The Lovely Bones is Scarier than We Remember | Video Essay

! Content warning: violence / sexual assault
“I live in a world where two truths coexist: where both hell and hope lie in the palm of my hand.” - Alice Sebold
In this video, we discuss some of the deep fears The Lovely Bones (movie and book) tries to illustrate.
0:00 Intro
2:00 Stranger Danger Personified
8:47 Drawn-Out Grief
15:35 After Death


  1. littlemissmello


    Acum 6 ore

    Loss of family and friends is one of my absolute worst fears, I honestly don't know how I'll be able to deal with it when one day I'll inevitably have to. This movie did a lot to me and it came as a shock to realize that so many people _really_ did not like it. Similar vibes, but those who have seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will know what I'm talking about, but an important figure to Buffy dies and the grief and mourning was done realistically was addressed so well that I almost stopped watching out of shock. I did keep watching in the end, and am I glad I did, but the process of healing was not dismissed or forgotten. It was a theme for the rest of the episodes to come and impacted Buffy and changed her outlook permanently.

  2. angela brown

    angela brown

    Acum 10 ore

    So many have died and then came to in twenty minutes or what not.. and they've all said there's a heaven.. plus like myself many have seen jesus

  3. angela brown

    angela brown

    Acum 10 ore

    The reality is many of the murders of the 1950s 60s and 70s went unsolved so many young girls and women went missing and we're never found and they're killers were never charged.. as a child of molestation and other abuses I was perfectly happy with his death.. maybe he never went to prison.. but God took him out anyway and he could never murder another girl

  4. Laura Bradley

    Laura Bradley

    Acum 12 ore

    The book horrified me tbh. It is just incredibly disturbing and not in a horror type of thing, but something deeper.

  5. Princess Morales

    Princess Morales

    Acum 17 ore

    The first time I ever watched this movie I was six years old in 2009. I was obsessed with it and watched it all the time 😭. I was just a child and seeing what happened to her in my young mind made me feel so bad. I literally know all the words to this movie. So sad

  6. Sabina Lopez

    Sabina Lopez

    Acum 20 ore

    I’ve been thinking about this movie ever since I saw it in theaters and you just put into words everything it’s made me feel that I couldn’t put my finger on

  7. Jodie Garner

    Jodie Garner

    Acum 21 oră

    Something not really explained, but relevant to the intro - Stranger Danger was hugely detrimental to KIDS because children are rarely abused or abducted by random strangers they've never seen before. But grown WOMEN is completely different. A blind date, an IT guy you spoke to once, the guy at the back of the bar, a friend of a friend you only saw once or twice on social media - strangers, especially strange men, have always and increasingly been a real threat to a woman on her own. Always check your car, don't travel alone, text a friend updates. Because it's called something else when it's someone you know. Domestic and familial abuse are problems, yes, but they're not the majority of the cold case files we see on TV and the thousands of dead or traumatized women who are victimized every year. And those are the things you fear but can't possibly predict, because it's just common enough to be an uncommon reality. Factor into that the media jumping all over cases of women murdered by strangers over the last century, from Jack the Ripper to the Golden State Killer to NCIS, and it almost doesn't matter if it's fact or fiction anymore. Because from the time we can talk we know the danger, know the risk, and fear becoming another headline. Parents amped up the paranoia with Stranger Danger, but their fear in some ways was comforting to kids, because at least someone was there to try and protect you from the danger. With stalkers and serial killers, there's no way to avoid being a target - they may prefer a hair style or eye color, a location or a style of shoe. Anything you can imagine has already been a "reason" at some point, and even staying home is no guarantee, because you'll still have to make calls or accept deliveries or go to the doctor sometime. It's an unlikely event, a risk and fear we're all too aware is real, and we just try to overprepare or overexpose ourselves or focus on the statistics because the fact is that those women who died did nothing wrong, and they still died. They were targeted simply because they were women and because the murderer wanted to kill or harm or hurt, and no one expected or knew until after it was too late.

  8. Fuschia Carter

    Fuschia Carter

    Acum 21 oră

    I loved the movie and the book but there were certain parts of both of these forms of art that rubbed me the wrong way

  9. I Give Advised You Listen

    I Give Advised You Listen

    Acum 21 oră

    First of all suzie should have known better. I am a guy and i would have never gone down there. however i wanted him to go to prison or get caught first the ending left me so angry he didnt get caught. They deserved justice.

  10. Avery Tackett

    Avery Tackett

    Acum 23 ore

    I was never able to finish this movie it geeked me out so much

  11. Mandarins91


    Acum o Zi

    Did ANYONE read the book? It had 10x the details and it was never meant to be a comfortable tale.

  12. shawna


    Acum o Zi

    These feelings and emotions are so familiar

  13. Kim Brown

    Kim Brown

    Acum o Zi

    When I seen this title Felt the same way. And even watching this video makes me uneasy 😟

  14. Louise GaryAVBl

    Louise GaryAVBl

    Acum o Zi

    I don't think the in between depicted in this movie is supposed to be comforting

  15. Melanie Buhian

    Melanie Buhian

    Acum o Zi

    I remember loving this movie but it's quite traumatic realizing it now

  16. Anzy


    Acum o Zi

    TW;;; As a little kid I always loved this movie, and was this one that turned Saoirse Ronan into my favorite actress. But also, I'm younger than her and watched with my dad and I just thought it was sad and kinda beautiful in a way, and I think I didn't get it at first. I was assaulted as a 11yo kid by a family friend and didn't build the courage to tell my dad and right after he died of cancer. I watched this movie a few more times as a teen, and even after being assaulted is like my brain didn't really clicked things together. I wasn't raped, but was touched by an old man my grandmother had as her boyfriend, and I knew that wasn't right and felt scared and kicked him off, and I still loved this film, and YET my brain was probably protecting me from making things make sense. I'm not dumb, I'm actually quite smart, I know what molesting is, I know what rape is, I know. I only understood after was probably the 15th time, when I was 17. It's like my brain said "look, I can't protect you anymore, we can't pretend it didn't happen". So, I used to love this movie, I love Saoirse Ronan and this is the movie that turned her into my favorite actor, but now I'm 21 and I can't watch it anymore. I tried, almost made me puke just like gore movies, and this is the weirdest feeling and don't know how to describe.

  17. Mags Kennedy

    Mags Kennedy

    Acum o Zi

    After this movie, every time I see Stanley Tucci in a movie I still get the chills, that feeling has fade away with time but after more than 10years it still creeps me out to look at him in other movies and not think immediately about the role he took on this movie.

  18. Mags Kennedy

    Mags Kennedy

    Acum o Zi

    So I was 12 when I first saw this movie back in 2009 and I couldn’t go all the way through, the bloody bathroom scene made me stop and I just watched again 2 years after. But I totally believe that my interest on crime stories came from this movie, it really pushed my interests in this type of movies and stories.

  19. KER


    Acum o Zi

    Let me just say, good review and if anyone likes this movie, that it doesn't bother me at all. But I have major problems with this movie. I'm about to rage about this movie so if that may upset you, dont read this. As someone who was sexually abused and knows this fear, I hate this movie. It just seems to want to be edgy with its abuse and pain by showing how horrible all of the reality of these situations are. And yet switches to show how being dead isn't that bad! Look at this pretty world? Look at all of these other little girls here with you! I'd rather kiss a boy than help others stop this murder by finding my body. Fuck this movie. If anyone finds comfort from it, that is okay. I just cant. It hits to close to home. It let's him get away with it. I know that happens in real life, but the scene with her body just.... god it just feels like it's making it okay. Just let it go! You're already dead, cant do anything. And everyone telling the parents to get over it and to be happy. I dont think I could ever give up. If my baby was ra*ed and murdered. I just cant stand it. The whole thing felt like damage control for victims of abuse or loved one's of those who had been murdered. See? She is fine. Move on. Fuck you. I know eventually you do have to, but no movie has the right to tell grieving parents they should move on because their baby, who was brutally ra*ed, murdered, and chopped into pieces, is now living in a fantasy land with all of the other victims. It just hurts beyond belief. I know it meant well, but it felt like exploitation of that pain. I'm sorry again. Please take care of yourselves and i hope you are all okay.

  20. niralim33


    Acum o Zi

    I'm re-devasted. I was so distraught when I watched it years ago that I promised I would never watch it again... This movie was difficult for me to get over. I feel it was beautiful, poetic, sad and tragic at the same time.

  21. rizz rizi

    rizz rizi

    Acum 2 Zile

    I have never heard an even more unsettling soundtrack though, it fits perfectly with the movie.

  22. LeeLee141


    Acum 2 Zile

    They would have eventually found her body because when the police put out the photo fit of Mr Harvey the dad at the sinkhole would have recognised him and called the police to say ‘oh yes he brought an older safe here in the last few days’ they just didn’t show that conclusion - very thought provoking movie indeed 💯

  23. Jolie Bokeh

    Jolie Bokeh

    Acum 2 Zile

    This is beautifully, thoughtfully and respectfully written.

  24. oogieboogie —ur special

    oogieboogie —ur special

    Acum 2 Zile

    5:02 oh my god i just had one of the worst thoughts- what if those toys were trophy’s like from his previous victims!? Ugh I just shivered! 😖

  25. tatsuki


    Acum 2 Zile

    *I never found this movie scary, I always thought it was a tearfest but never found it uneasy or creepy. I was 8 the first time i seen it and when I seen the scene where Susie’s dad knows that she’s okay, I had tears fall down my cheeks while I was smiling cause I had relief and sadness.*

  26. alisha f

    alisha f

    Acum 2 Zile

    does nobody remember the scene of the murder actually happening? my memory is so scewed it feels like a mandela affect. but apparently the director never filmed it

  27. screamah lee

    screamah lee

    Acum 2 Zile

    Yup this movie also embedded on my mind till now... Every now and then i missed this move

  28. lodidodiblondie


    Acum 2 Zile

    For me what left me feeling so uneasy was an all too real fact that you can't trust people because statistically molestation/rape/murder is often by someone the victim knows, and maybe even close to. That's scary.

  29. Lizama Lizama

    Lizama Lizama

    Acum 2 Zile

    funny how i have felt disturbed about it but i also love the movie, so i have watched it many times and always recommend it to my friends

    • youtube player

      youtube player

      Acum 17 ore

      Same for me...it is powerful, beautiful, tragic, real & wonder all in one...it leaves you feeling that way bc it was meant 2, imo that means they did a damn good job on it

  30. chrisq8955


    Acum 2 Zile

    The mall scenes were actually filmed at a local mall that I used to frequent as a kid, so this movie had a WHOLE different level of creepy for me.

  31. Michelle Todd

    Michelle Todd

    Acum 3 Zile

    The look. She knows she's done. At 15 my "friend's" older brother asked me to goto the creek with him. Something we all did. I said sure, are you coming Missy. She wouldn't give me an answer and he kept asking and getting mad. I was confused at my friends behavior.. like she was trying to ignore me. I kept saying I will go if you go Missy. Finally I said I gotta go home. Was weird. I think my "friend" exchanged me for a joint. I don't know what the outcome was going to be, but my gut SCREAMED NO!!!

  32. HippyNinjaSimmy


    Acum 3 Zile

    I never actually watched this film cos the book messed me up enough 😅😅

  33. Hman Vlogs

    Hman Vlogs

    Acum 3 Zile

    I’m sorry but this movie just really irks me, I just wish it could’ve been better and more competent characters (ex: I have a big problem with Mark Wahlberg in this fucking movie😭I just think they shoulda got someone else) because honestly I think this movie is pretty shit, book adaptations rarely go right tho😪😪😪

  34. ruby castillo

    ruby castillo

    Acum 4 Zile

    I got chills replying the part on 8:10 where Mr.Harvey is lurking and she doesn’t even know.

  35. Katelyn Bauer

    Katelyn Bauer

    Acum 4 Zile

    I read the book in 8th grade and I loved it. It was so real and raw, especially since I was around the age Suzie was supposed to be at the Time. I still havent brought myself to watch the film though.

  36. Princess Evi

    Princess Evi

    Acum 4 Zile

    Life after death is nothing like that. Movies and books make it seem so mysterious and like heaven is this perfect place for each person. It is perfect but most won't make it there. I don't mean to make this about religion but it's the only truth there is in this life. Being a good enough person doesn't get someone into heaven only Jesus does 💛 God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for us. Jesus didn't have to die on the cross but He chose to so that through Him our sins could be washed away and we could enter into heaven. Everyone has sins and we aren't worthy of Gods kingdom but when we truly believe in Jesus and accept the sacrifice He made on the cross for us we are able to be forgiven and cleansed of unrighteousness. Then we will inherit his Holy Spirit within us when we ask God so that we will continue in righteousness. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life 💛 it isn't about following a set of rules or being religious like Catholics do. It's about having a true relationship with Jesus and allowing His Holy Spirit to work in us to teach us what is right and what is wrong. And the Bible is so important to read. It came from men who were led by the same Holy Spirit that is in anyone who accepts Jesus. He is our teacher and the one who does good work in us. None on earth are good. It is God who calls us to Him and allows us to follow Jesus on the narrow path 💛 We have to forgive others in order to be forgiven by Him. We have to love others and love God most of all. With all our hearts, mind, souls, and strength. We have to fully surrender to God and repent of all the evil we have done in our lives and choose to live a new life for Him 💛 the one who has mercy and grace upon us. Ephesians 2: 8-9 For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast. God is near, you just have to seek Him and you will find Him 💛 Not in a church or through anyone. But through Jesus, in prayer, in His word through His Holy Spirit.

  37. Skyler Mack

    Skyler Mack

    Acum 4 Zile

    Honestly this movie is really good

  38. in a minute

    in a minute

    Acum 5 Zile

    I read the book when I was 11, idk who let me do that LOL

  39. itsyourgirlkattt


    Acum 5 Zile

    Seriously touches my heart how most of us girls go thru something so similar and scary

    • youtube player

      youtube player

      Acum 17 ore

      Yes exactly...how messed up that truth is & yet we a born having 2 walk around knowing what is like 2 be prey..ppl don't stop 2 even think about that bc it is just that way 4ever..men certainly fall victim as well..however not sure majority always have that in back the mind when ever another person is even in the room..

  40. xxss


    Acum 5 Zile

    Lovely bones was never a scary movie to me, even as a kid. It just always made me sad, but I loved it cause it gave me dose of reality it was beautiful to me in a way. And till this day it's one of favorite childhood movies. It made me more comfortable with the fact that death is coming one day no matter how or how old. And to NOT always be so trusting of ppl. ESPECIALLY ppl you know, cuz you never truly know ppl...

  41. Fred Azbell

    Fred Azbell

    Acum 5 Zile

    This movie is more than deeply upsetting. I can't watch it without crying. The book was disturbing enough but this is a difficult movie to watch.

  42. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear

    Acum 5 Zile

    I read the book and watched the movie and I can say that the book was packed with different versions of grief and leaves you really focusing on that aspect. The movie was great too even for young teens but if you ever get a chance, read the book because there are some points in the book that make you realize how far grief can make you go. As an adult, after i finished reading it, i had to take multiple deep breaths and watched cartoons to get my mind off it lol. But it does make you think.

  43. Brianna Elwell

    Brianna Elwell

    Acum 5 Zile

    You think the movie is a mind bender read the book

  44. Cristiano Faustino

    Cristiano Faustino

    Acum 5 Zile

    I absolutely love this movie and her dad getting hit when trying to look for her body (while she is crying seeing him in the “afterlife” )is one of the saddest scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie

  45. Baked Frodo

    Baked Frodo

    Acum 5 Zile

    Commented this on Spirit Science’s review of this movie: I think it’s trippy as hell and fairly underrated.

  46. Sun Millions

    Sun Millions

    Acum 5 Zile

    Omg this movie omfg it was so fuckin sad and so crazy how she talk to her family in death yes it was a good movie but omg all I can say

  47. hannah josephine

    hannah josephine

    Acum 6 Zile

    i watched it and i was like: 🚶‍♀️ i’m gone

  48. Hannah


    Acum 6 Zile

    I watched this movie wayyyyyyy too young and it scared tf out of me as a young girl

  49. M2K


    Acum 6 Zile

    The movie is uncomfortable because it's a horror that is actually realistic. Sure there are serial killer, there are premonition deaths and demonic ghosts but a human so evil to take and mutilate an innocent life is a realistic fear that happens every single day to millions of kids around the world.

  50. Sweeting


    Acum 6 Zile

    TW: for sexual assault. I was assaulted for years from the ages of 6-9 and I still live with my abuser. At 24 and living in a pandemic, this story really impacted me because there is no closure, just like for me. The only way to go forward is to go forward

  51. kavishka kaushal

    kavishka kaushal

    Acum 6 Zile

    OMG this gave me a goosebumps . When I first watched this movie I felt like I had watch this movie before. I watched this movie 2016 since that. every day I keep thinking about this movie like it’s saying something to me. And I remember I had really creepy dream when I was so young like 6 years old and that dream kind of similar to this movie ❤️ and this my favorite movie ever ❤️

  52. batsoup


    Acum 6 Zile

    I felt so bittersweet after watching it

  53. Rham


    Acum 7 Zile

    Saw this once and its still the scariest movie ever. Ot gets under your skin because every girl have know pr experienced something like this

  54. Luana De Concili

    Luana De Concili

    Acum 7 Zile

    Quest attrice con i capelli rossi ha fatto piccolo donne

  55. Sarah C

    Sarah C

    Acum 7 Zile

    It’s been a few years since I’ve watched this film. I didn’t dislike the fantasy-like scenes of the afterlife, but until I watched this I actually forgot most of them were in the film in the first place. They definitely weren’t all that necessary. I don’t think they added too much to the film.

  56. Sharday CC

    Sharday CC

    Acum 7 Zile

    This was a good movie, but I could only stand watching it one time. It was very bothering.

  57. Robin Johnson

    Robin Johnson

    Acum 7 Zile

    This movie really got to me as well. A.I. Artificial Intelligence with Haley Joel Osment got to me too.

  58. Vale Madrid

    Vale Madrid

    Acum 8 Zile

    This essay helped me understand my own grief and why this movie broke me so much.. thank you

  59. Johanna Marie Diana

    Johanna Marie Diana

    Acum 8 Zile

    This is definitely one of those movies that I regret watching and won't even dare watch again. I'm just here to read comments and validate how scared I was. Thank goodness I'm not alone ❤️

  60. k-pop playin klown

    k-pop playin klown

    Acum 8 Zile

    Finally some one who understands this beautiful telling of this tragic story

  61. ම້ੁ͡ ૈ ˌ̫̮ ම້ੁ͡ ૈ✧

    ම້ੁ͡ ૈ ˌ̫̮ ම້ੁ͡ ૈ✧

    Acum 8 Zile

    Watching this movie as a twelve year old certainly had its double effect with my growing up. Rewatching it as a college freshman student was the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had (with movies).

  62. Sophie Anne

    Sophie Anne

    Acum 8 Zile

    I couldn’t stop crying at the scene with the dad when he was looking at the glass bottles with boats

  63. RatGurlTay


    Acum 9 Zile

    This movie scarred me

  64. julia xiao

    julia xiao

    Acum 9 Zile

    Lmao I watched this movie alone when I was 9 and aside from the creepy scenes I just thought it was filmed beautifully.

  65. Frank Boff

    Frank Boff

    Acum 9 Zile

    Paranoid? The fear is real and justified. Personally I’ve met one person who won the lotto. On the hand I have had friends whose children were murdered. I lost two friends to murder and many of my friends have lost friends to murder. One of kids school friends was abducted and murdered. A woman was murdered at the end of my street a few months ago. I don’t live in a dangerous area and never have. It’s a disturbing reality that women live with and it isn’t paranoid. It’s common sense.

  66. Ciarra W

    Ciarra W

    Acum 9 Zile

    My mother made me watch it when I was like 7 and I’ve been traumatized ever since 😭

  67. Jai


    Acum 10 Zile

    I've only been able to watch Lovely Bone once, and can't bring myself to watch it again

  68. Kory Kent

    Kory Kent

    Acum 10 Zile

    I'm so glad I never watched this.

  69. CA Shah

    CA Shah

    Acum 10 Zile

    I need to see the movie, because I've only read the book. Book spoiler here: he doesn't die; he moves away, presumably in search of his next victim, and he creates fake lives in which the girls he kills are his most recent deceased wives. It makes it exponentially more disturbing.

  70. TomboyMJR


    Acum 10 Zile

    So I was 17 on my way home listening to my iPod and I felt God tug on my heart to look behind me and heard my name I looked behind me and there was a white car with two men following behind me and they were talking to each other pointing at me. Not honking for me to move or anything; the whole thing was eerie. I bolted, what’s worse it looked like they were trying to catch up to me in the car but because I was super close to being home I used the back way behind the houses got to mine and then they gave up. It was very creepy and very scary.

  71. The Introverted Beauty

    The Introverted Beauty

    Acum 10 Zile

    I find this movie very disturbing only because her body was never found. I needed for them to ask what was in the safe and for Mr. Harvey to be caught. Instead, her family is left with unanswered questions and no body to bury.

  72. Mariah Speaks

    Mariah Speaks

    Acum 10 Zile

    I think i just realized where my not-really-but-kindof -irational fears came from. Maybe it was a good and a bad thing i watched this when i was only about 9 or so. I watch sacry movies all day and never jump...But this movie is the most terrifying thing iv'e ever watched, because this is too real.

  73. Maybelle Amora Diary

    Maybelle Amora Diary

    Acum 11 Zile

    Yea, im 22 now and finally able to watch it for the first time and got so sad and shocked and triggered cus before i didnt know this movie about a pedo...

  74. jrm8899


    Acum 11 Zile

    The scene showing her escaping the underground fort..... (but she was already dead) was well done

  75. Annon


    Acum 11 Zile

    What kills me is when she realizes something is wrong. Ugh.

  76. Nikki Laney

    Nikki Laney

    Acum 11 Zile

    A++ to the narrator ❤❤ this was EXCELLENT

  77. Sarah S.

    Sarah S.

    Acum 11 Zile

    It makes me cry to think of people murdered who just become that victim, and everything else they were, the real stuff, isn't what people know😭

  78. DreamyQui


    Acum 12 Zile

    I remember when this first came out back in 2009 and I was still in 2nd grade. I watched this movie so many times since then...it’s one of my favorite movies and it never disturbed me, I always felt like I could relate even though this kind of thing didn’t happen to me.

  79. Rach El

    Rach El

    Acum 12 Zile

    We do know where we go when we die, but most don’t believe it. Why do r*pists and murderers even exist? It’s because of the devil and sin. Most people acknowledge existence of the devil, but they fail to acknowledge the existence of God. The most comforting thought and state of being is knowing that you are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and when you die, you get to live with God in eternal bliss with your fellow brothers & sisters in Christ. Now that is the most comforting idea of heaven to accept and I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to accept this gift.

  80. Em Watson

    Em Watson

    Acum 12 Zile

    Technically in the book , the policeman does out it together that it was the man who made doll houses, and the man who talked go people about Rose's, as he spoke to other policemen from other places , so in the book they do figure it out but he was ling gone

  81. Em Watson

    Em Watson

    Acum 12 Zile

    This is honestly one of my favourite books , but its just cause it's such a good book , but I had no idea there was a movie about it where do I find it !!!

  82. Azenta


    Acum 12 Zile

    I'm glad to know I am not the only one who is still haunted by this movie.. It is one of the rare movie I still think about from time to time despite having watched it only once years ago. The powerlessness and anger it made me feel are unparalleled by any other until this day. I obviously cried watching the movie, but also while watching this essay and reading through some comments. This movie remains painful no matter how you talk about it. This is why this movie is perfect the way it is. Exactly because of those fantastical delusions, as much as the harsh reality portrayed in it. It is a true horror. I must say, it was terribly frustrating to see the murderer die so meaninglessly, even tho it reflects how meaningless he was and should be. It wasn't a tad bit satisfying. And the corpse never being found out was also terribly frustrating... A lot of things were infuriating to watch in this movie tbh. I cant name it all... Anyway... I dont think I will ever be able to watch it again. But I will remember it.

  83. Isayama_ Worshipper

    Isayama_ Worshipper

    Acum 12 Zile

    When I was 7-9 years old Me,my Sister and Dad watch this and got totally scared when the man pulled the girl by her ankle and the scene where her sister or friend sneak inside to the man house,I watch it 2 times and still got chills until now.

  84. LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    Acum 12 Zile

    And yet, experiments regarding how children will disregard what they are told, and place themsekves in dangerous positions. Like say, if a potential predetor approaches them asking for help looking for a lost pet...

  85. Doctor Hirst

    Doctor Hirst

    Acum 12 Zile

    I just finished reading the book. There was a lot I liked about it, though I wouldn't say I loved it, since a lot of the writing and imagery didn't quite work for me. Then I got to the part where Susie possesses Ruth's body, and I hated it so much that it ruined the book for me. Ruth did not consent to have her body used this way, but the narrative doesn't even acknowledge how messed up it is that she gets to spend the rest of her life knowing that her platonic male friend had sex with her body while she was essentially dead for a few hours. All the book has to say about her fate is that she grew up to be a haunted woman, so it just really feels like she got screwed over and nobody cares. I seriously don't understand why you would put this in a novel where the central tragedy is the main character's r@pe and murder. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm glad to hear that it handled this scene differently.

  86. Queen Nsuccess

    Queen Nsuccess

    Acum 13 Zile

    I was so pissed like the girl who saw her the ghost should of gotten her family peace! LIKE BRO I WANTED HIM TO DIE AND GET JUSTICE

  87. Solimarys Ramos

    Solimarys Ramos

    Acum 13 Zile

    I cried like a baby...it leaves a void in you because its something that truly happens....sooo sad.... I refused to watch again

  88. Lula Dance

    Lula Dance

    Acum 13 Zile

    I so need to read the book where could I get it

  89. Libby Quijano

    Libby Quijano

    Acum 13 Zile

    You know, for me, this movie helped me receive some closure after the murder of my sister and nephew. It had been a few years since their passing, and I was struggling with how I was "suppose" to grieve. I just felt numb, not really missing them or rarely thinking of them in my waking moments. Watching the grief in this movie helped me feel something. I cried watching this. I guess I enjoyed feeling the discomfort, the sadness, the anger, all of those emotions cause I couldn't feel anything. Even today, I still feel numb. And I go out of my way to watch stuff to feel that kind of intense grief, cause it's relieving. Thank you for this video cause now I'm able to figure out why I found this movie so cathartic. I really like stories were the plot is grief, cause I'm still exploring mine.

  90. Linh Vu

    Linh Vu

    Acum 13 Zile

    I had to read this book as a reading assignment in highschool and it BROKE my heart. I was not ready for her tragedy 😰

  91. SpurseSpencer


    Acum 13 Zile

    First movie to bring me to tears

  92. Theoh Williams

    Theoh Williams

    Acum 13 Zile

    The book is insane. Her murder goes on for like a whole chapter. It’s so intense.

  93. Olivia Lessard

    Olivia Lessard

    Acum 13 Zile

    This movie is honestly so disturbing, I saw it way too young around 9 and I was terrified of all men who weren’t my father for months afterwards. I recently re watched it, thinking I’d been over reacting but it was still as disturbing at 20 as it was when I was 9.

  94. Laura Vampire

    Laura Vampire

    Acum 13 Zile

    These kinds of psychological/mystery/thriller movies are always more unsettling and scary compared to horror movies. Horror movies almost feel like comedies compared to these. The Lovely Bones and Silence of The Lambs always make me feel uneasy.

    • Laura Vampire

      Laura Vampire

      Acum 12 Zile

      @Quality Culture most definitely.

    • Quality Culture

      Quality Culture

      Acum 13 Zile

      I agree! The genres leave different impacts but the thrillers feel more unsettling and seem to have a longer-lasting effect, perhaps because they're more rooted in reality.

  95. June Magness

    June Magness

    Acum 13 Zile

    Stranger Danger !!!. Yes but my childhood truamas was inflicted by close family and family friends... who get to you or your kids without suspicion. Please wake up to this fact. Hard as it is to FACE !!!

  96. Peaches Castle

    Peaches Castle

    Acum 13 Zile

    The book is so much much better!

  97. Morgan & Teresa

    Morgan & Teresa

    Acum 14 Zile

    The woman who wrote this story was raped in a park when she was a teenager 😢

  98. your average crown of thorns

    your average crown of thorns

    Acum 14 Zile

    Peter Jackson did a remarkable job with this film...very under valued. I don't think there is a comforting way to deal with a subject of this nature. Wish I had found this video sooner.

  99. Anthony Thibault

    Anthony Thibault

    Acum 14 Zile

    I felt bad for her

  100. Anaya Grey

    Anaya Grey

    Acum 14 Zile

    I think the thing with the first kiss is that this man took away Susies life, her freedom, and she had no choice. For one moment she is given life back again and instead of making it about him and what he did to her, she makes it about herself. She moves on from her murder and doesn’t let it define her and that’s really powerful because for so many people, losing a loved one to murder becomes a defining part of that loved ones life and they have no choice in the matter. The murderer is tied to their story and legacy without their consent, so having this one moment where Susie comes back and shows that she doesn’t care about this person tied to her life, it gives her that power and freedom that he took.

    • Quality Culture

      Quality Culture

      Acum 13 Zile

      Yes I definitely agree that's what that moment was about. However frustrating it might've been for the audience, I think the message behind it is important (to essentially take back your power and autonomy). Thanks for bringing this up!