Sold out every day! The hamburger that won the 1st place in the US Best Burger Awards 3 times!

Sold out every day! The hamburger that won the 1st place in the US Best Burger Awards 3 times!

🔴💰 Price
엘더 클래식(Elder classic) KRW 11,000 / USD 9.88
더블 엘더 클래식(Double elder classic) KRW 14,000 / USD 12.58
엘더 밸리 버거(Elder belly burger) KRW 13,500 / USD 12.13
뉴클래식(New classic) KRW 11,000 / USD 9.88
치킨 산도(Chicken sando) KRW 9,500 / USD 8.53
감자튀김(French fries) KRW 6,000 / USD 5.39
어니언링(Onion rings) KRW 7,000 / USD 6.29

🔴📌 Location
📍서울 성동구 서울숲2길 40-7 1층 엘더버거🇰🇷
40-7, Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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  1. Roberta Mungo

    Roberta Mungo

    Acum 13 minute

    Povere bestie

  2. Millenials Empire

    Millenials Empire

    Acum 14 minute

    I like chefs who wear gloves while preparing meals, shows a businesses hygiene prioritization

  3. Diego Rochina ALFALYD

    Diego Rochina ALFALYD

    Acum 18 minute

    en el 0:25 no creen que se debería usar guantes mas resistentes? ,

  4. Mawngnoaa a

    Mawngnoaa a

    Acum 36 minute

    Sometimes it would be so annoying... 'Respect chief'... Thanks for making us nice and delicious 🍔... 😍

  5. ないき0331


    Acum 52 minute

    İsviçre'den 3 yedikten sonra iyi geldi.

  6. free soul

    free soul

    Acum 54 minute

    nothing special😏😏

  7. Adventure Passport

    Adventure Passport

    Acum 54 minute

    My grill in burgers has just improved. Love the idea of cranberry with the chicken burger.

  8. מרים לב

    מרים לב

    Acum 56 minute


  9. Xcraig12tera-pops


    Acum oră

    so if you cook everything fresh things taste better and you get awards? haha, only W people will find this lazy W people

  10. Waldemar Rudolf

    Waldemar Rudolf

    Acum oră

    Impossible. But appetizing. ;)

  11. FreeMindInCrowd


    Acum oră

    I didn't get why it says 1st place in US even though it's in Korea, until i saw the dude put mixed sauce, ketchup and mayo on both buns... like seriously what is wrong with you people eating more sauce than the actual burger. Everything else was perfect though I can tell why it's 1st place.

  12. fusion Network

    fusion Network

    Acum oră

    Someone tell Gordon Ramsey his career is done

  13. Guillaume


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  14. Dominik Domino

    Dominik Domino

    Acum oră

    Poleciałbym do Korei, tylko po to, żeby je spróbować XDDD

  15. Lu Ribeiro

    Lu Ribeiro

    Acum oră

    Perfeito tudo feito no capricho😋👏👏

  16. Doritos Mix

    Doritos Mix

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  17. Lifestyle Blogs

    Lifestyle Blogs

    Acum oră

    Wow delicious

  18. Buddy Rocky

    Buddy Rocky

    Acum 2 ore

    Reall healthy bravoooo i never see God bless you and keep you safe☆☆☆

  19. Stacy Brown

    Stacy Brown

    Acum 3 ore

    That is a perfect burger 🍔 😛

  20. Tsering Tamang

    Tsering Tamang

    Acum 3 ore

    High quality

  21. Tsering Tamang

    Tsering Tamang

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  22. Umar Elmy

    Umar Elmy

    Acum 4 ore

    What is the name of this different hamburger

  23. M3t4l5t0rm (b1gbud4)

    M3t4l5t0rm (b1gbud4)

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  24. Samuel Stephen

    Samuel Stephen

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  25. Haider video

    Haider video

    Acum 4 ore

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  26. Awma Chawngthu

    Awma Chawngthu

    Acum 4 ore

    i eat steak from your meat that reeks of feet from the meat that i eat

  27. Patricia Chacón

    Patricia Chacón

    Acum 4 ore

    Q hamburguesa mas delicioooooooooosa no importa el precio x probar una😍😍😍

  28. Honig Son

    Honig Son

    Acum 4 ore

    They deep fry the meat!? disgusting.. would not even eat it if I was paid for

  29. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith

    Acum 5 ore

    21 million views wow never knew people are so interesting in watching burgers being processed

  30. Overbook


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  31. Obed G

    Obed G

    Acum 5 ore

    Only people im cool with making 15hr 👍 lot of work

  32. Dhoomun Mohammad Reaz

    Dhoomun Mohammad Reaz

    Acum 5 ore

    Is the food halaal

  33. daydream70


    Acum 6 ore

    That looks amazing but, that’s to much work. All those sauces. Just give me ketchup and mustard.


    Acum 6 ore

    Can you wish me well in my channel 😔😔

  35. james methu

    james methu

    Acum 6 ore

    I'll come eat here even if every employee had covid

  36. Lord


    Acum 6 ore

    That would be 40 dollars and 69 cents. Cash or card? Thanks

  37. An Le

    An Le

    Acum 6 ore

    that porkbelly.... looked amazing

  38. Adilson Anunciação

    Adilson Anunciação

    Acum 7 ore

    algum brasileiro aqui

  39. Erica Chen

    Erica Chen

    Acum 7 ore

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  40. Ксения Белкова

    Ксения Белкова

    Acum 8 ore

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  41. Vladimir Aidi

    Vladimir Aidi

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    на вид не очень съедобно выглядит

  42. rafael andrade

    rafael andrade

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    May good

  43. Chef Twice Restaurant

    Chef Twice Restaurant

    Acum 9 ore


  44. Adan Tew

    Adan Tew

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  45. Desta franvick Aya ingoba

    Desta franvick Aya ingoba

    Acum 9 ore

    I can even watch the video hundred times but i will never understand the cooking process by the way it looks irresistible

  46. michael southam

    michael southam

    Acum 9 ore

    My arteries are screaming nooooooo. Ahhh what do they know. Early grave? who cares, My mouth has never been this moist in my entire life, i am definitely sampling every thing from the menu. Hello clogged arteries, here i come.

  47. dssample 123 (Not Rizal)

    dssample 123 (Not Rizal)

    Acum 9 ore

    is got to be the bet and my favorite video online a. e. on ROfilm. Seriously the burgers looks delicious. Awesome video. It looks like an advertisement really.

  48. Alejandro Ortiz

    Alejandro Ortiz

    Acum 10 ore

    Tremendo hamburguesas tapa arterias 🙄

  49. Your Butler

    Your Butler

    Acum 10 ore

    everything is so beautiful.

  50. Anthonyx Sk

    Anthonyx Sk

    Acum 10 ore

    Nadie. Absolutamente nadie. Los de LATAM: Le quedan mejor al pimienta negra recién molida.



    Acum 10 ore

    Amazing video ☺️☺️☺️

  52. Mahakal Bhakta

    Mahakal Bhakta

    Acum 10 ore

    cancer diet

  53. Шакальный Кот

    Шакальный Кот

    Acum 10 ore

    0:26 в русских субтитрах: "Что действительно уникально, так это то, что они используют дрова для сжигания пирожков"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  54. kameriya


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  55. amen


    Acum 12 ore

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  56. walton ross

    walton ross

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    walton ross

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  58. dandansfu


    Acum 13 ore

    I am sure it tastes good. but "sold out" isn't really that rare in most restaurants especially if they are like your no1 menu or menus that requires special ingredients or menus that require maybe a lots of time so you can only make predetermined batch. heck even McDonald would sold out stuff. again I am sure it tastes amazing but yeah

  59. Joyce Fleming

    Joyce Fleming

    Acum 13 ore

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  60. brian mcintyre

    brian mcintyre

    Acum 14 ore

    So where is this burger place? They should open a franchise. The best burger I ever had in my life was in Penang Malaysia so other countries can make a great burger to.

  61. Bhea Tubilla

    Bhea Tubilla

    Acum 14 ore


  62. Life’s Wicked

    Life’s Wicked

    Acum 14 ore

    The love an quality ingredients that go into these burgers it’s very easy to see why they win

  63. Sales Dept

    Sales Dept

    Acum 15 ore

    Is this Kosher meat? I dont see any use of Fresh Garlic and ginger in the meat? It is a must when you have beef. This is not healthy and a lot of calories.

  64. Ren


    Acum 15 ore

    Take out the bacon 😋!

  65. magali oliveira

    magali oliveira

    Acum 16 ore

    Deve ser uma delícia um dia quero provar.

  66. Bob M

    Bob M

    Acum 16 ore

    Is it possible to watch the whole thing and not be hungry?

  67. Lizz Urrutia

    Lizz Urrutia

    Acum 16 ore

    Cuanta dedicación para hacer 🍔 🍔🍔 me imagino q su sabor es único con razón gano el primer lugar en la competencia.. 😊😋😋😋😋😋

  68. Chao Ng

    Chao Ng

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  69. gary olsen

    gary olsen

    Acum 17 ore

    personally, I'd rather not see it being prepared

  70. Ivana Acosta

    Ivana Acosta

    Acum 17 ore

    Am am am

  71. Allan Avila

    Allan Avila

    Acum 18 ore

    O melhor que já vi,ótimo

  72. tempest83


    Acum 18 ore

    So what a 30 dollar burger?

    • Ren


      Acum 15 ore

      no it’s $10!

  73. kumaquattro


    Acum 18 ore

    I'd say about $150. each burger.

  74. Newbie


    Acum 18 ore

    I'm hungry

  75. DBZ fan!!!

    DBZ fan!!!

    Acum 18 ore

    idk if there eating that our *they eating that* when they make sound's eating 😚🍔

  76. Gregory Fritz

    Gregory Fritz

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  77. Albert Chehade

    Albert Chehade

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    WHERE do ya get it?

  78. maria Lopes

    maria Lopes

    Acum 19 ore

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  79. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith

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    Id still rather have a big double tray from cookout lmao

  80. RootBeerFlavored


    Acum 19 ore

    That bacon is almost all fat.

  81. teetee tee

    teetee tee

    Acum 20 ore

    Just like anything tastes better with bacon, anything with Asian method and spice involved are simply better. Smoked bacon, beer battered onion rings? I am afraid to ask the price for each burger.

    • Ren


      Acum 15 ore

      It’s $10 🙂

  82. Mardin Moz

    Mardin Moz

    Acum 20 ore

    It looks too dammm good

  83. Fernando Castro

    Fernando Castro

    Acum 20 ore

    Ya me dio hambre

  84. Harrison Dudley

    Harrison Dudley

    Acum 21 oră

    & that’s how you get fat 🤠

  85. R.P McMurphy

    R.P McMurphy

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  86. Brisn Doty

    Brisn Doty

    Acum 21 oră

    Everything ..EVERYTHING from the ground up made perfect..mad respect ..i must have one of these



    Acum 21 oră

    depois desse vídeo minha veia entopiu

  88. Zephyr Windsgarden

    Zephyr Windsgarden

    Acum 21 oră

    when you spend 5 day for the bacon, a day for the bun, bought meat from australia ... but put the random american orange plastic thing as a cheese

  89. Judy Vincenty

    Judy Vincenty

    Acum 22 ore

    These look fabulous. But do you have to mortgage your house to buy one? LOL!

  90. Esenz Roasting

    Esenz Roasting

    Acum 22 ore

    It is all so very delicious except that burnt ass chicken at the end lmao

  91. soulfullmusic100


    Acum 23 ore

    Went vegetarian last week "Big Miss Steak".

  92. ThePoorConnoisseur


    Acum 23 ore

    You know a video is good when you try to bookmark it in your "recipes and food related" folder twice.

  93. Kram Sniggah

    Kram Sniggah

    Acum 23 ore

    I'm a life long veggie but this was fascinating, the level of detail, dedication and skill is majorly impressive.

  94. Austin Berry

    Austin Berry

    Acum 23 ore

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  95. Sam “Big K” Kolb

    Sam “Big K” Kolb

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    They do all that hard work only to put WAAAAYYYYYYYYY to much sauce on the damn burger....

  96. Alfonso R Dominguez

    Alfonso R Dominguez

    Acum 23 ore

    Yet McDonald’s is still getting higher attention , these guys deserve so much more attention as it’s fresh and not fake imitation