The Haunting Murder Case Of The Hammersmith Ghost

The terrorizing hauntings of a ghost lead a man to murder. Was there truly a ghost or was a man murdered in vain?
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Victorian courtroom, Lawyers, defence and prosecution desks, audience, 19th Century
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Stones and ancient wall in dartmoor landscape
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Edinburgh, Scotland, Houses in the Evening Sun
Murder of Abbe de Broglie, Paris, France, 19th Century
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Two Men in Victorian Fashion Reading a Newspaper - 19th Century
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Socialist leaders on trail for the West End Riots, London, 1886
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British satire comic cartoon caricatures illustrations - Man in top hat sitting on a bench
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Castle Combe
Guest leaving
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Antique photo of paintings: The Forbidden Book
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Late night conversation
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Nighty foggy lane
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Antique engraving illustration: Trial
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Victorian gentlemen walking in the garden, 19th Century
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Ill or injured Victorian man being carried down a mountain
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Instruction in psalm singing
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Early 18th century courtroom scene
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Antique photo of paintings: Judge portrait
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Cropped Image Of Person Holding Gun
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Tombstones of Highgate Cemetery, London
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Victorian prison convict praying in his cell
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Vintage bedroom with candles
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Victorian pub meal and tankard of ale
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George III
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Victorian Christian funeral in Constantinople
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Cobbled Street, at night in the fog (Lincoln, UK)
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Set of tombstone isolated on white background
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Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
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Man Getting Arrested
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Looking For A Fight
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Interior of the House of Commons before 1834
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The Deanery, Westminster
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Victorian youths arguing at the dinner table - 1881 illustration
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Tichborne Case - The Jury
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Young Woman lying on shore 1862 magazine
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Shocked Victorian woman finding a man on the floor
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the last hanging gallow
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Small Cotswold cottage, England
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Ornate carved gilded picture frame.
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Victorian Gentleman Old Photograph
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Young Victorian Man Old Photograph
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Victorian Gentleman vintage photograph
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Little village in the Ardennes
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Victorian Gentleman Top Hat
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Man and car parked by illuminated trailer
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Historic map of London (18th Century)
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The Royal Courts of Justice in London, England
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Old Oak
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Monochrome ghost at night
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Antique Map Of London
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Silhouette of a victorian woman
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Low angle view of open prison cell
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Beautiful Cotswolds scene featuring village church near Broadway
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Businesspeople laughing during meeting in conference room
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Meat Hooks
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Vintage Vehicles
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Senior man cutting green fresh grass with hand scythe
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Hyper Lapse Walking on Cemetery Between Young People Gravestones and Crosses
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the cemetery at night.horror scene
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entrance to the cemetery at night.horror scene
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Running to the light
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Makenna Timoteo
Shane Madej
Ryan Bergara
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      Unsolved mystery of -The Pearl Harbor Ghost Plane -The Nazi Gold Train -Foo Fighters Just some unsolved Mystery but you probably won't do them well see

    • James Taylor

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      Unsolved mystery of -The Pearl Harbor Ghost Plane -The Nazi Gold Train -Foo Fighters Just some unsolved Mystery but you probably won't do them well see

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    Did anyone know that both Shane and Ryan were in an episode of SWAT ? 😱😱😱

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    Maybe the ghost was lonely. You always are scared of ghosts but you never ask how ghost is doing.

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    Do one about the monolith in the utah dessert

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    “at hammersmith and putney people shuddered at his name” like if you get it

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    Question: do you take unsolved suggestions? If so, Barry and Honey Sherman. Founder of Apotex (a generic medication company in Canada) and his wife murdered, super creepy details.

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    Shane dresses like an old cat lady that gets all her clothing from good will

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    Lol why are they 12ft away just take a test before you film so you dont have to yell across the room at eachother still Love it though

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    I love how the style of these videos hasn't changed much for years. Amazing videos.

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    Why does shane sit like that lol

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    The story would be perfect if they dint talk so much in between the cuts

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      I think that's what 90% of people come here for lol :D

  22. riley m

    riley m

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    "Even if a police officer killed someone he was entitled to apprehend, that was also still murder" dangggg wish it worked like that in america

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    Ryan attempting an English accent is the funniest thing I've seen today 🤣

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    I do wonder sometimes we know the exact dates of these ghost sightings I wonder if all of them had a common time of year thing or moon phase. A lot of ghost stories like this do and it seems weird this wasn’t meantioned

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    “She got bear hugged by a ghost” 1800s abortion clinic

  36. Michael Irving

    Michael Irving

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    Definitely a dude in a sheet. Ghost hoaxing was popular as hell during that time, and it wasn't just limited to Hammersmith. There was a fantastic episode of The Dollop podcast about it

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    Turtle King

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    It sucks when it’s not Shane and Ryan

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    Narration: if you see a ghost don't fire a gun at it. Me a supernatural fan: rocksalt in the cartridge baby.

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    i mean i wasn't expecting to say this, but at 14:16 Shanes english accent was actually _really_ good. He sounds exactly like someone you would meet if you went to kinda upper Dorset lol

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  44. youcancallmekathyp


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    This is the epitome of "cool motive, still murder." xD

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    Can you guys go over the ourang medan? I love the ghost story and it’s mean the world to me if you covered it! 😁

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    I love how England can tell that a cop killing someone is murder but people in America can’t now

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    I like how they were social distancing in the beginning 😂

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    I always joke that while I love scaring people, the number one rule of scaring someone is that you have to be prepared to dodge. If you're lucky, the "fight or flight" response will default to flight, that's always funny. If you're unlucky, it will default to fight, in which case you have to be ready to dodge whatever happens next. Trust me when I say that I never so much as tap someone on the shoulder without having one foot planted in the optimal dodging direction. Now, I have been hit before. On very odd occasions I'll scare someone who simultaneously has the fight-impulse and seemingly NO fighting instincts, so they flail in an unpredictable way (such as tapping them on the right shoulder only for them to wildly turn and swing to the left which would normally miss wildly unless you were planning on dodging that way, which would be a smart tactic if it were deliberate, which is was not).

  61. Robin Blackwood

    Robin Blackwood

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    Ryan and shane looking at the Australian, Dutch, Scottish, New Zealand, South African, London, Brummy and Liverpudlian accents: "These are all the same thing"

  62. Erif Retrats

    Erif Retrats

    Acum 2 Zile

    Hammersmith, where I was born, lived, and worked my whole life. I wonder if it is the same Black Lion pub I used to drink in? (1 of the ten pubs I could visit most nights from Hammersmith Bridge to the Chiswick Boundary and back, I lived right by the bridge) I know there are more than a few 'ghost' stories than just this one (seen a few strange things there myself).... and in the court, murder is murder no matter who pulls the trigger or why... so unlike today.... now some get away with it, depending on who they work for, or what uniform they wear....... even down to who and what family name they belong too......... Hammersmith was a great place for me, a real heartbeat of London.......... always something going on, good, bad, wonderful, nasty, and fun, and sometimes just downright evil.......... I loved it there......... I live elsewhere now and wish I didn't, my heart and soul are still there to this day.........

  63. matt mulconray

    matt mulconray

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    nice accent mate! sounds like between New Zealand / Australian and English lol

  64. Zapacunotres


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    I think it was a ghost and living people

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    maybe im just high but this episode was especially funny

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    Yt:view 3.6k comments

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    When is shane going to notice ryan cant say his letter "T" and uses D instead, but it's so random data he suddenly says it correcdly when he wants to/do

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    For some reason I wasn't expecting yall to get back on buzzfeed idk why I was expecting you two to go off and start your own business on watcher

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    This would actually seem like a good 2 hour movie of (Mystery, Suspense, Horror, and Crime) and the movie would be called “Hammersmith Phantom”

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    Sydney Conrad

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    “Have I done a whoopsie?”

  76. lucieirl


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    Can ryan PLEASE start pronouncing Graham as Greyham not gram in UK cases it stresses me so much

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    Kyng Jah

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    John Sieber

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    DCT Exploration

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    Hey everyone, please check out our channel! We're a group of 3 friends checking out haunted and abandoned places in our hometown and we have a lot of fun adventures!

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    dude went from hunting a ghost to making one

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    ZFG Gaming

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    Was this the season finale

  83. Im_A_Fan


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    3:46 Best part

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    Gracie Velazquez

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    Can you do the princess Diana case for the next case?

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    Gacha Ally

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    20:20 XD

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    Isak Khalil

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    Woah there that strangling footage was a lil sus 😳😳

  87. braun3812


    Acum 2 Zile

    They hanged him because that guy was poor and killed man was rich. It's not a murder, but manslaughter.

  88. Lithium Bones

    Lithium Bones

    Acum 2 Zile

    I mean if the town wasn’t haunted before they shot the poor guy, it is now 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  89. kimberley alice

    kimberley alice

    Acum 2 Zile

    i kept thinking Ryan was wearing a witches hat 😭🤣

  90. Deanna Brewer- Gonzalez

    Deanna Brewer- Gonzalez

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    200 years ago. Hard labor was pretty hard 😅

  91. rianess21


    Acum 2 Zile

    English accent attempts = 67%

  92. Gerald Green

    Gerald Green

    Acum 2 Zile

    Judge from 200 years ago can get that police killing someone is murder but dip shits today can't get it. BLM ✊🏾

  93. A Redheads Ramblings

    A Redheads Ramblings

    Acum 2 Zile

    A shroud was a cloth or sheet in which a corpse was wrapped for burial

  94. SethMacMillan


    Acum 2 Zile

    "Perhaps we, as human beings, should not take it upon ourselves to end anyone's life." The entire town of Skidmore, Missouri laughs in Ken Rex McElroy.

  95. Satya


    Acum 2 Zile

    Why does Shane make those faces when he does an accent? I can't 😂

  96. Broomkitty


    Acum 2 Zile

    Do the villasca axe murders

  97. Cabé


    Acum 2 Zile

    They might not dressed up and mime-washed your car windows but Smith, the Jury & that Wagon Driver were a bunch of clowns.



    Acum 2 Zile

    Remember that time Ryan almost solved a case

  99. aj_u_nice


    Acum 2 Zile

    The pronunciation of Graham........................................... Nah

  100. Kate the Basque

    Kate the Basque

    Acum 2 Zile

    Two hundred years ago, you were hand sewn into your burial shroud/garments (today's equivalent to burying/cremating somebody in a suit and tie.) A modern TV example of this is what Snow wakes up wearing in her coffin on ABC's Once Upon A Time. So, it's a creepy thing but very accepted at the time. As everything was hand sewn, shrouds were all individual - so one could be noted as wearing what they thought was a certain person's burial shroud.