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Preparing For The ULTIMATE TEST | Winter Storm Warning

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Upgrading our off-grid solar power system has been a major undertaking but we are finally on the last leg of the project- installing 20 additional 425w solar panels. With more ice and snow on the way we are excited to have the panels installed and the fully upgraded system up and running in time to put the solar power system to the ultimate test... an icy winter storm with clouds for days!
We are a couple who are building our own home from the ground up in the mountains of West Virginia. After living near the city our entire lives we finally decided to sell it all, pack up our 3 kids and live in an RV on our 73 acres while building our own debt free, off-grid house and learning to live a more self-reliant life.
Our house build is documented entirely on our main channel "Wild Wonderful Off-Grid" and our family life vlogs can be found on our secondary channel "Wild Wonderful After Show"
If you are interested in how alternative energy could be useful for you, take a look at how Texas is under winter storm warning for the first time in history. rofilm.info/much/video/l3Oeh3meXmZ_tmI Being off-grid with a system capable of handling extreme cold and a series of cloudy days allows us to be energy independent of any power company.


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    Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

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      I love watching your videos.....keep up with great work

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      @Ze ao Zhang 🤣😂😂😍

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      We´ve subscribed you when you had 190K subs and you have 806K :-) We do the similar as you but we are still far behind you :-) Main thing we do love about you and your channel is, that when we feel down, you are helping us keep going and feel better and stronger! Thank you :-) Love from europe :-)

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      @Ken's Machine NC nu I

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    i would love to work in these projects with a beautiful babe as my assistant.

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    ❤️👍 Serbia

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    Your video editing is amazing. Just the right amount per scene to keep it moving along with a interest and a great flow.

  5. Ron Taylor

    Ron Taylor

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    As a retired paramedic and RN i would ask that you consider buying an AED (automated defibrillator) to have just in case as well as a well stocked medical kit. God forbid something should happen it will take an excessive amount of timr for EMS to come to you in an emergency. Even a medical helicopter takes time to get there. I would also recommend you determine the GPS coordinates for your home so if you do need help you could provide to the 911 dispatcher who gave give them to the helicopter pilot who can set put it into the helicopter GPS system which will help it direct it to your home. I would be happy to give you advise on an AED and kit if needed (40+ yrs of experience).

  6. Ron Taylor

    Ron Taylor

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    Was just wondering if applying RAIN X to your solar panels would work to keep ice and snow from melting? Is there something that can be applied to them to make the ice and snow not stick?

  7. edwin kania

    edwin kania

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    Im-F*&king-PRESSIVE!!!! Two people have done more than 10 people are willing to do. Shows hard work really does pay off. Depend NO ONE!!!!

  8. Dave Froman

    Dave Froman

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    I could have sworn I watched you two finish this project once before......

    • Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

      Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

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      This is the expansion of our original system 😊 We are adding an additional 20 panels and 2 more charge controllers resulting in one dreamy system 😊

  9. B0n3s J0n3s

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    Watching these videos I'm like I could build my own house, but wait i dont posses Josh's know how 😭

  10. Mitch Mills

    Mitch Mills

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    That’s aloottta volts. Big volts small wire. Can’t wait to see how it puts out

  11. Allen Nasty3cw

    Allen Nasty3cw

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    What an amazing couple/ Family, so inspiring, just love watching their videos, they make me laugh and just make my day at times, I think if everyone were like these 2 precious people, the world would be a better place , I'm sure of it. Josh and Erin, you guys are awesome. God bless you both in what ever you do in your future builds. I'm a fan and will be watching folks.

  12. Sam Peralez

    Sam Peralez

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    Living in San Antonio and going 36 hours in freezing temperatures, with no power really makes me want to get off the grid. It was absolutely miserable! And I didn’t have it half as bad as many other families. Keep up the great videos!

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    이분들은 설국열차에 꼭 탑승시켜야.....

  14. Kjell Martin

    Kjell Martin

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    I'm curious with ice and wind, is it just the size of the vertical pipes that keep it from being pushed with bent pipes to the ground. I'll have to go back and look at prior videos for the suppot pole sizing. Love your videos!

  15. B C

    B C

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    So when will the Subscribers Concert in the pasture be ? Post Corona Woodstock WV :-)

  16. brian caldwell

    brian caldwell

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    I know you might not read thi but you’re so right in doing this electric thing especially after what happened in Texas you are in charge of your destiny and you won’t get that outrageous bill people are getting

  17. Cinara Kichel

    Cinara Kichel

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    So young and so wise! Her way of raising her children and building her story is beautiful and an example for all generations. I wanted to be your neighbor. But I live in Brazil, it's a long way away. You are wonderful. I wish all the luck and happiness in the world for this beautiful family.

  18. Richard Morenberg

    Richard Morenberg

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    always enjoy your videos can you monitor from the yet? I know you mentioned you were going to set that up I may have missed it.

  19. Raguram Rajahram

    Raguram Rajahram

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    Hey guys what's up with latest update.....you guys doing great work. Keep up!

  20. Corey Breaux

    Corey Breaux

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    I love how Erin busts Josh's chops! The key point is self sustainability is not easy, yet these hard working Americans prove it is attainable. Kudos

    • Corey Breaux

      Corey Breaux

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      Also does Erin have any single sisters?

  21. Sherry Shannonhouse

    Sherry Shannonhouse

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    Josh and Erin watched you both putting up all 20 solar panels. Both did good. Josh I got scared for you when your coat got caught in the solar panels on very top. You need more extra hands to help you both out. Ask your family or friends to come out to help. Safety first. Erin is a hugh help and she does so much. This advise want give both Josh and Erin. Pls be safe. God Bless you both and lovely children.

  22. Jeff Pearce

    Jeff Pearce

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    Josh gets everything done with his pliers and a screw driver.

  23. Kekoa Mauna Kea

    Kekoa Mauna Kea

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    Alohaaaa!!! Good to see y’all getting at it still. I haven’t dropped in for a year or so. Awesome job folk’s.🌾🛖🌾ML&Aloha Your Boy Kekoa&Ohana.🌺🤙🏽

  24. Raul Perez

    Raul Perez

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    Schneider Electric excellent electrical equipment that you use in your installation number one in Europe.

  25. bluecrushhhh


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    I love each and every video... been watching since beginning when u guys put that A frame lol and damn you both are an amazing team.... too much work and not everyone got those tools but it’s awesome please put more videos and it makes my day awesome

  26. Juan V

    Juan V

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    A little hint for ya. Have the ladder rungs face your task, and your weight keeps the ladder stable.

  27. Serge Vereecke

    Serge Vereecke

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    Wouldn't a wind turbine also be a good addition for more energy independance ? Does your area have a lot of wind compared to sunshine?

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    Erin it looks like Josh was head over heels into this project wasn't he? Great work guys and we're following you here in Lycoming County P.A.

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    Men are superduper walkaround ovens for womens feezing Hands (Day) & Feet (Night). Aka "Boyfriend" :-D ❤

  30. Silver Goth

    Silver Goth

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    Watching you guys handle metal poles and fasteners when it's so obviously cold out makes my teeth hurt in sympathy. Your work ethic is amazing! 🥶

  31. Chella Africa

    Chella Africa

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    I just love watching you guys! You make me dream to have the same freedom although in South Africa with farm murders being a really big issue it is more scary than I think in America. Please do a video on the peruvian chicken recipe! Josh makes us all very excited about that chicken! ❤

  32. David A

    David A

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    Great channel. Great job on the house, the farm and raising three great children. You really show how hard work, fun and love for one another can be a great combination.

  33. Jake M

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    I live in USA 24 years .

  34. Jake M

    Jake M

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    I m from Brazil but I love see you guys.. 🌷

  35. albert rodriguez jr

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    Hello Guys, Josh, What was the ball park cost of the home if you didn't build it yourself? labor and materials. Looking at A frame plans but all are small sq. footage, yours not so much : ) you guys are coming along fantastic!! looking great! congrats on the lambs as well! AR. Best Regards.

  36. Theresa Karimullah

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    Watching from Canada, it soooo amazing, love you guys blessings all the wayyyyyy.

  37. Chris Richardson

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    How did u learn how to put a solar system together

  38. Andy Medina

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    This is what I called a great family I mean great in everything they do. Luv you guys😍😍😍😍

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    Hay blitz Schutz nicht vergessen,,!!!! لاتنسى حماية الرعد ،،!

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    Your videos are great. Only wish is that other DIY’s would look at your videos to learn how to do things right. Keep up the great work. Looking forward.

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    سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 🌹😘🙏💎

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    The delightful sycamore definitely expand because push immunologically slip toward a super zoo. wandering, four frail night

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    Are those bolts enough to hold them on in high winds?

  45. Valtran Silva

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    vcs são engenheiros????

  46. Conrad Leger

    Conrad Leger

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    Wow! Over 800k subs! I've been following your channel since the beginning. Love your channel. Love your life. Love how you are raising your children. Love the love you have for each other. You are a great example of how a husband and wife should treat each other. Keep those videos coming!

  47. TerroristNeutralizer


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    With the Upgraded Solar system, do you have an idea on what you have invested in it as far as a total dollar amount?

  48. Mike Fortune

    Mike Fortune

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    Hi Guys nice work

  49. chad stockton

    chad stockton

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    Love to see a schematic of how this all wired up!

  50. Carl Smith

    Carl Smith

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    That's an amazing array! What kinds of windage might it withstand?

  51. Zippo 78

    Zippo 78

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    I was used just watching one Video after another. Now that i have to wait until a News Video comes out, cause i am through all you videos, makes it even more fun. But it's over so fast every time.🥺 Love watching you how you make progress!!

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    Congrats on the continued success of your channel guys!! Great job on these projects!

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    Привет. Что то ваша солнечная энергетика не работает на 100 процентов. Если вы меня поняли скажите что то по русски. Ваш Виталий.

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    Andy Schrack

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    I want to know how they get internet service? Do they have internet service?

  55. Narith Lifestyle

    Narith Lifestyle

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    So cold there, take care yourself friend 😊 Please everyone enjoy this video and please all stay safe and healthy 🙏🥰🥰🥰

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    نجم السماء

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    سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته🌹🙏🌹😘😘😘😘😘😘💎

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    I love the way you both deal with the problems you experience and the humor alongside. Every time great to watch 👍🏼👏

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    u could use this massive structure as a shelter for your animals

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    Josh is a great engineer btw ...

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    Just soon as I can find out where I can buy them I'm going to buy y'all one of those thermoses that's in the Sun so that anytime you're out in the snow you'll always be warm God bless you all

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    I love how well you two work together 😊

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    You guys make this stuff look fun, but it's really a lot of hard work. Putting on happy faces even when the storm is blowing all around is very thoughtful of you. Thank you for sharing the good vibes, hope you feel them returning right back to you. 💗

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    Big Ron

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    I was thinking that maybe y'all could take a push broom and leave it under the solar panels to have to sweep snow buildup off when necessary. Fantastic Job Guys. L8R

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  73. Andre Anthony

    Andre Anthony

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  74. Erick Taylor-Webb

    Erick Taylor-Webb

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    You could park your Truck and Tractor under your new array keep the snow off them handy way of using the space

  75. Fede Garcia

    Fede Garcia

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    Hey josh, I don't understand what you say, neither YT subtitles. You're a great family, congrats for being in the last part of building your home. Greetings from argentina

  76. TDA DIY


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    Great job!! congrats on the expansion.

  77. Ольга Савицкая

    Ольга Савицкая

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    Could you start a hold down fastener at the top of a panel for easy access, slide the upper panel in place, then tighten. Could be a bit easier. Also love to watch the electrician work. Have learned many important (code related)electrical things. My house has the 120V outlets mounted with the ground terminal at the top. (I think it is upside down) But electrical code says there is no correct way. Just wonder what Josh prefers. BTW, foundation forms... how do you get concrete into the top of the form?

  79. Ina Dollard

    Ina Dollard

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    Have you two ever watched your videos with the Closed Caption on it’s Hilarious!!!!! ✨🔥💥😂🤣😀💥🔥✨

    • NicholasTranscends


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      It’s also funny to me to see how many people say “you guys” in the comments! obviously a lady and a gentleman...lol 😆

  85. Maybe_Crazy Homestead

    Maybe_Crazy Homestead

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    Y’all did amazing! I was like I’d be no help to my husband installing those panels because I’m way to short 😂 only 5’ 2”....

  86. Don C

    Don C

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    Candice Arnold

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    I can’t even explain how inspiring you guys have been in our home! This pandemic has been so difficult and your courage to take this on and take ownership for your lives and not have to rely on outside resources as much is amazing! I wish you guys could upload everyday!! Love both your channels 😍

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    Looks like a big wind sail :)

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