Noah Schnapp, Paris Berelc & Karan Brar Play Kiss & Tell | Hubie Halloween | Netflix

Hubie Halloween’s Noah Schnapp, Karan Brar, & Paris Berelc try to identify objects, using only their lips, while blindfolded!
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Noah Schnapp, Paris Berelc & Karan Brar Play Kiss & Tell | Hubie Halloween | Netflix
Hubie's not the most popular guy in Salem, Mass., but when Halloween turns truly spooky, this good-hearted scaredy-cat sets out to keep his town safe.


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    Noah breaks things

  3. Logan MacChesney

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    Millie bobby brown watching this like :(

  4. Nicole


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    Meu deus, Ravi fez parte da minha infância. Saudades Cameron 🥺❤

  5. Andi Brown

    Andi Brown

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    Alternate title, Paris Berelc and Karan Brar mothering Noah Schnapp for roughly 4 minutes! 😂

  6. Angelina Bla

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    At least her name ain't Karen

  7. Alicia Arnold

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    Haha Noah eats everithing 😂😂❤️

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    Enyone: Absolutly anyone: Noah breaking all the toys!

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    why do I want to be a rat now

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    Noah reply to me or you'll have a bad time

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    Paris and Noah 💖👀

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    Is he the guy of diary of a wipy kid?

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    ima do what Hubie did i will make a tower of candy and give the rest to the homeless shelter i want to be just friendly as Hubie i will help others who need me to help Thumbs Up if you agree

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    this video should be called: noah being noah for 4:33 straight

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    It still feels weird hearing Karan without the Indian accent 😂

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    I sort of absolutely require Karan's jacket.

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    Why hasn’t Karan aged at all?

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    noah is adorable

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    Me rewatching Jessie and realizing how hard it must be for Karan (and other pple) with Cameron. Dang

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    POV: you know who each of these actors are

  23. • Gacha • Mint • Tea •

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    I love how they bring such cool and legendary actors into a movie 😂🤗

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    Alexa and Katie, Stranger Thing, and Jessie actors.

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    El comentario en español que buscabas:/

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    Nunca tanto quis ser uma abobora 🤡

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    1:11 ITS A CRUNCHY...baby head *kiss*

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    Hearing Karan Brar’s actual voice is kind of weird 😂😂😂

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    It’s an IGOOUANA

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    it's been years and it's still weird hearing karan speak normally.

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    Me wishing I was that pumpkin

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    Soy la única que piensa que Noah besa algo raro, pero a la vez le parece genial¿? Ahre

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    Ravi is back!

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    Amazing actors!!

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    Noah was kinda hungry...

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    "it a lizard" *me having a flash back of when ravi from jessie had mrs kipling*

  40. ya boi making them memes

    ya boi making them memes

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    who else just came here to see noah and paris kiss lol

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    this isnt very covid friendly

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    ravi :D ok no :v

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    I wish i was the pumpkin 😂

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    Sorry Brar

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    Noah schnapp, Karan Brad and paris berelc

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    Alexa and Katie stranger things and what ever he is from I am sure he is a good actor tho



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    Damn chirags the bully in this shit

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    why is it in every interview with Noah he exposes something in stranger things or breaks something?

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    can i be that pumpkin💀

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    Is it bad i wanna be the pumpkin? 😏🤪

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    I Love wovve cgl yes drinks

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    does it bother anyone else that karan doesn’t actually have an indian accent like ravi did on jessie

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    noah is just eating everything

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    1:35 oh my gooood

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    I'm so happy for Karan

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    I remember when he was in hey Jessie 😢

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    Los mexican@s que no entienden ni madres pero lo ven por nowa Espero no ser la unica :V

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    Is Peyton list in Hubie Halloween

  60. Bayview Venus Exteriors. Ramirez

    Bayview Venus Exteriors. Ramirez

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    Noah. Schnapp.

  61. Bayview Venus Exteriors. Ramirez

    Bayview Venus Exteriors. Ramirez

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    Karan. Brar.

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    uH a BoOt

  63. María Elena López Medina

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    Minute 1:53 Noah: It's an Iguana Karan: **Memories from Vietnam** a Iguana!?!. HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL 😂😂😂😂😂

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    I loved the hubie Halloween

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    Yo siempre pensé que Paris Berelc era la misma persona que Maia Mitchell

  67. Mikaela


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    Yo hablo español y pues vengo por Noah Schnapp

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    Me wishing I was the pumpkin 😂

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    Nobody: Karan: throws the fake cat

  70. ITS_ GRILツ

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    París ITS Netflix contrate AND Alexa y katie

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    Huber Halloween was a good movie

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    me encanto como besa noah 👌😂

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    I love Karan 😭

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    Mi mamá:no le puedes tener envidia a una calabaza. La calabaza 😂

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    Why is Karan wearing a Freddie Mercury jacket😂😂

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      Litterally the only reason why i clicked on this

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    1:10 nobody: noah: iT's a cRuncHy BabY hEad

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    *u though a pumpkin was a babys head im very concerned*

  78. nilab haidari

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    *throws cat* anyways

  79. Sophia Beas

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    I loved that movie so much and the actors fit right in with the movie i want to be an actor one day

  80. Ella Lou's Crazy Adventures

    Ella Lou's Crazy Adventures

    Acum 2 Zile

    noah: literally calls a pupkin a baby head



    Acum 2 Zile

    Noah is crazy, I love the video I laughed a lot hahahahaha

  82. il canale dei nerd

    il canale dei nerd

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    Karan brar = Freddie

  83. Bolinho De Arroz

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    Meu, como eu queria ser essa abóbora💅👀

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    Quiero ser un calabaza

  85. Kamilly Vitoria

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    Aqui está o comentário brasileiro q vc procurava

  86. Sara Corrochano

    Sara Corrochano

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    0:53 Yo pensando: Ojalá yo fuese esa calabaza XD

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    Cuando pensé que le tendría envidia a una calabaza😥😢

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    I actually want to be that pumpkin

  89. Rehaam Qaiser

    Rehaam Qaiser

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    wait is it just me or did noah just make out qwith every single item?

  90. Alexandra B

    Alexandra B

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    coronavirus: exists netflix: let’s make them kiss a bunch of items

  91. Rehaam Qaiser

    Rehaam Qaiser

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    Hubie Halloween: AKA: Reuniting incredible actors

  92. Madison Brier

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    Is it just me or would Noah and Paris make a great couple

  93. BS211 Roblox player

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    I don’t know if people know this u probalbly should do u know the kid in decedence he died so they picked they picked Karan instead

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    paris : is this what i think it is ? noah: yeah. karan : how big is it ? Paris: well- it depends -

  96. Ameera Zahra Putri Diva

    Ameera Zahra Putri Diva

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    this is legendary

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    he got freddy mercury's jacket

  98. Hannah Grunzu

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    Who was waiting for one of them to kiss paris?

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    I’ve watched the movie and it was so confusing to see that much old Disney’s actors on a Netflix movie 😂

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    ¿Como puedes tenerle envidia a una calabaza? La calabaza: 0:53 👁👄👁