Quick 4-minute fix for Neck Hump

A Neck hump is also known as a Buffalo hump or a Dowager's hump.
It is often due to a faulty posture and with the correct exercises, can be corrected.
In this video, I will share my favourite exercises with you for correcting the Neck Hump.
I have seen some remarkable results in our clinic when these exercises are combined with postural correction.
1. YWTL Exercise 1:14 min
2. Pull Arm/Tilt Head 1:37 min
3. Arm Up/Turn and Tilt 3:00 min

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    Hello Doctor Jasper, Thank you so much for this video. It is very easy to do them. I have been doing them for 2 weeks now, I do feel less discomfort in my neck. How long would it take for the hump to go away, if you do it a minimum of 5 days a week?

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    I did the first stretch only once and I already feel so much relief. I am only 17 but I have a really big neck hump and rounded shoulders because of my inactivity and bad posture habits. I really want to get back to having proper posture. Thank you so much doctor! I am going to try all of these exercises for at least a month to see if there’s any difference.

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  25. Jill Alexandra Rock

    Jill Alexandra Rock

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    I wear corsets, for waist-training purposes, daily. I thought my neck hump was a matter of having to lose weight. Can't wait to get to these exercises and feeling better, and looking better. Thank you, doctor.

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    Thank you very much for this. After the first time, I felt the burn on my buffalo hump. Do we do the exercises for the length of time you have given just once a day?

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