she has no hair °Meme° (Original)


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  1. XxxLexi_Editsxx -Riley King-

    XxxLexi_Editsxx -Riley King-

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    I love this so much. What a great person!

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    Evolução Games

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    Poxa so ei nao falo inglês

  3. Neide Silva

    Neide Silva

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    {Português}eu amei de mais o coriga tava juto com arlequina amei muito sério,achei aquela menina fofo demais

  4. 《•moon _wolf•》

    《•moon _wolf•》

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    Tô chorando mais de emoção; -;

  5. Arctic§Angel


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    Mah heart-

  6. Maluma Kyoto

    Maluma Kyoto

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    Aahh seria legal vc fazer gacha de squadrão suicida meu filme preferido 💕💕n esqueça dos brasileiros 😖🤚🏼

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    Deku Brocoli

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    Zahira Rabbas

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    Cancer... Stage 4

  10. Gabriely Santos

    Gabriely Santos

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    Português: MDS quantos gringos Inglês: MDS how many gringos here

  11. Sophia Cheng

    Sophia Cheng

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  12. Moon


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    Mds esse final n ele e mto escroto e ela vive um relacionamento abusivo outra agr ela namora a era venenosa

  13. {Laah}


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    Kira não esqueca de nos por favor 😢😢

  14. Luca Playz

    Luca Playz

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    Before it even said she had cancer I already guessed she did 😅 You would rather shave your head or you just have problems. Some people are even born with it.

  15. Ghirahim


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    I AM NOT HATING JUST SHARING INFO!! (The video is sweet and I did like) TW!!! Harley and joker were/Are In a extremely Toxic relationship and It came to the point of Harley had a child and had to hide it from joker because Y'know he'd probably kill it because he is insane. Joker is not a good guy, He also @buses HIS Hyenas so- Joker always treated her like Sh!t,abused her and was extremely toxic-

  16. purple impostor

    purple impostor

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    𝙎𝙤 𝙨𝙖𝙙

  17. ocean wolf

    ocean wolf

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    they broke up Joker and Harley Quinn are not a thing anymore

    • Ghirahim


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      Yea, They were never really a thing because joker always treated her like Sh!t,@bused her and was extremely toxic-

  18. serkan caniklioğlu

    serkan caniklioğlu

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    no no got pls nooooooooooooo

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    Hinata Júlia

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    Quanto gringo....

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    Gwen Channel

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  23. Gwen Channel

    Gwen Channel

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    ام ريتال

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    Kuyarey Mendoza

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    Villans always have something that change them

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    paloma vitória

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    Eva De fatima

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    Misericórdia desse WhatsApp ela tava ajudando não matando aquilo que tava cuidando não matando

  29. Ana lia Fernandes losi

    Ana lia Fernandes losi

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    Oia a arlequina ai

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    neetu singh

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    ❤️🧡❤️❤️🥰🥰 to the world to be hindutwa in the morning to all those things in my heart 💓😆

  31. Queen


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    I thought Harley Quinn was bad

  32. Lomond' And Lonnee Chronicles

    Lomond' And Lonnee Chronicles

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  33. Luke Seaborn

    Luke Seaborn

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    no but for real didn't batman hook up with harley?

  34. Sugar Ghét Đường

    Sugar Ghét Đường

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  35. keniu's


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    O kira ta tao famoso que tem ate gringo aki kkkkkkk

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    Nancy Va8lencia

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  37. Samyra Orellano

    Samyra Orellano

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    Cualquiera tiene la cabeza pila o tottenham tengo la cabeza con pelo y me votó con la cabeza pelaita Igual me gusta

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    Leidiane Andrade

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    canal gacha yukita

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    o editor gachatuber de sempre

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    Sra_Fox ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

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    Kira,,poderia me dizer qual o nome dessa música??

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    💖MeloĞ POTTERĞ💖

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  43. Annie Playz

    Annie Playz

    Acum 11 Zile sister has cancer and uh I did the same thing what Harley Did so yea

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    Enzo Bennati

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    Sarah Vitoria

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    Meu pai quanto gringo ヾ(・ω・)メ(・ω・)ノヾ(・ω・)メ(・ω・)ノヾ(・ω・)メ(・ω・)ノ

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    Вывод не верьте обложке

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    Erika Saucedo

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    Soooo sweet

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    Yumi Sad girl

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    She is beautiful

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  51. M


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    No sé que pensar acerca de esto 😑😅

  52. Maria EScobar

    Maria EScobar

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    nunca gusges a una persona co canser saves que seva amori

  53. Julia Rolim

    Julia Rolim

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  54. kaylaslife


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    0:16 can we just appreciate how cute her room looks?

  55. Alya İlaslan UwU ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

    Alya İlaslan UwU ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

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    Laaaaaan İngilizler kaplamış heeeep

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    Evaggelia Datseri

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  57. - Toasty G h o s t -

    - Toasty G h o s t -

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    no not really

  58. Subhana Moeez

    Subhana Moeez

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    Hey Kira l love watching your videos

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    Dogs Yeeaah

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    Why does there have to be a clickbait thumbnail tho-

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    Star Sam Channel

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    Sua edição é muito top ;) todo mundo gringo achando que tu também é kkkkk amei o vídeo

  62. Taatahツ


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    Gent que porrada de gringos é essa???:^^

  63. Ko B3r

    Ko B3r

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    I Hate You Sister

  64. Ko B3r

    Ko B3r

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    I Hate You😠😠

  65. Bunny pop chan

    Bunny pop chan

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    *she no hair meme(original)* I automatic: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂HAHHAAHAHAHHAH

  66. Danielle Rangel

    Danielle Rangel

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    Dsp mas as lagrimas ficam melhor branco testa ai

  67. Deck Duck

    Deck Duck

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    Some of villian have their reason to be bad guys bully? Abuse? Parent doesn't love? It all about their childhood that made them like this in the past they are innocent people but something bad happend it change everything If you see in villian vision you will understand them not like cartoon that villian in cartoon want to rules the world

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    Sofía Maturana

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    Lillian Okeefe-Myrick

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    I thought it was the sis lol 😝😝

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    Maria Luiza

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    aiii que lindooo amei

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    Dilek Ustun

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    Ve çok güzel

  73. Dilek Ustun

    Dilek Ustun

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    Kızım ağladı

  74. GG•{ROSALBA}• GG •{DADDY}•✨


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    Wow ❤️

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    Sakura Haruno

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    O coringa já tentou matar a alerquina umas 02982 veses diferentes

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    Luciole GB

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    Cute Iper🥺

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    You tricked us with the thumbnail...

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    kira a eri existe na vida real?

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    Loul_Miss roblox / AVOCADO

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  84. 《nasley》


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    Kira hablas español?

  85. Mariah Gabriyella

    Mariah Gabriyella

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    Kira está esquecendo os brasileiros

  86. Nathyelle Konon

    Nathyelle Konon

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    Eu procurando comentários brasileiros: 🤡👌 Gringos: tu não vai achar! Sai fora 🔪👀👍

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    fernanda batata

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    Hello querido

  88. Hilario Mendoza

    Hilario Mendoza

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    Qué hay que curar a todas las personas que estén malas aunque no sean de la familia hay que darle dinero a personas que no tienen para tener casan y están ahí en la calle pidiendo dinero

  89. Ivanilda Alves de Ataíde Cunha

    Ivanilda Alves de Ataíde Cunha

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    Parabems kira ficou otimo

  90. Luan Castro

    Luan Castro

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    Vc vala portuques

  91. Chernade✔︎


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    Uhm sorry your not original for this meme I made this on my other acc before you

  92. EmilyCookie


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    this is nice but joker wouldnt do that lol

  93. [mia_uzumaki]


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    Amei kira

  94. Marcelo santos

    Marcelo santos

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    there is a girl stealing your videos she is brazilian the videos are posted on kwai a community there.....

  95. Mᴀʟɪᴋᴀ Cᴀᴘs🤡

    Mᴀʟɪᴋᴀ Cᴀᴘs🤡

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    Woah Harley Kain!!!

  96. LOLA_Flix


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    O Kira esta se esquecendo de nos brasileiros:(....

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      Neide Silva

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      Triste né?😔pura verdade😔😔😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

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    And you will

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    A Weirdo

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    you cant cure cancer like bruh

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