The quickest transformation!!


  1. breakpoxnt


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  2. 🥀 W•H•I•T•E🥀

    🥀 W•H•I•T•E🥀

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    Honey she ripped my mask

  3. Silas Ferreira

    Silas Ferreira

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    Gostei demais

  4. ᴀɴɴᴀ ᴅᴇᴘᴏɪs ᴅᴀs ᴅʀᴏɢᴀs

    ᴀɴɴᴀ ᴅᴇᴘᴏɪs ᴅᴀs ᴅʀᴏɢᴀs

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    "Original sound-whinderssonnunes" do nada mano?????????

  5. Naze Ramushi

    Naze Ramushi

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    Good job!!! Finally a person who shows the result in the end By the way dosent she look like Bella Poarch

  6. Bionda Svampita

    Bionda Svampita

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    Mask absolutely NOT.

  7. Ebrar Müftüoğlu

    Ebrar Müftüoğlu

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    TÜRKİYE 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  8. •{Strawberry Milkshake}•

    •{Strawberry Milkshake}•

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    I love how she almost put the glasses even though she wasn’t supposed to 😂

  9. Junior Passos

    Junior Passos

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    Vim aqui pra dar dislaike merda de dico deco

  10. BrodY🦁


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    Which app plzz mention

  11. aleyna GÖRMÜŞ

    aleyna GÖRMÜŞ

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    So cringe

  12. Aditi Singh

    Aditi Singh

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    Give results

  13. Abhipsha Pradhan

    Abhipsha Pradhan

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  14. JOJO ⁦⁦(✿ ♡‿♡)⁩

    JOJO ⁦⁦(✿ ♡‿♡)⁩

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    ياريت تورونا الفيديو بعدها. ،،،،،،،،

  15. Zeia Elle

    Zeia Elle

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  16. CRose de

    CRose de

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    Omg i love your videos can you do a part 3

  17. Mamie Washington

    Mamie Washington

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    Dang that’s crazy just clean ha ha Ha ha ha I love that include that we will keep track

  18. خ TANGER

    خ TANGER

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    و كأن عم تشبه عفراء

  19. Alessandra Errico

    Alessandra Errico

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    Come video fa letteralmente finale lo stesso 🤬🤘😠

  20. Dunja


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    Me: Looking at piano in the background whole video

  21. paw say

    paw say

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    Results please

  22. Skyla Botha

    Skyla Botha

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    I never seen a end results Allways howw

  23. Solace Livie

    Solace Livie

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    So this is what tiktok is? What a sham of rubbish

  24. Destiny sMp

    Destiny sMp

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    Again is always the glasses that make you "ugly" 😐

  25. Meraj Hasan

    Meraj Hasan

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    Journey from stupid to hot sorry if it hurts anyone

  26. Priyanshu Samal

    Priyanshu Samal

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    Why people think glasses makes them look ugly

  27. gløk1


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    Ugly lol

  28. تلا القمر الاحمري

    تلا القمر الاحمري

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  29. LittleMissDemon


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    Can we stop making glasses an ugly thing? Thanks.

  30. Eva Mari

    Eva Mari

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  31. Arhombus


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    Thanks... For demolishing my headphones and ears because you can't use normal music in tiktoks.

  32. quick click

    quick click

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    Change is supr

  33. Maximo Trinidad

    Maximo Trinidad

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  34. Beyondhair Craze

    Beyondhair Craze

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    where's the funny part?

  35. Maria Somo

    Maria Somo

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  36. NonExcistentCow


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  37. Miriam Anabela Ortiz Petz

    Miriam Anabela Ortiz Petz

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  38. sis bro sis

    sis bro sis

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  39. Fu B

    Fu B

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    Get a life!!

  40. • Angel anime•

    • Angel anime•

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    Part 2 plis

  41. Dani Girl

    Dani Girl

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    Stop the damn mask!!

  42. Alexander Lampe

    Alexander Lampe

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    She is that type of person who lays ice in front of Fan to cool the air

  43. Mike


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    Forget the mask Fauci lied

  44. omed mzere

    omed mzere

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  45. What is it?

    What is it?

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    I don’t get it. Like literally any of it.

  46. Diana Kaye Elejedo

    Diana Kaye Elejedo

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    Some of this freaking clips i wasnt able to see the outcome annoying

  47. Monica Gonzales

    Monica Gonzales

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    Monica doesn’t use it...

  48. Monica Gonzales

    Monica Gonzales

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  49. joy ehigie

    joy ehigie

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    Please post the video

  50. Waldiner Moutinho

    Waldiner Moutinho

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    Linda 💜

  51. Debby Fynodulaks

    Debby Fynodulaks

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    I hate this videos cuz they never show results

  52. cj Ibañez

    cj Ibañez

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    I’m in

  53. Andrhea grace Lumbao

    Andrhea grace Lumbao

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    Result please

  54. Mirna Henríquez

    Mirna Henríquez

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  55. ¥°Yin°¥ & °RiN°

    ¥°Yin°¥ & °RiN°

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    Why do people think that glasses are ugly? The reason people wear them is to see properly, ans a person who wears glasses, I'm offended.

  56. Tamara M

    Tamara M

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  57. juliana mae Ong

    juliana mae Ong

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    Stop right there ma'am show the results

  58. The Milk Man

    The Milk Man

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    Why do these people always portray glasses as the unattractive feature? Its arguably the most attractive thing on them before they do this shit

  59. WARCRY


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    Wtf was the point of this?



    Acum 4 Zile

    Glasses aren't ugly hun 😜

  61. Megan G.

    Megan G.

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    She'd look better without the mask🙄 🙄🙄

  62. Armando Mena

    Armando Mena

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  63. Asep Mulyana

    Asep Mulyana

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    Lain kali tunjukin sama hasil nya dong

  64. duas_ anonimas_2

    duas_ anonimas_2

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    Deve ter duido

  65. Carlos Cruz Ramos

    Carlos Cruz Ramos

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  66. Loubna Loulou

    Loubna Loulou

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    Yas 👏👏

  67. just. dede

    just. dede

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    Bruhhh why she look like Bella poarch

  68. tiktok queen

    tiktok queen

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  69. tiktok queen

    tiktok queen

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    I have been laughing for 20 mins😂

  70. tiktok queen

    tiktok queen

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    I love when she shows the results

  71. tiktok queen

    tiktok queen

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    I love it ❤then like it

  72. Barbie garcino

    Barbie garcino

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    Show us the final too

  73. John Wright

    John Wright

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    What ?

  74. Alfredo Gaspar

    Alfredo Gaspar

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  75. Little cutie

    Little cutie

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    Tesults plss

  76. ZioN DannY

    ZioN DannY

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    Shallow. Get a real life.

  77. Everton Barbosa

    Everton Barbosa

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    Jesus loves you!❤️

  78. ~°Isah°~


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    Só eu q notei q ela pegou o som do whindersson nunes?

  79. Jeannette Burgess

    Jeannette Burgess

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    Seriously.........I think I might start watching some of these lame TikToks when I am suffering from insomnia.....

  80. Bill White

    Bill White

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    Went from pretty to biden supporter real quick

  81. Dhb Badr

    Dhb Badr

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    Lizbiyana m3afna

  82. Dhb Badr

    Dhb Badr

    Acum 4 Zile

    Lizbiyana m3afna

  83. Savageous1


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    This is so silly.

  84. T Yapquina Acuña

    T Yapquina Acuña

    Acum 4 Zile

    Very nonsense

  85. yara


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    اسم البرنامج شو

  86. angel peralta

    angel peralta

    Acum 4 Zile

    In exactly woo part in the end I got a phone nofti saying I'm only 2% percentage

  87. Brooke Fossum

    Brooke Fossum

    Acum 4 Zile

    Narcissism has hit an all time high

  88. Sonali Bagul

    Sonali Bagul

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  89. 포포몬쓰


    Acum 4 Zile

    집인강?뒤에 그랜드피아노 넘 부럽다~

  90. The Hermanator and Spurgle

    The Hermanator and Spurgle

    Acum 4 Zile

    I really don't get the mask snap. But the mask doesn't live here. Is she saying it's the norm now?

  91. Mxstoria


    Acum 4 Zile

    Bruh the glow ups only comes when your glasses are gone offended 🙄🤦

  92. Chris matt

    Chris matt

    Acum 4 Zile

    Lol like it so much

  93. Mega Karen

    Mega Karen

    Acum 4 Zile

    Me liking all of them- 👁 👄 👁

  94. Nikita Mani

    Nikita Mani

    Acum 4 Zile

    rofilm.info82W0OTkCar8?feature=share -this is the link to the final transformation video

  95. Deriese Collins

    Deriese Collins

    Acum 4 Zile

    You are buterfal ❤️

  96. diego alavoz

    diego alavoz

    Acum 5 Zile

    sooooo waaaaaht!!!!!!!

  97. jho pe

    jho pe

    Acum 5 Zile

    no stop call so hot!!😡😡

  98. -Øpał Õtįš-

    -Øpał Õtįš-

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    I hate it when they don’t show the result

  99. jho pe

    jho pe

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    • jho pe

      jho pe

      Acum 5 Zile

      wow she's bautifull amazing!!!🥰🥰 yeah😑but amazing omg😑 and can't beleieve it the channel😑is triend🥰🥰 but i can't🥰🥰😑

  100. M A R S H A L

    M A R S H A L

    Acum 5 Zile

    U looked better in the glasses