Stunt riding motorbikes at 3 years old - bike tricks with @little_rockstar_harley

Bike life toddler learning how to wheelie while still learning how to ride and practicing stunt riding on his little bikes - @Revvi kids electric bike and @Kuberg Motorcycles Start electric trials/motocross bike. How many tricks did you see?

Instagram and TikTok: @Little Rockstar Harley

Although it says 3 year old stunt rider most of these clips of him learning how to stunt were filmed in the months before he turned 3... its just the weather has been too wet in the UK to create new ones now that he has turned 3... October birthday problems! :p

What new tricks should Harley learn next?!

We upload every Monday and Thursday at 5.30pm - click the subscribe button and that BELL icon for notifications of our latest videos! Wanna get in touch? Drop us a comment below and we'll get back to you, otherwise send us an email at

Shout out to @WH05DAT for custom making me these hoodies and to Raceshop Designs (@raceshopdesigns_uk on Instagram) for making all my bikes look wicked with their graphics kits!!!

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