The ANTI-GRAVITY Smartphone! 😳

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  1. Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

    Mrwhosetheboss Shorts

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    For more gadgets like the🐐case, I've done a full gadgets video on my main channel here:

  2. Pinoy Creepypasta - TagalogHorrorStories

    Pinoy Creepypasta - TagalogHorrorStories

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    Thought he was gonna stick it to the cat...😂😂

  3. NIBBA 🐽

    NIBBA 🐽

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    "Which allows to stick on any surface".

  4. Paulo Calinao

    Paulo Calinao

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    Calling it an "Anti-Gravity phone case" because it sticks to flat surfaces is like saying a bee is anti-gravity because it flies

  5. HUH?


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    "..Late night Netflix"

  6. OMG


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    "It even sticks to bricks!"

  7. Boneful Watermelon

    Boneful Watermelon

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    "It even sticks to bricks!"

  8. z


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    "It even sticks to bricks," I chuckled.

  9. 300 subbs for my brother

    300 subbs for my brother

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    This short just made my day 🏆❤️

  10. ~Audi~


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    Let's take a moment to appreciate his adorable cat🐈🥰

  11. Anahira Verma

    Anahira Verma

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    The way he confidently confirmed that it would stick to bricks, I can’t💀

  12. Ready Pickles

    Ready Pickles

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    You stick it in your pocket and pull it out later to reveal that it’s covered in pocket lint and other oddities

  13. Ryan Rivers

    Ryan Rivers

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    I like how he doesn’t over sell these and give genuine reactions. Makes me actually wanna buy these products. It’s also not too crazy it’s very chill.

  14. Marcus Sedgeman

    Marcus Sedgeman

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    "It even sticks to bricks"

  15. cruz cuumens

    cruz cuumens

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    Ah yes we all be watching “late night Netflix” in the shower

  16. NoRainNoFlowers


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    I’d imagine the brand name comes from a breed of goat that is known to scale

  17. WestupT


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    "it even sticks to bricks!"

  18. Cassie


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    Milo has grown so much! 😍

  19. Jelly movies

    Jelly movies

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    “It’s not a mistake”, ✨IT’S A MASTERPIECE✨

  20. Kaze ni fukarete

    Kaze ni fukarete

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    "It can even stick on your shower to watch late night netflix"