Talking About Gabbie Hanna - Frenemies # 39

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  1. Taylor White

    Taylor White

    Acum 4 minute

    The hair stuck on Trisha’s eye has bothered me this entire episode.

  2. Gisselle Gonzalez

    Gisselle Gonzalez

    Acum 7 minute

    Please come back... like deal with it and work through it. Eventually you’ll be family 😞 I think fans would understand and watch again 🥺

  3. maggie and oceana

    maggie and oceana

    Acum 21 minut

    i love trish, but are they forgetting that it was literally ethan's idea for her to get paid at all in the beginning? she came thinking she was getting nothing and now because ethan's taking 5% FOR PRODUCTION they have a problem with it?

  4. Jennifer Fernandez

    Jennifer Fernandez

    Acum 21 minut

    Trish literally said in the skit “ I want you dead and I want your money” 🤔 She probably didn’t even need the script for that. 🤭

  5. Emily Sloop

    Emily Sloop

    Acum 39 minute

    Trisha is a liar and Gabby just put the proof out wow

  6. Alesia Peyton

    Alesia Peyton

    Acum 42 minute

    Beginning of the podcast: “I don’t even know who we are, I’ve never heard of these people” Five minutes later: talking about seeing the movie and then explains who plays each character 😂 Girl stick to a lie

  7. Alesia Peyton

    Alesia Peyton

    Acum 45 minute

    Okay but can we talk about how Trish is taking 50% of the profits off that skincare when they literally did nothing but but their face on the products???? The people actually developing and creating the products deserve the majority of the profit.

  8. Sabrina Noel

    Sabrina Noel

    Acum 58 minute

    Trisha thrives on talking horribly about other people, this episode makes me cringe even before Ethan and Trisha argue

  9. tomato48


    Acum 58 minute

    Trisha is so greedy she really only on the podcast for money. She is so privileged she thinks she’s a victim when Ethan put her in such a good light for a long time and would believe her on topics that everyone was saying she was lying about…

  10. Duff Duffer

    Duff Duffer

    Acum oră

    Trisha once said she never watched Gaby’s videos yet she knew Gaby did a smash or pass video with Timothy delaghetto from years ago? 🤔

  11. Beardology


    Acum oră

    Their argument literally started because Trisha got triggered that Ethan offered someone a piece of pizza while she was talking about Broke Back Mountain. She felt like he was uninterested in what she was saying so she immediately retaliated by attacking the upcoming segment, saying that it was stupid and that she didn't like it.

  12. Nikki Stowell

    Nikki Stowell

    Acum oră

    Trisha, that’s NOT what gaslighting is!

  13. Annamarie Purcell

    Annamarie Purcell

    Acum oră

    Etfan made everyone like Trisha and helped her I can’t believe she does this to him

  14. will_is_STODDART


    Acum oră

    This is the only episode I enjoyed watching.

  15. Annamarie Purcell

    Annamarie Purcell

    Acum oră

    Hila has troubles on getting pregnant this is very happy news for both of them why is Trisha acting like this

  16. Annamarie Purcell

    Annamarie Purcell

    Acum oră

    Trisha is a guest on the show because they have a series she thinks she owns h3h3 podcast I think it’s greedy when she gets 50% and she wants the extra 5% when it’s Eftan place Ethan set up etfan staff and equipment and she comes films and goes I just don’t understand why she is so bothered when she has such an easy part and gets the cut she needs to think this out and apologise!!

  17. Kallie Chaidez

    Kallie Chaidez

    Acum oră

    I love Trisha but either they’re a pathological liar, or they have an awful memory and need to get that checked out.

  18. Kallie Chaidez

    Kallie Chaidez

    Acum oră

    watching ethan do the ad reads alone was depressing.

  19. Donovan Potter

    Donovan Potter

    Acum 2 ore

    I don't understand why trish is in the wrong

  20. MrMajor


    Acum 2 ore

    "twerks to dream mask"

  21. Maureen Makes

    Maureen Makes

    Acum 2 ore

    So the fight is because he finally agreed with her saying she wasn't upset!!!!?

  22. Spicy Dolores

    Spicy Dolores

    Acum 2 ore

    I literally play frenemies on repeat on my tv now what i do

  23. Periodt Pooh

    Periodt Pooh

    Acum 2 ore

    She’s talking about someone else playing victim. she literally makes 4 part videos doing the same thing

  24. Brooke Mckinley

    Brooke Mckinley

    Acum 3 ore

    The skin care products and commercial are fake right?! It’s a joke?

  25. s d

    s d

    Acum 3 ore

    Random but I think we should also mention the fact that Ethan was giving Trisha fertility treatment tips and advice on his pregnancy announcement video and was being supportive of her trying

  26. Michael Martins

    Michael Martins

    Acum 3 ore

    maybe she is freaking out over all the money she has spent on roos royces and mansions

  27. Fee Duncan

    Fee Duncan

    Acum 3 ore

    It seems to me that Trisha is triggered by the pregnancy and can’t be happy for Ethan & Hila.

  28. Lauren Molina Artistry

    Lauren Molina Artistry

    Acum 4 ore

    Trisha is a nightmare

  29. Jadaaa


    Acum 4 ore

    1:28:04 is where the drama starts. Your welcome

  30. Lauren Molina Artistry

    Lauren Molina Artistry

    Acum 4 ore

    Trisha is acting like a spoiled, privileged brat. So rude to Ethan and all of the H3 employees. If you knew you were having a bad day, then don’t show up being nothing but negative and rude and complaining about your outfit. This screams white privilege.

  31. Vannabrooke101


    Acum 4 ore

    Poor Ethan.. you could tell he was trying to keep things mellow and her tone just got more and more defensive as the conversation progressed… she definitely shot herself in the foot when she said, “I don’t get a say in who we hire.” Yikes😳

  32. Natalie Rodriguez

    Natalie Rodriguez

    Acum 4 ore

    Ethan I would love to see gabbie Hannah on the podcast !!

  33. lina Manibusan-evans

    lina Manibusan-evans

    Acum 4 ore

    Side note for my Polynesian community dressing as moana and Maui Is culture appropriation 😐

    • amBrosial Metafications

      amBrosial Metafications

      Acum 2 ore

      Theyre characters from a movie . Generation z is so ridiculous

  34. Molly Duffy

    Molly Duffy

    Acum 4 ore

    “And yet your still here” 💀

  35. Cassie


    Acum 4 ore

    I’m with her.

  36. mgitanam


    Acum 5 ore

    Trisha the entire episode: I go to therapy so everything you say is wrong. 🤦🏻‍♀️ That’s not how it works 😂

  37. kat Gui

    kat Gui

    Acum 5 ore

    I’m offended that Trish doesn’t know the Addams family movie, like who didn’t watch the movie

  38. Kami Man

    Kami Man

    Acum 5 ore

    no other show in the history of entertainment would put up with her, she acts like a child and uses mental health as a scapegoat, shes a truly incomprehensibly bad person, no matter how bad ur life is, treating others badly is literally never an excuse, an explanation sure, but not an excuse, the way she talks about therapy, its like shes being told that shes a good person and she needs to get over bad past, but in reality her biggest issue is that she needs a reality check, someone needs to talk her through every awful thing she does, she taking therapy for the wrong reasons, to look for excuses for how she acts

  39. Annette Magee

    Annette Magee

    Acum 5 ore

    Wow. She is the master of gaslighting.

  40. Kami Man

    Kami Man

    Acum 5 ore

    crying and acting distraught when youre in the wrong to get out of blame is a crazy superpower women have 😂

  41. Kami Man

    Kami Man

    Acum 5 ore

    she uses her conditions as scape goats and pretends to have other ones too, she hears about terms like gaslighting and uses them to gaslight other ppl, anyone reading this, please for the love of god never associate with anyone even remotely like her

  42. Corrina


    Acum 5 ore

    I don’t know if this just hit a sore spot for me but I absolutely hate when people bring up a pile of issues they’ve had, when they’ve never brought it up before. Like I don’t know why it just seems like such a disrespectful and conniving thing to do. You lead someone on pretending that all is well and as soon as you get a chance to humiliate them in a vulnerable moment, you suddenly decide to drop it all on them? That just seems like such a manipulative way to victimize yourself and to make sure the other person looks like the mean one. Gross shit man.

  43. Julielle Somov

    Julielle Somov

    Acum 5 ore

    He jokes about her skin product, and then she makes a video saying it was so bad that he sexualizes her and her skin commercial-this is a woman doing porn and showing pix to the world of her rear end and the toilet paper stuck there. Now all of the sudden blue humor is off limits??! ...on a comedy ROfilm channel. 😬😬Can’t win...

  44. Jay Garcia

    Jay Garcia

    Acum 6 ore

    Bruh “recycling titles” and she released 3 videos titled “ethans lies” lol

  45. Kayleigh


    Acum 6 ore

    This is obscene.

  46. Silvia Foxworth

    Silvia Foxworth

    Acum 6 ore

    i thought she was supposed to be jodi foster in taxi driver.

  47. Vicky p

    Vicky p

    Acum 6 ore

    both were In the wrong Trisha shouldn't have went so hard on camera and Ethan should've just shut up. Trisha blew it up but again Ethan didn't stop it. but at the same time Trisha is a grown person she can't use mental health as an excuse for not knowing when to stop.

  48. Hannah Friday

    Hannah Friday

    Acum 7 ore

    Its the pizza we know the pizza is cursed

  49. Allee Roy

    Allee Roy

    Acum 7 ore

    That pizza is the real reason it ended.

  50. Nikki Hagley

    Nikki Hagley

    Acum 7 ore


  51. Aurelie Grenier

    Aurelie Grenier

    Acum 7 ore

    Omg trisha relax he just say that you were good and that was what you were trying to say the whole time youre really crazy ??

  52. Kirsten Thomas

    Kirsten Thomas

    Acum 7 ore

    When you are always trying to push the narrative of being the victim with multiple people, it becomes weightless. Boy who cried wolf comes to mind!

  53. Kimberly Lund

    Kimberly Lund

    Acum 7 ore

    Trish bye ✌️

  54. TayTerTot _s

    TayTerTot _s

    Acum 7 ore

    Don’t stop the podcast!!!! Please. Y’all can move past this.

  55. Matt D

    Matt D

    Acum 7 ore

    Its the sodium in the pizza that can easily set someone off.

  56. bella hurley

    bella hurley

    Acum 8 ore

    bro she learns the word gaslight and uses it for everything .. it’s SAD

  57. Valrie Younkins

    Valrie Younkins

    Acum 8 ore

    The parallels between their characters and that scene and what happened in real life… there’s no such thing as a coincidence

  58. RitzBritz333


    Acum 8 ore

    Not sure how long ago it started but Trisha started shitting on all of Ethan's jokes and suggestions, half the time not realizing they are jokes though that usually was the funny part, at least at first. But constantly having someone say Ew, stop, that's not funny when you are a comedy duo just brings the mood down and Ethan does his best to roll with it. It just got annoying. Also I don't watch the H3 podcast so to say he is recycling content may be accurate but for some of us this is a separate entity so to bring up some big news one both shows once in a while isn't going to matter as much as it did to Trisha.

  59. Sigh Hate it here

    Sigh Hate it here

    Acum 8 ore

    LMAAAOOOO Trisha is such a loser

  60. Andrew Ramos

    Andrew Ramos

    Acum 9 ore

    This frenemies pack hitting different 🚬

  61. Tom Gitt

    Tom Gitt

    Acum 9 ore

    Wow at 9:45 Ethan belittled African children and Nobody seems upset.

  62. Ry an

    Ry an

    Acum 9 ore

    Trisha is such a fucking wreck dead lord

  63. Rylee Dinelle

    Rylee Dinelle

    Acum 9 ore

    Weird how Trish says Gabbie is psychotic and needs help for one day saying something and the next day saying she didn't but she literally does the same to Ethan this ENTIRE episode from start to finish.... yikes.

  64. Michelle Weagle

    Michelle Weagle

    Acum 9 ore

    This is so sad to watch because something small escalated into something so bad and it’s not professional to discuss money on camera they should have ended it and said we’ll discuss this later. This fight could have easily not happened.

  65. Angelika Graczyk

    Angelika Graczyk

    Acum 9 ore

    Trisha is acting as if she doesn’t chat about the same topics on her that she does on TikTok. Her conversation topics are so boring no one wants to listen to drama around an irrelevant musical or a movie. The team puts in so much work to make the podcast engaging

  66. Sin City

    Sin City

    Acum 10 ore

    49:38 Trish Is Describing Gabby But All I Can Picture Is Trish 🤦🏻‍♀️

  67. Adam Hawash

    Adam Hawash

    Acum 10 ore

    Im not mad! Im frustrated 😂😂😂

  68. tiny brambles

    tiny brambles

    Acum 10 ore

    Trisha just need to rest for a while and reflect. She’s just mad

  69. nobody knows

    nobody knows

    Acum 10 ore


  70. Akemi


    Acum 10 ore

    Syd omg

  71. Leon Debeljak

    Leon Debeljak

    Acum 11 ore

    Realistically, how much do they make per episode?

    • Andrew Ramos

      Andrew Ramos

      Acum 8 ore

      @Gonzalo Montana -699K

    • Gonzalo Montana

      Gonzalo Montana

      Acum 10 ore


  72. Deef head

    Deef head

    Acum 11 ore

    She is so entitled and disrespectful. Gross..

    • mržnja velika

      mržnja velika

      Acum 7 ore

      @Gonzalo Montana simp

    • Gonzalo Montana

      Gonzalo Montana

      Acum 10 ore


  73. Model Super

    Model Super

    Acum 11 ore

    This broadcast really boring

  74. Isabella Mitchell

    Isabella Mitchell

    Acum 11 ore

    She’s gaslighting the hell out of Ethan. She knows that after the “costume idea” she says how much she’s loves the character so wtf

  75. M M

    M M

    Acum 11 ore

    she says if she’s not mad and if she was she would leave and then proceeds to leave afterwards

  76. Zsolt Lévai

    Zsolt Lévai

    Acum 11 ore

    The food order has doomed us

  77. Reality Troll

    Reality Troll

    Acum 11 ore

    How is this channel still around?

  78. Stan Marsh

    Stan Marsh

    Acum 11 ore

    Congratulations you canceled yourself

  79. Lupita Gallardo

    Lupita Gallardo

    Acum 12 ore

    Trisha is literally gabbie Hanna. I rewatched and she describes herself when talking about Hanna. 😂😂😂😂

  80. Riley


    Acum 12 ore

    Trisha needs to get a different therapist. I have family members who remind me of trisha, and if I’ve learned ANYTHING, you cannot give in to their irrational outbursts. You won’t win lol

  81. Alex Z

    Alex Z

    Acum 12 ore

    Maybe Trisha should go watch Jeffrey Stars new video?

  82. M Caste

    M Caste

    Acum 12 ore

    Trisha should have hired a hand model. He fat hands are very distracting. Use this product you get fat swollen hands.

  83. Darling Blue

    Darling Blue

    Acum 13 ore

    She spent most of the show talking about what she wanted to do then Ethan tries to do something he wants to do and she says no just because she doesn’t like it. He tries to talk about something very important in his life and she starts being disrespectful because she doesn’t want to do it.

  84. Darling Blue

    Darling Blue

    Acum 13 ore

    The way she’s speaking to him in front of his employees and distracting them too it crazy.

  85. R Alexandra

    R Alexandra

    Acum 13 ore

    The pizza curse has struck again…..

  86. Marcus Tapia

    Marcus Tapia

    Acum 13 ore

    We want more frenemies!!!

    • Zanicuh Z

      Zanicuh Z

      Acum 12 ore

      I’m literally rewatching every single one of them

  87. Kirsten Margaret

    Kirsten Margaret

    Acum 13 ore

    Omg should have Gabbie Hanna on frenemies now and Trisha even commented that she’d def watch! 😂😂😂😂

  88. Brandi Bee

    Brandi Bee

    Acum 13 ore

    Rest in peace frenemies, you will be missed.

  89. latina_teeb


    Acum 14 ore

    Can you guys please come back together to talk about how David Dobrik just posted a vlog 👀

    • Backgroundisgood Z

      Backgroundisgood Z

      Acum 13 ore

      the king is back and these guys can start making money off of his name. Ethan believed Trisha when she talked shit bout David but ig Ethan now knows who the real Trisha is

  90. Stephanie N

    Stephanie N

    Acum 14 ore

    Anyone else feel like Trish got spooked when a discussion/argument ended without dramatics. He simplified the issue she was arguing about, it ended anticlimactically, she was at a loss for words, got embarrassed when she wasn’t in control of the situation, and then shut down

  91. Hammerman 945

    Hammerman 945

    Acum 14 ore

    Trisha is literally so ducking soft chill tf out. Ethan literally just said she was upset and she started freaking tf out like he was attacking her.

  92. Dina Elmoussarrif

    Dina Elmoussarrif

    Acum 14 ore

    its completely clear to see that she completely over reacted & wasnt at all being honest about the fact that she was so obviously upset. she continously victimizes herself & goes on ridiculous rampages that are totally unnecessary. it was ridiculous to say he was recycling the content about the pregnancy because thats literally just his life & her life as well being married to moses. that being said, he was interrupting her literally the entire time & disregarding the things she said & i honestly think thats where the main frustration came from. anything she said that didnt have to do with gabbi was interrupted & pretty much ignored. he couldve waited for her to finish multiple times & it was uncomfortable to watch her deal with it until the end where he blatantly wasnt listening & talked over her LOL

  93. Junior


    Acum 14 ore

    that pizza has got to be genetically engineered to cause hormone imbalances

  94. ThunderKat


    Acum 15 ore

    But like who cares Trisha? Why was Ethan interrupting you to offer pizza to someone OFFENSIVE enough to start shitting on the podcast AND the crew? Insinuating that Ethan is basically exploiting you? How can she say she's changed when an interruption was enough to trigger a meltdown? For the record, calling a segment dumb, stupid and lazy IS insulting the crew...they came up with it 🤦🏽‍♀️

  95. kai kai

    kai kai

    Acum 15 ore

    Not her disrespecting selena quintanilla

  96. Brianna Reynolds

    Brianna Reynolds

    Acum 15 ore

    Does she know how stupid she sounds when she speaks ? No one like let’s her know she constantly sounds ridiculous?

  97. Brianna Reynolds

    Brianna Reynolds

    Acum 15 ore

    Does she know how offensive it is to pretend she’s schizophrenic

  98. Marie O'Neill

    Marie O'Neill

    Acum 15 ore

    What a greedy cow, THE CREW NEEDS MONEY TO LIVE