palm of my hand then I would rotate it without closing my hand

  99. •Ametkaly•


    Acum 4 Zile

    Hey just a fun thing I want to share:- If u all do the same thing using a bucket and fill it little less then half and try doing it it will absolutely work!!!!!!! Also a tip if u are trying start by rotating it around u!!!!?! Good luck!!!!!!!! But it's not needed cause it 100% reallllll